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  • Just One Question.
    Josephson, Jyl // National Journal; 3/15/2008, Vol. 40 Issue 11, p7 

    The article presents an answer to a question about the fact that female politicians do not fall into sex scandals like their male counterparts do.

  • Introduction.
    Josephson, Jyl // Electronic Ardell Wellness Report (E-AWR); 9/7/2007, Issue 399, p1 

    The article discusses various reports published within the issue, including an essay which summarizes how U.S. compares with other nations relative to health care spending and outcome indicators and another on the latest political sex scandal.

  • Book Reviews.
    Adams, James Eli // Victorian Studies; Winter98, Vol. 41 Issue 2, p283 

    Reviews the book `Sex Scandal: The Private Parts of Victorian Fiction,' by William A. Cohen.

  • Kerala sex scandal.
    Adams, James Eli // South Asian Post; 5/12/2011, p20 

    The article reports on the investigation of a sex scandal case after allegations that Kerala High Court judges K. Narayana Kurup and K. Thankappan made the case favorable for former minister P. K. Kunhalikutty who was named in a sex racket.

  • Reviews: Lesbian & gay studies.
    McClanahan, Clarence // Lambda Book Report; Jan97, Vol. 5 Issue 7, p26 

    Reviews the book `Sex Scandal: The Private Parts of Victorian Fiction,' by William A. Cohen.

  • Scandal and Scholarship.
    Clarke, Eric O. // Novel: A Forum on Fiction; Spring98, Vol. 31 Issue 2, p260 

    Reviews the book `Sex Scandal: The Private Parts of Victorian Fiction,' by William A. Cohen.

  • A Sex Scandal: Right?
    GANDELMAN, JOE // Moderate Voice; 3/23/2012, p3 

    A blog related to sex scandal is presented.

  • South Asia.
    GANDELMAN, JOE // Asian Pacific Post; 6/17/2010, p17 

    This section offers news briefs related to South Asia as of June 23, 2010, including one on the wedding of former Tamil rebel couples in Sri Lanka, another on the arrest of Indian television artist Dimple, and another on the release of godman Swami Nityananda for allegedly being involved in a...

  • Correction.
    GANDELMAN, JOE // istor; verano2010, Vol. 11 Issue 41, p174 

    No abstract available.

  • Editorial.
    Grosswiler, Paul // Explorations in Media Ecology; 2014, Vol. 12 Issue 1/2, p3 

    An introduction is presented in which the editor discusses various reports within the issue on topics including digital media, a new technology to discover new forms of sexual behavior and political sex scandals.

  • Reviews.
    Fraser, Robert // Modern Language Review; Apr98, Vol. 93 Issue 2, p483 

    Reviews the book `Sex Scandal: The Private Parts of Victorian Fiction,' by William A. Cohen

  • Ninety-one Seconds of Shame.
    Fraser, Robert // India Today; 4/8/2013, p23 

    The article reveals that a video and three photos showing important Congress politicians having sex with unidentified young women has caused a scandal in Haryana, India.

  • Sex slave shock "I THOUGHT IT WAS A PAGEANT!".
    Bray, Jonica // Woman's Day (Australia Edition); 6/7/2010, Vol. 62 Issue 23, p38 

    The article offers information on how Kaela Scott, a dancer and beauty pageant regular was caught up in an international sex scam.

  • Swami in sex scandal detained by police.
    Bray, Jonica // South Asian Post; 4/29/2010, p21 

    The article reports on the case of Hindu holy man Nithyananda Swami who was detained in the northern state of Himachal Pradesh due to a video depicting him and two women engaging in sexual acts.

  • Politics, Desire, and the Ordinary: Two Blog Entries.
    Berlant, Lauren // Interval(le)s; 2009, Issue 4/5, p127 

    The article discusses the research blogs of the author titled "Against Sexual Scandal" and "Looking for Mr. (W) Right."

  • Political Sex Scandals in Cartoons.
    Bal, Anjali S.; Plangger, Kirk; Mills, Adam; Pitt, Leyland F. // Society for Marketing Advances Proceedings; 2011, Vol. 25 Issue 1, p89 

    An abstract of the article "Political Sex Scandals in Cartoons," by Anjali S. Bal and colleagues is presented.

  • South Dakota school replies to sexual harassment claims.
    Sloat, Deborah L. // Nature; 8/20/2009, Vol. 460 Issue 7258, p949 

    A letter to the editor is presented in response to the article "Sex scandal allegations surface at South Dakota school" that was published in the 2009 issue.

    SANCTIS, MARCIA DE // Town & Country; Feb2013, Vol. 167 Issue 5391, p77 

    The article focuses on the sex scandals of public officers in the U.S. which are highlighted by the media.

