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  • Where's the air?
    Mason, William A.; Pearsall, M.B. // Approach: The Naval Safety Center's Aviation Magazine; Jul/Aug96, Vol. 41 Issue 4, p44 

    Discusses the repair of a failure in fuel-tank pressurization system. Internal-fuel pressurization levels; Finding the cause of reduced airflow to the pumps.

  • Bleed air pressure sensor.
    Mason, William A.; Pearsall, M.B. // Aviation Week & Space Technology;  

    Reviews the PX9310 pressure sensor from Kavlico Corp. Used to monitor the bleed pressure of auxiliary power units on turbofan-powered business jets; Use of ceramic capacitive sensing technology; Features; Company contact point.

  • Pluto's Twin?
    Sage, Leslie J. // Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada; 2011, Vol. 105 Issue 6, p264 

    The article offers the author's insight on the difference between the dwarf planet Eris and Pluto. He says that there is no need to create a new category, such as dwarf planet, because Pluto was already recognized as Kuiper Belt objects (KBOs). He mentions that Eris has no evidence for an...

  • Nashville Genealogical and Historical Interest Group Takes Youth to Historic Clinton, TN.
    Sage, Leslie J. // Tennessee Tribune; 7/5/2012, Vol. 23 Issue 27, p5A 

    Several photographs are presented depicting various activities of the Nashville Genealogical and Historical Interest Group in Clinton, Tennessee.

  • Crankcase pressure regulators or CPR valves.
    Tomczyk, John // Refrigeration Service & Contracting; Feb96, Vol. 64 Issue 2, p7 

    Presents information on the relationship between Crankcase Pressure Regulator (CPR) valves and Suction Pressure Regulator (SPR) values. Functions of CPR valves; Information on CPR valves; Tips given on CRP valves.

  • Interest groups.
    Tomczyk, John // National Journal; 8/23/97, Vol. 29 Issue 34/35, p1703 

    Reports on matters related to interest groups in the United States. Contract negotiation between United Parcel's Service and Teamsters Union; Joining of Sam Brunelli with Citizens for State Power; Bridget Ann Serchak as director of communications at the International Council of Cruise Lines.

  • Flowstat chops power to dry running pumps.
    Tomczyk, John // Professional Engineering; 03/11/98, Vol. 11 Issue 5, p34 

    Presents information on a flowstat pressure sensor which was developed to protect liquid pumps from dry running. Information on the flowstat; Reference to a spring-loaded flexible diaphragm; How the spring functions; What happens if hydraulic pressure is restored.

  • Sensors seek better fab technology.
    Tomczyk, John // Electronic Design; 9/19/94, Vol. 42 Issue 19, p20 

    Focuses on the development of micromachining technology in the fabrication of pressure sensors. Sensors' application in the automotive industry; Complexity of pressure-sensor designs; Use of bulk micromachining in silicon-based sensors; Surface-microstructure research.

  • Correction.
    Frey, Rudolph // InTech; Mar2005, Vol. 52 Issue 3, p9 

    Presents a correction to the article "A Pressure-Packed Situation," which appeared in the January 2005 issue of "InTech."

  • Navigating THE Pathway To Phenomenal Touch.
    Bruder, Leslie // Massage Magazine; Mar/Apr2002, Issue 96, p74 

    Presents the categories containing the fundamental principles of phenomenal touch. Importance of the principle of presence; Benefits of exotic strokes; Secrets used to encourage the body to open; Ways to give deep pressure without hurting client.

  • Stiffness of compressed fiber mats.
    Astrom, J. A.; Makinen, J. P.; Hirvonen, H.; Timonen, J. // Journal of Applied Physics; 11/1/2000, Vol. 88 Issue 9, p5056 

    Studies the in-plane stiffness of fiber mats using an analytical and a numerical model. Effect of external pressure of bending fibers over each other; Effect of low external pressure; Approximate analytical description for the stiffness of mats formed under low external pressure.

  • Pluto's Warming Atmosphere.
    Beatty, J. Kelly // Sky & Telescope; Jan2003, Vol. 105 Issue 1, p30 

    Reports on the increasing atmospheric pressure of Pluto during the past 15 years. Rise of the surface temperature; Cause of warmings; Observation of thin nitrogen atmosphere.

  • The determinants of success of special interests in redistributive politics.
    Dixit, Avinash; Londregan, John // Journal of Politics; Nov96, Vol. 58 Issue 4, p1132 

    Examines the factors that determines an interest group's chance of receiving favors in pork-barrel politics. Construction of a model of political competition in which two parties vie for voters' electoral support; `Swing voter' outcome; `Core support' outcome.

