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  • Feed Me.
    Palacios, Monica // Lesbian News; Apr2000, Vol. 25 Issue 9, p37 

    Presents the author's reflections about being in her forties. Quality of life as a forty-year-old; Body concerns of women in their forties; Need for fostering love for food.

  • Women, stress, and midlife.
    Mackin, Jeanne // Human Ecology; Fall95, Vol. 23 Issue 4, p20 

    Focuses on ways for women to cope with midlife stress. Factors contributing to the syndrome; Midlife as a set of dynamics with several complications; Associate profession Elaine Wethington's life course formulation of midlife; Interdependency of lives and events; Midlife experiences as linked...

    Beem, Ellen E.; Schut, Henk A.W. // Psychological Reports; Aug2000, Vol. 87 Issue 1, p243 

    Examines the natural course of psychological functioning in recently bereaved middle-aged women. Increase in feelings of depression, agoraphobic behavior, anxiety, hostility and sleep disorder four months after bereavement; Finding of a decrease in psychological dysfunction for most widows.

  • Variations in Dental Anxiety among Middle-aged and Elderly Women in Sweden: A Longitudinal Study between 1968 and 1996.
    H�gglin, C.; Berggren, U.; Hakeberg, M.; H�llstr�m, T.; Bengtsson, C. // Journal of Dental Research; Oct1999, Vol. 78 Issue 10, p1655 

    Cross-sectional studies have shown that older individuals are significantly less dentally anxious than younger ones. However, research has not been able to show if this is a cohort effect or an effect of fear declining with age. If it is a cohort effect, dental anxiety among the elderly may pose...

    Andreu-Mateu, Sabrina; Botella, Cristina; Quero, Soledad; Guillén, Verónica; Baños, Rosa // Behavioral Psychology / Psicologia Conductual; 2012, Vol. 20 Issue 2, p323 

    This article presents two case studies of 2 middle-aged women who suffered from an adjustment disorder (AD) with mixed anxiety and depressed mood as a result of their younger brothers being diagnosed with schizophrenia seven and 17 years ago, respectively. The treatment applied is based on...

  • Parenting Style Trumps Work Role in Life Satisfaction of Midlife Women.
    Kasimatis, Margaret D.; Guastello, Denise D. // Journal of Articles in Support of the Null Hypothesis; 2012, Vol. 9 Issue 1, p51 

    Our study investigated the effects of work role and parenting style on life satisfaction in midlife mothers. 432 mothers of college-aged children completed the Parental Authority Questionnaire (Buri, 1991) and the Satisfaction with Life Scale (Diener, Emmons, Larson & Grifin, 1985). They also...

  • Older women lose happiness as aging men find it.
    Kasimatis, Margaret D.; Guastello, Denise D. // Research Review (International Council on Active Aging); 8/6/2008, Vol. 8 Issue 27, p4 

    The article discusses gender as a factor in determining feelings of happiness of middle-aged to old people. A procedure was done by conducting two separate surveys. One for persons born in 1925 and another in 1965. Findings showed that women were on average to the level of satisfaction and...

  • Concept Analysis of Middle-aged Women's Seogeulpeum.
    Gu Hye-Ja; Eun Young // Korean Journal of Women Health Nursing; Dec2010, Vol. 16 Issue 4, p381 

    Purpose: The purpose of this study was to analyze the concept seogueulpeum, in order to give a operational definition of middle-aged women's seogueulpeum. Methods: Walker and Avant's methods for concept analysis was used. Results: The defining attributes of seogueulpeum identified in this study...

  • The First Bad Man.
    Gray, Kate // Library Journal; 9/15/2014, Vol. 139 Issue 15, p67 

    No abstract available.

  • Sexual Feelings Toward the Therapist Among Patients with Borderline Personality Disorder: A Case of Erotomanic Delusional Disorder.
    Frías, Álvaro; Palma, Cárol; Farriols, Núria; Martínez, Bárbara // Archives of Sexual Behavior; Jan2015, Vol. 44 Issue 1, p3 

    The article discusses a case of a middle-aged woman diagnosed with borderline personality disorder (BPD). Topics discussed include the symptoms of erotomanic delusional disorder or Clerambault's syndrome exhibited by the patient, the threats posed to therapists of patients who develop strong...

