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  • Bearing, aluminum improve pump's power density.
     // Hydraulics & Pneumatics; Sep2005, Vol. 58 Issue 9, p14 

    The article discusses the use of aluminum to improve pump's power density. To squeeze a little more power density into its KVA-7VO series of variable-displacement axial-piston pumps, Bosch Rexroth, Hoffman Estates, Illinois, constructs pump housings with aluminum alloy. The pump also features an...

  • As Navy Defines Open Architecture, Managing The Process Is Important, SECNAV Says.
    Fein, Geoff // Defense Daily; 11/6/2006, p5 

    This article stresses the need for the U.S. Navy to examine how best to manage the disconnect that exists between the service life of platforms and technology incorporated into them. The advise came from U.S. Navy Secretary Donald Winter. One way is to take advantage of new technologies as they...

  • Antimicrobial Tile: An Overview.
    Rangineni, Jyothi; Astrachan, Eric // Tile Magazine; Jul2011, Vol. 8 Issue 4, p56 

    The article presents questions and answers related to antimicrobial tiles including the definition of antimicrobial, the antimicrobial mechanism of tiles and tile coatings, and their efficiency and durability.

  • An Agent-based Model to Study the Evolution of Service Systems through the Service Life Cycle.
    Chathura Rajapakse; Takao Terano // International Journal of Energy, Information & Communications; Oct2013, Vol. 4 Issue 5, p45 

    We introduce a unified concept of service life cycle (SLC) for the study of service system evolution. The need for this research arises from the fact that studying service ecosystems has become a critical need in the modern service economy. Adopting the view that a service ecosystem is a complex...

  • Methods for analysis of the remaining service life of pipelines and pressure vessels operating at low climatic temperatures.
    Bolshakov, A. // Chemical & Petroleum Engineering; Nov2011, Vol. 47 Issue 11/12, p766 

    A method of evaluating remaining service life for structures after a certain period of service is proposed on the basis of investigations of plasticity loss.

  • Accelerated life tests yield failure data fast.
    Federio, Joseph G. // Test & Measurement World; May2004, Vol. 24 Issue 4, p19 

    Provides tips on assessing the operating life of the electronic circuits. Details on the exponential function of a stress voltage; Need of learning more about the degradation models; Causes of power failure.

    Ekinci&, Cevdet Emin; İşçi, Nilüfer; Alyavuz, Feyzihan // e-Journal of New World Sciences Academy (NWSA); 2007, Vol. 2 Issue 1, p9 

    In this study, the factors that cause the construction/building can be damaged by negative interior and exterior effects. Buildings and their components must be prevented from these effects in order to lengthen their useful service lives like living things. Unprevented building and materials...

  • The Art of Building A 313-Ship Fleet: Balancing Navy And Industry Needs.
    Fein, Geoff // Defense Daily; 5/1/2006, Vol. 230 Issue 21, p2 

    The article reports that the U.S. Navy's 30-year shipbuilding plan, calling for an increase to 313 ships, required an understanding of each ship yard's pricing agreements as well as having a modernization program in place to ensure ships are supported to the end of their service life and capable...

    Fein, Geoff // Motorcycle Cruiser; Feb2011, Vol. 16 Issue 1, p55 

    The article offers suggestions for motorcycle enthusiasts on how to upgrade a battery from the factory-recommended wet cell to a version that is maintenance-free and has more capacity. One is to know the basic physicals dimensions of the battery to avoid shoehorning it into a space that is too...

    UDERBAYEV, Saken Seitkanovich // Nanotechnologies in Construction; 2014, Vol. 6 Issue 2, p53 

    The article highlights the problem of obtaining high density and high strength building materials by developing and implementing electromechanical and chemical ways to increase the activity of the mineral binder and thus increase the durability of building materials based on it.

  • Thin Elevator Ropes on Small Sheaves.
    Franz, Andreas // Elevator World; Jul2011, Vol. 59 Issue 7, p96 

    The article examines the correlation of the sheave diameter ratio to nominal rope diameter and service life. It explains how ropes are able to move over sheaves. A list of examples of rope-specific influencing factors is given, including wire strength, rope construction and core. A discussion of...