  • Oops, we made a mistake.
    Dixit, Avinash; Londregan, John // New Zealand Doctor; 7/13/2011, p3 

    A correction to the article "Ties to BPAC Seen as Flaw in Contract" that was published in the June 29, 2011 issue is presented.

  • palpation:.
    Huber, Jeffrey T.; Gillaspy, Mary L. // Encyclopedic Dictionary of AIDS-Related Terminology; 2000, p171 

    A definition of the term "palpation," which refers to the application of light fingertip pressure to the outer surface of the body to determine consistence and outline of organs within, is presented.

  • Generation of static pressures above 2.5 megabars in a diamond-anvil pressure cell.
    Goettel, Kenneth A.; Mao, Ho-kwang; Bell, Peter M. // Review of Scientific Instruments; Jul85, Vol. 56 Issue 7, p1420 

    A static pressure of 2.75 Mbars has been generated in a diamond-anvil pressure cell. This pressure is 1 Mbar higher than the highest static pressure previously produced in a laboratory, 1.72 Mbar by Mao and Bell [Science 200, 1145 (1978)]. Improvements in the geometry of the cut of beveled anvil...

  • Acoustic gas density measuring cell.
    Haran, E. N. // Review of Scientific Instruments; Sep88, Vol. 59 Issue 9, p2059 

    Preliminary experiments reported in 1983 suggested that the density of a known gas could be determined, in principle, by measuring the alternating pressure of an acoustic field set up in the gas. A density measuring cell has now been developed that is inherently fast acting (overall response...

  • Miniaturization techniques for obtaining static pressures comparable to the pressure at the center of the earth: X-ray diffraction at 416 GPa.
    Ruoff, Arthur L.; Xia, Hui; Luo, Huan; Vohra, Yogesh K. // Review of Scientific Instruments; Dec90, Vol. 61 Issue 12, p3830 

    X-ray diffraction studies on tungsten and molybdenum were performed, using a 4-�m-diam x-ray beam, to very high pressures, with the pressures being obtained from the measured lattice parameters and isothermal equations of state of tungsten and molybdenum deduced from shock data. The bcc...

  • High-pressure strand burner system for propellant flame studies using absorption spectroscopy.
    Mallery, C.; Kim, E.; Thynell, S.T. // Review of Scientific Instruments; Aug1995, Vol. 66 Issue 8, p4091 

    Describes the design and operation of a high-pressure strand burner capable of withstanding pressures up to 6.9 MPa. Associated components for use with the chamber; Performance of absorption measurements using Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy; Obtained spectra with sufficient...

  • Dependence of the fundamental band gap of Al...Ga...N on alloy composition and pressure.
    Haller, E. E.; Martin, M. C. // Journal of Applied Physics; 6/15/1999, Vol. 85 Issue 12, p8505 

    Presents optical absorption studies to investigate the dependence of the fundamental band gap of epitaxial films on aluminium (Al) content and applied hydrostatic pressure. Results of absorption measurements performed at atmospheric pressure; Optical transmission spectra taken from several...

  • Intelligent pressure scanners enhance chillers.
    Haller, E. E.; Martin, M. C. // Control Engineering; Mar98, Vol. 45 Issue 3, p61 

    Features the Model 9010 intelligent pressure scanner from Pressure Systems Inc. Product use; Key features.

  • Keeping the pressure on pressure instrumentation.
    Johnson, Dick // Control Engineering; Mar98, Vol. 45 Issue 3, p98 

    Discusses the importance and key features of several pressure sensing devices. Process control and instrumentation; Pressure sensing measurement; Flow and level measurement; Yokogawa Industrial Automation's A-Series DPharp digital pressure transmitter; Foxboro Co.'s I/A Series pressure...

  • TPMS Rollout Rolling Along.
    Murphy, Tom // Ward's Auto World; Mar2009, Vol. 45 Issue 3, p30 

    The article focuses on the Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) mandatory for new vehicles sold in the U.S. It is stated that the standard is used in requiring onboard monitors to warn drivers when tire air pressure is at least 25% below the recommended cold-inflation pressure. The industry...

  • Central Venous Pressure as a Guide to Volume Expansion.
    Murphy, Tom // Annals of Internal Medicine; Jun67, Vol. 66 Issue 6, p1283 

    Editorial. Discusses the importance of central venous pressure (CVP) to blood volume expansion. Accuracy of the appraisal of right ventricular filling pressure through CVP; Reason for the reluctance of some physicians to expand blood volume despite a normal CVP; Techniques for monitoring CVP.

  • How to identify shallow water flows with real-time pressure measurement.
    Ward, Chris; Beique, Mitch // Offshore; Jun99, Vol. 59 Issue 6, p34 

    Part I. Provides information on the various applications of Pressure-While-Drilling sensor measurements, focusing on shallow water flows, a major deepwater problem. Reason deepwater drilling often proves troublesome; Methods used to mitigate the water flows; Causes of equivalent mud weight.