  • Shanghai High Court Cracks Down on Unlawful Behavior after High Court Judges' Prostitution Scandal.
    SANCTIS, MARCIA DE // Chinascope; Sep/Oct2013, Issue 65, p41 

    The article focuses on an article published in the August 9, 2013 issue of "Xinhua," which reported that the Shanghai Municipal Committee announced the disciplinary actions of removing the four judges from their posts after they were involved in a prostitution scandal posted on the Internet on...

  • Paterno State's Nittany liars.
    Brigham, Roger // Bay Area Reporter; 11/17/2011, Vol. 41 Issue 46, p10 

    The article discusses the view of the author regarding the case of the Penn State child sex abuse scandal in Pennsylvania.

    Mason, Michael // This Land; 5/15/2012, Vol. 3 Issue 10, p21 

    The article discusses the sex scandal of Tulsa Police Department (TPD) Captain Shawn King in Oklahoma, of which some of them occurred in the workplace and others may have involved a minor.

  • Daily Quote.
    Mason, Michael // WWD: Women's Wear Daily; 4/20/2011, Vol. 201 Issue 81, p2 

    The article offers information on the disc jockey, Mister Cee who has been involved in the sex scandal in New York.

  • A lesson in forgiveness.
    Mason, Michael // Between the Lines (10807551); 10/6/2011, Issue 1940, p10 

    The author reflects on the sex and drug scandal case of Mark Bidwell a local pastor in Detroit, Michigan.

  • An open letter to Mark.
    Alexander, Charles // Between the Lines (10807551); 10/6/2011, Issue 1940, following p12 

    A letter is presented from Charles Alexander to Mark Bidwell, former head pastor at the Metropolitan Community Church of Detroit following a sex and drug party scandal involving Bidwell.

  • Tweeting Our Way To Oblivion.
    DIONNE JR., E. J. // Moderate Voice; 6/9/2011, p18 

    A blog related to sex scandals in the U.S., including that of senator Anthony Weiner, is discussed.

  • Craig offers support to Vitter.
    Rushing, J. Taylor // Hill; 4/9/2008, Vol. 15 Issue 38, p4 

    The article reports on the offer of support to Louisiana Senator David Vitter by fellow Republicans regarding calls for his resignation over a public sex scandal.

  • 'Mr. Pornography' to Retire from Pasadena.
    Rushing, J. Taylor // Women in Higher Education (10608303); Oct2013, Vol. 22 Issue 10, p6 

    The article reports on the retirement of instructor Hugo Schwyzer at Pasadena City College in California for another sex scandal with his a student in 2011.

  • Democrats ditch Rep. Mahoney amid sex scandal.
    Crabtree, Susan // Hill; 10/15/2008, Vol. 15 Issue 119, p1 

    The article reports on the action by Democratic Party operatives to cut loose Representative Tim Mahoney from the party in the wake of allegations of an extra-marital affair that hurt his reelection prospects.

    Crabtree, Susan // Newsweek; 6/7/2010, Vol. 155 Issue 23, p56 

    A chart is presented which lists prominent conservative politicians and activists who have a record of speaking out against gay rights but who have been caught in gay sex scandals including psychologist George Rekers, former evangelical preacher Ted Haggard and former congressman Mark Foley.

  • Sex, Lies and Videotape Hit BJP.
    Ganguli, Amulya // News India Times; 03/02/2012, Vol. 43 Issue 9, p3 

    The article focuses on the scandal involving Karnataka, India Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Ministers K. Subramanya Naidu, Janardhana Reddy, and Krishnaiah Setty, who were caught allegedly watching a pornographic video on a mobile.

  • Indo-French affairs.
    Ganguli, Amulya // Eastern Eye; 1/24/2014, Issue 1235, p9 

    The author comments on the death of Sunanda Pushkar, wife of India's union minister Shashi Tharoor, who created a scandal over her husband's Twitter relationship with Mehr Tarar, a Pakistani journalist, and compares the scandal to the affair of French president François Hollande.

  • Media tilts to the rite.
    Vivarelli, Nick // Variety; 11/8/2010, Vol. 420 Issue 13, p3 

    The article examines a sex scandal involving Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi of Italy, focusing on satirical and humorous reaction to the scandal in the country's mass media.

  • Vanessa's: NEW SEX SHOCKER!
    Vivarelli, Nick // NW; 3/28/2011, Vol. 19 Issue 13, p28 

    The article presents information on the latest scandal involving obscene content and homosexual actions of actress Vanessa Hudgens with a new set of graphic images posted online.

