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    Kirk, Kelsi Rose // Bulverde Standard (Canyon Lake, TX); 7/22/2009, Vol. 26 Issue 29, p4 

    The article reports on how the Parthenon building in Athens, Greece was developed by architects Ictinus and Callicrates to make it look perfectly proportional.

    Kirk, Kelsi Rose // Hesperia; Oct-Dec91, Vol. 60 Issue 4, p464 

    A correction to the article "Athenians and Eleusinians in the West Pediment of the Parthenon" that was previously published in the "Journal of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens" is presented.

  • Gustave Flaubert: Eleven Letters: Newly translated from the French.
    Wall, Geoffrey // Cambridge Quarterly; 1996, Vol. XXV Issue 3, p213 

    Several letters from French author Gustave Flaubert to Louis Bouilhet in Egypt, to Dr. Jules Cloquet in Cairo, and Camille Rogier in Naples, Italy are presented.

  • Meeting of the Marbles?
    Rosenbaum, Lee // Art in America; May2003, Vol. 91 Issue 5, p41 

    Reports that the British Museum may attempt some diplomacy with the New Acropolis Museum regarding the controversial division of the Parthenon marbles between London, England and Athens, Greece. Negotiations between Neil MacGregor and Dimitrios Pandermalis.

  • The Real Life of the Parthenon.
    Vigderman, Patricia // Kenyon Review; Winter2013, Vol. 35 Issue 1, p129 

    A personal narrative is presented which explores the author's experience while traveling in Parthenon in Athens, Greece.

  • Ancient Athens today.
    Vigderman, Patricia // Calliope; Nov/Dec94, Vol. 5 Issue 2, p34 

    Features the Parthenon a monument for the goddess Athena in Athens, Greece. Parthenon as an enduring symbol of the ancient Greeks and their legacy to the world; Damage to the building due to pollution, acid ran and ineffective restoration efforts; Banning of tourists from entering the...

  • Take a Tour.
    Lambrinou, Lena // Calliope; Jan2010, Vol. 20 Issue 4, p10 

    The article offers information on the design of Parthenon in Athens, Greece.

    Lambrinou, Lena // Calliope; Jan2010, Vol. 20 Issue 4, p20 

    The article discusses the history of Parthenon in Athens, Greece, through its completion in 438 B.C.

    Baker, Chip // Calliope; Jan2010, Vol. 20 Issue 4, p44 

    The article offers information on several web sites containing topics linked to the Parthenon in Athens, Greece.

  • Parthenon in Athens.
    Baker, Chip // Wonders of the World; 1999, p12 

    Provides information on the Parthenon in Athens, Greece.

    Baker, Chip // Time International (South Pacific Edition); 8/21/2006, Issue 33, p8 

    This article describes how the British Museum obtained the treasures of the Parthenon in Athens, Greece. The Earl of Elgin brought stones from the ruins when he made all the drawings, paintings and investigations on the place. He then proceeded to divest the Parthenon of its rarest ornaments,...

  • 447 BCE.
    Baker, Chip // History of Science & Technology; 2004, p61 

    The article reveals that in 447 BCE, Pericles orders construction of the Parthenon in Athens, Greece to commemorate the triumph of the Greek Army over the Persians at the battle of Platea.

  • 438 BCE.
    Baker, Chip // History of Science & Technology; 2004, p61 

    The article reveals that sculptor Phidias has completed the Parthenon in Athens, Greece in 438 BCE.

    Baker, Chip // Current Events; 2/9/2001, Vol. 100 Issue 18, p4 

    Features the Parthenon, an example of classical architecture in Athens, Greece.

    Evans, James Allan // Contemporary Review; Oct2001, Vol. 279 Issue 1629, p212 

    Discusses the past and future of the Parthenon marbles in Athens, Greece. Symbol of the Parthenon to Athens; History of the Parthenon; Definition of elginisme.

  • Acropolis works continued.
    Evans, James Allan // Sparta: Journal of Ancient Spartian & Greek History; 2011, Vol. 7 Issue 1, p33 

    The article offers information on the works on the western part of the Acropolis in Greece which began with the dismantlement of the fused gutter with the lion's head, a significant architectural part of the Parthenon temple.

