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  • The water stoves of North Carolina.
     // Country Journal; Dec86, Vol. 13 Issue 12, p58 

    North Carolina boasts the emergence of a new wood-burning system that is solar assisted and uses collected water that is heated and distributed. Water stoves. INSET: Water-stove manufacturers..

  • Stoking the stove.
    Stevens, H.D. // Country Journal; Nov88, Vol. 15 Issue 11, p58 

    Gives advice on tending a woodstove fire. Tells how to attain maximum combustion efficiency. INSET: The poker--essential equipment; The new breed of wood stoves....

  • A clean burn.
    Vivian, J. // Country Journal; Nov/Dec91, Vol. 18 Issue 6, p60 

    Presents an environmentalist's guide to choosing and using woodstoves, new or old. Catalytic stoves; High-tech stoves; Older stoves; Safe installation; Burning cleaner; Other stoves. INSET: High-efficiency stoves..

  • A clean burn.
    Vivian, John // Country Journal; Sep/Oct97, Vol. 24 Issue 5, p34 

    Presents a guide in choosing and using woodstoves. Historical background on the use of woodstoves; Kinds of air tight stoves; Technological design of stoves; Considerations in stove installation; Update on stove marketing costs; Instructions in cleaning. INSET: Fresh air..

  • Deer camp wood stoves.
    Decker, John // Field & Stream; Oct94, Vol. 99 Issue 6, p23 

    Outlines the installation of wood stoves in deer camp. Features of Heating Energy Systems' Trailblazer wood stoves; Basic pipe installation methods; Selection of area for installing stove.

  • Glass-fronted wood stoves.
    Decker, John // Yankee; Jan84, Vol. 48 Issue 1, p55 

    Called space-age wood stoves, they allow the glow of the fire to be seen through high temperature, stress-resistant, transparent ceramic glass doors. INSET: lists manufacturers, prices and other details..

  • Requiem for a wood stove.
    Vara, J. // Yankee; Jan89, Vol. 53 Issue 1, p144 

    Opinion. Reminisces about the beginnings of the wood stove craze; The Vermont Castings Defiant Stove.

  • Install your own woodstove.
    Vara, J. // Mother Earth News; Sep/Oct88, Issue 113, p74 

    Tells how to install a woodburning stove along with its pipes, chimney and heat shields. Accessories; Working with sheet metal; Determining if an existing chimney is usable.

  • Woodstove alert.
    Vara, J. // Mother Earth News; Oct/Nov91, Issue 128, p26 

    Warns users of age-old woodstoves and fireplaces about indoor and outdoor pollution they may create and suggests precautions to ensure cleaner burning of fuel. Use wood that has been split and dried for at least six months; Avoid smoldering, low-temperature fires; Never overload the firebox; More.

  • The new generation of woodstoves.
    Turbak, Gary // Mother Earth News; Dec91/Jan92, Issue 129, p66 

    Offers a guide to the more efficient, environmentally conscious technologies which have been incorporated into wood stoves. History of the stoves; Pollution problems; Specifics on technologies including catalytic combustors, pellet fuel, and the redesign of existing airtight models; Emission...

  • Burning desires.
    Petersen, David // Mother Earth News; Dec91/Jan92, Issue 129, p71 

    Offers tips for building a woodstove fire with minimum hassle. Common causes of hard-starting and poor-burning fires; Basic requirements for starting and maintaining a fire; Building a fire in a narrow Scandinavian-type box stove and a wood-burning cookstove; Popular fire-starters; Fuel choices....

  • Tasty tips for cooking on your woodburning stove.
    Brassel, Fred; Brassel, Helen // Mother Earth News; Dec91/Jan92, Issue 129, p74 

    Offers tips on how to use a woodburning stove for cooking. Grilling; All-in-one meals; Baking; Cookware; Recipes for bean soup, apple crunch and more.

  • The hitch.
    Drummond, Mike // Mother Earth News; Dec91/Jan92, Issue 129, p95 

    Discusses the author's quest for fuel for his woodstove. Problems stacking wood; Back and wrist injuries; Suggestion that he buy a hydraulic splitter for the wood; Decision to rent splitter.

