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  • Dedicated to emer. o. Univ. Prof. Dr. Josef Zemann on the occasion of his 90th birthday.
    Tillmanns, Ekkehart // Mineralogy & Petrology; Apr2013, Vol. 107 Issue 2, p149 

    No abstract available.

    Grice, J. D.; Ferraris, G. // Mineralogy & Petrology; Feb2004, Vol. 80 Issue 1/2, p97 

    Provides information on nomenclature of minerals approved by the Canada's Commission on New Minerals and Mineral Names. Advantage of the nomenclature to mineralogists; Format used in describing the minerals.

  • To the Hundredth Anniversary of Georgiı Glebovich Lemmlein.
    Man, L. // Crystallography Reports; Jul2001, Vol. 46 Issue 4, p698 

    Pays tribute to mineralogist and crystallographer Georgii Glebovich Lemmlein. Educational background; Career backround; Contributions to the field of crystallography.

  • QUEST for the Triassic.
    NIKOLENKO, E. I. // SCIENCE First Hand; 2013, Vol. 35 Issue 2, p42 

    A photo essay which the expedition of the Triassic team, a team composed of experts in diamond mineralogy, in search of diamond deposits, paleontology, and stratigraphy in the Arctic Yakutia.

  • In memoriam Gerhard Niedermayr.
    BRANDSTÄTTER, Franz // Annalen des Naturhistorischen Museums in Wien, Serie A; jan2016, Issue 118, p5 

    An obituary for mineralogist and curator Gerhard Niedermayr is presented.

  • Editorial.
    Coelho, Jório // Rem: Revista Escola de Minas; jul-set2012, Vol. 65 Issue 3, p285 

    An introduction is presented in which the editor discusses various reports within the issue on topics including biography of mineralogist Carneiro Felippe and research update in the field of siderurgy.

  • On Verdansky's biosphere.
    Cancela da Fronseca, Jorge P. // Web Ecology; 2000, Vol. 1 Issue 1, p86 

    Profiles Russian mineralogist and crystallographer Vladimir Ivanovitch Vernadsky. Educational background; Details of his scientific career; His definition of biosphere; Characteristics of living matter.

  • 1783.
    Cancela da Fronseca, Jorge P. // History of Science & Technology; 2004, p272 

    The article presents information on historical events in the science and technology sectors during 1783, including the discovery of tungsten by mineralogist Don Fausto D'Elhuyar and his brother Juan José D'Elhuyar.

  • The 80th Anniversary of V.N. Kholodov.
    Cancela da Fronseca, Jorge P. // Lithology & Mineral Resources; Jul2005, Vol. 40 Issue 4, p386 

    Profiles Russian geologist Vladimir Nikolaevich Kholodov, Editor-in-Chief of the journal "Lithology and Mineral Resources." Academic background of Kholodov; Achievements of Kholodov in the field of geology and mineralogy; Qualities of Kholodov as a scientist.

    Cancela da Fronseca, Jorge P. // Peterson Field Guide to Rocks & Minerals; 1996, p71 

    This article offers an overview about the chemical classification of minerals. Since there are some 3,500 recognized minerals, it is necessary to arrange them in some kind of classification. Several approaches to this goal of simplification have been tried. Despite attempts to arrange them by...

  • Who was who (III) - the great personalities in names of the new minerals from Jáchymov.
    PLÁŠIL, JAKUB; ŠKÁCHA, PAVEL; HORÁK, VLADIMÍR // Bulletin Mineralogicko-Petrologickeho Oddeleni Narodniho Muzea v; 2014, Vol. 22 Issue 2, p182 

    Biographic data of the great personalities, after whom the minerals discovered in Jáchymov has been named, are presented here. The mineral names comprise these named after mineralogists and geologists, who significantly contributed to our knowledge about Jáchymov geology, mineralogy and...

