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  • Forensic sexology: Paraphilic serial rape (biastophilia) and lust murder (erotophonophilia).
    Money, John // American Journal of Psychotherapy; Jan90, Vol. 44 Issue 1, p26 

    Presents a transcript of a testimony entered in a Florida court that recognizes the qualification of a sexologist as an expert in a sex-offender trial, thereby serving notice to all sexologists nationwide as to where their future forensic responsibility lies. Symptoms and causes of sexual...

  • Paranoia: Not just a nutcase condition!
    Goodwin, Jan // Cosmopolitan; Aug94, Vol. 217 Issue 2, p184 

    Reports on American women afflicted with everyday paranoia. Irrational or excessive fears as symptoms; Non-relation to clinical paranoia; Relation to mild anxiety; Susceptibility of women in society; Stress on women due to multiple roles.

  • Are you paranoid?
    Van Gelder, Sadie // Seventeen; Aug96, Vol. 55 Issue 8, p108 

    Presents a self-examination on paranoia. Instances of paranoia. INSET: Scoring..

  • Erotic paranoid reaction, the imaginary lover, and the benign conspiracy.
    Goldwert, Marvin // Psychological Reports; Feb93, Vol. 72 Issue 1, p258 

    Describes how an erotic paranoid reaction, when linked to fantasies of benign conspiratorial persecution by the hospital and the milieu, might merge as the grandiose messiah-complex. Delusional love and psychosis; More.

  • Teleology and paranoia: The search for meaning.
    Goldwert, Marvin // Psychological Reports; Feb93, Vol. 72 Issue 1, p326 

    Describes how a paranoid patient, having feelings of guilt and fear and a messianic grandiosity, may construct a teleology based on cosmic bisexuality, by which meaning may be given to his or her suffering.

  • Paranoid phenomena and pathological narcissism.
    Garfield, David; Havens, Leston // American Journal of Psychotherapy; Apr1991, Vol. 45 Issue 2, p160 

    Suggests that paranoid phenomena is influenced by pathological narcissism. Investigation of the schools of psychoanalysis and developments in the understanding of narcissism; Roles of the ego-ideal, self-objects and deficits in the capacity for self-determination.

  • I'd rather have an STI than admit to mice in the house.
    McCartney, Margaret // GP: General Practitioner; 1/27/2003, p53 

    Focuses on problems faced by the author for having mice in her house. Feelings of the author on witnessing the execution of mice in her kitchen; Ways adopted by the author to eliminate mice from her house; Comparison drawn between mice and rats by the author.

  • are you paranoid?
    Le Beru, Emilie // Sweet 16; Oct/Nov2006, Vol. 9 Issue 1, p33 

    A quiz on signs of paranoia is presented.

  • Othello syndrome.
    Le Beru, Emilie // Taber's Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary (2009); 2009, Issue 21, p1662 

    An encyclopedia entry for "Othello syndrome," which refers to the paranoid delusion that one's spouse is unfaithful, is presented.

  • paranoid ideation.
    Le Beru, Emilie // Taber's Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary (2009); 2009, Issue 21, p1707 

    An encyclopedia entry for "paranoid ideation" or paranoia, is presented.

  • Factors associated with paranoid symptoms in a community sample of older adults.
    Blazer, Dan G.; Hays, Judith C. // Gerontologist; Feb96, Vol. 36 Issue 1, p70 

    Identifies the factors associated with paranoid symptoms in a community sample of older adults in North Carolina. Measurement of paranoid symptoms; Results of cross-sectional analyses; Regression on hearing problems.

  • EDITOR'S NOTE. The Double Life of Secrets.
    Perina, Kaja // Psychology Today; Sep/Oct2010, Vol. 43 Issue 5, p3 

    The author offers insights about secrecy and keepers of secrets. Inner turmoil is usually experienced by a person who is secretive about negative information. Several researchers revealed that keepers of such secret experience anxiety and inhibition. The author also believes that secrecy applies...

