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  • Background Note: Syria.
     // Background Notes on Countries of the World: Syria; Oct2005, p1 

    Presents information on Syria. Major ethnic groups; Type of government; Gross domestic product in 2004; Natural resources.

     // Background Notes on Countries of the World: Syria; Oct2005, p1 

    Presents information on Syria. Major ethnic groups; Type of government; Gross domestic product in 2004; Natural resources.

     // Background Notes on Countries of the World: Syria; Oct2005, p4 

    Presents information on the government of Syria. Powers of the president; Functions of the National Progressive Front; Judicial system of Syria.

     // Background Notes on Countries of the World: Syria; Sep2006, p5 

    The article provides an overview of the government of Syria in 2006. The constitution vests the Arab Ba'ath Socialist Party with leadership functions in the state and society and provides powers to the president. The party emphasizes socialism and secular Arabism. The National Progressive Front...

     // Background Notes on Countries of the World: Syria; Oct2006, p5 

    The article presents information on the government of Syrian Arab Republic. The Syrian constitution authorizes the Arab Ba'ath Socialist Party with leadership functions in the state and society. The Ba'ath Party emphasizes socialism and secular Arabism. A list of the country's government...

     // Background Notes on Countries of the World: Syria; May2007, p6 

    The article offers information on the political conditions in Syria. It is indicated that Syria is a republic, but it is in reality an authoritarian regime that exhibits only the forms of a democratic system. The views of the Ba'ath Party, whose primacy in state institutions is assured by the...

     // Middle East Reporter (Weekly Edition); 4/9/2011, Vol. 140 Issue 1245, p12 

    The article focuses on the strategic alliance between Syria and Iran. It says that Syria is determined to maintain its alliance with Iran in defiance of Arab and Western pressure. It mentions that the states in Arab Gulf have been apprehensive on the ambitions of Iran to expand its influence in...

     // Middle East Reporter (Weekly Edition); 4/10/2010, Vol. 137 Issue 1197, p4 

    The article reports on the warning of the U.S. against Syria's supplying of Lebanese Shiite military group Hizbullah with advanced weapons.

     // Background Notes on Countries of the World: Syria; 1/26/2012, p2 

    The article presents information on Syria. Its climate is hot, dry, sunny summers and mild, rainy winters. The estimated population of Syria in 2010 was 22.5 million. This entry also includes information on the country's main cities, ethnic groups, religion, education, workforce, government,...

  • Political Overview.
     // Syria Defence & Security Report; Q4 2008, p9 

    The article discusses the political scenario in Syria in the fourth quarter of 2008. It analyzes the possibility of reconciliation with Israel and informs about the long and short-term political risk ratings of the country. It describes the Syrian government's popularity with the public because...

  • Bleeding Syria.
    Shamoo, Adil E. // Foreign Policy in Focus; 8/9/2012, p2 

    This essay presents an assessment of the political groups, interests and future directions of the Syrian rebels and those supporting the regime of President Bashar Al-Assad. The regime is supported by the Alawites, Christians and middle-class and wealthy Syrians, while the rebels are mostly...

  • Clerical Era.
    Butters, Andrew Lee // New Republic; 10/2/2006, Vol. 235 Issue 14, p16 

    The author reports that there is an angry religious sentiment growing in Syria fueled by what natives see as Western atrocities in the Middle East. According to the article, this poses a dilemma for the Syrian Baath regime, and that, surrounded by enemies and facing a restless public, the...

  • The New Asad: Dynamics of Continuity and Change in Syria.
    Ghadbian, Najib // Middle East Journal; Autumn2001, Vol. 55 Issue 4, p624 

    Examines the continuity in foreign policy and change in domestic politics by the successor of Syrian President Hafez-al-Asad, his son Bashar Asad. Transition to Bashar; Comparison in terms of performance between the younger Asad with the late Asad; Focus openness in politics and reform of the...

  • Al-Qaeda and the Jihadists Join the Battle against the Syrian Regime.
    Neriah, Jacques // Jerusalem Issue Briefs; 5/28/2012, Vol. 12 Issue 13, p1 

    The article focuses on the current political scenario in Syria in context with Al Qaeda, terrorist organization, and Jihadis who joined the battle against the Syrian regime. It informs that the battle in the country has turned into sectarian strife which is led by the Salafists and the Islamic...

