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  • Books on top.
    Proulx, E. Annie // Writer (Kalmbach Publishing Co.); Nov94, Vol. 107 Issue 11, p7 

    Examines the belief that books are becoming obsolete. Economic implications; Corporate takeovers of publishing houses; Nontraditional writers; Book groups; Computers and books.

  • Why parents should keep reading to kids into their teens.
    Greer, Colin // Curriculum Review; Feb96, Vol. 35 Issue 6, p4 

    Reports on why parents should read to their children even in their teenage period. Impact on children; Character development.

  • New York, New York.
    DeNitto, Emily // Crain's New York Business; 06/11/2001, Vol. 17 Issue 24, p6 

    Reports developments on business in New York as of June 2001. Testimony of intraparty feuds dominating the county organization in the Bronx Democratic dinner; Selection annual reading list of the J.P. Morgan Chase for their clients; Renovation of the Iroquios boutique hotel for Le Marquis hotel.

  • The joys of reading aloud.
    Clayton, Mark // Christian Science Monitor; 7/7/98, Vol. 90 Issue 155, pB1 

    Reports on the benefits of reading aloud. Experience of couples who read aloud to their spouse; History of reading aloud; How it benefits communication. INSET: Be animated and no peeking.

  • Historical footnotes.
    Clayton, Mark // Journal of Academic Librarianship; Jul90, Vol. 16 Issue 3, p144 

    States that private ownership of books often leads to single mind rivalry and even misanthorpy. Implication of private ownership of books; Sample case on the copy of `Bibliomania'; How Don Vicente's stolen copy could not be proven with absolute certainty to be the original one; Other information.

  • Books received.
    Clayton, Mark // Pragmatics & Cognition; 2009, Vol. 17 Issue 1, p197 

    The article lists the book received within the issue including "The Grammar of Names," by John M. Anderson, "The Grammar of Words: An Introduction to Linguistic Morphology," by Geert Booij, and "On Language and Sexual Politics," by Deborah Cameron.

  • Reading religiously.
    Clayton, Mark // Christian Century; 11/21/2001, Vol. 118 Issue 32, p5 

    Comments on the significance of reading secular literature. Role of reading in establishing and sustaining the people of God; Impact of the change in forms of communication on reading; Benefits resulting from communities that read religiously.

  • Wanton palfreys and glittering casinos.
    Pickering, Sam // Sewanee Review; Winter95, Vol. 103 Issue 1, p141 

    Focuses on the medicinal effects of reading. Influence of books on the life of people; Value of books; Inspiration of writers in their literary undertaking; Book selection.

  • The broken dream of illiteracy.
    Pickering, Sam // America; 10/2/1993, Vol. 169 Issue 9, p4 

    Discusses the political and economic aspects of functional illiteracy. Statistics on functional illiteracy; Political activities involving the functionally illiterates; Declining competitiveness of the United States; Spiritual inwardness and awakening through reading; Responsibility on one's...

  • No matter what.
    Fryer, Jo // Reading Teacher; Sep96, Vol. 50 Issue 1, p68 

    Presents a reading teacher's recollections of reading to her daughter. Heeding of child's request inspite of other extraneous duties; Development of bond during reading session.

  • You could speed-read this in 10 seconds, but why?
    Attoun, Marti // Christian Science Monitor; 9/28/98, Vol. 90 Issue 213, p17 

    Presents the author's response to a commercial for a speed-reading system which would allow one to read a novel in ten minutes. The question of why one would want to read a novel so quickly; How books are meant to be savored; Why reading should be unregulated and free from restrictions.

  • Rewriting history.
    Macleod, Anne Scott // Teacher Magazine; Apr98, Vol. 9 Issue 7, p34 

    Explains that by distorting the past to fit modern notions of right and wrong, authors of children's historical fiction do readers more harm than good. Idea behind historical revisionism; Discussion on history fiction; Examples of books under revisionist history.