    Ward, Chris; Beique, Mitch // Motor Age; Oct2012, Vol. 131 Issue 10, p14 

    A quiz about tire pressuring monitoring system is presented.

  • The energies of microvoid formation in Si as a function of applied hydrostatic stress.
    Cuendet, Nicolas; Halicioglu, Timur; Tiller, William A. // Applied Physics Letters; 12/23/1996, Vol. 69 Issue 26, p4071 

    Using a Tersoff-type empirical potential energy function, the free energy of formation for microvoids in silicon containing 24 and 57 vacancies was calculated at 1000 K as a function of externally applied hydrostatic stress in the range of -10 kbar (tensile) to 10 kbar (compressive). The results...

  • hypertonicity.
    Cuendet, Nicolas; Halicioglu, Timur; Tiller, William A. // Taber's Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary (2009); 2009, Issue 21, p1127 

    A definition of the term "hypertonicity," which refers to an excess of muscular or arterial tone or intraocular pressure, is presented.

  • iridencleisis.
    Cuendet, Nicolas; Halicioglu, Timur; Tiller, William A. // Taber's Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary (2009); 2009, Issue 21, p1230 

    A definition of the term "iridencleisis," which refers to an operation for relieving increased intraocular pressure, is presented.

  • Digital pressure gage.
    Cuendet, Nicolas; Halicioglu, Timur; Tiller, William A. // New Equipment Digest; Aug99, Vol. 64 Issue 8, p79 

    Introduces the Quartzonix Model 9600 digital pressure gage from Pressure Systems Inc. Product features; Applications; Contact information.

  • Air pressure.
    Farndon, John // Planet Earth (1-59084-469-6); 2003, p57 

    Although air is light, there is so much of it that air can exert huge pressure at ground level. It is the constant bombardment of billions of air molecules as they zoom about. Air pushes in all directions at ground level with a force of over two pounds per square centimeter. A fall in air...

  • Heart rate and blood pressure during initial LBNP do not discriminate higher and lower orthostatic tolerant men.
    Shawn R. Simonson; Peter Norsk; John E. Greenleaf // Clinical Autonomic Research; Dec2003, Vol. 13 Issue 6, p422 

    High (n = 7, 25 ± 2 yr) and low (n = 8, 26 ± 3 yr) lower body negative pressure (LBNP) tolerant men were exposed to ?15 mmHg (for 12 min) followed by ?50 mmHg (for 21 min) to test the hypothesis that heart rate (HR) and blood pressure (BP) data from acute exposure to LBNP would not...

  • Transducer has digital compensation.
    Shawn R. Simonson; Peter Norsk; John E. Greenleaf // Modern Power Systems; Aug95, Vol. 15 Issue 8, p95 

    Reports on the introduction of Pressure Systems Inc.'s series of all-media transducers.

  • autoclave.
    Shawn R. Simonson; Peter Norsk; John E. Greenleaf // Hutchinson Dictionary of Scientific Biography; 2005, p1 

    Reactor vessel constructed to allow chemical reactions to take place at high temperature and pressure. Such vessels are used, for example, in the manufacture of chemicals and materials for the construction industry.

  • Pressure sensor handles the heat.
    Raymond, Martha K. // Machine Design; 04/16/98, Vol. 70 Issue 7, p62 

    Provides information on the development of the Model 9016 Ethernet Intelligent Pressure Scanner to handle temperature changes of pressure sensors by Pressure Systems Incorporated. Features of the system; What the system consists of.

  • Pressure transmitter.
    Raymond, Martha K. // Plant Engineering; May2011, Vol. 65 Issue 4, p58 

    The article presents information about the pressure transmitter, S-10.

  • Abnormal CVP waveform.
    Raut, Monish S.; Maheshwari, Arun // Saudi Journal of Anaesthesia; Oct-Dec2013, Vol. 7 Issue 4, p482 

    A letter to the editor is presented regarding abnormal central venous pressure (CVP) waveform.

  • An experimental method to dynamically test pressure sensors using a rupture disk.
    Liu, Hanying; Miller, Don W.; Talnagi, Joseph W. // Review of Scientific Instruments; Feb2002, Vol. 73 Issue 2, p459 

    The response time of a pressure sensor is required when it is used in control systems and in some measurement applications. It is often difficult to measure the response time of a pressure sensor since it is difficult to obtain changes in fluid pressure sufficient to characterize the sensor...

  • Managing supply pressure effect.
    Adkins, Michael; Pronk, Wouter // Process & Control Engineering (PACE); Dec2013, Vol. 66 Issue 11, p12 

    The article the phenomena of the surface pressure effect (SPE) wherein the outlet pressure increases for no reason in a pressure-reducing regulator. Described is SPE which is also referred to as dependency wherein its possible cause could be a malfunctioning regulator. Noted is the management of...