    Neriah, Jacques // Background Notes on Countries of the World: Syria; 3/9/2012, p4 

    The article offers information on the history of Syria. The excavated city of Ebla in northern Syria reveals a Semitic empire that spread from the Red Sea north to Turkey and East to Mesopotamia from 2500 to 2400 B.C. Syria's occupants include Canaanites, Phoenicians, Hebrews, Arameans,...

  • Adib Shishakli And Shukri Al Quwatli.
    Honig, Sarah // Outpost; Mar2012, Issue 252, p13 

    The article focuses on former Syrian presidents Adib Shishakli and Shukri al-Quwatli. It highlights the three coups which occurred during 1949 involving al-Quwatli, Sami Hinnawi, and Shishakli. It notes that the country had 20 governments and four florid constitutions between 1946 and 1956. The...

  • Military Periscope: The Syrian Conundrum.
    Poletti, Matthew // Military Periscope Special Reports; 3/28/2012, p1 

    The article presents information on the revolt against the government of Syrian President Bashar Assad. The conflict has cost the lives of about 8,000 Syrians and displaced 230,000, people. It is stated that the significance of the conflict has broader implications than the survival or overthrow...

  • Staunching Syria's Wounds.
    Bello, Walden; Javad Heydarian, Richard // Foreign Policy in Focus; 9/24/2012, p1 

    The article reports on the Syrian uprising which began on March 15, 2011. An estimated 20,000 civilians have been killed, with some 2.5 million internally displaced. It details the entry of the armed revolution into the cities of Aleppo and Damascus, as both domestic and international parties...

    Bello, Walden; Javad Heydarian, Richard // Middle East Reporter (Weekly Edition); 10/16/2010, Vol. 137 Issue 1224, p12 

    The article reports on the role of Syria re-shaping the regional strategy plan of the Middle East. It states that Syria has a role in rekindling peace talks with Israel, the forming the cabinet in Iraq, enhancing cooperation between Arabs, Iranians and Turks. An analyst describes Syria's...

    Bello, Walden; Javad Heydarian, Richard // Middle East Reporter (Weekly Edition); 7/23/2011, Vol. 141 Issue 1261, p8 

    The article reports on the national dialogue held in Damascus, Syria on July 10, 2011, which was hailed by Syrian officials as an event towards democracy. It mentions that the dialogue has called for the release of all political detainees in the country and recommended a multi-party system as...

  • Syria Crisis Could Redraw Middle East Map.
    Gvosdev, Nikolas // WPR Subset; 9/21/2012, p1 

    The article focuses on the possible crisis in Syria that could result from the U.S. Policy in the region and other actions of other governments. It explores the possible impact if the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad collapse. It mentions that if Syria collapse, it could also be a sign...

  • Syrian stalemate?
    Gvosdev, Nikolas // Middle East; Nov2011, Issue 427, p18 

    The article reports on various recent political developments in Syria. The Syrian regime and the protest movement are hanging on as there is no let-up in the nationwide protests apparent. The Syrian regime's efforts to suppress the uprising had cost it 2 billion dollars to last August. However,...

    Ali-Dib, Edith Szanto // Political Theology; Jan2008, Vol. 9 Issue 1, p93 

    In Syria, interfaith dialogue constitutes a public practice that speaks to ethical, social and political imaginaries. As an official practice, it helps to provide the regime with religious legitimacy, though unofficially it often functions as a euphemism for missionary efforts. On a more...

    Ali-Dib, Edith Szanto // Middle East Reporter (Daily Edition); 4/27/2011, Vol. 198 Issue 5080, p1 

    The article reports on the threat of revolution imposed by the political opposition in Syria if Syrian President Bashar al-Assad does not lead the country into democracy.

    Ali-Dib, Edith Szanto // Middle East Reporter (Daily Edition); 9/26/2011, Vol. 199 Issue 5182, p7 

    The article reports on the political condition of Syria. It mentions that 14 soldiers and captains of the General Body for the Syrian Revolution separated from the army in Latakia. It mentions the protests conducted by activists in relation to the death of Zeinab al-Hosni, the first women who...

  • The Syrian Crisis Needs a Political Solution.
    Heydarian, Richard Javad // Foreign Policy in Focus; 3/30/2012, p4 

    The article emphasizes the need for a political solution to the internal violent conflict in Syria. It reveals that more than 7,000 people have been killed in the ongoing clashes between security forces and the armed opposition. The international community has been struggling to develop and...

