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  • Finding inner peace through window of hope.
    Gaines, Patrick // National Catholic Reporter; 4/26/2002, Vol. 38 Issue 25, p32 

    Presents reflections on finding inner peace. Citation of hardships experienced in life; Effort of overcoming low self-esteem; Result of psychological therapy.

  • 20 instant mood lifters.
    Evans, Nancy // Redbook; Mar2000, Vol. 194 Issue 3, p110 

    Presents a list of self-esteem boosters and mood lifters.

  • Counselors and students' self-concept.
    Cole, Claire // School Counselor; Jan91, Vol. 38 Issue 3, p162 

    Offers advice to school counselors on how to enhance students' self-esteem. Includes cooperative learning; Peer tutoring; Positive notes; Community service.

  • Introjected Regulation: Approach Versus Avoidance!
    Cole, Claire // Journal of Sport & Exercise Psychology; Aug2009, Vol. 31 Issue 4, p572 

    An abstract of the article "Identified Versus Introjected Approach and Introjected Avoidance Motivations in School and in Sports: The Limited Benefits of Self-Worth Strivings" is presented.

  • A neglected supervisory role: Building self-esteem at work.
    Newstrom, John; Gardner, Don; Pierce, Jon // Supervision; Feb99, Vol. 60 Issue 2, p9 

    Focuses on high-involvement work system. Scope of this approach; Sample programs for achieving high involvement; How high-involvement work systems can succeed; Importance of self-esteem; Organizational factors contributing to self-esteem; How supervisors can foster high self-esteem levels in...

  • Been there, done that?
    Markiewicz, Dan // Industrial Safety & Hygiene News; Dec2002, Vol. 36 Issue 12, p16 

    Provides information on the improvement of job satisfaction among environmental and safety employees. Assurance of belongingness and self-esteem; Consideration of the opinions of the stakeholder; Management of the reproductive health concerns.

  • BOOST YOUR sexual self-esteem!
    Cruz, Melissa De La // Marie Claire (US Edition); Oct2002, Vol. 9 Issue 10, p335 

    Focuses on an electronic sex school that helps boost sexual self-esteem in six weeks. Instructions given during the course; Difference in grades obtained at the beginning and end of the classes.

  • Self-esteem education earns mixed marks.
    Hardy, Alexander // Christian Science Monitor; 4/4/96, Vol. 88 Issue 90, p1 

    Presents information on self-esteem programs in public schools in the United States. Reason the programs were adopted; How the programs are structured; Reactions of skeptics to such programs; Information on the program at Moreland's Latimer Elementary School; Reactions of parents to the programs.

  • What have you done for you lately?
    Courtney, Camerin // Today's Christian Woman; Mar/Apr99, Vol. 21 Issue 2, p92 

    Provides things Christian women need to do to enhance self-esteem in the United States. Consolation of oneself for things done; Importance of a nap to tackle demands of work; Exploration of places and institutions for mind-enriching options; Inscription of a tradition to observe.

  • Mary Ucci: Helping A Young Child Build Self-Esteem.
    Courtney, Camerin // Child Health Alert; Apr2000, Vol. 17, p3 

    Offers advice on how to help children build their self-esteem.

  • How low self-esteem affects adult learners.
    James, Kathryn // Adults Learning; Jan2003, Vol. 14 Issue 5, p24 

    No abstract available.

  • `Feel-good' approach yields educational disasters.
    Roche, George // Inside Tucson Business; 12/2/96, Vol. 6 Issue 36, p5 

    Opinion. Focuses on the negative impact of `feel-good' approaches made by teachers toward students regardless of actual accomplishments. Aggressive reaction of recipients of unfavorable reviews; Inflated levels of false self-esteem as cause of violent behavior; Comparison of studies of...

  • A lesson to enhance student self-esteem.
    Hamilton, Diane; Oswalt, Sara // Education Digest; Dec98, Vol. 64 Issue 4, p35 

    Presents educational activities that enhance student self-esteem. `Pieces and Parts'; `Self-Esteem Rip Off'; `Affirmation Breeds Success.'

