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  • How to say no!
    Campanella, Kerry // Scholastic Choices; Feb96, Vol. 11 Issue 5, p8 

    Presents tips for teenagers in saying no to peer pressure in the United States. Critical decisions made by several teenagers; Anticipation of difficult situations; Identification of a core group of friends to support positive decisions; Practicing of what to say in different situations;...

  • The All New Winning Team.
    White, Kevin; Britt, Stephanie // Winner; Oct96, Vol. 40 Issue 2, p14 

    Presents a comic strip about peer pressure in adolescence.

  • Turing peer pressure inside out.
    Gartner, Audrey; Riessman, Frank // Education Week; 05/20/98, Vol. 17 Issue 36, p36 

    Opinion. Discusses the issue of peer influence among young people. Effects of peer pressure; Reference to the results of research conducted by Laurence Steinberg; Calls for parents to be taught to solve their communication problems with their children; How peers have a negative influence in...

  • Positive peer pressure.
    Shelton, Sandi Kahn // Working Mother; Mar96, p68 

    Reports that peer pressure has negative and positive aspects. Results of peer pressure on non-academic achievers; Areas where adolescents accept their parent and peer's views; Advice to parents.

  • BATTLING Peer Pressure.
    Fanning, Karen // Scholastic Scope; 12/8/2003, Vol. 52 Issue 9, p18 

    Presents guidelines on handling peer pressure faced by teenagers.

  • Rejected Kids Who Don't Fit In.
    Gaskins, Pearl // Scholastic Choices; Nov/Dec99, Vol. 15 Issue 3, p18 

    Discusses why teenagers are picked on and how peer rejection affects kids in the United States.

  • Peer Pressure Protection.
    Meyerhoff, Michael K. // Pediatrics for Parents; 1999, Vol. 18 Issue 7, p8 

    Discusses how parents can protect their teenage children from peer pressure.

  • Do Substance Use and Delinquency have Differential Associations with Adolescents' Peer Relations?
    Maggs, Jennifer L.; Hurrelmann, Klaus // International Journal of Behavioral Development; Jun98, Vol. 22 Issue 2, p367 

    Despite their potentially serious short- and long-term risks, developmental theorists have argued that risk behaviours may play important constructive roles in adolescent development. The present study hypothesised that adolescent substance use, but not delinquency, would be associated with...

  • Silent no more.
    Maggs, Jennifer L.; Hurrelmann, Klaus // National Catholic Reporter; 4/15/94, Vol. 30 Issue 24, p5 

    Reports on the campaign of Jacqueline Vaught to encourage young people to make good decisions instead of giving in to peer pressure. Death of Vaught's daughter in the hands of four teenage girls; Discussion on the details of the murder; Introduction of a public awareness program called `No...

  • "Inside City Hall"
    Maggs, Jennifer L.; Hurrelmann, Klaus // Munday Courier (TX); 4/9/2008, Vol. 35 Issue 18, p5 

    The article comments on various issues relevant to peer pressure and parenting for teenagers in the U.S.

  • Ethnic variation in peer influences on adolescent smoking.
    Unger, Jennifer B.; Rohrbach, Louise Ann; Cruz, Tess Boley; Baezconde-Garbanati, Lourdes; Howard, Kim Ammann; Palmer, Paula H.; Johnson, C. Anderson // Nicotine & Tobacco Research; May2001, Vol. 3 Issue 2, p167 

    Previous research has indicated that the influence of peers on adolescent smoking may differ across ethnic groups. Although many studies have focused on African Americans, Hispanics, and Whites, few studies have included Asian Americans, Pacific Islanders, and multi-ethnic adolescents as...

  • Saying `no, thanks!'.
    Unger, Jennifer B.; Rohrbach, Louise Ann; Cruz, Tess Boley; Baezconde-Garbanati, Lourdes; Howard, Kim Ammann; Palmer, Paula H.; Johnson, C. Anderson // Current Health 1; May95, Vol. 18 Issue 9, p26 

    Reports on the percentage number of American children using tobacco. Studies suggesting lower self-image in kids who use tobacco; Impact of tobacco advertising on kids; Disadvantages of using tobacco; Advice on how to deal with peer pressure.

  • No way! I'd rather have a soda.
    Unger, Jennifer B.; Rohrbach, Louise Ann; Cruz, Tess Boley; Baezconde-Garbanati, Lourdes; Howard, Kim Ammann; Palmer, Paula H.; Johnson, C. Anderson // Current Health 1; Feb96, Vol. 19 Issue 6, p15 

    Presents a situation where a teenage girl came up with ways to say no to peer pressure regarding the use of drugs and other chemicals. Practicing of ways to say no; Preparation of excuses or refusals. INSET: 10 ways to say `no'..