  • Greece for Everyone.
    TERRERO, RUTHANNE // Home-Based Travel Agent; Sep2008, Vol. 3 Issue 7, p46 

    The article offers information on the tourist destinations in Greece. Jet setters are advised to visit the islands of Mykonos and Santorini. The Parthenon in Athens and the archaeological sites in Delos, Delphi, and Samos are offered to family travelers. Greece is also known for its cobbledstone...

    Lambrinoli, Lena // Faces; Jul/Aug2012, Vol. 28 Issue 9, p42 

    The article discusses the architectural design of the Parthenon, a temple of the goddess Athena, located atop the acropolis, in Athens, Greece.

  • Une étape olympique.
    Lambrinoli, Lena // Beaux Arts Magazine; nov2008, Issue 293, p28 

    The article presents information on the fact that Italy gave back to Greece a piece from the temple of the Parthenon located in Athens, Greece, that the Greek government had been asking for 13 years.

  • The Parthenon? It's all Greek to us.
    Oswin, Keith // Travel Weekly (UK); 9/7/2007, p56 

    A letter to the editor is presented in response to an article on the ancient Greek temple Parthenon in Acropolis.

  • The glory that is Greece.
    Lewis, Bob // InfoWorld; 10/28/2002, Vol. 24 Issue 43, p52 

    Discusses the importance of preserving information technology (IT) infrastructure in a company. Description of the Parthenon; Comparison of the Parthenon with a company's IT infrastructure.

    Hitchens, Christopher // Vanity Fair; Jul2009, Issue 587, p44 

    The article looks at the Acropolis Museum in Greece, which pays tribute to the Parthenon and other Greek temples. The author presents a history on several of the structures. The Parthenon's construction is noted for using both slave labor and the collective work of free people. The occupation of...

  • The Glory that was Greece.
    Gonzalez, Kim; Houser, Dave // Cortlandt Forum; Sep98, Vol. 11 Issue 9, p208 

    Presents photographs of some legacies of Greece's Golden Age. Information on Parthenon, a temple; Feature of the Erechtheion; Information on the Temple of Poseidon at Sounion.

  • With an Eye to the Future.
    Lambrinou, Lena // Calliope; Jan2010, Vol. 20 Issue 4, p38 

    The article discusses the restoration project of the Parthenon in Athens, Greece.

  • Quiz.
    Lambrinou, Lena // Structural Wonders: Parthenon; 2008, p28 

    A quiz concerning the construction of the temple Parthenon in Athens, Greece is presented.

  • Beauty Secrets of the Parthenon.
    Lambrinou, Lena // World & I; Jan2009, Vol. 24 Issue 1, p6 

    The article offers a description on the beauty of Parthenon in Athens, Greece. According to the article, its body was mined by precious ton coming from the finest marble of Mt. Pentelicon. Its beauty relies on the talents of many trades which include rope-makers, riggers, and painters....

  • Treasures of Athens.
    Bourke, Joanna // History Today; Dec2009, Vol. 59 Issue 12, p52 

    The article reviews the exhibition of the Parthenon sculptures in the Acropolis Museum in Athens, Greece which opened in 2009.

  • Short Takes.
    Argy, Stephanie // American Cinematographer; Dec2005, Vol. 86 Issue 12, p88 

    The article focuses on the work of Paul Debevec and his fellow researchers at the University of Southern California Institute for Creative Technologies on image-based modeling and lighting of the Greek landmark Parthenon. Debevec has created a two-minute movie on his work relating to the Greek...

  • Spot the ancient monument with the attractive visitor centre.
    Bailey, Martin // Art Newspaper; Feb2009, Vol. 18 Issue 199, p6 

    The article reports on developments at the Acropolis in Greece and the Stonehenge in Great Britain. Both countries have planned in the past to upgrade tourists experiences at the celebrated historic sites. A museum was established near the Acropolis in time for the Athens Olympics. Work on the...

