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  • Painting: Landscape, portrait, and still life.
     // World Almanac for Kids; 1998, p26 

    Explains three types of paintings including landscape, portrait, and still life, and lists some famous painters and their works. Landscapes by El Greco, Jan Vermeer, Katsushika Hokusai, John Constable, Winslow Homer, and Georgia O'Keefe; Portraits by Leonardo da Vinci, Rembrandt, John Singleton...

  • Paint doesn't have brains.
    Van Heulle, Jim // Paint & Coatings Industry; Jun94, Vol. 10 Issue 5, p32 

    Supports the notion that paints `do not have brains.' Situations; Challenge on the author's management style; Problems experienced in the paint industry.

  • Paint touch-up.
    Van Heulle, Jim // Automotive Marketing; Sep97, Vol. 26 Issue 9, p48 

    Presents information on a study conducted on the number of stores which stock touch up paints. Suggestion that this trade could be profitable to these store; Differences in the sales recorded by the stores; Average number of brands stocked; Provision of statistical information.

  • Art of flight.
    Mader Jr., Burt B. // Aviation History; July97, Vol. 7 Issue 6, p66 

    Focuses on the author's L-4 oil painting `Maytag Messerschmitts.' Author's highly satisfying example of trust and cooperation that characterizes aviators, aviation artists and all fields related to flying; Features of the painting; Where the title of the painting derived.

  • Pictures of progress.
    Artis, David // Black Scholar; Fall92, Vol. 22 Issue 4, p42 

    Contemplates on the 1899 painting by Winslow Homer, `Gulf of Stream'. Symbol of the evolution of the depiction of blacks in the visual arts; Black subject by a white artist; Art criticism; Views of Hugh Honour and Albert Boime; White sponsorship; Black women artists.

  • Play it safe with hobbies.
    Artis, David // Current Health 2; Mar1992, Vol. 18 Issue 7, p28 

    Discusses exposure to various toxic substances used in painting, auto repair, photography, ceramics and other hobbies. Inhalation; Skin absorption; Ingestion; Factors affecting bodily reactions to toxic chemicals; Symptoms of exposure; Chemicalsinacrylic paints, clay, solvents, developer fluid;...

  • Untitled.
    Gutierrez, Marina; Carvalho, Josely // Heresies; 1993, Vol. 7 Issue 27, p44 

    Presents photographs of two of the author's paintings. `Mut with Stars'; `Mut with Appliances.'

  • Painting Of Black Jesus Wins Catholic Magazine's Millennium Art Contest.
    Gutierrez, Marina; Carvalho, Josely // Jet; 01/10/2000, Vol. 97 Issue 5, p34 

    Reports that a painting depicting a black Jesus, called 'Jesus of the People' was selected by the National Catholic Reporter as the winner of its contest aimed at updating the image of Christ for the new millennium.

  • Her story.
    Gutierrez, Marina; Carvalho, Josely // Lesbian News; Nov96, Vol. 22 Issue 4, p52 

    Features a painting entitled `Earth Mother,' by artist Mark Venaglia.

  • American cubist.
    Gutierrez, Marina; Carvalho, Josely // New Yorker; 03/09/98, Vol. 74 Issue 3, p60 

    Describes the painting 1923 painting `Apples and Jug,' by artist Stuart Davis (1892-1964). Background career information on Davis; Details on an exhibition of Davis' work at the National Museum of American Art.

  • Rush hour.
    Gutierrez, Marina; Carvalho, Josely // New Yorker; 10/12/92, Vol. 68 Issue 34, p91 

    Presents a painting titled, `Rush Hour,' by Ronald Searle.

  • Paint, putty, and more.
    Harris, Julie // Parenting; Oct97, Vol. 11 Issue 8, p151 

    Focuses on the use of BioColor nontoxic paints, to create a variety of colorful masterpieces on paper for children. Contact information; Cost of the paint.

  • What masking devices do I use?
    Glebas, John // Products Finishing; Sept96, Vol. 60 Issue 12, p72 

    Opinion. Discusses the problem which sometimes arises out of painting both sides of an object. Methods used to overcome the problem presented when painting both sides of an object; How to paint both sides of an object with a peculiar shape; Steps to be taken to ensure a proper finish.

