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  • Illegal apprehension does not bar subsequent admissions.
     // Reporter; Sep90, Vol. 17 Issue 3, p7 

    Presents information on cases where a warrantless entry led to the suppression of evidence in the trials, as applied by Payton versus New York which cites the Fourth Amendment's warrant requirement. Cases include United States versus Davis and New York versus Harris.

  • Suppressing the Evidence.
    Kizer, Carolyn // Harping On: Poems 1985-1995; 1996, p21 

    The poem "Suppressing the Evidence" is presented. First Line: Alaska oil spill, I edit you out. Last Line: I must hold in my mind one small dead otter pup.

  • Minister withholds ILA evidence.
    Goodwin, Bill // Computer Weekly; 5/9/2002, p3 

    Reports the withholding of evidence by the government concerning the closure of Individual Learning Account schemes in Great Britain. Investigation on the motives of the government on suspending the program; Placement of blames on fraudulent training providers.

  • Syria Teeters on the Edge.
    Schenker, David; Tabler, Andrew J. // Washington Institute for Near East Policy: Policy Alerts; 2/17/2011, p1 

    The article focuses on the Washington concern over the Damascus and human rights that could be a point of consensus in the international response to the regime's brutal suppression of Syrian demands for democratic reform. The U.S. administration should bring Damascus before the United Nation...

  • Solitary Skin Metastasis of Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma.
    Hyemi Kwon; Hyojung Kim; Sojung Park; Dong Eun Song; Won Gu Kim; Tae Yong Kim; Young Kee Shong; Won Bae Kim // Endocrinology & Metabolism; 2014, Vol. 29 Issue 4, p579 

    A solitary skin metastasis is a rare manifestation of papillary thyroid carcinoma (PTC). A 55-year-old woman presented with a movable subcutaneous nodule in her anterior neck for several months. Three years ago, she underwent total thyroidectomy and remnant ablation for classical PTC (pT3N0M0)...

  • Subversive Scientists.
    Hyemi Kwon; Hyojung Kim; Sojung Park; Dong Eun Song; Won Gu Kim; Tae Yong Kim; Young Kee Shong; Won Bae Kim // Time;  

    The article reports on East German Communists' official suppression of Christian Science during police raids in March 1951. The incident, a repetition of the East German Communist's move against the Jehovah's Witnesses in September 1950, consisted of confiscation of literature, locking up of...

  • Changing the Calendar.
    BENDER, ROSS // Japanese Journal of Religious Studies; 2010, Vol. 37 Issue 2, p223 

    In the aftermath of the suppression of the Tachibana Naramaro conspiracy of 757, the Empress Kōken ("Kōken/Shōtoku Tennō") issued two edicts articulating the royal political theology of the time. The first edict was a senmyō, inscribed in the Shoku Nihongi in Old Japanese; the...

  • idaho supreme court and court of appeals NEW CASES ON APPEAL PENDING DECISION (Updated 5/1/11 ).
    BENDER, ROSS // Advocate (05154987); Jun2011, Vol. 54 Issue 6/7, p37 

    The article presents several queries with regards to the pending decision of the Idaho Supreme Court and Court of Appeals concerning various issues including suppression of evidence, substantive law, and restitution.

  • Wyeth suppresses research on pill, programme claims.
    van Heteren, Godelieve // BMJ: British Medical Journal (International Edition); 03/10/2001, Vol. 322 Issue 7286, p571 

    Reports on allegations presented by a Dutch team that the pill manufacturer Wyeth suppressed research. Debate over the venous thromboembolic risks of the third generation of oral contraceptive pills; Investigation undertaken by the team, Argos, into the study conducted by Wyeth, and their...

  • Wrongful convictions ripple through court system.
    Webster, Richard A. // New Orleans CityBusiness (1994 to 2008); 5/28/2007, Vol. 27 Issue 45, p1 

    The article discusses the case of Dan Bright, a man wrongfully convicted for murder in 1996 due to suppression of evidence in New Orleans, Louisiana and its impact on his life after being released from prison eight years later. Evidence withheld during the trial made Bright a free man, but it...