  • Celtic and non-Celtic nostalgia.
    Davies, Dewi // British Medical Journal; 8/18/1979, Vol. 2 Issue 6187, p433 

    Relates experiences relative to the choices of reading materials in England. Environmental influence in the collection of books; Overview of the stories; Titles of the books cited.

  • Get Caught Reading: National Year of Reading 2012.
    Bales, Jennie // Access (10300155); Jun2012, Vol. 26 Issue 2, p10 

    The article offers information on the events related to the National Year of Reading in Australia in 2012, which extends and complements the activities of library staff and school libraries to engage the school community in literacy and literature.

  • Talk amongst yourselves:.
    Abood, Maureen // U.S. Catholic; Nov2001, Vol. 66 Issue 11, p12 

    Focuses on the proliferation of book groups in the United States. Reason for the proliferation; Role of the group in the lives of its members; Significance of book groups to social life.

  • Consumer Republic.
    Goldman, Debra // Adweek Western Edition; 5/20/2002, Vol. 52 Issue 21, p20 

    Comments on the growth of interest in books and reading in the U.S. since 2001. Discussion on the social attitude towards book reading as a form of self-improvement; Significance of the growing popularity of books at a time of declining spending on reading materials; Factors that contribute to...

    Goldman, Debra // Time; 9/10/2007, Vol. 170 Issue 11, p18 

    The article presents a series of statistics from the news for the week of September 10, 2007, including a decrease in concern over global terrorism and the number of books Americans claim to have at least started in 2005.

  • Books Received in 1996.
    Goldman, Debra // Nineteenth Century Studies; 1997, Vol. 11, p215 

    The article lists the books received by the "Nineteenth Century Studies," in 1996, including "Misreading `Jane Eyre': A Postformalist Paradigm," by Jerome Beaty; "Shelley: Poet and Legislator of the World," edited by Stuart Curran and Betty T. Bennett; and "The Rules of Art: Genesis and...

  • Why read books in an era of television?
    Rigolot, Carol // Vital Speeches of the Day; 9/15/93, Vol. 59 Issue 23, p709 

    Presents speech by the Executive Director of the Humanities Council at Princeton University, given before the ceremony of Princeton book awards, dealing with the issue of the role of reading books in an era of television. Survey of popularity of literature; Books read by Americans; Benefits of...

    Rigolot, Carol // Vanity Fair; Feb2008, Issue 570, p82 

    A chart is presented listing the books various celebrities are in the process of reading.

  • Strong books for girls who want to be strong.
    Di Marzo, Cindi // Publishers Weekly; 6/22/1998, Vol. 245 Issue 25, p30 

    Looks at a number of books that aim to encourage girls and to inform them about what to expect as they become adults. Focus on these girl power books; Mention of `Real Girls/Real World: Tools for Finding Your True Self,' by Heather Gray and Samantha Phillips; Gray and Phillip's views about...

  • Reading for fun as a student.
    Ettienne, Pascale // Pipe Dream; 11/ 6/2009, Vol. 76 Issue 17, p12 

    The article presents the author's insights regarding the benefits of reading for students, one of which is to reduce stress.

  • see U there.
    Ettienne, Pascale // Tennessee Tribune; 10/21/2010, Vol. 21 Issue 42, p7 

    The article offers updates on special events related to books and reading in Tennessee, including the literacy-reading program READing Paws, and a book sale at East Branch Library.

  • My Mother's Closet.
    Schlueter, Helen // Good Old Days; May2009, Vol. 46 Issue 3, p71 

    A personal narrative is presented which explores the author's experience of gaining access to her mother's closet of books in which it helps her discover the wonder of books.

  • Marvel promotes reading.
    Graser, Marc // Daily Variety; 1/14/2013, Vol. 318 Issue 6, p8 

    The article reports on Marvel Entertainment LLC's promotion of reading among children through its collaboration with Disney XD, television stations owned by American Broadcasting Corp. (ABC) and nonprofit organization First Book.

  • The Book for you.
    Graser, Marc // Recruiter; 8/12/2009, p42 

    The article offers information on the free book offered by the "Recruiter" in Great Britain. The Recruiter's book is being offered to the first four people to email at the This book could be one of the most favorite past time, especially if one gets bored in...