  • Mimicking marble.
    Freundlich, N.J. // Popular Science; Jul89, Vol. 235 Issue 1, p88 

    Looks at a kit offered by Plaid Enterprises, which allows amateurs to create attractive marble finishes on furniture and any paintable surface.

  • Clean air paints.
    Bakke, T. // Popular Science; Aug90, Vol. 237 Issue 2, p85 

    Reports on the new paint formulations conforming to environmental legislation. Affects oil-based finishes rather than latex paints; Harder to apply; Less durable; Less polluting. INSET: New clear finishes: promises, problems.;Volatile organic....

  • Untitled.
    Bakke, T. // Second Opinion; Mar90, Vol. 13 Issue 3, p74 

    Presents a photograph of Rembrandt's painting, `Christ Healing the Sick.'

  • A new generation of artists ponder nature's prospects.
    Kernan, M. // Smithsonian; Apr90, Vol. 21 Issue 1, p104 

    Examines the way in which American artists today are painting the landscape. Discusses the works and environmental philosophical perspectives of many artists including: Joan Nelson, David Deutsch, April Gornik and Larry Gray. Paintings pictured include `Sapelo Burning,' 1988; `Equator,' 1983;...

  • The boy whose chose the brush over baseball.
    Schiff, B. // Smithsonian; Jun92, Vol. 23 Issue 3, p58 

    States that in an artful compromise, visual artist George Bellows gave us some all-time greats of sports painting. Works that are now on display in New York City, N.Y.; Why Bellows is considered to be one of the very best American painters; Studies with Robert Henri; His qualities of...

  • A slaughter, a smuggled painting, and a raid.
    Curtis, G. // Texas Monthly; Jan90, Vol. 18 Issue 1, p126 

    Discusses the ownership controversy and legal status of a painting, `The Destruction of the Mission San Saba,' the oldest work based on an historical event in Texas, dating to the mid-1700s.

  • In the eye of the beholder.
    Hood, Thomas; Emerson, Ralph Waldo // Yankee; Oct97, Vol. 61 Issue 10, p47 

    Presents a selection of paintings representing the autumn season.

  • Why are barns red?
    Wiard, B. // Country Journal; Jul/Aug91, Vol. 18 Issue 4, p15 

    Explains the use of iron oxide in paint in the late 1700s in New England, Wisconsin and Minnesota which gave red paint its pigment. Offers a barn paint recipe from 1835.

  • Rural realism.
    Dunn, J.A.C. // Country Journal; Jan/Feb92, Vol. 19 Issue 1, p40 

    Examines how a growing number of realist painters are paying homage to America's vanishing landscape. Offers profiles and comments by artists Roberts Edgar Timberlake, Ward Nichols, Bob Henly and Mel Steele.

  • Clean Earth tips.
    Dunn, J.A.C. // Country Journal; Sep/Oct92, Vol. 19 Issue 5, p18 

    Offers suggestions for disposing of half-full paint cans as well as clean-up tips.

  • California dreamin'.
    Cohen, Cheryl A. // California Chronicles; May99, Vol. 1 Issue 5, p24 

    Describes several visionary paintings in California. Paintings includes `Keylords of the Prismatic Situations,' by Wolfgang Paalen in 1947; `Double Portrait of the Artist in Time,' by Helen Ludeberg in 1935; `Shadow Repair for the Western Man,' by William Allan; `Country Dog Gentlemen,' by Roy...

  • Nature's Four Seasons As Inspiration:.
    Padgelek, Mary; Bain, Christina // Art Education; Mar1999, Vol. 52 Issue 2, p25 

    Features selected paintings depicting the nature's four seasons. `October Wind and Sunlight in the Woods' by Charles Burchfield; `Fujikawa (from Tokaido Road)' by Utagawa Hiroshige; `Bride at Old Lyme' by Childe Hassam; `Red Barn, Lake George, New York' by Georgia O'Keeffe.

  • Tiny paintings.
    Rosenblum, R. // Architectural Digest; Nov87, p222 

    Description of 19th century miniatures painted by Eugene Paul Ullman, Ralph Blakelock, Edoard Vuillard, Albert Ludovici, Barend Graat and Jasper F. Cropsey.

