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  • Casting off socialism.
     // Alberta Report / Newsmagazine; 7/11/94, Vol. 21 Issue 30, p20 

    Cites comments made by conservative American columnist Paul Craig Roberts regarding Latin American countries that are rejecting socialist political policies. Observations about Mexico, Chile and Argentina.

  • Executive Summary.
     // Venezuela Business Forecast Report; 2007 4th Quarter, p5 

    The article focuses on the vision of President Hugo Chávez concerning the 21st Century socialism in Venezuela.

  • Obstacles in the pursuit of happiness.
    Latsis, Otto // CATO Journal; Fall91, Vol. 11 Issue 2, p259 

    Discusses the obstacles in the pursuit of happiness under the socialist order of the Soviet Union. Age-old tradition of Russian thought; Background of the socialist order; Essential features of socialism; Growth of the human personality as the important goal and distinctive feature of socialism.

  • China's future: Market socialism or market taoism?
    Dorn, James A. // CATO Journal; Spring/Summer98, Vol. 18 Issue 1, p131 

    Focuses on market socialism in China. What markets are based on; Reason China's state-owned enterprises and banks do not need partial reform; Criticism of China's currency markets; Benefits which can be derived from socialism; Information on `market taoism' and China's civil society.

  • Vive la difference!
    Kamberg, M. // Current Health 2; Nov91, Vol. 18 Issue 3, p14 

    Gives advice to teenagers who consider themselves `different' or outside the `in' crowd. How to develop one's self-confidence and self-esteem; Development of unique interests and talents; How to make friends who share one's interests; Types of school cliques, such as jocks, brains and so on. ...

  • Corporate mobility: Factors distinguishing better adjusted from less well-adjusted children and...
    Stroh, Linda K. // Child Study Journal; Mar1990, Vol. 20 Issue 1, p19 

    Examines both parent and children's perspectives on the differences in children's adjustment to a corporate move. Predicting children's responses to a corporate move; Measure of children's social adjustment; Parents as predictors of children's adjustment.

  • The Marxist influence.
    Stroh, Linda K. // Commonweal; 10/5/84, Vol. 111 Issue 14, p524 

    Three Marxian scholars discuss whether Karl Marx is now simply a figure in the history of ideas. Their conclusion: Marx, and his theories, will continue to affect world politics.

  • Socialism: Do Something About It.
    Tucker, Scott // Humanist; May/Jun95, Vol. 55 Issue 3, p43 

    Discusses the need for a socialist movement in the United States. History; Class struggles; Rigging of bipartisan system against democratic representation; Education of citizens for social solidarity.

  • On systemic transition: Will China go capitalist?
    Prybyla, Jan S. // Journal of Northeast Asian Studies; Winter96, Vol. 15 Issue 4, p3 

    Focuses on the reforms needed for the transition from socialist central administrative command planning to a free market system in China. Components which the package should comprise of; Requirements for the transition; How to correct distortions of social, physical and spiritual substance of...

  • A formula for slavery.
    McCrea, C.H. // Las Vegas Business Press; 1/16/95, Vol. 12 Issue 2, p4 

    Editorial. Discusses the appeal of Marxism. Karl Marx's statement regarding the individuals' abilities and needs; Implementation of the Marxist ideal in the former Soviet Union; Measurement of individuals' abilities and needs; Dependence on the government in solving social problems; Marxism as...

  • China and Socialism Market Reforms and Class Struggle.
    Hart-Landsberg, Martin; Burkett, Paul; Magdoff, Harry; Bellamy Foster, John // Monthly Review: An Independent Socialist Magazine; Jul/Aug2004, Vol. 56 Issue 3, p1 

    Introduces a series of articles on China and socialism

  • End of the Marxist epoch.
    Moynihan, D.P. // New Leader; 1/23/89, Vol. 72 Issue 2, p9 

    Discusses Mikhail Gorbachev declaring the end of the Marxist epoch at the United Nations. View of Marxism from 1930 to the present. Marx's view of a world-wide hierarchy of classes.

  • Eurosocialism, right or wrong.
    Attali, Jacques; Walker, Norbert // New Statesman & Society; 06/14/96, Vol. 125 Issue 4288, p24 

    Presents the two sides of the debate about Eurosocialism. Ideas that can become reality under the `Euroliberal' project; Serious problems faced by Germany.