  • Trihexyphenidyl.
    Perina, Kaja // Reactions Weekly; 6/16/2012, Issue 1406, p36 

    The article describes the case of a 59-year-old woman with a history of paranoid disorder who died from trihexyphenidyl poisoning.

  • Paranoia.
    Nordhaus, Jean // Antioch Review; Spring99, Vol. 57 Issue 2, p224 

    Presents the poem `Paranoia.'

    Lee, Tracee H. // Bamboo Ridge; Sep2003, Issue 84, p214 

    Presents the poem "Mānoa Paranoia," by Tracee H. Lee.

  • Paranoia.
    Mosbahi, Hassouna // Brooklyn Rail; Feb2015, p84 

    No abstract available.

  • Paranoia (Book).
    Olson, Ray // Booklist; 11/1/2003, Vol. 100 Issue 5, p458 

    Reviews the book "Paranoia," by Joseph Finder.

  • Paranoid personality disorder: A synthesis of developmental, dynamic, and descriptive features.
    Akhtar, Salman // American Journal of Psychotherapy; Jan90, Vol. 44 Issue 1, p5 

    Reviews the existing literature on paranoid personality disorder and synthesizes its various descriptive aspects into a multifaceted profile of the condition. Relation between paranoid personality and paranoid schizophrenia; Characterization of paranoid personality; Psychotic paranoid...

  • Presbyterian Paranoia?
    Craig, Berry // Network News; Winter2002, Vol. 22 Issue 1, p19 

    Comments on the application of the paranoid style by the Presbyterian Laymen and the Confessing Church Movement. Context of the paranoid style; Reference to the Henny Penny children's story; Derivation of the panoid style from the book 'The Paranoid Style in American Politics and Other Essays,'...

  • The Treatment of Paranoid Phenomena: The Development of The Self.
    Garfield, David A.S.; Havens, Leston // American Journal of Psychotherapy; Winter93, Vol. 47 Issue 1, p75 

    Presents a treatment approach for patients with paranoid phenomena. Suffering from pathological narcissism; Excessive trust in others; Subjugation of self to the plans of others; Warding off of projections; Renewal of initiative.

  • Paranoia About Fundamentalists?
    Rausch, David A. // Judaism; Summer79, Vol. 28 Issue 3, p304 

    Focuses on the paranoia of the fundamentalist protestants. Details on the thrilling events in Palestine; Effects of liberal Christianity on Jewish scholar; Requirements in accommodating Christian culture.

  • Islamophobia, the Israel Lobby and American Paranoia: Letter from America.
    Davidson, Lawrence // Holy Land Studies: A Multidisciplinary Journal (Edinburgh Univer; May2011, Vol. 10 Issue 1, p87 

    The phenomenon of Islamophobia has now surfaced as a factor in American politics. While disturbing and damaging of people's lives and reputations, the phenomenon is not unique. It can be seen as but the latest eruption of paranoid political thinking that periodically arises in American history....

    Wilentz, Amy // Working Mother; Apr2001, p104 

    Presents the reflections of a paranoid mother. Common causes of paranoia; Reasons why most mothers feel paranoid.

  • Reviews.
    Neilson, Keith // Canadian Journal of History; Dec90, Vol. 25 Issue 3, p419 

    Reviews the book, `Plots and Paranoia: A History of Political Espionage in Britain, 1790-1988,' by Bernard Porter.

  • Helping Workers Accept The Boy at the Door.
    Speer, Pat // Insurance Networking News; Mar/Apr2010, Vol. 13 Issue 5, p8 

    In this article, the author discusses the prevalence of paranoia in insurance Information Technology (IT).

  • paranoia.
    Speer, Pat // Taber's Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary (2009); 2009, Issue 21, p1707 

    An encyclopedia entry for "paranoia," which refers to a condition in which patients exhibit persistent persecutory delusions or delusional jealousy, is presented.