  • Art: Victorian landscapes.
    Fuller, P. // Architectural Digest; Aug89, Vol. 46 Issue 8, p160 

    Examines the British landscape movement of the 19th century. Early emphasis on the spiritual value of nature; Later efforts to use landscape painting as a means of consolation in the industrial world; Photographic effects achieved.

  • Art: Grand interiors.
    Finch, C. // Architectural Digest; Jul91, Vol. 48 Issue 7, p156 

    Traces the popularity of watercolor painting and offers a look at some of the best nineteenth-century watercolor interior paintings. Discusses the works of J.M.W. Turner, Eugene Lami, Franz Xaver Nachtmann, and others.

  • Art: Oil sketches.
    Rosenblum, R. // Architectural Digest; Oct91, Vol. 48 Issue 11, p148 

    Looks at the oil sketches artists in the 18th and 19th century used to create their larger works. Until Impressionism came about, the sketches weren't viewed as works on their own. Intimacy; Superiority questions; Artists; Examples.

  • Art: Contemporary romantic landscapes.
    Rosenblum, Robert // Architectural Digest; May93, Vol. 50 Issue 5, p192 

    Focuses on the landscape paintings of Joan Nelson, April Gornik, Katherine Bowling, Ephraim Rubenstein, Stephen Hannock and Mark Innerst. Comments on the landscape masters of the nineteenth century, Constable, Turner, Corot, Monet, Cezanne; Retrospective young landscape painters; Comments.

  • A vital American school offers opportunities for collectors.
    Berman, Ann E. // Architectural Digest; Nov94, Vol. 51 Issue 11, p58 

    Features impressionist paintings by artists from Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Availability; Pricing; Potential value of the paintings; Influences of the Bucks County painters; Tips for collecting; Notable painters.

  • Uplifting discoveries for colonial art.
    Stroessner, Robert J.; Dewalt, Teddy // Americas; Dec1990, Vol. 42 Issue 6, p58 

    Reviews the painting `Adoration of the Kings.'

  • Middle school masters.
    Weissbourd, B. // Arts & Activities; Dec90, Vol. 108 Issue 4, p40 

    Explains the method one art teacher used to introduce master painters to her sixth-, seventh-, and eighth-grade students. Students try to emulate their favorite artists; Impressionists most popular; Visit to the museum.

  • Classroom use of this month's clip & save print.
    Hubbard, G. // Arts & Activities; Apr91, Vol. 109 Issue 3, p48 

    Presents a clip and save art print of American artist Millard Sheets' `Angel's Flight' with ideas for classroom use. History of `Regionalist' art; Other prominent Regionalists such as Thomas Hart Benton, Charles Burchfield and John Steuart Curry.

  • Building a picture file.
    Hubbard, G. // Arts & Activities; May91, Vol. 109 Issue 4, p48 

    Gives advice on using Marsden Hartley's painting `The Lost Felice' (Lost Happiness) to discuss various subjects, including the artist and his work, expressionistic art, and human emotions.

  • Painting on silk.
    Lee, D. // Arts & Activities; Dec91, Vol. 110 Issue 4, p22 

    Explains how to create a painted silk banner. The author is an artist and graphic designer in San Diego, Calif. Use of French dyes and black or clear `guttaserti' resist; China silk, crepe de chine, and Charmeuse; How to design the banner and paint it; Japan brushes; Plastic squeeze bottles as...

  • Moonlit visions.
    Hubbard, G. // Arts & Activities; Dec91, Vol. 110 Issue 4, p25 

    Suggests that art students be asked to create moonlight scenes. Moonlight's artistic challenges; Use of the imagination; Distorted reality; Japanese artist Kawase Hasui's (1883-1957) painting `Hinomisaki in Moonlight in Isumo Province'; `Of the Owl's Telling,' a painting by Blackbear Bosin...

  • Paintings with `mystique.'
    Buck, S.K. // Arts & Activities; Dec91, Vol. 110 Issue 4, p30 

    Tells how the author's sixth-grade art class created monochromatic paintings . Inspiration from Spanish artist Pablo Picasso's 1903 painting `Picture Lady Pro gram'; Picasso's `Blue Period' from 1901-1903; How the students created paintings based on full-page photos of fashion models; How to...

