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  • Childhood trauma and the origins of paranormal belief: A constructive replication.
    Irwin, Harvey J. // Psychological Reports; Feb94, Vol. 74 Issue 1, p107 

    Examines the correlation between childhood trauma and the origins of paranormal belief. Replication in relation to a specific context; Comparison to a sample of control participants; Components of Irwin's model of the psychological origins and function of paranormal belief.

  • Is It Rational to Be Empirical? A Test of Methods for Scoring Biographical Data.
    Mitchell, Terry W.; Klimoski, Richard J. // Journal of Applied Psychology; Aug82, Vol. 67 Issue 4, p411 

    Examines the commonly used rational versus empirical approaches to scoring biographical data in real estate sales context. Comparison of the cross-validities and predictive accuracies of the methods; Prediction of the criteria for license attainment; Advantages and disadvantages of each methods.

  • Biographies in theory and in practice.
    Gray, Denis Pereira // Journal of Medical Biography; May2010, Vol. 18 Issue 2, p63 

    An editorial is presented on the importance of biography in two branches of medicine, psychiatry and general practice. The importance of the biographical approach in psychotherapy and psychoanalysis is mentioned, and its importance in family practice is discussed at greater length. The benefits...

    James, Lawrence R.; Ellison, Robert L.; Fox, David G.; Taylor, Calvin W. // Journal of Applied Psychology; Feb74, Vol. 59 Issue 1, p84 

    A biographical inventory was constructed and administered to 312 nonart students and 501 art students in the areas of music, dance, theater, and the visual arts. The biographical inventory had significant average cross-validities against an art versus nonart criterion (.67, p < .01) and multiple...

  • A Biographical Inventory for Students: I. Construction and Standardization of the Instrument.
    Siegel, Laurence // Journal of Applied Psychology; Feb56, Vol. 40 Issue 1, p5 

    The article provides information on the concept of the Biographical Inventory for Students (BIS) psychometric device and describes the procedures employed in the construction and standardization of the BIS. According to the author, the systematic evaluation of biographical information is often...

  • Psychodynamische Zusammenhänge zwischen Psychose und Lebensgeschichte.
    Schwarz, Frank // Forum der Psychoanalyse; Sep2012, Vol. 28 Issue 3, p245 

    Using two cases as examples it is shown how psychotic experiences and behaviour are psychodynamically associated with the biography of affected patients and can be beneficially used in therapy. Based on the historic pioneer work of Sigmund Freud who, with his psychoanalytical interpretation of...

  • Reexamining the Component Stability of Owens's Biographical Questionnaire.
    Lautenschlager, Gary J.; Shaffer, Garnett Stokes // Journal of Applied Psychology; Feb87, Vol. 72 Issue 1, p149 

    The component stability of Owens's Biographical Questionnaire (BQ) is reexamined in light of a reanalysis of the original data used to develop the 118-item BQ. Results indicate that components for met are sable over time and geographical location. In addition, the stability of a set of...

  • Biografiekonstruktionen im Dienste der Abwehr.
    Franziska Lamott; Kathrin Mörtl; Michael B. Buchholz // Forum der Psychoanalyse; Jun2009, Vol. 25 Issue 2, p137 

    Zusammenfassung  Anhand transkribierter Videoprotokolle einer Gruppentherapie mit Sexualstraftätern werden die Tatnarrative und Biografiekonstruktionen der Gruppenteilnehmer untersucht. Aus dem vorhandenen Textkorpus wurden vier Erzählformate der Biografisierung...

  • The Dynamics of the Values of School Students.
    Divisenko, K. S. // Russian Education & Society; Oct2009, Vol. 51 Issue 10, p18 

    The article discusses the study of the dynamics of the value orientations of upper-grade students in Russia. It states that a synchronic analysis was used to measure the values of school students with empirical materials gathered from 1989-1993 and 2002. The biographical text represents the...

  • Perceptions of a Multiple Kidney Transplant Recipient: Understanding A Fragile Life.
    Scott, Karen Wilson; Hollingsworth, Guy M. // Nephrology Nursing Journal; Mar/Apr2010, Vol. 37 Issue 2, p161 

    This mixed classical and interpretive biographical study investigates the experience of living with a chronic illness as perceived by a wife and mother who is a multiple kidney transplant recipient. This article highlights her efforts to address challenges associated with this illness, and at...

  • Biodata Phenomenology: Recruiters' Perceptions and Use of Biographical Information in Resume Screening.
    Brown, Barbara K.; Campion, Michael A. // Journal of Applied Psychology; Dec94, Vol. 79 Issue 6, p897 

    Recruiters' phenomenological perceptions of biodata in resumes were examined along with their use of biodata for making applicant screening decisions. The thesis was that biodata were interpreted as indicating abilities and other attributes. Three complementary studies were conducted with 344...

    Shein, Meryll L.; Crous, Freddie; Schepers, Johann M. // SAJIP: South African Journal of Industrial Psychology; Jun2010, Vol. 36 Issue 2, p39 

    Orientation: The main issue of this article concerns the construction and evaluation of an instrument measuring positive states and its relationship with entrepreneurship orientation. Research purpose: The principal objective of the study was the construction of a normative scale to measure the...

  • Warum führen ‚Querulanten‘ ihre Prozesse? Biographische Rekonstruktion prozeßauslösender Ereignisse für eine Frau, anhand ihrer Angaben in einem Tonbandinterview.
    Rausch, Karin // Zeitschrift für Rechtssoziologie; sep1982, Vol. 3 Issue 1, p163 

    The article discusses Wolfgang Kaupens' research into obstinate "grumbler" citizen access to and use of legal redress. The author follows up on Kaupen's work with tape recorded interviews with a "grumbler" female by way of a reconstruction of her biography and her experience with the law during...

  • Um viver feminino no interior rural português: Descrição analítica do tecer de uma história individual.
    Afonso, João A.; Diniz, António M. // Análise Psicológica; Jun2010, Vol. 28 Issue 2, p295 

    Contextualized by an integrative view of personality, identity emerges as an individual necessity, search and construction of meaning in time and place. It's in the culture, and in the creative appropriation of the plots it carries, that the individual finds unity and self-conscience. Inherent...

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