  • Effects of bullying.
    Unger, Jennifer B.; Rohrbach, Louise Ann; Cruz, Tess Boley; Baezconde-Garbanati, Lourdes; Howard, Kim Ammann; Palmer, Paula H.; Johnson, C. Anderson // Youth Studies Australia; Autumn1994, Vol. 13 Issue 1, p11 

    Reports on the effects of peer victimization of Australian secondary school students. Development of suicidal tendencies and depression among female students who are bullied by their peers; Incidence of bullying in school; Adverse effects of bullying on students' health.

  • Youth High-Risk Behaviors: Survey and Results.
    Stevens, Patricia; Griffin, Juree // Journal of Addictions & Offender Counseling; Oct2001, Vol. 22 Issue 1, p31 

    Youth seem to be engaging in increasingly severe risk behaviors. Understanding the connections between these behaviors and other factors may assist in developing appropriate intervention/prevention programs. This article presents results from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's...

  • Got a Problem?
    Stevens, Patricia; Griffin, Juree // Scholastic Choices; Feb2000, Vol. 15 Issue 5, p9 

    Offers advice on a variety of teenage problems. Staying away from bad company; Helping a friend deal with date rape; Peer pressure to experiment with drugs.

  • Knowing How to Say No! to Alcohol.
    Hugel, Bob // Scholastic Choices; Oct2000, Vol. 16 Issue 2, p14 

    Describes reactions of teenagers in situations where they are pressured to drink alcoholic beverages.

  • Youth & drugs abstracts.
    Hugel, Bob // Youth Studies Australia; Jun1996, Vol. 15 Issue 2, p49 

    Presents an abstract of the study `Individual and family moderators of peer-influence in adolescent alcohol use,' by J. Toumbourou, G. Patton et al from the 7th International Conference on the Reduction of Drug Related Harm: From Science to Policy to Practice, held on March 3-7, 1996 in Australia.

    Cleary, Sean D. // Adolescence; Winter2000, Vol. 35 Issue 140, p671 

    Presents information on a study which investigated the relationship between peer victimization and the risk of both suicidal and violence-related behaviors among adolescents in New York. Methodology; Results of the study; Discussion.

  • Hazing: Rite or Wrong?
    Cleary, Sean D. // Current Events; 10/6/2000, Vol. 100 Issue 5, p3 

    Reports on the debate over hazing in the United States. Prevalence of hazing among teenagers; Peer pressure; Use of hazing as a harmless rite of passage for many young people.

  • put the gun down.
    Paucke, Brent // Seventeen; Aug2001, Vol. 60 Issue 8, p138 

    Presents an article about a shooting incident which happened at the Bishop Neumann Junior-Senior High School on March 7, 2000. Information on Beth Bush, a student of Bishop Neumann who shot another teenager because of mental problems; Peer pressures faced by Bush as a teenager; Impact of peer...

  • Behaviour & development.
    Headley, Susan // Youth Studies Australia; Dec97, Vol. 16 Issue 4, p59 

    Presents some abstracts about youth behaviour and development. `Maternal Predictors of Early Adolescent Achievement-Related Outcomes: Adolescent Gender as Moderator,' by M.R. Linver and S.B. Silverberg; `Association Between Peer Relationships and Depressive Symptoms: Testing Moderator Effects of...

    Sánchez Martínez, J. Adriana; de Oliveira Ribeiro, Cléa Regina // Revista Latino-Americana de Enfermagem (RLAE); jul/ago2008, Vol. 16 Issue 4, p640 

    This study aimed to discover the representations of the smoking habit in both non-smoking and smoking female adolescents from a high school in Querétaro, Mexico. It is a qualitative research, carried out with 14 female adolescents in 2005. A semi-structured interview and a socioeconomic...

  • Does peer pressure influence activity in obese kids?
    Sánchez Martínez, J. Adriana; de Oliveira Ribeiro, Cléa Regina // Active Living; Sep2012, Vol. 21 Issue 5, p25 

    The article discusses the article "Influence of peers and friends on overweight/obese youth's physical activity" that was published in "Exercise & Sport Sciences Reviews," which explores the effects of peers on the physical activity of youths.

  • My Brother and Peer Pressure.
    Salemme, Nickie // 21st Century; May96, Vol. 7 Issue 9, p10 

    A personal narrative is presented which explores the author's experience of looking after her younger brother so that he will not bend to peer pressures.