  • In defence of the right to dream.
    Galeano, E. // New Statesman & Society; 10/11/91, Vol. 4 Issue 172, The south supplement p6 

    Refutes the popular belief that socialism is dead. Why capitalism is not a solution for the vast social needs of Latin America; How the term socialist has been badly maligned; Positive contributions of the Sandinistas in Nicaragua; Importance of differentiating between socialism and Stalinism.

  • From the ashes of defeat.
    MacShane, Denis // New Statesman & Society; 8/7/92, Vol. 5 Issue 214, p23 

    Challenges reports that socialism in Europe is facing its biggest crisis in history. Indications of the decline of the left in Europe as well as Japan; Reasons for hope for a rebirth of socialism. INSET: Sharing, caring governments.;Union strength is not the left's....

  • The evolution of socialism.
    Evstigneeva, L.; Perlamutrov, V. // Russian Social Science Review; Jul/Aug92, Vol. 33 Issue 4, p17 

    Discusses how the evolution of socialism in the now former Soviet Union requires not only a sufficiently precise formulation of goals, but also the selection of the optimal path and the ability for the Russian people to understand themselves and their past history in order for it to work. The...

  • Marxism and Russian philosophy.
    Zamaleev, A.F.; Scanlan, James P. // Russian Social Science Review; Jul/Aug92, Vol. 33 Issue 4, p58 

    Discusses the contrast between Marxism and Russian philosophy which is equally great in their treatment of the problem of man. Marxism repudiates ethics and strives above all to be a scientific world view; The immersion of Russian thinkers in religion; More.

  • Russia Again at the Crossroads.
    Medvedev, Roy; Yanowitch, Murray // Russian Social Science Review; Sep/Oct98, Vol. 39 Issue 5, p77 

    Focuses on socialism in the country of Russia Federation. History of Russia; Definition of socialism; What type of socialism does Russia need; Problems associated with Russian capitalism; Information on the former Soviet Union; Details on the social, economic and political problems in the...

  • Socialism's obituary is premature.
    Wogaman, J.P. // Christian Century; 5/30/90-6/06/90, Vol. 107 Issue 18, p570 

    Opinion. Argues that it is too early to dismiss socialism as obsolete. History of Christian socialism; Important balances to capitalism.

  • Socialism reconsidered--yet again.
    Birnbaum, Norman // World Policy Journal; Fall96, Vol. 13 Issue 3, p40 

    Analyzes the development of socialism in western Europe. Initial goals of socialism; Historical and philosophical debates on socialism; Threats and uncertainties to states with socialist traditions; Examples of socialist policies; Impact of world developments on socialism; Europe during Cold...

  • A manifesto for Marxists.
    Carlin Jr., D.R. // Commonweal; 4/6/90, Vol. 117 Issue 7, p208 

    Compares theoretical Marxism to actual communism. Repercussions in American academia; Distinction between party and doctrine; Marxist theory as overrated.

  • The postmodern face of socialist societies.
    Fogel, Daniel S. // Vital Speeches of the Day; 1/1/93, Vol. 59 Issue 6, p168 

    Presents a speech by a professor of business administration at the University of Pittsburgh titled `The Postmodern Face of Socialist Societies,' delivered to `Partners in Progress,' at the Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on September 30, 1992, forecasting...

  • Introduction.
    Smith, Patricia J. // After the Wall: Eastern Germany Since 1989; 1999, p1 

    An introduction to the book "After the Wall: Eastern Germany Since 1989," edited by Patricia J. Smith is presented in which the editor discusses the difficulties of the unification process by Thomas A. Baylis, marginalization of east Germans in the political and government arena by Arthur...

  • A leftist resurgence.
    Petras, J. // Canadian Dimension; Mar1992, Vol. 26 Issue 2, p11 

    Discusses the progress and status of socialism in different parts of the world. The neo-liberal myth; Left-wing disorientation as a result of events in Eastern countries; Relevance of the past to present and future; Future perspectives. Brazil and the Workers Party; More.

  • Socialism--nowhere to go but up.
    Heller, Henry // Canadian Dimension; Jan/Feb93, Vol. 27 Issue 1, p30 

    Discusses the future of socialism in Eastern Europe following the collapse of communism in 1989. Global unification under U.S. leadership; Privatization of Eastern European economies; Threat of decline in Eastern Europe; Historical comparison to the 1930s and 1873-1894; Future U.S. policies;...