  • Old stoves: Making a comeback.
    Vivian, John // Mother Earth News; Dec93/Jan94, Issue 141, p32 

    Informs on how to bring your traditional wood stove back to life and keep it going. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulation loophole that has returned old-style stoves to the market; Emission controls; How to revive an old stove; Cleaning; Asbestos hazards; Firebrick liners;...

  • Wood stove.
    Vivian, John // Mother Earth News; Oct/Nov94, Issue 146, p54 

    Focuses on high-technology wood stoves. Impact of federal environmental legislation; Popularity of older low-technology stoves; `Clean air program' by the government. INSET: Jazzing up a standard..

  • Pellet-stove problems in the Maritimes.
    Vivian, John // Mother Earth News; Oct/Nov95, Issue 152, p36 

    Discusses problems arising from the use of pellet-burning stoves in the Maritime Provinces of Canada. Expenses due to smoke damages; Factors causing smoking; Recommendations in controlling smoking.

  • Winter warmer.
    Vivian, John // Australian House & Garden; May97, Vol. 97 Issue 6, p157 

    Features the Benja Jotul `No3TD' Woodstove available in Australia. Features; Price; Contact information.

  • Hearth-warming pellet stoves.
    Moore, L.J. // U.S. News & World Report; 11/7/88, Vol. 105 Issue 18, p98 

    Discusses pellet stoves which burn firecracker-size pieces of compressed sawdust. The pellet stoves cost $1,200 to $2,500, ten to twenty percent more than wood stoves, but are more convenient. Details.

  • Wood pellet stoves enjoy increased popularity.
    Moore, L.J. // Contractor Magazine; Sep93, Vol. 40 Issue 9, p39 

    Reports on sales performance of wood pellet stoves. Operational description; Number of pellet stoves in use nationwide; Number of manufacturers.

  • Tips on woodstove cookery.
    Ashenbrenner, Dave // Countryside & Small Stock Journal; Mar/Apr93, Vol. 77 Issue 2, p18 

    Features woodstove cookery. Tips on buying and acquiring woodstoves; Considerations for the chimney; How to use the set of dampers; Heating the oven; The right kind of wood; Making the fire; Care and maintenance problems; Benefits.

  • Wood stoves must clean up their act.
    Fiorillo, C.M. // Popular Science; Dec87, Vol. 231 Issue 6, p46 

    The cozy wood-burning stove is under fire from the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), and regulations aimed at air-pollution reduction and consumer safety will affect wood stoves made after July 1, 1988. Details the new EPA standards.

  • New national emissions standards.
    Shipman, W. // Country Journal; Jun87, Vol. 14 Issue 6, p10 

    After July 1, 1990, woodstoves and fireplace inserts will include an Environmental Protection Agency label spelling out the appliance's efficiency, heat-output, and air-pollution potential. Description of `particulate matter' and how the regulations came into being. INSET: Clean-burning stoves..

  • How to care for your wood stove or fireplace.
    Gardner, Rich // Country Journal; Nov/Dec95, Vol. 22 Issue 6, p10 

    Features tips on how to care for wood stoves and fireplaces in the United States. Importance of using standard materials for insulation; Storing wood uncovered; Starting fire when the sunwarmeed air is still rising; Treating wood stoves and fire places as loaded items with hot coals.

  • Tribute to an old friend.
    Warner, Anne S. // Country Journal; Sep/Oct97, Vol. 24 Issue 5, p44 

    Examines the uses of woodstoves. Advantages of woodstove cooking; Variety of dishes prepared in woodstoves; Duties that a woodstove could perform; Other helpful uses of the stove.

  • An update on woodstove pollution.
    Warner, Anne S. // Mother Earth News; Jul/Aug86, Issue 101, p71 

    In five short years, 28 manufacturers have risen to the challenge of wood stove pollution. The Environmental Protection Agency now plans to propose an emissions bill by Jan. 1, 1987. INSET: Five rules for cleaner wood burning.;Wood stoves certified by....