  • What hostility says about you.
    Canter, Mark; Delhagen, Kate // Men's Health (10544836); Aug90, Vol. 5 Issue 3, p13 

    Cites findings by researchers at the University of Texas concerning the relation of self-esteem and the reaction when criticized or provoked.

  • Self-esteem and positive birth experience.
    Peterson, Gayle // Mothering; Mar/Apr2000, Issue 99, p64 

    Focuses on the influence of self-esteem on ability of mother to tolerate childbirth pains. Importance of family support during labor; Suggestions on the development of self-esteem and empowerment in mothers-to-be; Integration of process of childbirth and postpartum adjustment.

  • U.S.A.: Self-Esteem.
    Peterson, Gayle // Junior Scholastic (Teacher's Edition); 2/7/2000, Vol. 102 Issue 12, pT-2 

    Presents a lesson plan the objective of which is to make the students understand why self-esteem is important, factors that make it vulnerable at times and ways to improve self-esteem.

  • Controlling Role-Stuck Communication.
    Green, Jane Nugent // Individual Psychology: The Journal of Adlerian Theory, Research ; Dec82, Vol. 38 Issue 4, p360 

    Assesses methods of controlling role-stuck communication. Influence of self-esteem on the reduction of reactive discouragement; Process of changing communication; Description of responsive control method in communication.

  • Disavowing the Past: A Maneuver to Protect Self-Esteem.
    Grayson, Paul A. // Individual Psychology: The Journal of Adlerian Theory, Research ; Sep86, Vol. 42 Issue 3, p330 

    Focuses on the widespread influence of the self-esteem motive in individual psychology. Protection of person's feelings of self-worth; Desire of an individual to enhance and preserve self-esteem; Principles of selectivity and psychological centrality.

  • Her Name in Lights.
    Leise, Michelle // Daughters; Jan/Feb2002, Vol. 7 Issue 1, p5 

    Focuses on the benefits of engaging child in stage plays. Support of the author to the decision of daughter to play a Greek warrior in 'The Iliad'; Ability of acting to increase self-esteem; Opportunity for daughter to experiment safely with adulthood.

  • The Italian secret of passion.
    Disbrowe, Paula // Redbook; Jul96, Vol. 187 Issue 3, pG-6 

    Explains the concept called sex appeal based on the author's experience. Trip to Italy to learn cooking; Attentiveness of men towards women; Re-evaluation of self-image.

  • The best there is.
    Disbrowe, Paula // Christian Science Monitor; 11/30/99, Vol. 92 Issue 4, p23 

    Suggests that God made people perfectly and that the bigotry of others should not affect a person's self-image.

  • On Face-Work: An Analysis of Ritual Elements in Social Interaction.
    Goffman, Erving // Reflections; Spring2003, Vol. 4 Issue 3, p7 

    Analyzes ritual elements in social interaction. Combined effect of the rule of self-respect and the rule of considerateness; Definition of face-work in social interaction; Ritual roles of the self; Nature of the ritual order.

    Taylor, Susan L. // Essence (Essence); Aug2001, Vol. 32 Issue 4, p103 

    Provides information on how to lift one's self-esteem. How to accept reality; Importance of trusting oneself; Setting parameters in relationships.

  • When Self-Esteem Runs Amok.
    Glennon, Will // Daughters; Jul/Aug2002, Vol. 7 Issue 4, p16 

    Focuses on the importance of instilling compassion and wisdom to children. Effect of self-esteem focus on emotional imbalance; Tendency of over confident daughters to be manipulative; Manifestation of an emotional imbalance person.

    Thompson, Neil // Community Care; 1/17/2002, Issue 1405, p49 

    Focuses on 'Self-Esteem: The Costs and Causes of Low Self-Worth,' a report by Nicholas Emler. Association of low self-esteem with adolescent eating disorders; Assumptions about self-esteem validated by the report; Benefits of the report.

  • Applause for 'flaws'.
    Purcell, Lauren; Fennessey, Donna // Self; Jan2003, Vol. 25 Issue 1, p90 

    Relates the struggles of women on accepting body imperfections. Effect of physical flaws on self-esteem; Ways on covering physical imperfections; Importance of self-love on achieving happiness.

