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  • Survivors!
    Weisman, Kay // Book Links; Sep2003, Vol. 13 Issue 1, p29 

    Features books on survival and adventure. Wilderness survival; Survival at Sea; Polar survival. INSETS: Adult Survival;Web Connections;Survival Classics.

    Atwill, Lionel // Field & Stream; Feb2003, Vol. 107 Issue 9, p59 

    Presents a multiple choice questionnaire to determine the chances of survival of a person in a cold night of wilderness. Justification to answers; Scoring pattern of the quiz;

  • Answering the Call for Help.
    Solomon, John // Bowhunter; Feb/Mar2010, Vol. 39 Issue 5, p32 

    The article discusses survival techniques when hunters are stranded in the wilderness, which includes making a plan before heading to the woodlands, carrying emergency equipment such as proper clothing, first-aid supplies, and extra water and food, and making ground-to-air signals as large as...

  • THE PREDICAMENT: Confronted by a Bear.
    Solomon, John // Backpacker; May2009, Vol. 37 Issue 4, p54 

    The article presents a situational case in which one is confronted by a bear and survival options that one supposes to do in preventing such.

    Kaniut, Larry // Field & Stream; Jun2000, Vol. 105 Issue 2, p74 

    Relates how deer hunter Richard Trovillo got lost and survived in a tree-covered rock on Gravina Island in Alaska while hunting in September 1990.

  • Okay, Now What?
    Johnson, Rich // Outdoor Life; Nov2002, Vol. 209 Issue 8, p98 

    Discusses the factors that influence survival priorities after a hunting accident. Factors to consider in setting priorities; Assessment of threat level. INSETS: Quick Tip;What Would You Do?.

  • Outdoors-Woman Winter Workshops.
    Johnson, Rich // Dakota Country; Jan2012, Vol. 33 Issue 1, p37 

    The article provides notice about the North Dakota Game and Fish Department's "Becoming an Outdoors-Woman" program. Workshops in the program include cross-country skiing on January 26, 2012, snowshoeing on January 27, 2012, and a dog-sledding class meeting February 24-26, 2012.

  • A personal 'survivor' story: one year later.
    Maurer, Mickey // Indianapolis Business Journal; 08/21/2000, Vol. 21 Issue 23, p11 

    Recounts a journalist's survival experience on Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa. Torrential rains while hiking; Steep climb to the mountain; Effect of altitude on the hikers' physiology; Appreciation of simple things.

  • Fast Responders.
    Maurer, Mickey // Backpacker; Jun2010, Vol. 38 Issue 5, p68 

    The article offers information regarding the Medical Wilderness Adventure Race (MedWAR) which is participated in by medical professionals and wilderness enthusiasts, it says that the MedWAR tests the group physical fitness, first-aid technique and navigation skills, the race was first to be held...

  • A fish story.
    Dunn, Samantha // Shape; Sep95, Vol. 15 Issue 1, p38 

    Relates the author's experience in the wilderness. Participation in a program called Becoming an Outdoors-Woman in Santa Barbara, California; Perception of the program as a Girl Scouts camp for grown-ups; Offer of the program by various organizations; Program as an investigation on why women...

    Haddaway, Rich // Boys' Life; Nov2004, Vol. 94 Issue 11, p51 

    Offers several survival tips when lost in the woods, including the use of maps.

  • Beauty in the rough.
    Roach, Mary // Health (Time Inc. Health); July/Aug97, Vol. 11 Issue 5, p52 

    Opinion. Presents the author's views that vanity should be left at home when out in the wilderness. How vanity can get a person into trouble; Reason why women are not necessarily to be vain in wilderness; Importance of mirror as one beauty item that no woman should forsake; Point at which the...

  • Readers Know Best.
    Roach, Mary // Backpacker; Jun2003, Vol. 31 Issue 5, p115 

    Presents outdoor survival tips.

  • Swim for it!
    Randerson, James // New Scientist; 10/6/2001, Vol. 172 Issue 2311, p11 

    Focuses on the release of hatchery-reared fishes in oceans and rivers. Importance of training course for hatchery fishes in coping with life in the wild; Survival rates of hatchery fishes; Procedures of the training the hatchery fishes.

  • Woodsmanship.
    Stanton, Len // Outdoor Life; Aug99, Vol. 204 Issue 1, p22 

    Presents the results of a poll which reveal that gadgetry and technology are in danger of replacing the essential skills that allow one to succeed in the outdoors. Comments from supporters of technology; Benefits of using technology in wilderness survival; Views on teaching of woodsmanship.

  • Bare-Bones Survival.
    Hagler, Gina // Odyssey; Dec2005, Vol. 14 Issue 9, p17 

    The article discusses the author's experience of learning the Bare Bones primitive survival course at Mountain Shepherd Wilderness Survival School near Lynchburg, Virginia.

    Hagler, Gina // Odyssey; Dec2005, Vol. 14 Issue 9, p21 

    The article presents information on orienteering, which means using a map and compass to find the way in unfamiliar terrain.