  • Salute to still life: Simplicity or sophistication?
    Evensen, H.R. // Arts & Activities; Dec91, Vol. 110 Issue 4, p40 

    Tells how the author's fifth-grade art students created four large still-life paintings using crayons and watercolor paints. Varied abilities and needs of the students; Security versus challenge; Planning the project; Sketches and larger drawings;Results; Students' reaction; Items used as...

  • Fresh inspiration from familiar subjects.
    Hubbard, G. // Arts & Activities; Apr92, Vol. 111 Issue 3, p5 

    Offers two artistic interpretations of The Last Supper, one by Spanish painter Salvador Dali, the other by artist Marisol, as examples of a familiar subject that can be interpreted in a fresh, new way. Explains how art students can build a foundation of visual knowledge to serve as a background...

  • Classroom use of this month's clip & save print.
    Hubbard, G.; Brennan, M.H. // Arts & Activities; Apr92, Vol. 111 Issue 3, p52 

    Discusses the social and cultural message in the late Navajo artist Grey Cohoe's (1944-1991) painting `Tall Visitor at Tocito.' The painting is part of the Rennard Strickland Collection at The Heard Museum. Cohoe's life and art career; Commentary on the greed of white tourists who cannot...

  • Bouquets.
    Steinberg, R. // Arts & Activities; Jun92, Vol. 111 Issue 5, p5 

    Explains a classroom exercise in painting bouquets undertaken by the author's art students at the Marie Sklodowska Curie High School for Performing and Creative Arts (Chicago, Illinois). Study of the Master Impressionists; Drawings of silk flowers; Use of contrasting color and short brush...

  • Classroom use of this month's clip & save print.
    Hubbard, Guy // Arts & Activities; Sep92, Vol. 112 Issue 1, p24 

    Presents a print of Russian-born artist Alexej Jawlensky's (1864-1941) oil-on-board portrait, `The Old Man.' Part of the Jane and Roger Wolcott Memorial collection, the painting is housed at the Indiana University Art Museum. Suggested classroom activities based on the painting; Use of...

  • Artists by artists.
    Hubbard, Guy // Arts & Activities; Nov92, Vol. 112 Issue 3, p26 

    Discusses the self-portraits created by five 20th century artists. Examines each artist's technique, materials, life and background. Suggestions for students; American-born Cubist Lyonel Feininger; Dutch artist Maurits Cornelis (M.C.) Escher's `Hand with Reflecting Sphere, 1936'; A woodcut by...

  • Classroom use of this month's clip & save print.
    Hubbard, Guy // Arts & Activities; Nov92, Vol. 112 Issue 3, p48 

    Describes the `Portable Triptych with Madonna of Humility,' circa 1380, by artist Niccolo di Buonaccorso of Siena, Italy. The triptych is housed in the Indiana University Art Museum. Suggestions for classroom projects; Use of wood, gold leaf, egg tempera; Reasons why wealthy people carried small...

  • Young artist.
    Fiorentino, James // Arts & Activities; Feb1993, Vol. 113 Issue 1, p36 

    Describes the author's fascination with sports painting. Brief educational background.

  • Midnight magic.
    Evensen., Helen // Arts & Activities; Feb1993, Vol. 113 Issue 1, p40 

    Praises the presentation of a group of first-grade artists called the Midnight Magic. Description of costumes; Audience; Performers.

  • Creation by consensus.
    Sarnoff, Robert // Arts & Activities; Apr93, Vol. 113 Issue 3, p61 

    Describes the multicultural mural created by teacher Howard Schwartzberg and his students at Gateway Job Corps, a program served by the Career Education Center in New York City. How the imagery evolved; Core of the mural; Development of the border; Completed work on display at Gateway Job...

  • Space aliens.
    LiPira, Michael // Arts & Activities; Feb96, Vol. 119 Issue 1, p47 

    Reports that art teacher Michael LiPira used the painting `People and Dog in the Sun' by Joan Miro to stimulate his students at the Chinle Boarding School into making paintings. Location of school; Type of paintings; Effect of painting on students.

  • SUMI-E.
    Holmes, S.W. // ETC: A Review of General Semantics; Spring91, Vol. 48 Issue 1, p74 

    Presents examples of sumi-e, black-ink painting. Creating such a painting; Creating `satori,' or enlightenment; The Zen artist.

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