  • Putting Self-Esteem First.
    Curtin, Joseph L. // Training & Development Journal; Oct88, Vol. 42 Issue 10, p41 

    Characterizes an effective organizational leader. Leader's various levels of security; Elements of an empowering style of leadership; Importance of self-esteem in leadership.

  • The costs and causes of low self-esteem.
    Emler, Nicholas // Youth Studies Australia; Sep2002, Vol. 21 Issue 3, p45 

    Discusses several issues concerning low self-esteem among students. Background on self-esteem; Consequences of differing levels of self-esteem; Causes; Interventions. INSET: XTRA.

  • The importance of showing you care.
    Robinson, Carla // Windspeaker; Jul2000, Vol. 18 Issue 3, p30 

    Relates the experiences of a Native woman in Canada. Participation in a self-esteem class; Need to accept responsibility; Defending of rights and dignity.

  • Self-Esteem and Adjustment in Early Adolescence: A Social-Contextual Perspective.
    DuBois, David L.; Bull, Catherine A. // Journal of Youth & Adolescence; Oct98, Vol. 27 Issue 5, p557 

    Investigates the adaptive correlates of social-contextual incongruity in factors contributing to the development and maintenance of self-esteem among early adolescence. Descriptive views of the self; Standards for self evaluation; Regressions examining the relation of measures of global...

  • Preface.
    DuBois, David L.; Bull, Catherine A. // Feel-Good Curriculum: The Dumbing Down of America's Kids in the ; 2000, pix 

    A preface to the book "The Feel-Good Curriculum: The Dumbing-Down of America's Kids in the Name of Self-Esteem" by Maureen Stout, Ph.D. is presented.

  • Notes.
    DuBois, David L.; Bull, Catherine A. // Feel-Good Curriculum: The Dumbing Down of America's Kids in the ; 2000, p283 

    References for the book "The Feel-Good Curriculum: The Dumbing-Down of America's Kids in the Name of Self-Esteem" by Maureen Stout, Ph.D. are presented.

  • Teacher self-esteem.
    Le Cornu, Rosie // Primary Educator; 1999, Vol. 5 Issue 3, p2 

    Focuses on self-esteem in teachers. Definition of self-esteem; Importance of self-esteem in teachers; Activities undertaken by teachers with high self-esteem; Strategies for boosting the self-esteem of teachers.

  • Developing self-esteem through building on skills.
    Dolley, Janice // Adults Learning; Jun95, Vol. 6 Issue 10, p293 

    Focuses on a community learning project in Great Britain that develops self-esteem among people through building on skills. Encouragement of volunteers to identify skills that they can adapt to meet challenges and change; Offer of an approach to personal skills development; Background on the...

    Miller, Shirley M.; Ginsburg, Harvey J.; Rogow, Sharon G. // Social Behavior & Personality: An International Journal; 1981, Vol. 9 Issue 2, p211 

    Sixty-four fourth-grade children were given 20 tokens for drawing a picture. They then had the option of donating any or alt of the tokens to either "needy children" or for "a class prize." Any remaining tokens could be exchanged for various prizes. The teacher of each child completed the...

    Burke, Joy Patricia // Social Behavior & Personality: An International Journal; 1983, Vol. 11 Issue 1, p81 

    To rectify confusion and vagueness concerning the definitional usage of self-esteem, rapprochement of Rotter's (1954) social learning theory with self-esteem and related constructs is offered. These "self" constructs (namely, self-esteem, self-worth, self-confidence, self-satisfaction, and...

  • Susan's note.
    Schulz, Susan // Cosmo Girl; Feb2007, Vol. 9 Issue 1, p14 

    The article presents information on a public service announcement writing contest about self-esteem spearheaded by television personality Mariska Hargitay.

  • The evidence mounts that self-esteem is the educator's self-deception.
    Byfield, Ted // Alberta Report / Newsmagazine; 12/16/96, Vol. 24 Issue 1, p44 

    Opinion. Discusses the quality of education in Canada as compared to the rest of the world. The third international study on math and science teaching, and what it revealed about schools in Asia; The author's contention that Canadian educators have destroyed one of the world's best education...