  • Beating Hypothermia.
    JOHNSON, RICH // Outdoor Life; Feb2011, Vol. 218 Issue 2, p38 

    The article offers survival tips on beating hypothermia when broken through the ice or caught in the rain while hunting which includes getting dry, getting fire and food, and staying active.

  • The wild life.
    Canter, Mark // Men's Health; Feb91, Vol. 6 Issue 1, p62 

    Features Thomas Squier's life and career as a wilderness instructor. Squier's experiences in the wilderness; His mission of drilling soldiers at Fort Bragg's John F. Kennedy Special Warfare School; Lessons Squier's had learned from his grandfather. INSETS: Survival 101.;Fine dining in the...

  • Gravity Wants You Dead.
    Canter, Mark // Backpacker; Oct2012, Vol. 40 Issue 8, p28 

    The article offers suggestions related to surviving and protecting oneself during hiking in wilderness areas.

  • Lighting the Fire in Tomorrow's People.
    Canter, Mark // Living Woods; Nov/Dec2011, Issue 19, p8 

    A description of the course Bushcraft for Practitioners being offered by Woodland Survival Crafts in England is presented.

  • Bushcraft.
    Lill, Austin // Living Woods; Mar2009, Issue 3, p15 

    A letter to the editor is presented in response to the article about bushcraft.

    Lill, Austin // Backpacker; Apr2005, Vol. 33 Issue 3, p54 

    Presents ways to survive hypothermia.

  • From wimp to alpha-butch.
    Calahane, Claudia // Diva; Jul2007, Issue 134, p30 

    A photo essay which documents the participation of lesbian baker, Claudia Calahane in a program of bushcraft skills training UK Survival School, to learn how to survive in the wilderness is presented.

    Nickens, T. Edward // Field & Stream; Nov2014, Vol. 119 Issue 7, p36 

    A personal narrative is presented which explores the author's experiences of spending a night in the wild together with his son including their encounter with spiders, his son's restlessness due to bugs and the construction of their hut. INSET: A SUPER (SURVIVAL) BOWL.

    Hatfield, Gifford; Farley, Colin; Donnelly, Allan; Imhof, Lani // Wild: Australia's Wilderness Adventure Magazine; Jul/Aug2014, Issue 142, p6 

    Several letters to the editor are presented in response to various articles in previous issues including the Cradle centenary in a 2014 issue, "9 Wilderness Survival Myths" in a 2014 issue, and the coal-fired heater in a 2014 issue.

  • The test of your life.
    Jenkins, Mark // Men's Health; Sep97, Vol. 12 Issue 7, p156 

    Presents a 20-question quiz designed to gauge if a person can survive a desperate situation in the backcountry, based on a 100-point scale. Definition and symptoms of hypothermia; Definition and description of different map terms; Two methods to find way without a map and compass; Analysis of...

    Lane, Paula; Wolff, Jennifer // Women's Health; Dec2013, Vol. 10 Issue 10, p108 

    A personal narrative is presented which explores the author's experience of being trapped inside her car for four nights because of a blizzard.

  • 7 Survival Questions.
    Tilton, Buck // Boys' Life; Apr2001, Vol. 91 Issue 4, p16 

    Interviews John Gookin, an authority on wilderness survival at the National Outdoor Leadership School.

  • The lost boys.
    Duggard, Martin; Leclerc, Anita // Esquire; Apr98, Vol. 129 Issue 4, p123 

    Discusses how to prepare for survival at a mountain bike trip. Main reason why people make mistakes at the wilderness; Preparation to prevent calamity; Things to do when people get lost. INSETS: I hear America stampeding;How many people does it take to run an adventure?;Buggin' out, by Ben...

  • Survival Myths.
    JOHNSON, RICH // Outdoor Life; Apr2011, Vol. 218 Issue 4, p9 

    The article offers information on fiction and facts about wilderness survival which includes boiling water as the best means to purify, counteract frostbite by rubbing the infected area with snow, and determining the direction by looking for moss on the north side of trees.

  • The Wisdom of Abo Dude.
    McGivney, Annette // Backpacker; Sep99, Vol. 27 Issue 7, p46 

    Presents information on skills needed to survive in a primitive environment. Tips in starting a fire; Advice in finding water; How to build a shelter.

  • The Survival List.
    McGivney, Annette // Backpacker; Oct2006, Vol. 34 Issue 8, p45 

    The article lists survival skills including digging foxholes in the snow, using antibacterial sphagnum moss to stanch wounds, and escaping biting insects by applying swamp or bog mud. INSETS: Thou Shall Not Panic;Lead Us Into Salvation;Was Lost, Now I'm Found;Quick Clinic

  • Campsite comforts for walkers in the wild.
    McGivney, Annette // Travel Trade; 10/5/2005, p29 

    The article reports on Novotel Lake Crackenback Resort in Jindabyne, New South Wales' partnership with Kosciuszko Alpine Guided Walks to introduce novice and experienced walkers to the country's highest mountains and glacial lakes. The program provides an opportunity to walkers to experience...