  • XIX: Is there now, or has there ever been, a working class?
    Palmer, B. // History Today; Mar92, Vol. 42 Issue 3, p51 

    Looks at the dialogue between Marxism, class struggle and working-class identity in the changing fortunes of working-class history in North America and beyond. The socio-economic implosion of nationalist, free-market, anti-Semitic, and right-wing powder-kegs throughout Eastern Europe;...

  • Social democracy in power.
    Padgett, Stephen // Parliamentary Affairs; Jan93, Vol. 46 Issue 1, p101 

    Assesses the development and decline of social democracy in postwar Europe. Challenge to laissez-faire capitalism; Emergence of political hegemony for government social democracy; Rise of neo-liberalism and interdependence between national economies in the 1980s.

  • The golden rule: Abuses and uses.
    Gaffney, J. // America; 9/13/1986, Vol. 155 Issue 6, p113 

    Argues that this unconditional and universal norm of doing as one would be done to by others is all too often distorted, misread or otherwise manipulated--at a great loss to an age already in short supply of fundamental truths. Confusions occur frequently.

  • On systemic transition: Will China go capitalist?
    Prybyla, Jan S. // Journal of Northeast Asian Studies; Winter96, Vol. 15 Issue 4, p3 

    Focuses on the reforms needed for the transition from socialist central administrative command planning to a free market system in China. Components which the package should comprise of; Requirements for the transition; How to correct distortions of social, physical and spiritual substance of...

  • Marx on the peasantry: Class in itself or class in struggle?
    Katz, C.J. // Review of Politics; Winter92, Vol. 54 Issue 1, p50 

    Argues that Marx's writings on the peasantry recommend against the structural reading in favor of the view that Marx assigned equal weight to objective and subjective determinations in his conception of class. Rival theories of class; The French peasantry in the nineteenth century; Structure...

  • Requiem for social democracy?
    Singer, Daniel // Monthly Review: An Independent Socialist Magazine; Jan97, Vol. 48 Issue 8, p1 

    Focuses on the impact of the fall of the Soviet empire on social democracy. Definition of social democracy; Discussion on the growth of social democracy in the thirty years after World War II; Ideological consequences of such growth; Consequences of the conversion of the Communist parties;...

  • How Marxism will survive.
    Bialer, S. // U.S. News & World Report; 4/30/90, Vol. 108 Issue 17, p33 

    Opinion. Muses that politically Marxist socialism is dead as a state ideology, but that it will survive as a `moral creed,' as a predilection of working people in countries where Communist rule is disintegrating and as an academic discipline. Unfulfilled prophecies have a life of their own.

  • New kid.
    Bialer, S. // U.S. Kids; Jan/Feb96, Vol. 9 Issue 1, p38 

    Features children's advice for name calling. Confronting the name caller; Ignoring the name caller; Making friends.

  • After the fall.
    Sheler, J.L. // U.S. News & World Report; 5/13/91, Vol. 110 Issue 18, p17 

    Presents quotes from a statement by Pope John Paul II on the demise of Marxism in Europe. Includes, among others, `Vast multitudes are still living in conditions of great material and moral poverty'; `The free market system is the most efficient instrument for...effectively responding to...

  • Failure of socialist self-management to create a viable nation-state, and disintegration of the...
    Vuckovic, Gojko // East European Quarterly; Sep98, Vol. 32 Issue 3, p353 

    Highlights the failure of Socialist self-management system in Yugoslavia. Transformation of the country into a community of nation-states; Role of self-management ideology in Yugoslavia's disintegration; Incorporation of the socialist self-management system into the political structure.

  • Explaining the decline of European social democracy: The role of structural economic change.
    Pontusson, Jonas // World Politics; Jul95, Vol. 47 Issue 4, p495 

    Demonstrates that variations in the degree of social democratic decline in nine European countries can be viewed in large measure as a product of two structural economic changes, using a number of different quantitative measures. Exploration of several causal arguments linking these variables...

  • A socialist movement?
    Price, R.F. // Monthly Review: An Independent Socialist Magazine; Dec96, Vol. 48 Issue 7, p57 

    Comments on the need for the Socialist movement in the United States to exert a planned and concerted effort towards the development of an alternative to capitalist society. Undemocratic nature of Communist parties; Absurdities of capitalism; Need for socialists to look beyond the working class...