  • Parthenon's rebuilding may be aided by laser-scanning technology.
    Lubell, Sam; Snoonian, Deborah // Architectural Record; Jun2002, Vol. 190 Issue 6, p175 

    Reports the renovation the historical monuments for the return of the Olympics in 2004 in Athens, Greece. Restoration of the Parthenon; Assistance from the Institute for Monumental Architecture; Construction of three-dimensional models of the destroyed temples.

  • 'New' Parthenon fragments in Venice.
    Vickers, Michael // Antiquity; Dec88, Vol. 62 Issue 237, p718 

    Investigates the disappearance of much of the Parthenon and its sculpture from the Acropolis in Athens, Greece. Background of the Venetian practice of commemorating victories with spoils taken from their enemies; Conquest of the Morea by Venetian Captain General Francesco Morosini; Description...

    Goudchaux, Weill // Apollo: The International Magazine for Collectors; Sep2009, Vol. 170 Issue 568, p18 

    The author argues that the Parthenon sculptures in the British Museum in London, England should not be returned to Athens, Greece. He points out that the claim of the Greeks to the sculptures might be justifiable if they intended to rebuild the Parthenon to use it again as a temple. He examines...

  • Acropolis now.
    Little, Paul // Heritage New Zealand; Spring2004, Issue 94, p42 

    Explores historic sites in Athens, Greece. Temple of Ares in the ancient Agora; Damage to the Parthenon; Design of the Theatre of Dionysios at the Acropolis.

  • The Road to Ruins.
    Howard, Rachel // National Geographic Traveler; Apr2008, Vol. 25 Issue 3, p60 

    The article offers information on the restoration project for the Parthenon and the construction of the New Acropolis Museum in Athens, Greece. The 2,446-year-old temple is clad in scaffolding, part of a painstaking and ongoing restoration project. Meanwhile, construction workers race to finish...

  • The Remnants of the Epidermis on the Parthenon.
    Galanos, Amerimni; Doganis, Yanna // Studies in Conservation; 2003, Vol. 48 Issue 1, p3 

    The epidermis on the Parthenon sculptures refers to the orange-brown surface layer encountered on many Greek and Roman monuments, often called scialbatura, calcium oxalate film, patina, etc. Despite the open-ended debate on the origin of the epidermis, it delineates authentic surface because it...

  • Pyramids of Egypt and Mexico: Cultural Diffusion or Parallel Development?
    Galanos, Amerimni; Doganis, Yanna // Social Science Docket; Winter/Spring2006, Vol. 6 Issue 1, p35 

    Several photographs of historical monuments are presented. Two photographs of similar pyramids along the Nile River in Ancient Egypt and on the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico have been shown and asked how these are similar and different. One photograph features the temple of Zeus in Olympia....

  • The City: Athens.
    Vlavianos, Haris // Newsweek (Atlantic Edition); 11/28/2011, Vol. 158 Issue 22, p4 

    The article focuses on Athens, Greece, a city with a famous past but an infamous present. It states that Athens, being the capital of Greece, still enjoys the prestige that the Parthenon bestows but she has been at the center of a storm since the past few months. Athens has become the center of...

  • Romancing the Stones.
    McGuigan, Cathleen // Newsweek (Atlantic Edition); 6/15/2009 (Atlantic Edition), Vol. 153 Issue 24, p50 

    This article discusses proposals to repatriate the Parthenon Marbles, a set of sculptures that are also called the Elgin Marbles, to Athens, Greece. The history of Great Britain's acquisition of the Marbles is described as part of an explanation of the claims made regarding their ownership....

  • ANTIQUITY, Wheeler and Classical archaeology.
    Snodgrass, Anthony // Antiquity; Dec2002, Vol. 76 Issue 294, p1102 

    Provides information on the role of the periodical 'Antiquity' in the development of classical archaeology. Overview of the short paper by archaeologist Mortimer Wheeler, entitled 'Size and Baalbek'; Comments from Wheeler on the internal appearance of the Parthenon in Athens, Greece; Discussion...