  • Civil war threat as outside forces push both sides to more violence.
    Iltis, Tony // Green Left Weekly; 6/6/2012, Issue 925, p23 

    The article presents information on the Syrian uprising under the regime of Syia's President Bashar al-Assad. It informs that the causes of the uprising include opposition to a brutal dictatorship and the western-endorsed economic policies. Also the findings of the Syrian government's inquiry...

  • The Real Metric for Syria Is Russia's Realpolitik.
    Quinones, Michael // Foreign Policy in Focus; 7/16/2012, p4 

    The article discusses the defection of Manaf Tlass, a former top member of the military and buddy of Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad. The defection is reportedly damaging and embarrassing for the Damascus government as it encourages other Sunni defections. According to the article, the...

  • Damascus appoints prime minister.
    ROSCOE, ANDREW // MEED: Middle East Economic Digest; 6/8/2012, Vol. 56 Issue 23, p19 

    The article discusses how Syrian President Bashar al-Assad appointed former agriculture minister Riyad Hijab to prime minister of the government as of June 6, 2012.

  • Is a Desperate Assad Lashing Out With Chemical Weapons?
    Garvey, Leslie // Foreign Policy in Focus; 3/28/2013, p2 

    The article reports on the conflict between the Syrian government and the opposition about using chemical weapons in Khan al-Assal, a village in Aleppo province, where 16 people were killed instantly. The attacks have prompted the United Nations (UN) to initiate an official investigation into...

  • Chemical Weapon Use in Syria Could Trigger Intervention.
    Garvey, Leslie // Foreign Policy in Focus; 4/22/2013, p1 

    The article discusses the refusal of the Syrian government to allow a United Nations (UN) mission to investigate alleged chemical attacks in the village of Khan al-Assal which resulted to the death of 31 people. The Syrian government withdrew its initial request for the U.N. to conduct an...

    VROLIJK, Arnoud // Journal of Turkish Studies; 2002, Vol. 26 Issue 2, p311 

    An essay is presented which recounts on the events took place during the year 1850 in Aleppo, Syria as reflected in Syrian and Dutch Archives. It recounts on the event took place during the Kurban Bayram in October 16, 1850 wherein Muslims populace of Aleppo rose against the Syrian government....

  • Unfinished Morass.
    Schindler, Sol // American Diplomacy; 2/20/2013, p1 

    The article presents the author's insights on the position where the U.S. must stand in the face the developments in Syria. The author mentions that the recognition of a crypto-fascist Islamist from a moderate, liberal-leaning secularist is difficult in Syria. She adds that the position of the...

  • Burhan Galyun: "Sokaklara dökülenlerin yüzde sekseninin siyasi partilerle herhangi bir baÄŸlantısı bulunmamaktadır.".
    Heji Berko, Sirwan // Middle Eastern Analysis / Ortadogu Analiz; May2012, Vol. 4 Issue 41, p102 

    No abstract available.

  • Syria Crisis Continues.
    Heji Berko, Sirwan // America; 6/18/2012, Vol. 206 Issue 20, p8 

    The article offers information on political scenario of Syria, highlighting the attacks on Christians and Alawite Muslims, post Houla massacre.

  • Damascus licenses first private banks.
    Heji Berko, Sirwan // MEED: Middle East Economic Digest; 5/2/2003, Vol. 47 Issue 18, p9 

    Reports that the Syrian government gave its final approval to groups of foreign investors to set up private banks in the country. Significance of the approval; Groups to have received licenses; Information on Syria's Law 23 of 2002. Banks & banking

  • Senate panel votes to arm Syrian rebels.
    Pecquet, Julian // Hill; 5/22/2013, Vol. 20 Issue 61, p8 

    The article reports on the success of the U.S. Senate panel in voting to arm the Syrian opposition, which is regarded as a rebuke of President Barack Obama administration's reluctance to act on Syrian civil war.

  • Leadership of Syria's Baath party replaced.
    Pecquet, Julian // MEED: Middle East Economic Digest; 7/12/2013, Vol. 57 Issue 28, p15 

    The article looks at politics and government in Syria as of July 2013, reporting the Baath political party of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has replaced most of those in leadership positions in the party except for Assad and discussing the revolt against Assad's regime and ensuing civil war.