  • paranoiac.
    Speer, Pat // Taber's Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary (2009); 2009, Issue 21, p1707 

    A definition of the term "paranoiac," which refers to a person afflicted with paranoia, is presented.

  • paranoid.
    Speer, Pat // Taber's Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary (2009); 2009, Issue 21, p1707 

    A definition of the term "paranoid," which refers to a person afflicted with paranoia, is presented.

  • Schizoid Anxiety.
    Waska, Robert T. // American Journal of Psychotherapy; 2001, Vol. 55 Issue 1, p105 

    The author views the manic defense as a combined attempt to control persecutory objects and to save them from the aggressive forces within the ego. Rather than strictly a manifestation of depressive guilt, it is also a defense against the fear of destroying the object and subsequently the self...

  • Paranoia and Paradox: The Apocalyptic Rhetoric of Christian Identity.
    Apple, Angela L.; Messner, Beth A. // Western Journal of Communication; Spring2001, Vol. 65 Issue 2, p206 

    The presence of racists and anti-Semites has become increasingly apparent during the past decade, particularly as they turn to the Internet to quickly and inexpensively disseminate their vitriolic discourse. This study examines the on-line rhetoric of one group within this larger movement...

  • Homosexuality and paranoia.
    Muchnik, M.M.; Raizman, E.M. // International Journal of Psychotherapy; Jul99, Vol. 4 Issue 2, p213 

    Abstract This paper offers an account of research into 16 cases of clients suffering from severe paranoid difficulties, in which their predicaments are hypothesised in terms of Freud's original theory of the linkage of the repression of homosexual impulse, and the defence against it of paranoia....

  • PaRAnOiD? YOU?
    Ironside, Melissa // Cleo; May2007, p86 

    A quiz to determine a person's paranoia rating is presented.

  • Germ Warfare.
    Dichter, Peter // Global Cosmetic Industry; Mar2001, Vol. 168 Issue 3, p68 

    Reports the implication of paranoia over germs on the marketing of cosmetics. Proclamation of the anti-bacterial capability of toiletries; Factors compounding the paranoia; Speculations on treatment of the situation in movies.

  • A haplotype at the DBH locus, associated with low plasma dopamine β-hydroxylase activity, also associates with cocaine-induced paranoia.
    Cubells, J.F.; Kranzler, H.R.; McCance-Katz, E.; Anderson, G.M.; Malison, R.T.; price, L.H.; Gelernter, J. // Molecular Psychiatry; 2000, Vol. 5 Issue 1, p56 

    Low levels of dopamine β-hydroxylase (DβH) protein in the plasma or cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) are associated with greater vulnerability to positive psychotic symptoms in several psychiatric disorders. DβH level is a stable, genetically controlled trait. DBH, the locus encoding DβH...

  • The power of paranoia.
    Morrow, Lance // Time International (South Pacific Edition); 4/15/96, Issue 16, p22 

    Reports that American psychology has changed for the better and certain menacing uncertainties have resolved themselves. Examples of American paranoia outlined; Physics of paranoia under laboratory conditions; What paranoia induces; America's tradition of political paranoia; Reference to...

  • Are Environmentalists Hysterical or Paranoid? Metaphors of Care and 'Environmental Security'
    Rogers, Raymond A. // Ethics & the Environment; 2000, Vol. 5 Issue 2, p211 

    Discusses issues on environmental security. History of the term hysteria in the context of environmentalism; Concept of paranoia; Review of related literature.

  • Cross-Channel Rivalry.
    Gilchrist, M. M. // History Today; Mar2006, Vol. 56 Issue 3, p66 

    A letter to the editor is presented in response to the article "The Princess in the Tower," by Alex Sanmark in the February 2006 issue.

  • Barking mad.
    Ikkos, George // British Journal of Psychiatry; Jun88, Vol. 152, p860 

    A letter to the editor is presented about a case of an 86-year-old lady who had developed a paranoid illness for the first time following a prolonged hospital stay.

