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  • A Lesson in Malpractice.
    Starr, David S. // Cortlandt Forum; 1/25/2002, Vol. 15 Issue 1, p36 

    Examines the charges filed by a patient against a resident physician for malpractices. Dissatisfaction of patient with the treatment; Suggestion on interpretation of electrocardiography to emergency room residents; Goal of effective risk management.

  • Just how long should a doctor's duty extend?
    Rose, Joan R.; Potter, Debra // Medical Economics; 4/24/95, Vol. 72 Issue 8, p14 

    Focuses on the liability case of a physician who failed to give an Rh-negative patient Rho(D) immune globulin after the birth of her first child. Missouri Supreme Court's recognition of the right of the mother's second Rh-positive child to sue; Patients' right to sue for injuries from negligent...

  • The case of Catfish Hunter.
    Sclapane, Susanne // National Underwriter / Life & Health Financial Services; 3/31/97 Supplement, Vol. 101 Issue 13, p117 

    Focuses on various medical malpractice insurance lawsuits which were filed during the 1970s in the United States. Reference to Catfish Hunter, a former New York Yankee pitcher, who filed a malpractice suit; Circumstances surrounding Hunter's suit.

  • New Hanlester case ruling.
    Sclapane, Susanne // H&HN: Hospitals & Health Networks; 4/20/95, Vol. 69 Issue 8, p18 

    Reports on the decision of the federal court regarding the Hanlester case on the alleged malpractice of attracting business referrals by physicians.

  • Malpractice consult.
    Johnson, Lee J. // Medical Economics; 3/13/95, Vol. 72 Issue 5, p155 

    Presents the author's responses to readers' questions on potential and actual malpractice cases. Humanizing a busy emergency room; Yes-or-no answers to questions at a malpractice trial; Patient's loss of prescription; Waiving a bill in exchange for immunity.

  • Clinical analysis of 100 medicolegal cases.
    Neale, Graham // BMJ: British Medical Journal (International Edition); 12/4/93, Vol. 307 Issue 6917, p1483 

    Identifies reasons for legal claims against hospital doctors in Great Britain. Absence of serious clinical error among cases investigated; Characteristics of legal cases faced by physicians; Need of doctors to consult colleagues on the existence of a difficult medical case for the reduction on...

  • A settlement split three ways.
    Starr, David S. // Cortlandt Forum; Oct98, Vol. 11 Issue 10, p52 

    Presents information on the malpractice suit that parents of a six-month-old baby filed against a physician alleging birth injuries. Details on the case; Outcome of the case.

  • Football injury leads to foot drop.
    Starr, David S. // Cortlandt Forum; Oct98, Vol. 11 Issue 10, p52 

    Presents information on the lawsuit filed against a physician for failing to recognize the signs and symptoms of compartmental syndrome at the time of presentation to the emergency room. Details on the case; Argument between the plaintiff and defense; Outcome of the case.

  • Ruling may produce more hospital lawsuits.
    Santiago, Raquel // Crain's Cleveland Business; 3/21/94, Vol. 15 Issue 12, p3 

    Speculates on Ohio hospitals' vulnerability to physician malpractice lawsuits as a result of a March 16, 1994 ruling by the Ohio Supreme Court. Confirmation on Dayton, Ohio-based Southview Hospital and Family Health Center's liability for its emergency room doctor Thomas Mucci's negligence;...

  • Defending the risks of heart surgery.
    Starr, David S. // Cortlandt Forum; 5/25/95, Vol. 8 Issue 5, p16 

    Presents several malpractice cases involving doctors, the legal theory and risk management principles. Alleged negligence in recommending surgery to a diabetic; Full informed consent in treating a patient for perianal abscess; Abandonment suit.

  • Failure to administer calcium after thyroidectomy: $4.7 million settlement.
    Bachman, Radha V.; Barton, Ellen // Healthcare Risk Management; Mar2009 Legal Review & Commentary, p1 

    The article provides information on the $4.7 million lawsuit filed by the parties of a 50-year old woman diagnosed with hypocalcemia, who became comatose after a hospital allegedly failed to administer calcium to her despite symptoms of calcium deficiency.

  • Talk of the town.
    Starr, David S. // Cortlandt Forum; 3/25/96, Vol. 9 Issue 3, p162 

    Presents three medical malpractice suits. Breach of medical confidentiality; Chart alterations; Malpractice suit by a chronic complainer on grounds of negligent treatment of spondylolisthesis; Legal theory; Risk-management principles.

  • Charting a patient's pressure.
    Starr, David S. // Cortlandt Forum; 12/20/97, Vol. 10 Issue 12, p32 

    Presents information on a malpractice case of a company physician. Limitations of the duty of company physician to employees; Legal theory of the case; Risk-management principles.