  • 10 things to know about kunzite.
    PLÁŠIL, JAKUB; ŠKÁCHA, PAVEL; HORÁK, VLADIMÍR // BeadStyle; Jan2010, Vol. 8 Issue 1, p12 

    The article enumerates ten facts about kunzite. Kunzite, a gemstone with pale pink and violet hues, is named after mineralogist George Frederick Kunz. It is mainly found in Afghanistan, Brazil, U.S. and Madagascar, but the first commercial deposit of kunzite was discovered in 1902 in California....

  • The American Research Center in Egypt, (ARCE).
    Bednarski, Andrew // Ancient Egypt Magazine; Jun/Jul2011, Vol. 11 Issue 6, p44 

    The article focuses on the contribution of Egyptologist Frédéric Cailliaud on ancient Egypt antiquary studies. It started his interest in the said field when he stayed and worked in Egypt as mineralogist from 1815 to 1822. It cites his success in discovering the ancient emerald mines as...

  • INTRODUCTION: Geologists.
    Bednarski, Andrew // Texas Rocks & Minerals: An Amateur's Guide; 1964, p2 

    The article offers information about geologists. These people are those who study the origin, history, rocks, minerals, fossils and structure of the earth's crust. Geologists who are especially interested in a particular phase of geology are given special names. Those who study fossils are...

    Pekov, Igor V. // Macedonian Journal of Chemistry & Chemical Engineering; 2013, Vol. 32 Issue 1, p165 

    No abstract available.

    Pekov, Igor V. // Peterson Field Guide to Rocks & Minerals; 1996, p42 

    This article offers guide to the identification of the physical properties of minerals. The identification of minerals by their physical properties is significant. It is, however, impossible to distinguish the majority of the newer species, whose recognition as new and different was only made...

  • Mohs, Friedrich (1773 - 1839).
    Pekov, Igor V. // Hutchinson Dictionary of Scientific Biography; 2005, p1 

    German mineralogist who devised the Mohs scale, by which minerals are classified in order of relative hardness.

  • Inner Earth Revealed.
    Sasso, Anne // Discover; Jan2005, Vol. 26 Issue 1, p69 

    Provides information on a study led by mineralogist Kei Hirose at the Tokyo Institute of Technology in Japan on the mineral that constitutes the D double prime layer beneath the Earth's surface. Methodology of the study; Findings of the study.

  • The 80th anniversary of Andrey Glebovich Bulakh.
    Sasso, Anne // Vestnik Sankt-Peterburgskogo universiteta, Seriia 7: Geologia, G; Jun2013, Issue 2, p158 

    No abstract available.

  • Off The Clock.
    Sasso, Anne // njbiz; 10/1/2012, p26 

    Several photographs taken in various events in New Jersey are presented, including The Cooper Cancer Institute's John P. Sheridan Jr. with state Senator Donald Norcross, the installation of solar panels in Plainsboro, and astrobiologist and mineralogist Pamela Conrad.

  • Stone Diarist.
    Jack, Lee-Anne // ROM Magazine; 2010, Vol. 43 Issue 1, p16 

    The article profiles Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) associate curator and mineralogist Kim Tait. It describes her role as mineralogist. Tait manages the mineral collection of ROM. She is fascinated by phosphates, a group of poorly known minerals she worked on for her Master's degree. In fact, Tait...

  • Glimpsing Eternity.
    Jack, Lee-Anne // ROM Magazine; 2012, Vol. 44 Issue 4, p14 

    The article focuses on mineralogy technician Katherine Dunnell of Ontario and the engagement ring she wears. It notes that Dunnell which is responsible for caring the 77,000-piece mineral collection of the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) since 1997 is fond of collecting various types of gems while...

  • Who Studies Minerals?
    Jack, Lee-Anne // Minerals; 2005, p16 

    A section of the book "Science Matters: Minerals" is presented. If provides information on mineralogists. Aside from learning where minerals are found and how they form, mineralogists also study ways to identify different minerals based on their properties. Among the tools used by mineralogists...

  • Properties of Minerals.
    Jack, Lee-Anne // Minerals: From Apatite to Zinc; 2005, p18 

    Chapter 3 of the book "Minerals: From Apatite to Zinc" is presented. It explores the process of identifying minerals by mineralogists using a set of qualities, or properties. It highlights the uses of mineral properties, which serves many useful functions. It also examines several precious...