  • The Effect of Parenting on Adolescent Susceptibility to Peer Influence: Mediating Role of Self-Esteem.
    Salemme, Nickie // Advances in Consumer Research; 2009, Vol. 36, p534 

    An abstract of the article "The Effect of Parenting on Adolescent Susceptibility to Peer Influence: Mediating Role of Self-Esteem," by Zhiyong Yang, Michel Laroche and Ashesh Mukherjee is presented.

  • Friendfluence!
    TRANELL, KIM // Scholastic Choices; Oct2014, Vol. 32 Issue 2, p11 

    The article discusses peer pressure particularly the way friends influence behavior, preferences, and activities of teenagers.

  • Help Your Teen Say "No" to Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco.
    TRANELL, KIM // Washington Informer; 9/10/2015, Vol. 50 Issue 48, p21 

    The article presents questions and answers related to handling of peer-pressure by teens and avoiding drugs, alcohol, and tobacco, including why teens give-in to peer-pressure, its effect on them, and what can they do to deal with it.

    Min Qi Wang; Eddy, James M. // Psychological Reports; Jun2000 Part 2, Vol. 86 Issue 3, p1241 

    Examines the effect of peer influence and self-selection for smoking peers on smoking acquisition among adolescents in the United States. Use of the Teenage Attitudes and Practices Survey in the study; Discussion on the smoking progress for nonsmokers for adolescent boys; Importance of...

  • Say NO to Negative Peer Pressure.
    Dickerson, Constance // School Library Journal; Jun2015, Vol. 61 Issue 6, p61 

    The article discusses the instructional video "Say NO to Negative Peer Pressure."

  • CD-ROM, Online, Software, Video: VIDEO.
    Hofstetter, Janet // Book Report; Mar/Apr2001, Vol. 19 Issue 5, p86 

    Features a video material on teens, drugs and peer pressure. Inclusion of on-screen scenarios; Availability of questions for discussion following each scenario; Impact of the dramatizations on students; Dependence of content's appropriateness on the school environment.

  • Adolescent Peer Crowd Affiliation: Linkages With Health-Risk Behaviors and Close Friendships.
    La Greca, Annette M.; Prinstein, Mitchell J.; Fetter, Michael D. // Journal of Pediatric Psychology; Apr2001, Vol. 26 Issue 3, p131 

    Objective: To examine adolescents' peer crowd affiliation and its linkages with health-risk behaviors, their friends' health-risk behaviors, the presence of close friends in the same peer crowd, and adolescents' social acceptance. Methods: We interviewed 250 high school students and identified...

  • Shopping with friends and teens' susceptibility to peer influence.
    Mangleburg, Tamara F.; Doney, Patricia M.; Bristol, Terry // Journal of Retailing; Summer2004, Vol. 80 Issue 2, p101 

    While some retailers may discourage groups of teenagers from shopping in their stores, there is reason to believe that peer groups may affect teen behaviors and evaluations in ways that could benefit retailers. In this paper, we examine the phenomenon of teenagers' shopping with friends, and, in...

  • Peer relationship problems and disruptive behavior disorders.
    Guevremont, David C.; Dumas, Mark C. // Journal of Emotional & Behavioral Disorders; Jul94, Vol. 2 Issue 3, p164 

    Discusses peer relationship problems and disruptive behavior disorders in children. Social skills interventions for children with attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD); Alternative intervention methods; Impact of stimulant medication on children diagnosed with ADHD.

  • Preparing high schools for eighth-graders.
    Jett, Daniel L.; Pulling, Diane N. // Education Digest; Mar1995, Vol. 60 Issue 7, p19 

    Suggests ways to minimize the effect of negative peer pressures on high school freshmen in the United States. Facilitating `seamless' transition into high schools; Organizing students and teachers into inter-disciplinary teams; Conducting regularly scheduled and planned advisory programs;...

  • Adolescents' and Their Friends' Health-Risk Behavior: Factors That Alter or Add to Peer Influence.
    Prinstein, Mitchell J.; Boergers, Julie; Spirito, Anthony // Journal of Pediatric Psychology; Jul2001, Vol. 26 Issue 5 

    Objective: To examine models of risk for adolescent health-risk behavior, including family dysfunction, social acceptance, and depression as factors that may compound or mitigate the associations between adolescents' and peers' risk behavior. Methods: Participants were 527 adolescents in grades...

  • Drugs.
    Clymo, Philippa // Youth Studies Australia; Spring1995, Vol. 14 Issue 3, p58 

    Presents an abstract of the paper `Family and peer influences on smoking behavior among American adolescents: An age trend,' by M. Wang, E. Fitzhugh et al published in the `Journal of Adolescent Health.'

    Ungar, Michael T. // Adolescence; Spring2000, Vol. 35 Issue 137, p167 

    The construct of peer pressure was examined as part of a qualitative study of the determinants of mental health for 41 high-risk adolescents. While the concept of peer pressure enables adults to explain youths' troubling behaviors, content analysis of the participants' accounts of their lives...