  • Crossed signals in a catastrophic injury.
    Starr, David S. // Cortlandt Forum; 11/25/98, Vol. 11 Issue 11, p30 

    Presents the case of a 27-year-old man who has encountered a highway accident and was a victim of a physician malpractice. Legal theories related to the case; Accounts of the accident; Risk-management principles concerning the delay of hospital services given to the patient.

  • Discipline I: the hordes at the gates.
    Smith, Richard // BMJ: British Medical Journal (International Edition); 6/3/89, Vol. 298 Issue 6686, p1502 

    Narrates the reaction of the author when James Mill found guilty of serious professional misconduct in Great Britain. Formation of working party to examine alleged neglect or disregard of professional responsibility; Need for improving the methods of responding to incompetent doctors; Stage...

  • The case of Alfie Winn.
    Smith, Richard // BMJ: British Medical Journal (International Edition); 6/3/89, Vol. 298 Issue 6686, p1504 

    Presents the case of Alfie Winn, an eight-year-old boy who died of meningitis. Accusation of his mother against Oliver Archer for professional misconduct; Accounts on the treatment conducted by Archer; Decision of the General Medical Council in favor of Archer.

  • GP gives up village visits after case deemed 'poor care'.
    Olds, Jeremy // New Zealand Doctor; 1/29/2014, p3 

    The article discusses a court case wherein a general practitioner (GP) failed to diagnose diabetes in an 86-year-old patient despite being treated for 20 months.

  • Woman claims failure to timely deliver before brain damaged occurred.
    Olds, Jeremy // Contemporary OB/GYN; Mar2004, Vol. 49 Issue 3, p124 

    The article offers information on a medical malpractice case filed by a woman from Michigan, alleging her family practitioner failed to timely deliver the patient before her child's brain damage occurred. The experts contended that there was no evidence of hypoxic/ischemic insult at the time of...

  • They sued for what?!!
    Crane, Mark // Medical Economics; 11/23/98, Vol. 75 Issue 23, p115 

    Presents examples of strange medical malpractice cases in the United States. Liability of a surgeon for cancelling the reattachment of a patient's hand after he refused to undergo it; Claim of Judith Haimes at losing her psychic powers during a brain scan; Overabundance of caution used in...

  • Physician financial relationships in the new regulatory environment.
    Roberts, Rebecca D. // Physician Executive; Nov94, Vol. 20 Issue 11, p50 

    Focuses on the federal government's scrutiny of physicians' financial relationships with drug manufacturers and home care companies for alleged violations of the Medicare/Medicaid antikickback law. Background on the antikickback statute mandated by Section 1128B(b) of the Social Security Act;...

  • A surgical oversight.
    Roberts, Rebecca D. // Cortlandt Forum; 06/25/98, Vol. 11 Issue 6, p166 

    Focuses on a lawsuit filed against an emergency room physician in the United States. Information on the patient who filed the lawsuit; Medical negligence of the doctor.

  • Physicians and the risk of medical malpractice The role of prior litigation in predicting the futur.
    Jensen, Gail A.; Spurr, Stephen J. // Quarterly Review of Economics & Finance; Summer99, Vol. 39 Issue 2, p267 

    This article examines the role of a physician's prior experience in medical malpractice litigation in the resolution of current malpractice claims. We first use probability theory to show that if physicians are heterogeneous in the quality of care they practice, then a record of malpractice...

    Jensen, Gail A.; Spurr, Stephen J. // Indiana Lawyer; 7/20/2012, Vol. 23 Issue 11, p18 

    The article discusses the court case, Resa v. Greathouse-Williams, et al., which deals with medical malpractice resulting to rupture of diverticulitis with subsequent surgery, colostomy, and reversal procedure in Indiana.

  • Woman claiming fear of AIDS cannot collect from doctor.
    Jensen, Gail A.; Spurr, Stephen J. // Business Insurance; 9/19/94, Vol. 28 Issue 38, p74 

    Discusses ruling of 2nd District Court of Appeals of California in Kerins versus Hartly case. Damages sought for fear of contracting AIDS; Details thereof.

  • Failure to monitor leads to $1.4 million verdict.
    Jensen, Gail A.; Spurr, Stephen J. // Healthcare Risk Management; Apr2007 Supplement, p3 

    The article presents a court case wherein a man's estate filed a complaint against the primary physician for negligently monitoring the heparin administration.

  • Suit alleges reaction to medication led to Stevens Johnson syndrome, death in elderly patient.
    Gatto, Jon T.; Rosenblatt, Lynn // Healthcare Risk Management; Feb2010 Supplement, p1 

    The article reports on the lawsuit brought by a patient's estate alleging that the attending physician has failed to adequately monitor the complications associated with imipenem and cilastatin, which ultimately caused Stevens Johnson syndrome and death in elderly patient.