    Crawford, J. P. // British Journal of Psychiatry; May71, Vol. 118 Issue 546, p592 

    A letter to the editor is presented in response to an article by Sir Aubrey Lewis on the history of the terms "paranoia" and "paranoid."

  • GOOD MORNING PARANOIA: Une dizaine de plasticiens créent sur la surveillance et la peur.
    Lavrador, Judicaël // Beaux Arts Magazine; avr2008, Issue 286, p143 

    The article reviews the exhibition "Good Morning Paranoia," held at the Motte et Rouart gallery in Paris, France, through April 26, 2008.

  • Shorter notices.
    French, David // English Historical Review; Apr93, Vol. 108 Issue 427, p510 

    Reviews the book `Plots and Paranoia. A History of Political Espionage in Britain, 1790-1988,' by Bernard Porter.

  • Don't be paranoid, even when you find out that people are out to get you.
    Al-Awqati, Qais // Kidney International; Dec2007, Vol. 72 Issue 11, p1299 

    The article discusses various reports published within the issue, including one on college students who exhibited paranoid ideas.

  • Psychosis with Ordinary Doses of Propranolol.
    Gershon, Elliot S.; Goldstein, Robert E.; Moss, Arthur J.; van Kammen, Daniel P. // Annals of Internal Medicine; Jun79, Vol. 90 Issue 6, p938 

    Presents a case of paranoid psychosis during administration of relatively low doses of propranolol in a 21-year-old woman. Medical history of the patient; Diagnosis and treatment; Symptoms of the disease.

    Gershon, Elliot S.; Goldstein, Robert E.; Moss, Arthur J.; van Kammen, Daniel P. // Skeptic; 2013, Vol. 18 Issue 2, p65 

    The article focuses on the paranoia for an invasion of Earth by extraterrestrial beings.

  • Scaring Up Scapegoats.
    O'Malley, Chris // Popular Science; Sep2001, Vol. 259 Issue 3, p6 

    Focuses on a paradoxical paranoia caused by the era of science and technology. Assumptions concerning the paranoia; Skepticism on the apparent resolutions to the controversies; Causes of cancer clusters.

  • Examining the relationship between Machiavellianism and paranoia.
    Christoffersen, David; Stamp, Clifton // Psychological Reports; Feb95, Vol. 76 Issue 1, p67 

    Assesses whether Machiavellianism and paranoid tendencies were associated and whether sex differences were evident in Machiavellianism and paranoid scores. Definition of Machiavellianism; Administration of questionnaires Mach IV scale and Fenigstein and Vanable's Paranoia scale; Correlation of...

  • Rational Science vs. Paranoia.
    URETSKY, SAM // Progressive Populist; 12/1/2014, Vol. 20 Issue 21, p15 

    The article argues on the paranoia over the Ebola virus disease in the U.S.

  • Delirium: Everyone's psychosis.
    Bowker, Malcolm // BMJ: British Medical Journal (International Edition); 2/18/95, Vol. 310 Issue 6977, p473 

    Focuses on the delirious thoughts of a psychiatrist after a surgery. Experiencing of paranoia; Interactions with medical staff and visiting colleagues; Inability to unravel the psychodynamic significance of delusional misorientations.

    Bowker, Malcolm // Popular Science; Mar2014, Vol. 284 Issue 3, p006 

    The article presents a tongue-in-cheek list of nine things that keep people up at night, including excessive use of an iPad tablet computer while in bed, having a child who hasn't learned how to sleep through the night, and paranoia concerning noises during the night.

    Bowker, Malcolm // Works Management; Aug2002, Vol. 55 Issue 8, p56 

    Relates the workplace experience of the author. Paranoia in the workplace; Collection of total volumes of discount rates; Provision of an official request to Corporate HR for an executive development and health program.

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