  • Perceived Accessibility as a Predictor of Youth Smoking.
    Doubeni, Chyke A.; Wenjun Li; Fouayzi, Hassan; DiFranza, Joseph R. // Annals of Family Medicine; Jul/Aug2008, Vol. 6 Issue 4, p323 

    The article presents a study on the relationship between perceived accessibility of cigarettes and the risk of smoking among youths in Massachusetts. The study used data from the second Development and Assessment of Nicotine Dependence in Youth (DANDY-2) study which started in 2002. It concludes...

  • Blush if You're Moral.
    Doubeni, Chyke A.; Wenjun Li; Fouayzi, Hassan; DiFranza, Joseph R. // America; 10/26/1985, Vol. 153 Issue 11, p250 

    The article expresses its alarm over details of teenage sexual practice and high incidences in teenage pregnancy. It complains about the kind of music the youth listens to and its pressures to have sex on boys. It mentions how some sectors have inadequately addressed the problem of teenage...

  • Chapter 5: Friends, Cliques, and Peer Pressure.
    Gallup, George; Hern´ndez, Roger E. // Teen's & Relationships; 2005, pN.PAG 

    This article explores the impact of peer pressure on adolescents. The Gale Encyclopedia of Childhood and Adolescence recognizes that joining cliques, having the desire to join a particular clique and being excluded from cliques are considered a normal part of adolescent development. Yet the same...

  • swimsuit issue.
    Bosch, Torie // Seventeen; Aug2001, Vol. 60 Issue 8, p144 

    Presents an article on the problems faced by teenage girls in wearing swimsuits. Effect of peer pressures on the fashion trends of teenagers; Insecurities of teenage girls regarding their body figures.

  • White Plains Hospital, Heineken produce booklet addressing underage drinking.
    Bosch, Torie // Westchester County Business Journal; 3/20/2006, Vol. 45 Issue 12, p21 

    The article reports on the publication by the Health Alliance on Alcohol of the "Facts and Conversations: Talking to Teens: Peer Pressure" booklet in the U.S. in 2006. The booklet focuses on the influence of peer pressure on underage drinking among American teenagers and how adults can remedy...

  • Stargirl.
    Lanthier, Helen // New England Reading Association Journal; 2006, Vol. 42 Issue 1, p59 

    Reviews the book "Stargirl," by Jerry Spinelli.

  • When It Comes to Teenagers, It's Not Gay Rights, It's Common Sense.
    Chasnoff, Debra // Empty Closet; May2009, Issue 423, p9A 

    The author reflects on the issue of gender-based stereotyping and its impact on teenagers. She asserts that parents, teachers and students need to see the film "How Gender's Got Us All Tied Up" to understand the gender pressures face by teenagers at school. She adds that most of the teenagers...

  • between us.
    Grant, Gwendolyn Goldsby // Essence (Essence); Jul2001, Vol. 32 Issue 3, p60 

    Offers suggestions on how parents can deal with a ten-year-old daughter who has developed negative attitudes. Background on developmental turmoil in preteens and teenagers; Role of peer pressure in the girl's behavior; Strategies to help parents lead the girl to a positive and productive behavior.

  • Victimization of Obese Adolescents.
    Robinson, Sabrina // Journal of School Nursing (Allen Press Publishing Services Inc.); Aug2006, Vol. 22 Issue 4, p201 

    Peer victimization of obese adolescents has been associated with low self-esteem, body dissatisfaction, social isolation, marginalization, poor psychosocial adjustment, depression, eating disorders, and suicidal ideation and attempts, not to mention poor academic performance. Weight-based peer...

  • Peer effects on substance use among American teenagers.
    Kawaguchi, Daiji // Journal of Population Economics; Jun2004, Vol. 17 Issue 2, p351 

    The widespread use of illicit substances by American teenagers has attracted the interest of both the general public and academic researchers. Among the various factors that people believe influence youth substance use, peer effects are identified as a critical determinant. Identifying peer...

  • LIFE.
    Kawaguchi, Daiji // Dolly; Jan2013, Issue 505, p113 

    The article presents questions and answers related to teenage life including how to deal with peer pressure on having sex, how to talk with one's father about girl-related issues such as getting a bra, and how to deal with a teacher who makes her feel uncomfortable.

    Kawaguchi, Daiji // Dolly; Dec2010, Issue 480, p60 

    The article explains the benefits of why girls should learn to say no when they do not conform with some things or issues. It explains how girls could get better friends by not always trying to please other people. The article also emphasizes that by saying no, it makes one happier because they...

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