  • OB/GYN case results in $30M verdict.
    Gatto, Jon T.; Rosenblatt, Lynn // Healthcare Risk Management; Feb2010 Supplement, p3 

    The article reports on the lawsuit brought by a woman and her husband, on behalf of a patient, alleging that a hospital-based OB/GYN physician and his practice group have failed to have in place proper policies and procedures with regard to physician attendance and monitoring of at-risk patients.

  • The downfall of a diabetic widow.
    Gatto, Jon T.; Rosenblatt, Lynn // Cortlandt Forum; 11/25/98, Vol. 11 Issue 11, p44 

    Focuses on the case of a widow diabetic patient who sued her physician due to inefficient clinic facilities. Accounts of the incident; Legal theory of the case; Risk-management principles related to the case.

  • Preventing communication breakdowns.
    Calloway, Sue Dill; Vernarec, Emil // RN; Jan2001, Vol. 64 Issue 1, p71 

    Focuses on how to prevent communication breakdowns among healthcare providers. How to deal with inappropriate orders from physicians; How to respond to a physician who gives verbal orders; Information on various cases where healthcare providers, physicians and institutions were held liable for...

  • My malpractice case was literally a trial by fire.
    File, Allan E. // Medical Economics; 03/19/2001, Vol. 78 Issue 6, p57 

    Provides information on how a physician had struggled in a legal battle for malpractice.

  • GMC's professional conduct committee.
    File, Allan E. // British Medical Journal (Clinical Research Edition); 8/6/1983, Vol. 287 Issue 6389, p442 

    Presents the outcome of the meeting conducted by the professional conduct committee of the General Medical Council. Citation of the cases of misconduct by the members of the council; Sentence given to the guilty doctors; Postponement in the decision for a doctor in Staffordshire, England.

  • German doctors face new liabilities.
    Karcher, Helmut L. // BMJ: British Medical Journal (International Edition); 01/10/98, Vol. 316 Issue 7125, p93 

    Reports on the ruling of the German federal constitution court that doctors could be liable if a child is born after an unsuccessful sterilization operation or with deformities because of a false diagnosis in genetic counselling. Result of the appeal of two German doctors on the said cases;...

  • Woman lived two years believing she had AIDS.
    Karcher, Helmut L. // Jet; 3/20/95, Vol. 87 Issue 19, p24 

    Describes the case of Vernelle Lowder of Waycross, Georgia, who was misdiagnosed as having AIDS in November 1990 and was finally cleared in a re-test after two years in 1992. Lowder's suit against the Florida Department of Health and Rehabilitative Services for the misdiagnosis; Her agony and...

  • Hospital liable for doctor's acts.
    Karcher, Helmut L. // Business Insurance; 11/1/93, Vol. 27 Issue 45, p2 

    Reports on a ruling by the Illinois Supreme Court regarding the liability of hospitals for the negligence of an independent contractor physician. Consistency of decision with appellate court rulings; Discharge of a patient suffering from chest pains; Assumption of hospital's employment of all...

  • Delayed diagnosis of kidney cancer.
    Collins, Dawn // Contemporary Urology; Feb2002, Vol. 14 Issue 2, p60 

    Presents a medical malpractice case concerning a urologist and a patient with complaints of painless hematuria. Treatment administered by the urologist to the patient; Allegations against the urologist; Outcome of the lawsuit filed against the urologist.

  • Delayed diagnosis of cervical cancer.
    Collins, Dawn // Contemporary OB/GYN; Mar2004, Vol. 49 Issue 3, p28 

    The article focuses on a medical malpractice case filed by a woman's mother and son from Missouri against her physician, claiming that the delay in diagnosis of the cancer led to the patient's mortality. The physician claims that his staff had sent out a letter informing the patient of her test...

  • More docs in Illinois.
    Tita, Bob // Crain's Chicago Business; 7/5/2004, Vol. 27 Issue 27, p1 

    Tales of doctors fleeing Illinois to escape soaring malpractice insurance costs have captured media attention and fueled the push for limits on jury awards. Overall, the number of doctors in Illinois is rising, according to data from the state agency that licenses physicians. Illinois has lost...

  • Are malpractice claims a sign of competence?
    Tita, Bob // Modern Medicine; Apr99, Vol. 67 Issue 4, p14 

    Focuses on the results of a study on malpractices cases involving family physicians in Florida. Implication of the results; Physicians who are likely sued; Comments from the researchers.