    MORENO, Silverio Hernández // Management Research & Practice; Dec2012, Vol. 4 Issue 4, p5 

    This paper approaches the review and explanation of the method for estimating factors for service life on buildings projects in accordance with ISO 15686. This paper discusses generally the most important factors affecting the durability of buildings and addresses an example of a case study...

  • Polysiloxane Coating Technology: A review.
    Ghosh, Sangram // Paintindia; Jun2014, Vol. 64 Issue 6, p51 

    Polysiloxane topcoats offer unique properties such as long life expectancy, low maintenance cost, superior weatherability, good corrosion protection, fast dry to handle properties, low VOC content, non-isocyanate regulation compliance and extreme durability. Many specifiers and applicators have...

  • Research, standardization and practice in accelerated ageing tests.
    Jakubowicz, Ignacy // Polimery; 2004, Vol. 49 Issue 5, p321 

    The increasing use of polymers in various technological environments requires understanding of the degradation phenomena and ultimately controlling them. Questions associated with performance, cost, durability and environmental effects are closely related to each other and must be answered...

  • 5 essentials for calculating respirator cartridge service life.
    Parham, Michael; Cornagie, Jenny // Industrial Safety & Hygiene News; May2009, Vol. 43 Issue 5, p54 

    The article focuses on the things to consider by users before using a service life calculation tool. They need to know the contaminant physical properties of the tool given the fact that volatility affects service life. They should be aware that the worksite conditions influence the service life...

  • Effect of plant-derived organic binders on fracture toughness and fatigue of kaolin-based refractories.
    Njogu, M.; Nyongesa, F.; Aduda, B. // Journal of Materials Science; Jun2008, Vol. 43 Issue 12, p4107 

    The fracture properties of kaolin-based refractories prepared using plant-derived binders from okra and “mrenda” have been investigated and compared. It was observed that the MOR of fired samples improved from 37.5 ± 0.1 MPa (for binder-free samples) to 69.6 ± 0.1 MPa, and to...

  • Potential for Use of Time-Analogy Methods in Mechanics of Frozen Soils.
    Roman, L. T. // Soil Mechanics & Foundation Engineering; Jul2003, Vol. 40 Issue 4, p146 

    The possibility of using time-analogy methods to predict the long-term strength and long-term deformation of a foundation bed in a period equal to the service life of the structures is demonstrated on the basis of experimental and theoretical data.

  • Take a Seat.
    Grant, Deborah R. // American School & University; Dec99, Vol. 72 Issue 4, p26 

    Discusses the factors involved in purchasing school furnishings. Evaluation of product's durability; Importance of styles and colors; Wire management; Comfort and safety of the furnishings.

  • Periclase for Use in Electrical Tube Heater.
    Perepelitsyn, V. A.; Sivash, V. G. // Refractories & Industrial Ceramics; Jan/Feb2003, Vol. 44 Issue 1, p7 

    Phase and structural transformations occurring in the periclase material during its extended service life in an electric tube heater are considered. The physicochemical processes involved in the overheat of the heating coil, the thermochemical aging of periclase, and the failure of the electric...

  • New methods for monitoring the technical state of blast furnace enclosure without stopping the technological process.
    Bol'shakov, V. I.; Chaika, A. L.; Sushchev, S. P.; Suslonov, A. A.; Yur'yev, A. B.; Bugaev, S. F.; Panchokha, G. V.; Borodulin, A. V. // Refractories & Industrial Ceramics; May2007, Vol. 48 Issue 3, p178 

    The problem of technical monitoring of the state of blast furnaces are considered in the context of extending the service life of furnaces, and estimating the reliability of their structural elements. The method of videomonitoring of the technical state of the blast furnace enclosure without...

  • Predicting the life of hydraulic hose.
    Mramor, Ron // Machine Design; 3/3/2005, Vol. 77 Issue 5, p79 

    Deals with several indicators that foretell the shelf life of bulk rubber hose. Size-related factors that compromise the service life of hoses; Recommended temperature range for a typical rubber hose; Hazards of stationary indoor applications.