  • Sen. Paul Stanley.
    Witkowski, D'Anne // Gay & Lesbian Times; 8/20/2009, Issue 1130, p25 

    In this article, the author discusses the sex scandal involving Senator Paul Stanley.

    Slansky, Paul // New Yorker; 3/24/2008, Vol. 84 Issue 6, p37 

    The article presents a quiz concerning the sex scandal of former New York governor Elliot Spitzer.

  • Living through the humiliation of my sex tape.
    Sandell, Laurie // Glamour; Aug2007, Vol. 105 Issue 8, p132 

    A personal narrative is presented which explores the author's experience of dealing with the aftermath of a sex tape scandal.

  • Sex abuse scandal tapering in US, but remains fmancial burden.
    Sandell, Laurie // National Catholic Reporter; 4/2/2010, Vol. 46 Issue 12, p3 

    The article discusses the report released by the U.S. Bishops on March 23, 2010 that the sex abuse scandal by Catholic clergy is tapering off in the U.S.

  • The ProPublica Blog: Supervisors and Sexual Harassment: The Law's Murkier Than You Think.
    Wang, Marian // Pro Publica; 5/15/2011, p10 

    The article presents a blog related to sex scandals of French politician Dominique Strauss-Kahn and California Arnold Schwarzenegger.

  • Reality check.
    Epperly, Jeff // Bay Windows; 4/8/2010, Vol. 28 Issue 17, p7 

    In this article the author discusses the refusal of the Roman Catholic Church to blame the actual perpatrators of the child abuse scandal within its group.

    Feldman, Kiera // This Land; 5/15/2012, Vol. 3 Issue 10, p12 

    The tale "Grace: In Broken Arrow," by Kiera Feldman is presented.

    Kline, Joshua // This Land; 5/15/2012, Vol. 3 Issue 10, p21 

    A reprint of the article "Conduct Unbecoming," by Joshua Kline, which published online on April 26, 2012 is presented.

    Kline, Joshua // This Land; 5/15/2012, Vol. 3 Issue 10, p21 

    A reprint of the article "Conduct Unbecoming," by Joshua Kline, which published online on April 27, 2012 is presented.

    LoVoi, Vincent // This Land; 5/15/2012, Vol. 3 Issue 10, p22 

    A reprint of the article "The Best We Can Do," by Vincent LoVoi, which published online on May 1, 2012 is presented.

  • 2nd Detroit police chief accused of sex scandal.
    Williams, Corey // Chicago Citizen - Chatham Southeast Edition; 10/10/2012, Vol. 47 Issue 29, p3 

    The article presents information about the suspension of Ralph Godbee, chief police officer of Detroit, Michigan as he was found accused of sex scandal.

  • Religious Right's Secretive 'C Street House' To Be Taxed.
    Williams, Corey // Church & State; Dec2009, Vol. 62 Issue 11, p3 

    The article reports on the partial revocation for tax exemption of the Capitol Hill house, owned by the Christian organization known as "The Family" in Washington D.C. It notes that the revocation comes after the news that some politicians that are tied to the Religious Right group got caught up...

    McKee, Bradford // Architect; Dec2007, Vol. 96 Issue 14, p52 

    The article traces the reasons a number of urban churches in the U.S. are being closed. One such case is in Boston, Massachusetts where the Catholic Archdiocese of Boston decided to close 65 parishes. Aside from the fact that fewer men were entering the priesthood, the archdiocese decided to...

    McKee, Bradford // Our Sunday Visitor; 7/17/2011, Vol. 100 Issue 12, p3 

    The article presents the results of a June 2011 survey conducted by Pew Research Center/The Washington Post on what Americans think caused the increase in the number of sex scandals in the last few years.

    Levy, Josh // Xtra West (Vancouver); 2/26/2009, Issue 405, p18 

    The article focuses on a hockey sex scandal in Canada, involving the coach Dave Frost, with 12 charges of sexual exploitation. It was alleged that he orchestrated sex parties in an apartment he shared with his teenaged players, and the girls at the centre of the scandal claimed that Frost...

  • Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.).
    Levy, Josh // Hill; 5/17/2011, Vol. 18 Issue 66, p20 

    The article reports that Tom Coburn is likely to face some troubling new questions about his role in the extramarital affair of his former colleague, John Ensign, including allegations that Coburn may have not been completely candid when questioned by Senate investigators about the still...

    Wilkie, Christina // Hill; 5/17/2011, Vol. 18 Issue 66, p24 

    The article offers news briefs from the U.S. highlighting issues and topics, including actress Cindy Crawford's support for U.S. President Barack Obama, Senator John Ensign sex scandal, and Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz's criticism of MSNBC host Dylan Ratigan.

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