  • Dueling Principles: National Sovereignty Vs. Responsibility to Protect.
    Williams, Ian // Washington Report on Middle East Affairs; Sep2013, Vol. 32 Issue 7, p29 

    The article discusses issues relating to national sovereignty and the responsibility of governments to protect their own populations. It relates the Second World War with the ongoing armed conflict in Syria, and shows that in most wars one party stands more or less for progress. The application...

  • Going It Alone And Lighting The Flames Of Impeachment.
    SWEETE, ELIJAH // Moderate Voice; 8/30/2013, p8 

    The article emphasizes on the current Syrian context as of September 4, 2013. It states that more than 100 members of the U.S. Congress have written a letter asking the U.S. President Barack Obama to seek congressional authorization before taking military action against Syria. France is also...

  • A Very Syrious Question of Moral and Intellectual Integrity.
    KOERNER, ROBIN // Moderate Voice; 9/10/2013, p4 

    The article presents the author's views on the families who suffers because their family members dies in a military attack. He states that people should support intervention and should reduce biasness between people. He further focuses on information that is being manipulated for political...

  • Lessons in Leadership.
    Stengel, Richard // Time International (Atlantic Edition);  

    An introduction is presented in which the editor discusses topics from the issue including U.S. soldiers as leaders, the Syrian government's refusal to allow reporters to cover the social unrest there, and the challenges reporter Rania Abouzeid faced while trying to report from Syria.

  • Evacuation of OFWs in Syria ongoing.
    Stengel, Richard // Filipino Reporter;  

    The article reports on the evacuation of overseas Filipino workers (OFW) from Syria back to Manila, Philippines in September 2013 after they were issued exit visas by the Syrian Government and have crossed the border to Lebanon.

  • Domestic Security Overview.
    Stengel, Richard // Syria Defence & Security Report; Q2 2012, Issue 2, p50 

    The article presents an outlook for the domestic security of Syria in 2012. It says that the campaign of the opposition against President Bashar al-Assad will continue. It mentions that attacks on Homs, the city which manifested so much unrest, might cause major risks such as more international...

  • Lessons in Leadership.
    Stengel, Richard // Time; 8/29/2011, Vol. 178 Issue 8, p2 

    An introduction is presented in which the editor discusses topics from the issue including U.S. soldiers as leaders, the Syrian government's refusal to allow reporters to cover the social unrest there, and the challenges reporter Rania Abouzeid faced while trying to report from Syria.

    Jackson, Simon // Arab Studies Journal; Spring2013, Vol. 21 Issue 1, p166 

    The article focuses on the influence of the Syria-Lebanese diaspora on the political economy of Mandate Syria-Lebanon during the period of French control in the 1920s and 1930. It explains the growing historiography on Arabs in the Americas. It criticizes the French Mandate's economic policies...

  • Iraq and Syria: The Dilemma of Dynasty.
    Ahram, Ariel I. // Middle East Quarterly; Spring2002, Vol. 9 Issue 2, p33 

    Discusses the political dynasty dilemma in Syria and Iraq. Comparison on the ideological genealogy and structure of the regimes in Iraq and Syria; Information on political ascendancy in Iraq and Syria; Significance to the political histories of Syria and Iraq.

  • These unprecedented protests show Assad is losing his grip.
    Asfour, Lana // New Statesman; 4/4/2011, Vol. 140 Issue 5047, p21 

    In this article the author discusses the anti-government protests taking place in Syria. A number of topics are addressed including the actions of Bashar al-Assad, the president of Syria, the violent reaction of security forces against the demonstrators, and the beginning of the protests in the...

  • Dr. Mahmut SeyitoÄŸlu: "Bir Parti ya da TeÅŸkilat DeÄŸil Sistemden Dışlanan Tüm Bu Kesimler Ayaklanmaktadır".
    ORHAN, Oytun // Middle Eastern Analysis / Ortadogu Analiz; Apr2012, Vol. 4 Issue 40, p102 

    No abstract available.

  • Patrick Seale: "Bence GeçiÅŸ Sürecini BeÅŸar’ın Ä°dare Etmesi SaÄŸlanmalı".
    KANBOLAT, Hasan; ORHAN, Oytun // Middle Eastern Analysis / Ortadogu Analiz; Apr2012, Vol. 4 Issue 40, p111 

    No abstract available.

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