  • Getting up to speed with wrap-spring clutch/brakes.
    Mramor, Ron // Machine Design; 1/25/2007, Vol. 79 Issue 2, p52 

    The article focuses on the functions of wrap-spring clutch/brakes. Such equipment are suitable for machines that operate several times during a single revolution. Wrap-spring clutch/brakes provide better positioning accuracy and braking capability compared to single-revolution clutches. The...

  • Modeling methods for perfecting sealing units of piston compressors at the design stage.
    Prilutskii, I.; Ivanov, D.; Zamolotskaya, E.; Bessonnyi, A.; Prilutskii, A. // Chemical & Petroleum Engineering; Sep/Oct2004, Vol. 40 Issue 9/10, p545 

    Reports on the efficiency, reliability and operating life of piston compressors which depend on the perfection of designs of their constituent units, among them seals of pistons and glands operating with high and time-variable pressure differentials. Requirements that must be met by sealing...

  • Estimating service life of technical devices with due regard for efficiency of their diagnosis.
    Cherepanov, A.; Poroshin, Yu. // Chemical & Petroleum Engineering; Jan2010, Vol. 46 Issue 1/2, p103 

    A quantitative index of efficiency of diagnosing vessels, tanks, and pipelines is proposed, which takes account of the risk of emergency situation that may arise in case of their failure, reliability of methods, and volumes of monitoring done for diagnosing. A relationship has been established...

  • Method for estimation of the average local working temperatures and the residual resource of metal coatings of gas-turbine blades.
    Krukovskii, P.; Tadlya, K. // Journal of Engineering Physics & Thermophysics; May2007, Vol. 80 Issue 3, p440 

    A new method is proposed for estimation of the average local operating temperatures and the residual service life (resource) of protective MCrAlY metal coatings of gas-turbine blades after a certain time of operation on the basis of experimental data on the residual content of aluminum in the...

  • Evaluation of the durability of a pipe of oil pipeline with surface crack under biaxial block loading.
    Andreikiv, O. E.; Ivanyts'kyi, Ya. L.; Terlets'ka, Z. O.; Kit, M. B. // Materials Science; May2004, Vol. 40 Issue 3, p408 

    We propose an energy approach to the evaluation of the residual service life of structural elements with cracks for the two-frequency loading mode of biaxial tension-compression. This approach is applied to a pipe of oil pipeline containing a crack on its inner surface. The pipe is regarded as...

  • Evaluation of Common Maintenance Methods for Flexible Pavements.
    Ibraheem, Asma T.; Gani, Suda M. // American Journal of Engineering & Applied Sciences; 2011, Vol. 4 Issue 3, p413 

    The article presents a study which examines the status of maintenance methods for flexible road pavements in Iraq. The authors conclude that Iraqi roads do not receive an effective and proper maintenance during their service life until they reach the state that requires rehabilitation. They...

  • How roof service life impacts sustainability.
    Ibraheem, Asma T.; Gani, Suda M. // Roofing Contractor; Dec2008, Vol. 28 Issue 12, Special section p10 

    The article discusses the impact of roof service life on sustainability. It presents findings of a study on whether Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is a better method of assessing a roof's long-term economic and environmental value that Life Cycle Costing (LCC). It notes that the Equivalent Uniform...

  • Consider Below the Membrane.
    Garcia, Ruben // Roofing Contractor; Dec2008, Vol. 28 Issue 12, p46 

    The article discusses the impact of insulation and cover boards on the overall roof performance. It states that insulation, a key component of any roofing system, delivers energy efficiency and savings through its R-value, the product's insulating effectiveness. A list of the benefits of using...

    Özkan, Ömer // Journal of the Faculty of Engineering & Architecture of Gazi Uni; Mar2007, Vol. 22 Issue 1, p87 

    In this study, the properties of mortars that contain waste bottle glass and blast furnace slag as binding materials were investigated. For this purpose, specimens that were mixed with glass of two different colors alone and also together with glass mortar specimens where some amount of mortars...

  • Analyzing hybrid techniques.
    Poley, Jack // Tribology & Lubrication Technology; Jul2008, Vol. 64 Issue 7, p63 

    The author offers his thoughts on the emergence of oil monitoring (OM) sensors as a viable, cost-effective way in monitoring machinery. He states that sensors are instruments that perform oil analysis, and that they can enhance and complement other condition monitoring (CM) tools including...