  • The pattern for staying alive.
    Newman, Bob // Field & Stream; Dec96, Vol. 101 Issue 8, p24 

    Explains strategies for survival for hunters based on military method of survival called The Pattern for Staying Alive (PFSA). Assessment of physical and environmental conditions when lost in the woods; What to do when fishing boat capsizes a mile from shore. INSET: An ounce of prevention, by...

  • The Wild Side.
    Schuh, Dwight // Bowhunter; Dec2002, Vol. 32 Issue 2, p22 

    Examines the essential elements that determine the navigational skills of an outdoorsman and the necessary steps that should be taken to ensure that they don't get lost. Author's experience on a hunting trip on Montana mountain; Importance of observation skills in navigating through wilderness;...

  • Survival's big 3.
    McDougall, Len; Atwill, Lionel // Field & Stream; Nov94, Vol. 99 Issue 7, Special survival section p46 

    Discusses the importance of fire, shelter and water for a woodsman's survival. Fire-starting tips; Equipments needed; Pointers on how to build a survival shelter; Tools needed; Importance of water; Water tips. INSET: The fall, by Bob Robb..

  • LIVING off the LAND.
    Derr, Aaron // Boys' Life; Apr2013, Vol. 103 Issue 4, p36 

    This article highlights the wilderness-survival adventure organized by the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) Troop 500 from Cedar Falls, Iowa in 2012.

  • The Wisdom Of Mike.
    Spencer, LaVal W. // Cortlandt Forum; 03/25/2001, Vol. 14 Issue 3, p54 

    Tells the experience of a 12-year old boy who attended a wilderness survival course in Utah. Difficulties encountered by the boy in the wilderness; Instructions given by the leader to the group; Lessons learned from the experience.

    McCafferty, Keith // Field & Stream; Feb2003, Vol. 107 Issue 9, p53 

    Suggests several survival steps to hunters for avoiding hypothermia during winters in mountains of North America. Need to stay in the place to avoid hypothermia when lost while hunting; Options available to hunters that provide shelter against cold weather; Fire making tools that hunters should...

    McCafferty, Keith // Field & Stream; Feb2003, Vol. 107 Issue 9, p60 

    Presents necessary components of a winter survival kit. Requirement of food, water and medicines; Shelter equipment; Signaling kit to provide a trail to rescuers; Fire starting gear.

  • The Survivor.
    McCafferty, Keith // Backpacker; Nov2010, Vol. 38 Issue 9, p67 

    The article offers information on how to handle ten common wilderness threats which include lightning, heat exhaustion, and hypothermia.

  • Wilderness Therapy for Youth-at-Risk.
    Rosol, Magdalena // Parks & Recreation; Sep2000, Vol. 35 Issue 9, p42 

    Provides information on wilderness therapy. Purpose of the therapy; Skills needed by wilderness therapists; Comparison with adventure therapy.

  • How do you like your cactus?
    Jenkins, Mark; Azimi, Mojgan B. // Backpacker; May95, Vol. 23 Issue 4, p50 

    Describes the author's three-day backpacking jaunt up the Gabrielino Trail of California with naturalist and survivalist Christopher Nyerges. Expertise of Nyerges in living off the land without modern amenities; Knowledge about edible wild plants; Survival of early American Indians; Five-course...

    Jenkins, Mark; Azimi, Mojgan B. // Entertainment Weekly; 01/26/2001-02/02/2001, Issue 579/580, p28 

    Presents an excerpt from the book `Survivor II: The Field Guide,' by Mark Burnett.

  • Book reviews: Social sciences.
    Fry, Thomas K. // Library Journal; 5/15/1996, Vol. 121 Issue 9, p77 

    Reviews the book `A Handbook for Wilderness Survival,' by Bob Harris.

  • exploration & discovery.
    Amodeo, Christian // Geographical (Campion Interactive Publishing); Oct2002, Vol. 74 Issue 10, p75 

    Provides information on an Advanced Tropical Survival Course on the islands of the Riau Archipelago off the east coast of Sumatra, Indonesia, to be offered by JET Asia in November 2002. Goal of the course; Cost.

    Amodeo, Christian // Geographical (Campion Interactive Publishing); Mar2002, Vol. 74 Issue 3, p18 

    Profiles Ray Mears, expert in the art of bushcraft. Educational background of Mears; Information on his book 'Bushcraft'; Accomplishments; Insights about nature and bush survival. INSET: CV RAY MEARS.

    Rutland, Michael // Boys' Life; Feb2009, Vol. 99 Issue 2, p24 

    The article focuses on the winter survival skills employed by the Scouts of Troop 479, Eden Prairie, Minnesota when they spent a weekend at a nearby church campground.

  • Lost in the woods.
    Rutland, Michael // New York State Conservationist; Oct98, Vol. 53 Issue 2, Wild in New York p3 

    Enumerates safety and survival pointers for individuals who are lost in the woods. Knowledgeability in using topographic map and compass; Carrying of flashlight and batteries; Wearing of watch; Preparedness for rainy weather; Backpack for food and clothing; Waterproof matches; Leaving message...

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