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  • Tattoo.
    Donnelly, Susan // American Scholar; Winter2003, Vol. 72 Issue 1, p105 

    Presents the poem 'Tattoo.'

    Makuck, Peter // Tar River Poetry; Fall2013, Vol. 53 Issue 1, p9 

    The poem "TATTOO" by Peter Makuck is presented. First Line: It might have been June, on the back porch, Last Line: a way out, the ink now dry, absence piercing as ever.

    Moran, Rod // Quadrant Magazine; Dec2006, Vol. 50 Issue 12, p63 

    The article presents the poem "Tattoos," by Rod Moran. First Line: A young waitress sets a table, Last Line: Worn strangely in the midst of life.

  • Tattoo.
    Mira, Allegra // Naugatuck River Review; Winter2011, Issue 5, p86 

    The poem "Tattoo," by Allegra Mira is presented. First Line: It is true that you shaved; Last Line: is open.

  • Tattoos.
    Goldbarth, Albert // Great River Review; Spring/Summer2008, Issue 48, p7 

    Presents the poem "Tattoos," by Albert Goldbarth. First Line: I'm old enough to remember whores; Last Line: signed in a bold and flowery script.

  • Tattoo.
    Fasano, Joseph // Boston Review; Sep/Oct2009, Vol. 34 Issue 5, p22 

    Presents the poem "Tattoo," by Joseph Fasano. First Line: All night I've listened to the voice of a dead singer; Last Line: and did not want.

  • Tattoo.
    Short, Gary // Gettysburg Review; Summer2005, Vol. 18 Issue 2, p336 

    Presents the poem "Tattoo," by Gary Short. First Line: I sat at the table, a country of one, while the girl; Last Line: & said, "I think if you touched it, you would know."

  • Tattoo.
    Dennis, Carl // Gulf Coast: A Journal of Literature & Fine Arts; Winter/Spring2009, Vol. 21 Issue 1, p56 

    Presents the poem "Tattoo," by Carl Dennis. First Line: If the body is the house of the soul, Last Line: As fine a project as letting go.

  • Tattoo.
    Ramspeck, Doug // Confrontation; Spring/Summer2008, Issue 101, p262 

    Presents the poem "Tattoo," by Doug Ramspeck. First Line: Because; Last Line: pouring out of the lowlands to find her.

  • Tattoos.
    Hazo, Samuel // Salmagundi; Fall2010/Winter2011, Issue 168/169, p154 

    The poem "Tattoos," by Samuel Hazo is presented. First Line: They once were seen as trademarks; Last Line: It never sleeps.

  • Tattoos.
    Hazo, Samuel // Monthly Review: An Independent Socialist Magazine; Oct2010, Vol. 62 Issue 5, p50 

    The poem "Tattoos" by Marilyn Buck is presented. First Line: A prisoner’s observation: I read about “shock & awe,” Last Line: My skin tattoos my song.

  • Skyscape Tattoo.
    Labbe, Jason // American Letters & Commentary; 2005, Issue 17, p144 

    Presents the poem "Skyscape Tattoo," by Jason Labbe. First Line: When the light scab peeled the color; Last Line: girls reading under the trees can swim.

  • Tattoo (Poem).
    Spikes, Mike // POMPA: Publications of the Mississippi Philological Association; 2003, p75 

    Presents the poem "Tattoo," by Mike Spikes.

  • Boas and Tattoos.
    Chiado, Amanda // Eleven Eleven; 2010, Issue 9, p130 

    The poem "Boas and Tattoos" by Amanda Chiado is presented. First Line: Darling thumb you press so well. Your grooves soothe my expectant vertebrae; tenderize sadness; Last Line: up. I will stop wiggling. The boa constrictor has no capacity to learn these things.

  • Tattoo.
    NICOLA, JAMES B. // Raven Chronicles; 2013, Vol. 18 Issue 1/2, p69 

    The poem "Tattoo" by James B. Nicola is presented. First Line: A tattoo is a superficial thing; Last Line: but one thing that's still his is his tattoo.

  • Tattoo.
    Kooser, Ted // Delights & Shadows; 1/ 1/2004, p6 

    The poem "Tattoo" by Ted Kooser is presented. First Line: What once was meant to be a statement- Last Line: his heart gone soft and blue with stories.

    DWYER, JACLYN // Harpur Palate; Winter/Spring2012, Vol. 11 Issue 2, p59 

    The poem "Five Tattoos" by Jaclyn Dwyer is presented. First Line: On the subway, a stranger's rolled sleeve exposed; Last Line: when the dead cells exfoliate, erasing the stain.