  • Mother's woodstove advisory.
    Thomsen, H. Skip // Mother Earth News; Nov/Dec90, Issue 126, p42 

    Offers a primer on homegrown heating including new stoves, old stoves, firewood and chimneys. The new generation of clean-burning stoves; Tips on getting the most out of your old woodstove; Tending the fire; Fuel; Firewood ratings; Chimney basics; More.

  • Wood stove update 1996.
    Miller, Molly // Mother Earth News; Oct/Nov96, Issue 158, p52 

    Discusses the emergence of state-of-the-art wood stoves which were developed in compliance with regulations set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Mergers among the largest wood stove manufacturers in the United States and Canada; Industry's standardization of its product; Features...

  • Cooking With Wood.
    Conway, Eustace // Mother Earth News; Dec99/Jan2000, Issue 177, p50 

    Deals with cooking on a wood fire. Features of a good cookstove; Qualities to look for in wood fuel; Tips on harvesting wood for fuels; Ideal length of fuel wood; Cooking tips. INSET: Cookstove Comeback, by Marguerite Lamb.

  • WOODSTOVE Buyer's Guide.
    Gulland, John // Mother Earth News; Dec2001/Jan2002, Issue 189, p32 

    Provides suggestions on selecting a woodstove. Benefits of home heating with food; Reason for the popularity of the woodstove as form of wood heating; Main sources of information that could help in deciding to buy a woodstove. INSETS: Sound Stove Strategies;Wood-Heat Breakthroughs.

  • Maintaining fireplace/wood stove key to safety.
    Gulland, John // Hudson Valley Business Journal; 12/30/2002-1/6/2003, Vol. 13 Issue 26, p13 

    Presents safety tips for woodstoves and fireplaces in New York. Examination on the areas of the chimney; Use of seasoned wood; Caution on smoke staining.

  • Wood stoves no more?
    Pattison, S. // Consumers' Research Magazine; May91, Vol. 74 Issue 5, p40 

    Declares that many local governments are now proposing, or deciding to propose, restrictions on wood-burning stoves. Arguments for and against the stoves.

    Pattison, S. // Business NH Magazine; Feb2013, Vol. 30 Issue 2, p62 

    The article offers information on business related to New Hampshire (NH) including percentage of business loans through St. Mary's Bank, the amount decided to pay for replacing the old, polluting wood stove with new stoves and increment in the lottery tickets sales of the NH Lottery.

    Pattison, S. // Popular Mechanics; Jul2010, Vol. 187 Issue 7, p78 

    The article offers information on several myths related to use of energy at home including the myth that wood stoves are polluting as new wood stoves emit less, single windows are bad and use of air conditioners in cars.

  • Hot ash safety tip.
    Redman, Carol // Countryside & Small Stock Journal; May/Jun95, Vol. 79 Issue 3, p24 

    Presents a tip for cleaning ashes out of wood stoves.

  • Heating with Wood.
    Crosby, Dale // Countryside & Small Stock Journal; Nov/Dec2000, Vol. 84 Issue 6, p36 

    Presents advice on using woodburning stove.

  • Get fired up over wood burning stoves.
    O'toole, Tom; O'toole, Joanne // Countryside & Small Stock Journal; Nov/Dec2000, Vol. 84 Issue 6, p39 

    Gives tips on purchasing a wood burning stove.

  • The joys of the wood cookstove.
    Samuel, Craig; Samuel, Laurie // Countryside & Small Stock Journal; May/Jun94, Vol. 78 Issue 3, p42 

    Describes a wood cookstove by Copper Clad Malleable Manufacturing Company. Author's purchase of the cookstove at a local auction in Fennville, Michigan; Problems in installation; Importance of the stovepipe and fittings; Problems with the stove during cold or windy days; Procedure for using a...