    Gunther, Terry; Medina, A.; Grismer, J. T. // Angiology; Oct1965, Vol. 16 Issue 10, p635 

    Features a compact portable mercury manometer used for calibrating pressure transducers. Types of mercury manometer; Design of the manometer; Calibration requirements.

  • Study explores mechanism of increased nocturnal IOP.
    Groves, Nancy // Ophthalmology Times; 9/1/2007, Vol. 32 Issue 17, p16 

    The article presents a study on the increased nocturnal changes in intraocular pressure (IOP). Research indicates that IOP follows a carcadian rhythm that includes a nocturnal increase which occurs despite a nighttime decrease in aqueous humor flow. Researchers found that tonographically...

  • Systemic, circadian factors challenge IOP control measures.
    Rajecki, Ron; Asrani, Sanjay // Ophthalmology Times; 7/1/2008, Vol. 33 Issue 13, p10 

    The article discusses factors related with controlling intraocular eye pressure (IOP). It is stated that the challenging task of controlling patients IOP becomes more difficult due to several factors which can cause fluctuations in IOP. These factors include posture, blood pressure,...

  • Why Some Compression Tanks Fail.
    Holohan, Dan // Supply House Times; Sep2011, Vol. 54 Issue 7, p40 

    The article focuses on the common cause of failures of compression tanks in industrial packaged boilers. According to the author, the most failures are due to the size incompatibility of compression tanks to the fill pressure it handles from packaged boilers. The author adds that failures also...

  • Don't dismiss white-coat hypertension.
    Holohan, Dan // Cortlandt Forum; 9/25/2005, Vol. 18 Issue 9, p17 

    Cites a study on the existence of white-coat hypertension in Japan. Citations of the blood pressure of the respondents; Rate of the white-coat group who had progressed to true hypertension; Need to monitor white-coat hypertension.

    Holohan, Dan // Product Design & Development; Oct2004, Vol. 59 Issue 10, p19 

    Features the Series CL03 pneumatic valve system from Bosch Rexroth Corp. Protection class rating for high-pressure washdown; System performance; Installation near actuators; Multi-pin connection or serial communication options for major protocols available.

  • A Computer Controlled Precision High Pressure Measuring System.
    Sadana, S.; Yadav, S.; Jha, N.; Gupta, V. K.; Agarwal, R.; Bandyopadhyay, A. K.; Saxena, T. K. // Measurement Science Review; 2011, Vol. 11 Issue 6, p198 

    No abstract available.

  • Calculation of barometric efficiency in shallow piezometers using water levels, atmospheric and earth tide data.
    R. Acworth; T. Brain // Hydrogeology Journal; Dec2008, Vol. 16 Issue 8, p1469 

    Abstract��The variation in atmospheric pressure at Baldry in New South Wales, Australia (32�52' S, 148�32' E), has been determined using a 4-year record of hourly measurements. Fourier analysis of this data shows clear diurnal and semi-diurnal variation in atmospheric...

  • A new sensitivity analysis scheme for coupled vibro-acoustic system using wave based method.
    Xuesong He; Qibai Huang; Caixia You // Archive of Applied Mechanics; Feb2009, Vol. 79 Issue 2, p125 

    Abstract��Vibro-acoustic sensitivity is used to predict the change of structure displacement and acoustic pressure when the design variable has been changed, which is significant for reducing the vibration and noise of systems. The sensitivity of structure displacement and acoustic...

  • Pressure effect on the structural and elastic properties of ternary compounds M2AlC (M = Ti, V, Nb, and Ta); ab initio study.
    Y. Medkour; A. Roumili; D. Maouche // European Physical Journal - Applied Physics; Nov2008, Vol. 44 Issue 2, p125 

    Using ab initio calculations, we have performed a study of the hydrostatic pressure effect on the equilibrium volume, lattice parameters, elastic modulus, and elastic anisotropy of selected M2AlC phases with M = Ti, V, Nb, and Ta. The deviations of our calculated volume change are lower than 3%...

  • Dual-mode operation of flexible piezoelectric polymer diaphragm for intracranial pressure measurement.
    Chunyan Li; Pei-Ming Wu; Shutter, Lori A.; Narayan, Raj K. // Applied Physics Letters; 2/1/2010, Vol. 96 Issue 5, p053502 

    The dual-mode operation of a polyvinylidene fluoride trifluoroethylene (PVDF-TrFE) piezoelectric polymer diaphragm, in a capacitive or resonant mode, is reported as a flexible intracranial pressure (ICP) sensor. The pressure sensor using a capacitive mode exhibits a higher linearity and less...

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