  • Tattoo.
    Weeks, Daniel J. // Blue Unicorn; Oct2007, Vol. 31 Issue 1, p12 

    The article presents the poem "Tattoo," by Daniel J. Weeks. First Line: One longs to be these blues, Last Line: you look up, time starts and saves.

  • Tattoo.
    Reffe, Candice // AGNI; 1990, Issue 31/32, p221 

    The poem "Tattoo" by Candice Reffe is presented. First Line: A seal yelps & disappears under the slate winter surface. Last Line: that I examine & flash in the noon sun like a new tattoo.

  • On Getting Tattoos.
    Ruth, Amy // Teen Ink; Jun2009, Vol. 20 Issue 10, p28 

    The article presents the poem "On Getting Tattoos," by Amy Ruth. First Line: Initiating high school; Last Line: Only when you've turned 18.

  • Tattoos.
    Wright, Charles // Country Music: Selected Early Poems; 1991, p56 

    The poem "Tattoos," by Charles Wright is presented. First Line: Necklace of flame, little dropped hearts, Last Line: You are him, and think yourself yourself.

  • Notes to Tattoos.
    Wright, Charles // Country Music: Selected Early Poems; 1991, p76 

    The article offers notes on the poem "Tattoos," by Charles Wright.

    Coll Nicolaou, Lisa // Paterson Literary Review; 2015-2016, Issue 43, p103 

    The poem "TATTOO," by Lisa Coll Nicolaou, is presented. First Line: Once, many years ago, I passed a woman, her; Last Line: I would run out of skin.

  • tattoo.
    French, Kenneth H. // New Orleans Review; 2005, Vol. 31 Issue 2, p28 

    Presents the poem "tattoo," by Kenneth H. French. First Line: in the small of his back; Last Line: asking for nothing.

  • on removing a tattoo.
    FLAVELL, ADRIAN // Social Alternatives; 12/1/2015, Vol. 34 Issue 3, p59 

    The poem "on removing a tattoo," by Adrian Flavell is presented. First Line: at the clinic: Last Line: when fishing for leatherjacket.

  • Tatoo.
    Kooser, Ted // Poetry; Jun2003, Vol. 182 Issue 3, p150 

    Presents the poem "Tattoo," by Ted Kooser.

  • Temporary Tattoo.
    Cleary, Suzanne // Ploughshares; Winter2007/2008, Vol. 33 Issue 4, p45 

    Presents the poem "Temporary Tattoo," by Suzanne Cleary. First Line: Beside the cash register in my favorite used bookstore; Last Line: pink, and everywhere, and always.

    Merrill, James // New Yorker; 12/17/1979, Vol. 55 Issue 44, p44 

    The article presents the poem "PETER'S TATTOOS," by James Merrill. First Line: Right arm: a many-splendored; Last Line: Glides, with nothing in its claws but you.

  • [My Tattoo].
    Bertram, Erin M. // CutBank; Spring2007, Issue 67, p46 

    Presents the poem "[My Tattoo]," by Erin M. Bertram. First Line: Something worth naming as yet without a name. Last Line: amid a whirl of otherwise dynamic, unchanging heat.

  • Blue Tattoo.
    Reed, John Richard // Poetry; Jun97, Vol. 170 Issue 3, p160 

    Presents the poem "Blue Tattoo," by John Richard Reed.

  • Blue Tattoo.
    Metz, Mitchell // Hiram Poetry Review; Spring2006, Issue 67, p31 

    Presents the poem "Blue Tattoo," by Mitchell Metz. First Line: Thanks for attaching the pic; Last Line: I like the pic. Not bad.

  • Peace tattoo.
    Emmett, M. L. // Eureka Street; 9/7/2012, Vol. 22 Issue 17, p17 

    The poem "Peace Tattoo," by M. L. Emmett is presented. First Line: Children need to breathe the air of protest; Last Line: they ever breathe.

  • Forklift Tattoo.
    Jenkins, Mark Allen // Workers Write!; 2013, p69 

    The poem "Forklift Tattoo" by Mark Allen Jenkins is presented. First Line: Sitting in this small, torn, vinyl seat; Last Line: on the dashboard to wait for the next truck.

  • Tattoos.
    Pfefferle, W. T. // North American Review; Mar/Apr2006, Vol. 291 Issue 2, p20 

    Presents the poem "Tattoos," by W. T. Pfefferle. First Line: The guy with the gut and the tattoos; Last Line: long after Ed's history.