  • NYC will pay.
    Investor's Business Daily // Investors Business Daily; 8/20/2014, pA02 

    NYC will pay $10 mil to a man exonerated in '10 after 15 years in jail for a rabbi's slaying because prosecutors withheld evidence. In June, the city agreed to pay $40 mil to 5 men exonerated in an '89 Central Park rape case.

  • Untitled.
    Investor's Business Daily // Probation & Parole Law Reports; May2010, Vol. 31 Issue 2, p28 

    The article discusses a court case wherein the court held to suppress Antwan Fowler's statement concerning gun and drug possession because he was questioned in the context of a custodial interrogation and was not read his Miranda rights before the questioning.

    Saavedra Velazco, Renzo E. // Revista de Econom�a y Derecho; invierno2012, Vol. 9 Issue 35, p125 

    No abstract available.

  • La justificaci�n de los recursos Administrativos.
    BENAVIDES, JOS� LUIS; OSPINA GARZ�N, ANDR�S FERNANDO // Revista Derecho del Estado; jul-dic2012, Issue 29, p73 

    During the preparation of the new Colombian Code of administrative procedure and judicial review of administrative action, it was considered the idea of suppressing the previous administrative appeal requirement ("v�a gubernativa"). This suppression would not only turn out useless in...

  • Behind Tehran's Mysterious Explosion.
    Eshel, David // Military Technology; 2008, Vol. 32 Issue 9, p10 

    The article reports on the explosion in the Tehran suburb of Khavarshahar near a Revolutionary Guard Corps munitions warehouse in Iran on July 19, 2008. The blast destroyed a convoy of IRGC vehicles that was allegedly carrying arms to Hezbollah. Information about the blasted IRGC was suppressed...

  • An Empirical Analysis of Suppression Orders in the Victorian Courts: 2008-12.
    Bosland, Jason; Bagnall, Ashleigh // Sydney Law Review;  

    It is frequently bemoaned that Victorian courts make far too many suppression orders compared to courts in other Australian jurisdictions, and that the rate is on the increase. However, it is not only the frequency of suppression orders that has attracted concern: commentators also claim...

  • The Forgotten Rule: Rule 16.2(e) of the Arkansas Rules of Criminal Procedure.
    Fogleman, Judge John N.; Teeples, N. Chase // Arkansas Law Review (1968-present); 2013, Vol. 66 Issue 3, p661 

    The article focuses on Rule 16.2(e) of the Arkansas Rules of Criminal Procedure that offer judges an analytical model to decide whether to suppress evidence or not. It analyzes whether courts in Arkansas have faithfully adhered to Rule 16.2 (e) and discusses various cases, in this context,...

    BARRETT, JONATHAN // Queensland University of Technology Law & Justice Journal; 2011, Vol. 11 Issue 1, p1 

    No abstract available.

    SÁENZ ROYO, EVA // Revista de Derecho Politico; sep-dic2012, Issue 85, p171 

    In the doctrine an agreement generalized exists on the existence of a deficit in the participation of the autonomies in the state decisions. The acceptance of this premise is what in last instance would justify the conversion of the Senate in a territorial chamber. In this article we will...

  • Power saving mechanism for VoIP services over WiMAX systems.
    Emara, Tamer; Saleh, Ahmed; Arafat, Hesham // Wireless Networks (10220038); Jul2014, Vol. 20 Issue 5, p975 

    The IEEE 802.16 system provides the power saving class (PSC) type II as a power saving algorithm for voice over internet protocol (VoIP) service, but it is not designed to consider silent periods of VoIP traffic. The main objective of this paper is to introduce a power conservation mechanism...