  • Top 10 Ways to Maximize Crucible Service Life.
    Poley, Jack // Foundry Management & Technology; Jan2013, Vol. 141 Issue 1, p17 

    The article discusses the ten ways that can help maximize crucible service life in foundries. The approaches include checking for cracks and damage, installing crucibles per manufacturers instructions, preventing thermal shock with proper pre-heating. It further cautions on maximum temperature...

    Ellison, Julie // Climbing; Feb2012, Issue 312, p69 

    The article offers some tips for climbers on the proper way of cutting a damaged rope to increase its service life. It advises them to inspect the rope, look for frayed sections, and measure a foot from the damaged section and mark it. It suggests to wrap a tape around the part that will be cut...

  • Proceed to succeed.
    Ellison, Julie // Plant & Works Engineering; Jul2012, Issue 364, p14 

    The article discusses the procedure-based approach to maintenance which ensures a maintenance process that is more precise and less susceptible to error. Although procedure-based organisations generate and comply with detailed written instructions for all aspects of maintenance, the value of...

    Ellison, Julie // American Cranes & Transport; Jul2013, Vol. 9 Issue 7, p34 

    The article offers information on the Service Life Extension Project (SLEP) by WHECO Corp., which restores old Galion cranes such as the Galion 150F for crane rental companies in the U.S.

  • Dust Control on Doyle Drive.
    Ellison, Julie // Concrete Construction; Sep2013, p1 

    No abstract available.

  • The Changes of Moisture Absorption Properties during the Service Life of External Thermal Insulation Composite System.
    NORVAIŠIENĖ, Rosita; GRICIŪTĖ, Gintarė; BLIŪDŽIUS, Raimondas; RAMANAUSKAS, Juozas // Materials Science / Medziagotyra; 2013, Vol. 19 Issue 1, p103 

    This paper provides initial results from experimental work on the durability of external thermal insulation composite system (ETICS). In order to predict service life of ETICS, the accelerated climatic cycle was composed on the basis of earlier scientific research and the statistic data of the...

  • A Description of Local Material Properties Close to a Butt Weld.
    Hutař, Pavel; Ševčík, Martin; Lach, Ralf; Knésl, Zdenĕk; Náhlík, Luboš; Grellmann, Wolfgang // Key Engineering Materials; 2014, Vol. 586, p146 

    The paper presents a methodology for the lifetime assessment of welded polymer pipes. A fracture mechanics analysis of a butt-welded joint is performed by simulating radial crack growth in the inhomogeneous region of the pipe weld. It was found that the presence of material inhomogeneity in the...

  • Experimental analysis of the effect of some compaction methods on mechanical properties and durability of cement stabilized soil.
    Kenai, S.; Bahar, R.; Benazzoug, M. // Journal of Materials Science; Nov2006, Vol. 41 Issue 21, p6956 

    Cement stabilized soil is usually compacted by different mechanical methods to increase its strength and durability. This paper summarizes the results of an experimental study on the effect of different compaction methods on the performance of stabilized soil. The compaction methods investigated...

  • Understanding MQL.
    Quaile, Ron // Modern Machine Shop; Jan2005, Vol. 77 Issue 8, p92 

    Focuses on the use of minimum quantity lubricant (MQL) in coolants. Effect of MQL on cutting coolant costs; Metals in which MQL machining process can be adopted; Effects of eliminating abrasive silicon particles suspended in the coolant on its tool life.

  • Attachment Issues.
    DAnnunzio, John A. // Roofing Contractor; May2011, Vol. 31 Issue 5, p22 

    The article discusses the advantages and disadvantages of the three membrane attachment methods used in the U.S. low-slope commercial roofing market. The fully adhered method provides waterproofing and wind-uplift capacity and the longest average service life, and its disadvantages include...

  • Increasing the Service Life of Centrifugal Compressors by Electroerosion Alloying of Impellers.
    Zharkov, P. E.; Tarel'nik, V. B. // Chemical & Petroleum Engineering; Jan/Feb2003, Vol. 39 Issue 1/2, p27 

    Examines the service life of centrifugal compressors by electroerosion alloying of impellers. Technological groups of impellers; Effect of applying wear-resistant coatings on the service life of centrifugal compressor impellers and other parts subjected to abrasive wear; Advantages of...