  • Tattoos.
    McClatchy, J. D. // Paris Review; Fall99, Issue 152, p28 

    Presents the poem "Tattoos," by J. D. McClatchy. First Line: 1. Chicago, 1969; Last Line: He's put his hand up into the cold air.

  • Jewish Holiday Tattoos.
    Terris, Susan // Bridges: A Jewish Feminist Journal; 2002, Vol. 9 Issue 2, p89 

    Presents the poem "Jewish Holiday Tattoos," by Susan Terris.

  • My Punk Rock Tattoo.
    Badua, Anna // Chiron Review; Winter2009, Issue 83, p7 

    Presents the poem "My Punk Rock Tattoo," by Anna Badua. First Line: The tattoo gun whined; Last Line: outside of the lines.

  • Greenbottle's Tattoo.
    Rzicznek, F. Daniel // Subtropics; Spring/Summer2008, Issue 6, p50 

    The poem "Greenbottle's Tattoo," by F. Daniel Rzicznek is presented. First Line: It's history that once I hovered; Last Line: beneath the whole blood-soaked, thriving scene.

  • Their Father's Tattoo.
    Bottoms, David // Poetry; Aug97, Vol. 170 Issue 5, p265 

    Presents the poem "Their Father's Tattoo," by David Bottoms.

  • Tattoos.
    van Wijk, Amy Gijsbers // Teen Ink; Dec2010, Vol. 22 Issue 4, p43 

    The poem "Tattoos," by Amy Gijsbers van Wijk is presented. First Line: I've tattooed them on my bones; Last Line: And figure out where I went wrong.

    Stanford, Frank // Tin House; Winter2014, Vol. 16 Issue 2, p88 

    The poem "SECOND THOUGHTS ON A NEW TATTOO" by Frank Stanford is presented. First Line: When you like you can leave; Last Line: red on your arm.

    Moss, Howard // New Yorker; 10/28/1974, Vol. 50 Issue 36, p50 

    The article presents the poem "Tattoo," by Howard Moss. First Line: The fountain-pen bird has punctured the vein; Last Line: Into the flesh to be told there forever.

  • After the Air Tattoo.
    Sampson, Fiona // Poetry; Dec2007, Vol. 191 Issue 3, p189 

    Presents the poem "After the Air Tattoo," by Fiona Sampson. First Line: All in the stilly night the muntjac. Last Line: king; revenge-tragedy, triumphal colors of God.

  • Tattoo.
    SCHULMAN, GRACE // Sewanee Review; Summer2013, Vol. 121 Issue 4, p545 

    The poem "Tattoo" by Grace Schulman is presented. First Line: When writing, let the object convey feeling, Last Line: and wrote of a wind-tossed elm. For Rivka Bloom.

  • Forklift Tattoo.
    Jenkins, Mark // Georgetown Review; Spring2005, Vol. 6 Issue 1, p270 

    Presents the poem "Forklift Tattoo," by Mark Jenkins. First Line: Sitting in this small, torn, vinyl seat; Last Line: on the dashboard to wait for the next truck.

  • Poetry by James Conrad.
    Conrad, James // James White Review; Fall84, Vol. 2 Issue 1, p7 

    Presents the poems 'Harvest,' 'May Day' and 'The Tattoo.'

  • Teaching Among Tattoos.
    Miller, Heather Ross // Appalachian Journal; Spring/Summer2006, Vol. 33 Issue 3/4, p381 

    Presents the poem "Teaching Among Tattoos," by Heather Ross Miller. First Line: The girls gather to my table, Last Line: in the place of any expression.

  • Tattoos.
    Estrada, Rafael Pérez // Jubilat; Fall/Winter2003, Issue 6, p147 

    Presents the prose poem "Tattoos," by Rafael Pérez Estrada, translated from the Spanish by Steven J. Stewart.

  • Tattoo.
    Harper, Michael S. // American Scholar; Autumn2004, Vol. 73 Issue 4, p104 

    Presents the poem "Tattoo," by Michael S. Harper.

  • Poet to poet.
    Dumars, Denise // Writer (Kalmbach Publishing Co.); Oct93, Vol. 106 Issue 10, p25 

    Explores examples of various experimental forms of poetry. Experimentation with sound, with structure, with meaning, or a combination of any or all of these elements; Relationship between the shape and the theme of the poem `Dreamtime'; The influence of the computer age in the poem...

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