    Perkins, Dana // Rutgers Law Journal; Summer2011, Vol. 42 Issue 4, p1041 

    The article focuses on the Connecticut court case State v. Boyd, which dealt with search and seizure laws under state constitutional law. Topics include the admissibility of evidence obtained in an outside jurisdiction, the circumvention of Connecticut Constitution, and motions to suppress evidence.

  • Suppressing the Evidence.
    Kizer, Carolyn // Cool, Calm & Collected; 1/ 1/2001, p288 

    The poem "Suppressing the Evidence," by Carolyn Kizer is presented. First Line: Alaska oil spill, I edit you out. Last Line: I must hold in my mind one small dead otter pup.

  • The Meaning of Female Passivity in Traditional Malay Literature.
    Hamdan, Rahimah; Md. Radzi, Shaiful Bahri // Asian Social Science; Sep2014, Vol. 10 Issue 17, p222 

    In traditional Malay literature, women were often portrayed as individuals who were mentally, physically and spiritually weak. They were incapable of surviving on their own and could only hope to receive help and assistance from the main characters comprising men. In addition, the female...

  • Chechen Experience in Urban Combat Could Be of Vital Use to Ukraine.
    Vatchagaev, Mairbek // North Caucasus Weekly; 7/25/2014, Vol. 15 Issue 14, p8 

    The article discusses rebel caused by the groups of Chechen, Russia against Russia for showing their anger against the suppression of the Chechen armed forces outside the North Caucasus. The rebellion has led by politician Femi Hamzat which further led to the destruction of the Gakaev brothers....

  • Watching brief on name suppression.
    Macintyre, Jenny // New Zealand Doctor; 11/5/2008, p12 

    The article focuses on the High Court's granting of name suppression to doctors found guilty of professional misconduct by the Health Practitioner's Disciplinary Tribunal (HPDT), but who appealed the decisions. It is stated that the public has the right to know a practitioner's identity in such...

    Meese, Joachim // Digital Evidence & Electronic Signature Law Review; 2013, Vol. 10, p63 

    Almost every law system has an exclusionary rule which causes evidence to be withheld from court. However, rules about the exclusion of illegally obtained evidence are not always beyond criticism: courts and commentators throughout the world struggle to find a middle ground between ensuring...

    Chaney, Michael R. // Fire Engineering; Mar2006, Vol. 159 Issue 3, p159 

    The article discusses problems that can ruin major loss subrogation success and suggests solutions in the process. Reference is made to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 921, "Guide for Fire and Explosion Investigations" as a guide to the investigative and assessment process. The...

  • Syria: One Step Forward, One Step Back.
    Tabler, Andrew J. // Washington Institute for Near East Policy: Policy Alerts; 2/17/2011, p1 

    The article focuses on the warning by Washington to the Asad regime over violent suppression of protestors to be immediately met by the measures by the U.S. and the international community. It states that the forty-eight-year-old Emergency Law canceled by the Bashar al-Asad regime that permitted...

  • Enhancement of radiated noise suppression on flexible magnetic thick film electromagnetic interference filters with high-frequency permeability on data signal cable.
    Kyung Sub Lee; In-Ho Byun; In-Bum Jeong; Sang Woo Kim // Journal of Applied Physics; May2010, Vol. 107 Issue 9, p09A509-1 

    Frequency-dependent impedance characteristics of flexible thick film EMI filters were investigated for enhanced suppression of high-frequency noise currents in the frequency range from several tens of megahertz to 1.5 GHz. The inductance of the rolled magnetic film filters was much lower than...

    Gulišija, Miranda // Croatian Annual of Criminal Law & Practice / Hrvatski ljetopis z; 2008, Vol. 15 Issue 1, p87 

    The similarity between criminal and misdemeanour law can best be observed through the fact that in proceedings regulated by law punishable behaviour and the culpability of the perpetrator have to be established in order for punishment or any other sanction to be applied in line with the...