  • Early Acceleration of Mathematics Students and its Effect on Growth in Self-esteem: A Longitudinal Study.
    Ma, Xin // International Review of Education / Internationale Zeitschrift f; Nov2002, Vol. 48 Issue 6, p443 

    The Longitudinal Study of American Youth (LSAY) database was employed to examine the educational practice of early acceleration of students of mathematics on the development of their self-esteem across the entire secondary grade levels. Students were classified into three different academic...

  • The makeup-less makeover.
    James, Kat // Better Nutrition; Oct2002, Vol. 64 Issue 10, p32 

    Relates an experience of having suffered with binge-purge behavior in New York City. Cause of frustration and loss of self-esteem; Factors contributing the bulimia disorder; Transformation from unhealthy food practices and self-recovery.

  • The Pay-for-Performance Dilemma.
    Meyer, Herbert H. // Organizational Dynamics; Winter75, Vol. 3 Issue 3, p39 

    Examines the merit pay or 'pay-for-performance' compensation for employees. Effectiveness of the theory; Effect of 'pay-for-performance' on self-esteem; Disadvantages of the reward theory.

  • Depression, self-esteem, and complex attributions for life problems.
    Flett, Gordon L.; Blankstein, Kirk R. // Current Psychology; Fall94, Vol. 13 Issue 3, p263 

    Focuses on the relationship between depression, self-esteem, and complex attributions for life problems. Depression and attributional complexity; Depression and complex attributions for personal events.

  • Collective Self-Esteem, Personal Self-Esteem, and Collective Efficacy in In-group and Outgroup Evaluations.
    De Cremer, David; Oosterwegel, Annerieke // Current Psychology; Winter99/2000, Vol. 18 Issue 4, p326 

    In assessing the relationship between self-esteem and in-group/outgroup evaluations, this study examined whether self-esteem is better measured at a collective (collective self-esteem [CSE]) than a personal level (personal self-esteem [PSE]). It was expected that subjects high in CSE would...

  • Abandon Obsession with Self-Esteem.
    Itzkowitz, Kenneth // Educational Leadership; Dec91/Jan92, Vol. 49 Issue 4, p91 

    Presents a letter to the editor in response to the article "Sorting Out the Self-Esteem Controversy," by James A. Beane in the September 1991 issue of "Educational Leadership."

  • Reply: Score Wars Not the Point.
    Beane, James A. // Educational Leadership; Dec91/Jan92, Vol. 49 Issue 4, p91 

    Presents a response by James A. Beane to a letter to the editor about his article "Sorting Out the Self-Esteem Controversy" in the September 1991 issue of "Educational Leadership."

  • How much is the life of one human being worth?
    Demarco, Donald // Our Sunday Visitor; 1/1/2012, Vol. 100 Issue 36, p19 

    The article presents a story wherein a 58-year-old childless widow who suffers from loneliness and low self-esteem submits herself for appraisal during the filming of an episode of "Antiques Roadshow" television show.

  • Parental marital status and self-esteem of boys and girls.
    Durm, Mary W.; Giddens, Angela // Psychological Reports; Aug97, Vol. 81 Issue 1, p125 

    Investigates the effects of parental status and sex on the self-esteem of children, focusing on self-esteem between boys and girls from divorce families as compared with families who are together. Methodology used in the investigation.

    SELIGMAN, DANIEL; DAVIS, JOYCE E. // Fortune; 4/29/1996, Vol. 133 Issue 8, p211 

    Discusses a report, published in `Psychological Review,' that correlates high self-esteem with violent, agressive behavior. The report, entitled `Relation of Threatened Egotism to Violence and Aggression'; The finding that people who are violent tend to have high self-esteem; How a challenge to...

  • You're worth something.
    SELIGMAN, DANIEL; DAVIS, JOYCE E. // Christian Science Monitor; 2/11/97, Vol. 89 Issue 53, p17 

    Presents a spiritual perspective that focuses on the self-worth of an individual. Reason every individual is important; Explanation of God's love for every individual; What it means to know that you are valued by God.

  • Why not the best? There is no excuse.
    Hetrick, Bruce // Indianapolis Business Journal; 1/29/2001, Vol. 21 Issue 47, p19 

    Opines that striving for one's best is a great way to build self-esteem. Need to meet one's capabilities; Frequent excuses for delivering something less; Use of this kind of attitude in one's daily life.

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