  • The Microbe Preservation Society.
    Svitil, Kathy A. // Discover; Oct2003, Vol. 24 Issue 10, p13 

    Reports on the findings of a study by mineralogist Carlos Rodriguez-Navarro and his collegues at the University of Granada in Spain which investigated a way to protect stonework and buildings against urban pollution. Observations on the capability of the soil microbe Myxococcus xanthus to bind...

  • 12 International Ni-Cu-(PGE) Symposium.
    Sunder Raju, P. // Journal of the Geological Society of India; Aug2012, Vol. 80 Issue 2, p293 

    Information about 12th International Ni-Cu-PGE symposium held in Guiyang, China from June 12-21, 2012 is presented. Topics include development of new tools in understanding the Ni-Cu-PGE, geochemistry of chalcophile and siderophile elements and use of isotopic tracers. The symposium featured...

    Sunder Raju, P. // Environment Protection Engineering; 2010, Vol. 36 Issue 4, p127 

    No abstract available.

  • Claude Henri Gorceix: the man, teacher and work.
    da Silva, Christiano Barbosa // Rem: Revista Escola de Minas; Jul-Sep2014, Vol. 67 Issue 3, p319 

    No abstract available.

    Khare, G. P.; Tiwari, R. P.; Gupta, Vinay Kumar // International Journal of Engineering & Management Sciences; 2013, Vol. 4 Issue 4, p419 

    A state which is going to established Mineral based Industries without importing any major raw minerals from other state. The state is reach in power, Water and Human Resources besides workable economic deposits of almost all major and minor mineral. In Bastar which is a Tribal belt region of...

    Eyre, L. Alan // Quarterly Bulletin of the National Library of South Africa; Oct-Dec2006, Vol. 60 Issue 4, p105 

    The article focuses on the life of Isaac Edmestone Barnes a black Jamaican mining executive in South Africa in 1903-1909. The discovery of diamond mines in Kroonstad, Orange River Colony has urged him to set sail to South Africa and become successful with mining operations. As a black man, he...

  • Prof. Dr. Eng. WiesÅ‚aw S. Blaschke.
    Eyre, L. Alan // Physicochemical Problems of Mineral Processing; 2011, Vol. 47, p285 

    The article profiles Wieslaw Stanislaw Blaschke, a professor at the University of Mining and Metallurgy and the Silesian University of Technology. Blaschke was also the author of books in the field of mineral processing and an employee of the chard coal mining industry. He was born in Krakow,...

  • Agricola, Georgius (1490 - 1555).
    Eyre, L. Alan // Hutchinson Dictionary of Scientific Biography; 2005, p1 

    German mineralogist who pioneered mining technology.

  • Dana, James Dwight (1813 - 1895).
    Eyre, L. Alan // Hutchinson Dictionary of Scientific Biography; 2005, p1 

    U.S. mineralogist, crystallographer, and geologist who is best known for his geosyncline theory of the origin of mountains. He was an active member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science and its president in 1854.

  • Friedel, Charles (1832 - 1899).
    Eyre, L. Alan // Hutchinson Dictionary of Scientific Biography; 2005, p1 

    French organic chemist and mineralogist, best remembered for his part in the discovery of the Friedel - Crafts reaction. Throughout his career, he successfully combined his interests in chemistry and minerals.

  • Haüy, René-Just (1743 - 1822).
    Eyre, L. Alan // Hutchinson Dictionary of Scientific Biography; 2005, p1 

    French mineralogist, the founder of modern crystallography.

    Fields, Helen // Smithsonian; Oct2010, Vol. 41 Issue 6, p48 

    The article profiles Bob Hazen, a scientist with the Carnegie Institution for Science Geophysical Laboratory and the Department of Terrestrial Magnetism. The central focus of the article is on Hazen's search for the origins of life on Earth. It is noted that Hazen's research has led him to the...

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