    Cagnacci, Ernest; O'Meara, Thomas F.; Viviano, Benedict T.; Digan, Thomas E. // America; 9/8/1973, Vol. 129 Issue 6, p133 

    Several letters to the editor are presented in response to articles in previous issues including "The Coup in Afghanistan," in the August 4, 1973 issue, and "Centenary of Suppression," by William V. Bangert in the August 18, 1973 issue.

  • Noticeboard.
    Cagnacci, Ernest; O'Meara, Thomas F.; Viviano, Benedict T.; Digan, Thomas E. // International Journal of Evidence & Proof; Jun2009, Vol. 13 Issue 2, p158 

    The article presents news items related to the legal profession. The New Zealand Law Commission has published the publication "Suppressing Names and Evidence" that will consider suppression of evidence. The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) of Great Britain has published documents on criminal...

  • Police Stop and Detention of Bicyclist Was Not Permissible.
    Herbert, David L. // Sports, Parks & Recreation Law Reporter; Jun2011, Vol. 25 Issue 1, p7 

    The article discusses a court case which tackles the limitations imposed on police in stopping and detaining those in the public way who have committed an offense which consists of minor misdemeanor in Ohio. The trial court has granted the defendant's motion to suppress the evidence against her....

  • Keeping Justice Blind Online: Suppression Regimes and Digital Publishing.
    Buckingham, Donna // Otago Law Review; 2011, Vol. 12 Issue 3, p557 

    The article presents information on the principle of open justice and open court hearings in New Zealand. It discusses the suppression orders or non-publication of judgment contents which is against the public interest. It further focuses on the compliance and difficulties in such orders and...

  • Suppression of motor evoked potentials in biceps brachii preceding pronator contraction.
    Gerachshenko, Tatyana; Stinear, James W. // Experimental Brain Research; Nov2007, Vol. 183 Issue 4, p531 

    Reciprocal control of antagonists is essential for coordinated limb movement. While Ia afferent dependent reciprocal inhibition has been extensively studied, reports of the control of antagonists during preparation for a motor action are limited. It has been demonstrated that corticomotor (CM)...

  • Federal Magistrate Rejects Challenge to Obscenity Evidence on Computer Hard Drive.
    Kolodny, Steven // Lesbian -- Gay Law Notes; Mar2008, p38 

    The article reports on the U.S. magistrate ruling on February 4, 2008 to deny a motion to suppress a computer hard drive containing images of underage boys. It is reported that the former wife of a gay defendant turned over to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) the obscenity evidence...

  • Criminal Litigation Notes.
    Leonard, Arthur S. // Lesbian -- Gay Law Notes; Mar2008, p42 

    The article offers criminal litigation notes in the U.S. as of March 2008. In Florida, the capital murder conviction of a homophobe who killed a gay man he was living with was upheld. In Nevada, the claim by a transsexual plaintiff that her rights were violated when she was strip-searched in a...

    Softic, Sakib // Legal Thought / Pravna Misao; 2013, Issue 1/2, p7 

    The subject of this paper is a transnational criminal law. After the research, comparison and analysis of the international conventions which seek to suppress certain criminal activities and the insight into emerging literature this article proves the existence of a new reality in the criminal...

  • Brady Violations Committed by the Prosecutor's Office in Orleans Parish, Louisiana.
    Entzeroth, Lyn S. // Amicus Journal; 2011, Issue 26, p28 

    The article discusses the Brady violations made by the Prosecutor's Office in Orleans Parish, Louisiana. The U.S. Supreme Court, in 1963, held in Brady v. Maryland, that the suppression of evidence favorable to an accused upon request by the prosecution violates due process where the evidence is...

  • U.S. Magistrate Upholds Evidence Submission Despite Lack of Tribal Police Certification.
    Entzeroth, Lyn S. // American Indian Report; Apr2008, Vol. 24 Issue 4, p27 

    The article reports on the recommendation of U.S. Magistrate Judge Mark Moreno to deny the suppression of evidence in an assault case concerning the Rosebud Reservation. It says that the defendant argues that the evidence should be suppressed due to lack of certification carried by the arresting...