  • We're reading less...
    Graser, Marc // Read; 11/5/2004, Vol. 54 Issue 6, p4 

    The article focuses on the results of a survey related to the percentage of Americans who engage in the reading of creative literature. The National Endowment for the Arts found that the increased availability of technology, including the television and the internet, has resulted in a decline in...

    BROIDE, MARTÍN // Lectura y Vida; jun2010, Vol. 31 Issue 2, p34 

    This article presents two scenes in which particular experiences of reading and its conceptions are connected. From the intermingling of these scenes, questions that deeply imply the representations of reading emerge. If we think that any building of meaning is in some extent reading, are there...

  • German-Speaking regions.
    Eakle, Jonathan; Garber, Andrew M. // Reading Research Quarterly; Apr-Jun2004, Vol. 39 Issue 2, p232 

    Provides information on reading socialization and literary socialization research in German-speaking countries. Range of questions asked by reading socialization and literary socialization research; Number of research project supported by the German research community under priority program...

  • The Learning Power of Reading Groups.
    Hicks, Debbie // Literacy Today; Sep2008, Issue 56, p7 

    The article focuses on the success of library reading groups in promoting reading for pleasure in Great Britain. It says that reading for pleasure is becoming an emerging social activity that brings all sort of people to talk and share their reading experiences, as well as encouraging other to...

  • Reading Today.
    Hicks, Debbie // Literacy Today; Mar2008, Issue 54, p15 

    The article focuses on three researches about literacy with the launched National Year of Reading on April 2, 2008 in Great Britain. Researches include "Teachers as Readers," "Progress in International Reading Literacy Study," and "Young people's self-perceptions as readers," by the National...

  • Reading Program Launches Local Funders Collaborative.
    Hicks, Debbie // BusinessWest; 12/5/2011, p63 

    The article offers information on the Funders Collaborative launched by representatives from Read! Reading Success by 4th Grade reading program which aims to raise funding for early literacy program.

  • Local Legacies.
    Hicks, Debbie // Reading Today; Dec2000/Jan2001, Vol. 18 Issue 3, p22 

    Presents several photographs about traditions and activities relating to reading or literacy which were submitted by senators and representatives from the United States (U.S.) for `Local Legacies' bicentennial project of the U.S. Library of Congress.

  • Two Gems from Jago.
    Jago, Carol // California English; Winter93, Vol. 29 Issue 5, p18 

    The author reflects on the dilemmas of young readers. The author argues that young readers become frustrated when they had no books to read. Several books were suggested for reading, which include "Mama Day," by Gloria Naylor, "The Bean Trees," by Barbara Kingsolver, and "Jasmine," by Bharati...

    Jago, Carol // Reading Today; Aug/Sep2006, Vol. 24 Issue 1, p20 

    The article focuses on reading as a sharing activity. Examples of the social aspect of reading include children who read books together and parents reading to their children. Those times are usually the most memorable moments in their lives. Several photographs showing reading as a sharing...

    Seaman, Owen // Punch, or the London Charivari, Vol. 150, March 1, 1916; 1/1/1916, p9 

    The article offers the authors insights on reading the passport of the person who was in front of him in queue. The author says that he had read the embarkation paper of the gentleman in front of him as the queue was just moving every four or five minutes. The author also shares that the...

  • Stabiliser ou subvenir le genre? Les effets performatifs de la lecture.
    ALBENGA, Viviane // Sociologie de l' Art; May2011, Issue 17, p31 

    On the basis of a fieldwork realized on three reading groups in France (Lyon), this paper places emphasis on the performative effects of reading upon gender identity negotiation. The choice of readings and their reception oppose male readers to female ones. Male readers appropriate reading types...

    ALBENGA, Viviane // South Dakota Magazine; Sep/Oct2013 Supplement, p12 

    The article offers the insights of author Craig Wilson on writing good stories which will attract the interest of the readers.