  • Acropolis now.
    Kyriakopoulos, Victoria // Australian Gourmet Traveller; Mar2010, Vol. 10 Issue 3, p178 

    The article describes the Acropolis Museum in Athens, Greece. It opened in June 2009 after more than 30 years of planning. It houses the treasures of the Acropolis including the Parthenon temple. It was designed by Greek architect Michael Photiadis with New York-based Bernard Tschumi, and has...

    LaBier Jones, W. // Sculpture Review; Winter2000, Vol. 49 Issue 4, p30 

    The article focuses on the design and construction of the Parthenon in Athens, Greece. Construction of the Parthenon started in 447 B.C. and was finished in 432 B.C. It was constructed atop the Acropolis in Athens and was dedicated to the goddess Athena. Primarily a Doric peripteral temple, it...

    LaBier Jones, W. // Science Illustrated; Oct2011, Vol. 4 Issue 5, p44 

    The article focuses on the restoration efforts of Parthenon and other roughly 2,500-year-old temples in the Acropolis of Athens. Since 1980s, over 1,000 engineers, architects and archaeologists have been working on what is considered to be like a 3-dimensional puzzle in which the monuments are...

    LaBier Jones, W. // Ancient Construction; 2000, p59 

    The Acropolis of Athens, Greece held well-known ancient architecture. Various temples comprise the acropolis. The optical illusion used by Greek architects made the Parthenon a well-proportioned building. The building was a favorite of U.S. architect Henry Bacon that he used it as a model for...

    LaBier Jones, W. // Structural Wonders: Parthenon; 2008, p18 

    The article offers information on the architectural measurement of the temple Parthenon in Athens, Greece. It mentions the location of the temple which sits in Acropolis. It adds that Parthenon stands 65 feet tall and is 228.1 feet long and 101.4 feet wide. It states that more than four million...

  • At last, Athens's New Acropolis Museum.
    Cash, Stephanie // Art in America; Oct2007, Vol. 95 Issue 9, p49 

    The article focuses on the construction of the New Acropolis Museum in Athens, Greece. The building's design, which was designed by the architect Bernard Tschumi, is described. It will contain marble and will have a gallery that overlooks the Parthenon. The Elgin marble sculptures, currently...

  • The Parthenon Sculptures.
    Challis, Debbie // British Art Journal; Spring/Summer2006, Vol. 7 Issue 1, p33 

    This article discusses the purchase of the Parthenon sculptures in Athens, Greece by the British Parliament in 1816. This purchase was made during which national identity were being established and consolidated in the aftermath of the Napoleonic Wars. These sculptures became emblems of Great...

  • Greek Temple Orientation: The Case of the Older Parthenon in Athens.
    Hannah, Robert // Nexus Network Journal: Architecture & Mathematics; Dec2013, Vol. 15 Issue 3, p423 

    The study of the orientation of ancient structures has recently experienced a renaissance in scientific interest after languishing for much of the twentieth century. Under the umbrella of the new multi-discipline of archaeoastronomy, the analyses of orientations have become more sophisticated,...

  • From Greek tragedy to tourism joy.
    Hannah, Robert // Eastern Eye; 6/13/2014, Issue 1255, p21 

    The article offers travel tips for Greece and includes recommendations for trip to the Greek island of Santorini and visit the Parthenon temple at the Acropolis hill in Athens.

  • Greece: Athens Than and Now.
    Meissner, Laura Kathryn // Faces; Dec2007, Vol. 24 Issue 4, p12 

    The article presents information on historic places in Athens, Greece. The city of Athens is a mix of the old and the new, with ruins of ancient Athens including the Acropolis. The Acropolis is a large hill that was once the center of life in Athens. On its slopes were temples, monuments and...

    Lusted, Marcia Amidon // Faces; Jul/Aug2012, Vol. 28 Issue 9, p2 

    The article mentions some places and things which are on topmost position on people' to do list. It is mentioned that thousands of people want to play hockey for fun and for professional reasons. Many people have shown their interest to visit a rainforest filled with rare plants and animals....

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