  • Make newspapers into `firewood'.
    Samuel, Craig; Samuel, Laurie // Countryside & Small Stock Journal; Jul/Aug99, Vol. 83 Issue 4, p127 

    Provides information on the use of newspaper in firing woodstoves and fireplace. Techniques in making newspaper logs as firewood; How to roll the newspapers properly; Materials to use to secure the roll of the newspaper.

  • Wood-Oven Warmth.
    Lieber, Ronald B. // Fortune; 11/10/1997, Vol. 136 Issue 9, p30 

    Reviews several restaurants in the United States that have wood-fired ovens as of October 1997. Wildfire in Chicago, Illinois; River Cafe in London, England; Palomino in Minneapolis, Minnesota; Follonico in New York City, New York; Rose Pistola in San Francisco, California; Coppi's in...

  • Baking with a wood stove.
    Lieber, Ronald B. // Countryside & Small Stock Journal; Mar/Apr99, Vol. 83 Issue 2, p46 

    Suggests a fire that is good for baking. How a wood oven can be evenly heated; What indicates low burning of fire; How to promote a free passage of air up through the fire box to the chimney.

    Orme, Alisande; Carterwood, Eden // Diva; Apr2010, Issue 167, p19 

    The article presents steps on how to achieve an ideal home including building a shoe rack, inserting wood-burning stove, and promoting local wildlife.

  • Compromise keeps the home fires burning.
    LaPlant, Susan // Christian Science Monitor; 11/19/97, Vol. 89 Issue 248, p17 

    Discusses how the author, a fireplace lover, and her husband, a wood stove lover, compromised and got a wood stove with a window in it.

    LaPlant, Susan // Australian House & Garden; Aug2001, Issue 8, p193 

    Features Cape Cod slow-combustion wood stove from Jetmaster. Price.

  • Woodstoves and the environment.
    Ingersoll, John H. // Country Living; Oct94, Vol. 17 Issue 10, p104 

    Features woodstoves. Impact of the OPEC oil embargo in 1973; Starting year of the process of certifying woodstoves; Three categories of woodstoves.

  • Woodstoves.
    Ladik, Meredith H. // Country Living; Sep95, Vol. 18 Issue 9, p42 

    Features various types and designs of woodstoves which offer improved energy savings and convenience, besides being environmentally friendly. Design features; Finishings and accessories attached; Manufacturer; Tips on choosing a woodstove; Type of fuel required by the woodstove; Includes pellet...

  • Stoking the stove.
    Stevens, Hugh D. // Country Journal; Sep/Oct97, Vol. 24 Issue 5, p40 

    Provides information on how to achieve the maximum combustion efficiency of woodstoves. Methods in starting woodstove fire; Techniques in controlling burn rates; Tips on how to keep woodstove fire longer; Stages in the process of combustion; Determination of the stove's burning efficiency;...

  • The New England Woodstove Revival.
    Checket-Hanks, B. // Air Conditioning Heating & Refrigeration News; 10/23/2000, Vol. 211 Issue 8, p10 

    Focuses on consumer demand for wood-burning stoves designed for residential heating in New England. Tips for the installation of wood-burning appliances; Advantages of wood-burning stoves over wood fueling; Cost effectiveness of the product.

  • The end of the wood stove?
    Checket-Hanks, B. // Mother Earth News; Oct/Nov98, Issue 170, p44 

    Interviews Dan Melcon, an industry gadfly and fellow alarmist, about the wood stove. Why the wood stove seemingly disappeared from the wood stove industry; Manufacturers of wood stoves that offer good value; Status of the number of wood pellet stove manufacturers.

    Scanlon, Matt // Mother Earth News; Nov2000, Issue 182, p56 

    Focuses on woodburning stoves and gas fireplaces. Aesthetic sense of the stoves; Description of Waterford's line of stoves; Trend in woodburners; Characteristics of Central Bioler's outdoor furnaces. INSET: FIRE SAFETY.

  • More Interactive Than Ever Before.
    Scanlon, Matt // Mother Earth News; Feb/Mar2008, Issue 226, p6 

    The article discusses various reports published within the issue including an article on making oatmeal pancakes, and another on woodstoves.

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