  • When to 'tattle' on physician misconduct.
    Horsley, Jack E. // RN; Dec78, Vol. 41 Issue 12, p17 

    Focuses on lawsuits filed against nurses who failed to report on physician misconduct. Liability of nurses for patient injuries resulting from failure to report deviations from usual professional standard; Responsibility of hospital in patient injuries; Duty of nurses.

  • A ruling that may help you win more UR disputes.
    Rice, Berkeley // Medical Economics; 4/10/95, Vol. 72 Issue 7, p32 

    Details the managed-care liability case `Hand versus Tavera,' involving a physician who allegedly refused to admit a patient who afterwards suffered from stroke. Advice for guarding oneself from managed-care liability; Law on managed care plans. INSETS: ERISA shields health plans--not their...

  • Are your pockets $15 million deep?
    Rice, Berkeley // Medical Economics; 4/24/95, Vol. 72 Issue 8, p18 

    Recounts the story of Texas pulmonologist Bernard Brian Bradley who was held liable for the negligence of physician Hugo A. Ramirez in performing liposuction on Patricia Rogers and Patricia Howell. Diagnosis of streptococcal toxic shock syndrome on Rogers and Howell; Difficulties encountered by...

  • Will your HMO pull you into a malpractice suit?
    Rice, Berkeley // Medical Economics; 03/08/99, Vol. 76 Issue 5, p200 

    Cautions doctors against the effect of several court decisions on health maintenance organizations' (HMO) increasing liability to patients. Lawsuit of David Rice claiming vicarious liability of Prudential Health Care Plan Inc.; Liability of HMOs for its contract physician's negligence as in the...

  • `Doctoring' a chart cost this M.D. $1 million.
    Rice, Berkeley // Medical Economics; 5/13/96, Vol. 73 Issue 9, p78 

    Reports on a malpractice suit that was filed by Margaret Moskovitz against private physician Harry Figgie III for failure to diagnose and treat Moskovitz's cancer in a timely manner. How the case first started; Details of the case; Death of Moskovitz; Who testified; Presentation of Moskovitz's...

  • Malpractice consult.
    Johnson, Lee J. // Medical Economics; 10/28/96, Vol. 73 Issue 20, p168 

    Presents a question-and-answer advisory on common professional-liability conflicts prepared by the director of risk management for Frontier Insurance Co. of Bedford Hills, New York. Written authorization from the patient dealing with the doctor-patient confidentiality privilege on...

  • HMO's liability cloudy in doctor's malpractice.
    Pautler, Richard J. // Best's Review / Property-Casualty Insurance Edition; Feb95, Vol. 95 Issue 10, p68 

    Talks about the malpractice committed by Dr. Harold Jones. Jone's contract with the health maintenance organization (HMO) managed by the Superb Insurance Company; Suing of HMO by the victim Mary Smith's executor; Controversy regarding HMO's liability.

  • Legal Issues in Medicine.
    Latner, Ann W. // Renal & Urology News; Mar2011, Vol. 10 Issue 3, p16 

    The article focuses on the legal issues related to medicine, wherein a physician has been sued for the failure to make a timely diagnosis for a kidney cancer. It says that the case proceeded into a trial, in which the jury ruled that the physician was 53% negligent, while the plaintiff is 47%...

  • A Duty to Whom?
    Perle, Stephen M. // ACA News (American Chiropractic Association); Jul2009, Vol. 5 Issue 7, p19 

    The article presents a case study of medical ethics regarding the significance of independent medical exam (IME) conducted to a certain patient in Arizona. It discusses a malpractice case between Ritchie, the patient and Krasner, the orthopedic surgeon and questions whether Krasner is devoid of...

  • Dangers of treating family reiterated.
    McMillan, Virginia // New Zealand Doctor; 2/13/2008, p6 

    The article discusses a malpractice case involving a part-time New Zealander general physician who diagnosed a de facto domestic partner with depression without clinical findings by another physician. The Health Practitioners Disciplinary Tribunal imposed a guilty verdict, citing the Medical...

  • The art and science of defensive medicine.
    Rizzolo, Denise // JAAPA: Journal of the American Academy of Physician Assistants (; Nov2009, Vol. 22 Issue 11, p56 

    The article presents the author's views concerning the lawsuits filed against clinicians in the U.S. She argues that it is unfair for clinicians to be sued since they have no crystal ball to predict the future and few opportunities to change patient assessments or treatment plans. She advices...

  • Update on State Medical Malpractice Wars: Part I.
    Bitterman, Robert // ED Legal Letter; Jul2010, Vol. 21 Issue 7, p73 

    The article discusses court cases on medical malpractice. In Georgia, a case filed by Mr. Jackson benefited from the Georgia Tort Reform Act and won him 1.5 million U.S. dollars in non-economic damages. In Missouri, the Klotz v. St. Anthony's Medical Center highlighted that the Missouri...

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