    Shoemake, Derek A. // South Carolina Law Review; Summer2013, Vol. 64 Issue 4, p1085 

    An essay is presented on changing approach of the U.S. Court of Appeals for Fourth Circuit regarding searches, seizures, and suppression. It discusses several cases of Fourth Circuit in which it reversed district court's order denying a criminal defendant's motion to suppress evidence and held...

  • Holding States Responsible for Terrorism before the International Court of Justice.
    Trapp, Kimberley N. // Journal of International Dispute Settlement; Jul2012, Vol. 3 Issue 2, p279 

    State sponsored or supported terrorism has long been a feature of modern international relations, but responsibility for such activities is rarely invoked or established successfully. One reason for this is the international community’s heavy reliance on a security paradigm in response to...

  • Respectfully, Judge, We Disagree.
    Bradshaw, James C.; Taliaferro, Ann Marie // Utah Bar Journal; Jul/Aug2013, Vol. 26 Issue 4, p34 

    The article focuses on views of an article "Motions to Suppress: Understanding Burdens" authored by Judge Paul C. Farr, in which he offers advices to defense attorneys related to filing and arguing motions to suppress in criminal cases. It informs that criminal defense attorneys use motions to...

  • Human Face Detection and Segmentation using Eigenvalues of Covariance Matrix, Hough Transform and Raster Scan Algorithms.
    Prakash, J.; Rajesh, K. // International Journal of Computer, Information & Systems Science; 2008, Vol. 2 Issue 2, p87 

    In this paper we propose a novel method for human face segmentation using the elliptical structure of the human head. It makes use of the information present in the edge map of the image. In this approach we use the fact that the eigenvalues of covariance matrix represent the elliptical...

  • The Secrecy Bug.
    Prakash, J.; Rajesh, K. // New Republic; 9/19/55, Vol. 133 Issue 12, p8 

    The article focuses on the penchant for using public relations as a substitute for news that has been a source of continuing irritation to reporters and editors in recent years, and their complaints have inspired a Congressional subcommittee to look into the alleged suppression of information....

    Rodrick, Sharon // Melbourne University Law Review; 2007, Vol. 31 Issue 1, p171 

    In recent years, courts in Canada and Australia have been asked to make orders suppressing publication in the mass media of both evidence given in open court concerning the particular police methods used to solve cold cases and the identities of undercover police officers involved. This article...

    Epstein, Richard // Stanford Law & Policy Review; 2010, Vol. 21 Issue 1, p135 

    The article focuses on academic fraud that occurs outside university setting and institutions that conduct research about scientific importance. The author notes that academic fraud has been defined as plagiarism and the suppression of applicable data that requires a considerable effort to...

  • The Munitions Investigation Up to Now.
    PATTERSON, LAURENCE KENT // America; 12/1/1934, Vol. 52 Issue 8, p176 

    The article looks at the results of an investigation into the armaments traffic conducted by the Special Committee on Investigations of the Munitions Industry of the U.S. Congress in 1934. According to professor Allan Nevins, the committee withheld some evidence due to its potential...

    Petersen, Ethel A.; Vermilye, Theodore C. P.; Smith, Harold F.; Casserly, Paul; Burkett, Philip H.; Hayes, James V.; Wong, Betty B. S. // America; 12/27/1941, Vol. 66 Issue 12, p333 

    Several letters to the editor are presented in response to articles in previous issues including a note on the suppression of Maria Laach, in the December 8, 1941 issue, the statements of Father Daniel O'Connell, in the December 6, 1941 issue, and the letter from Father William J. Smith on the...

    Simmons, Justice Rebecca; Ritter, Michael J. // St. Mary's Law Journal; 2012, Vol. 43 Issue 4, p691 

    No abstract available.

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