  • Loving or just living your life.
    Sussely, Flora // Lesbian News; Feb96, Vol. 21 Issue 7, p57 

    Discusses how an individual's success in life could impact on others around them. How to break the habit of `settling for' instead of `going for'; Reason people are afraid of criticism.

  • XV: A second wind from the Third World.
    MacKenzie, J. // History Today; Jan92, Vol. 42 Issue 1, p51 

    Argues that there is life yet in Marxist analysis if not in its practice then for examining the process of imperial rule and its transformation. The relationship between Marxism and imperialism; The power of Marxist myth; Similarities and differences in the processes of decolonization since...

  • Beware socialism in a new guise.
    MacKenzie, J. // Alberta Report / Newsmagazine; 8/15/94, Vol. 21 Issue 35, p32 

    Reports that the July 1994 issue of `The Freeman' warns that the new fashionable ideology being touted by bureaucrats and businessmen, `communitarianism,' is nothing more than socialism in disguise. Excerpts from the article.

  • Bringing capital back in, or social democracy reconsidered.
    Swenson, P. // World Politics; Jul91, Vol. 43 Issue 4, p513 

    Uses analyses of cross-class alliances in Denmark and Sweden and their pay-distributional objectives to challenge a widely held view that centralization and Social Democratic electoral strength are sources of power against capital. Reassessment of conventional understandings of farmer-labor...

  • A Swedish dilemma.
    Swenson, P. // Wilson Quarterly; Spring91, Vol. 15 Issue 2, p137 

    Examines the article `Sweden: Social Democrats in Trouble,' by Stefan Svallfors, published in the Winter 1991 edition of the periodical `Dissent,' which deals with Sweden's social democracy.

  • A new American socialism.
    Marable, Manning // Progressive; Feb93, Vol. 57 Issue 2, p20 

    Presents the author's vision of what the new American socialism consists of in the aftermath of the Cold War and the collapse of the Soviet Union and what must be done by `the Left' to promote it. How a fundamental rethinking and revision of `socialist politics' is required; Practical problems...

  • Socialism no.
    Kauffman, L.A. // Progressive; Apr93, Vol. 57 Issue 4, p27 

    Presents an argument against socialism based on its certainty about the world that isn't appropriate anymore. The author's enormous emotional attachment to the socialist tradition; The political history of the last 20 years; How socialism has de facto become one radical subculture among many;...

  • If this is the kind of socialization you want for your children...send them to public school.
    Nelson, J.A. // Countryside & Small Stock Journal; Jul/Aug90, Vol. 74 Issue 4, p54 

    Opinion. Argues that peer group socialization is not best found in public schools and should not be viewed as a public school's goal unless a parent wants his child to simply adjust to social control and not think freely.

  • Reinventing the left.
    Gonick, Cy // Canadian Dimension; Oct/Nov94, Vol. 28 Issue 5, p26 

    Calls for a more relevant socialist movement in Canada. Need for socialist solutions to capitalist crisis; Lack of resolution to renew the NDP; Relevance of socialism's mission; Emergence of the women's and environmental movements; Socialism's relationship with other social movements.

  • Laurie Taylor.
    Taylor, Laurie // New Statesman; 10/17/97, Vol. 126 Issue 4356, p63 

    Shares the author's thoughts on his departure from revolutionary socialism. Catalyst provided by attendance at Tory Party conference; Fascination with William Hague; Past involvement of author with drugs.

  • Simply Speaking.
    Simmons, Jimmie // Ellis County Press; 1/2/2014, Vol. 22 Issue 39, p3 

    The article presents the author's comments on increasing socialistic and communistic behaviors in the U.S.

  • The defeat of socialism? Not quite.
    Simmons, Jimmie // New Statesman & Society; 3/27/92, Vol. 5 Issue 195, p6 

    Editorial. Refutes claims of the right-wing British press that the end of French socialism is in sight. Acknowledgment of problems facing the Socialist party; Lack of a viable alternative, as the National Front did not make an expected breakthrough; Need for a strong French labour movement.

  • Should the left be conservative?
    Baxter, Sarah // New Statesman & Society; 9/17/93, Vol. 6 Issue 270, p23 

    Opinion. Presents different views on socialism and its language problems. Discussion of the papers of Michel Rocard, Wolfgang Streek and Joel Rogers, Anthony Giddens; Socialism in a state of collapse.

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