  • Self-healing in polymer coatings & composites: Approaches and recent advancements.
    Pangam, Sagar // Paintindia; Sep2014, Vol. 64 Issue 9, p53 

    Polymers & polymeric composites are susceptible to formation of stress induced micro cracks during their service life, which often goes un-noticed during initial stages. Subsequent progression of micro-cracks to macro scale results in catastrophic failures of polymer coatings & composites....

  • Life extension of in-service marine units, application to FPSO and LNG carriers.
    J. Esteve; C. Bran; G. Goudet; M. Huther // Revue de Métallurgie; Apr2007, Vol. 2007 Issue 4, p198 

    New international regulation imposing double hull tankers, lead to turn over end of life tankers to FPSO (Floating production Storage Offloading). This raises a problem with the life extension of the units that must account for the new operational conditions. Bureau Veritas has introduced a...

    Tonkovič, Zlatko; Somolanji, Marija; Stojšić, Josip // Tehnicki vjesnik / Technical Gazette; Jul-Sep2009, Vol. 16 Issue 3, p33 

    This paper deals with new approach to life estimation of damaged thick-walled gas pipes made of high-density polyethylene (PE 80). The most common approaches to polyethylene gas pipes durability prediction rely on methods of fracture mechanics, which involve defining the stress intensity factor...

  • Effects of the Gold Thickness of the Surface Finish on the Interfacial Reactions in Flip-Chip Solder Joints.
    Lin, Y. L.; Luo, W. C.; Lin, Y. H.; Ho, C. E.; Kao, C. R. // Journal of Electronic Materials; Oct2004, Vol. 33 Issue 10, p1092 

    The effects of Au thickness on the flip-chip solder joints with Cu/Ni/Al under-bump metallurgy (UBM) on one end and the Au/Ni surface finish on another was studied. Two different thicknesses, 0.1 µm and 0.65 µm, were used for the surface finish. After assembly, the joints were subjected to...

  • Effective method for preparing uniform carbon filler for structural graphites with improved operating life.
    Lobastov, N.; Chernyavets, A.; Beilina, N. // Refractories & Industrial Ceramics; Jan2010, Vol. 51 Issue 1, p14 

    Amethod is proposed for preparing a new form of filler NUDOL(Lobastov uniformly dispersed carbon filler) for structural graphites, on whose basis materials are prepared with improved operating life at the level of the best domestic and world examples. All of the production operations are...

  • Assessment of the Hydrogenerators State, Based on their History of Life Analysis.
    Zlatanovici, Dan; Zlatanovici, Rodica; Cicirone, Cristinel; Dumitrescu, Sorin // International Review of Electrical Engineering; May/Jun2010 Part A, Vol. 5 Issue 3, p985 

    The assessment is made based on the analysis of the hydrogenerator life history in a determined period of time; the analysis is based on a well organised informatised database comprising the events in the life history of the hydrogenerator. A points rating method is settled for the gravity of...

  • Modeling the deformation of RBMK graphite columns surrounding a damaged cell with a ruptured channel pipe taking aging into account.
    Tkachev, V.; Mikhailov, D.; Zheltukhin, K.; Afanasiev, A.; Tkacheva, N. // Atomic Energy; Feb2011, Vol. 109 Issue 4, p252 

    The results of modeling of the deformation of RBMK graphite columns surrounding a damaged cell with a rupture channel tube and analysis of the possibility of multiple rupture of the tubes in such columns as a result of the action of the steam-water mixture flowing out of the rupture are...

  • Evaluation of the error in diagnosing and predicting the safe operating life of equipment in hydrogen sulfide containing atmospheres.
    Baryshov, S. // Chemical & Petroleum Engineering; Jul2008, Vol. 44 Issue 7/8, p480 

    The importance is noted of predicting the safe operating life of equipment used for a long time in a hydrogen sulfide containing atmosphere. The error in predicting the residual life of equipment is analyzed. A procedural approach is developed for determining the prolonged life taking account of...

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