  • The importance of design in learning from node-link diagrams.
    Amelsvoort, Marije; Meij, Jan; Anjewierden, Anjo; Meij, Hans // Instructional Science; Sep2013, Vol. 41 Issue 5, p833 

    Diagrams organize by location. They give spatial cues for finding and recognizing information and for making inferences. In education, diagrams are often used to help students understand and recall information. This study assessed the influence of perceptual cues on reading behavior and...

  • From a Distance.
    Arnold, Renea; Colburn, Nell // School Library Journal; Sep2006, Vol. 52 Issue 9, p32 

    The article discusses the Books Without Barriers program developed by the Multnomah County Library (Oregon) and the local sheriff's department in which children visit with their incarcerated parents to read books together. The program allows parents who are serving time in prison to connect with...

  • Reading By Ear.
    Frum, David // Commentary; May2009, Vol. 127 Issue 5, p94 

    An essay is presented discussing the social aspects of audiobooks. The author discusses how audiobooks and changes in technology have revolutionized the way human beings are exposed to reading and literature. The effect of iPods and MP3 audio players on reading is discussed, along with the...

  • The Word.
    Frum, David // New York; 7/13/2009, Vol. 42 Issue 23, p69 

    The article presents the schedule of events related to public readings of books including the "A Short History of Women," by Kate Walbert, "A Happy Marriage," by Rafael Yglesias, and "Hope on a Tightrope," by Cornel West.

    Kallmann, Deborah // International Journal of African Historical Studies; 1999, Vol. 32 Issue 1, p71 

    Focuses on how textual projections of social moralities in a European newspaper produced in Ndola, Northern Rhodesia, became the subject of reprojections and engagements in two subsequent African newspapers. Examination of projections found in various publications in Northern Rhodesian...

    Samson, Natalie // Quill & Quire; Jan/Feb2014, Vol. 80 Issue 1, p8 

    The article features the Canadian not-for profit organization, the National Reading Campaign (NRC). It offers information on the initiatives launched by since 2013 to promote reading as a societal imperative, such as the rollout of its Reading Matters publicity campaign, investment in more...

  • Untitled.
    White, Jesse // Illinois Literacy; Fall2014, p1 

    An introduction is presented in which the editor discusses various reports within the issue on topics including the success stories of various adult learners, the establishment of the New Reader's Book Club, and the Family Reading Night to be held on November 20, 2014.

  • A forever gift.
    Bencivenga, Jim // Christian Science Monitor; 12/3/98, Vol. 91 Issue 6, p11 

    Comments on the giving of books as gifts. What books can provide to people; How books affected the life of the author; Students the author had at schools and the value of books to them.

  • Family Textbooks Twelve Years Later.
    Glenn, Norval // Academic Questions; Winter2008/2009, Vol. 22 Issue 1, p79 

    The article focuses on the study conducted by the author on twenty current family textbooks published in U.S. It cites the factors that the author deems to have affected the content of recent textbooks. The author conducted a follow-up of his 1996 study in which he reviewed seven family...

    SMART, JACK // Back Stage (19305966); 10/16/2014, Vol. 55 Issue 42, p8 

    The article features the cold reading series Tuesdays@9 of American theater company Naked Angels. Topics include the founding of Tuesday@9 by playwrights Frank Pugliese and Pippin Parker in 1991, the emergence of the endeavor into weekly watering holes for community-oriented artists in Los...

    TENNER, EDWARD // Wilson Quarterly; Autumn2012, Vol. 36 Issue 4, p12 

    The article discusses the publishing industry as of 2012, with a focus on employment prospects for writers during the rise of electronic publishing. Topics include the history of economic conditions in the publishing industry during the 20th century, economic conditions for print publishing and...

  • LJ's Whole Health Catalog.
    Bryant, Eric // Library Journal; 05/01/2001 Supplement, Vol. 126 Issue 8, p3 

    Focuses on the increased demand for books on health and medicine. Healthcare and health coverage which are important topics for consumers and library patrons; Number of book titles under the topic of alternative/complementary medicine; Features which are debuting in the 'Consumer Health'...

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