  • Views of Future Aging Among Middle-Aged, University Educated Women.
    Quirouette, Cécile C.; Pushkar, Dolores // Canadian Journal on Aging; 05/01/1999, Vol. 18 Issue 2, p236 

    This study explored middle-aged, university educated women's views of their own future aging, using a combination of qualitative and quantitative techniques. Seventy-four university graduates, aged 45 to 65, were interviewed about their views of aging and their employment histories. They also...

  • The influence of a moderate aerobics programme on the body self-image of women in middle adulthood.
    Daniels, Andrea K.; van Niekerk, Rudolph l. // South African Journal of Sports Medicine; 2011, Vol. 23 Issue 4, p106 

    objectives. This empirical study investigated the effect of a moderate aerobic exercise programme on the body self-image of a sample of women (n=49) in middle adulthood with a mean age of 54.2 years. Methods. The participants were randomly assigned to an experimental group (n=24) and a control...

  • Women's Regrets About Their Lives: Cohort Differences in Correlates and Contents.
    Newton, Nicky; Torges, Cynthia; Stewart, Abigail // Sex Roles; Apr2012, Vol. 66 Issue 7-8, p530 

    In this paper we test hypotheses about the importance of life stage in moderating the relationship between acknowledging regrets and concurrent well-being, as well as how changes in women's social roles during the post-war period affected the content of the regrets they develop. We examine the...

    Bart, Pauline // Other Within Us: Feminist Explorations of Women & Aging; 1997, p25 

    Chapter 2 of the book "Other Within Us: Feminist Explorations of Women and Aging," is presented. It discusses the psychological state of a middle aged women who are depressed, in context of the societal structure and its role in defining their attitudes. It is stated that the middle aged women...

  • ON WOMEN TURNING 50: Celebrating Mid-Life Discoveries.
    C. N. // Women Artists News Book Review; 1995, Vol. 20, p47 

    The article reviews the book "On Women Turning 50: Celebrating Mid-Life Discoveries," by Cathleen Rountree.

  • THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE: Choosing a Vibrant, Joyful Future.
    R. I. G. // AudioFile; Feb/Mar2016, Vol. 24 Issue 5, p31 

    No abstract available.

    Oplatka, Izhar; Tevel, Tova // Adult Education Quarterly; Nov2006, Vol. 57 Issue 1, p62 

    From a life-stage perspective, the purpose of this study was to examine the motivation of female students in midlife to enroll in an undergraduate or graduate program and the meaning they attach to higher education (HE) in general. An additional purpose was to reveal these women's subjective...

  • Middle-aging gracefully.
    Lloyd, Susie // Catholic Digest; Jun-Aug2015, Vol. 79 Issue 7, p96 

    The article talks about aspects of being a middle-aged woman. Topics discussed include positive aspects of middle-aged woman such as being not worried about what people think and their judgement, and about getting pregnant, challenges with middle age such as unable to take risks and binge...

  • Forever Fabulous.
    Lloyd, Susie // Ebony; Jul2013, Vol. 68 Issue 9, p106 

    The article profiles actress LisaRaye McCoy who at age 46 notes her fitness, beauty and hair care, and skin care secrets. LisaRaye mentions actresses Diahann Carroll and Raquel Welch influenced her understanding of sex appeal and she revels in being perceived as a sexy older woman. The article...

  • Facebook is Linked to Body Dissatisfaction: Comparing Users and Non-Users.
    Stronge, Samantha; Greaves, Lara; Milojev, Petar; West-Newman, Tim; Barlow, Fiona; Sibley, Chris // Sex Roles; Sep2015, Vol. 73 Issue 5-6, p200 

    Growing media consumption and emerging forms of social media such as Facebook allow for unprecedented appearance-based social comparison with peers, family, and the wider media. We hypothesise that, for adult men and women, body dissatisfaction is related to peer-based media just as it is to...

  • Longitudinal Examination of the Exercise and Self-Esteem Model in Middle-Aged Women.
    Elavsky, Steriani // Journal of Sport & Exercise Psychology; Dec2010, Vol. 32 Issue 6, p862 

    This 2-year prospective study examined the exercise and self-esteem model in middle-aged women (N = 143) previously enrolled in a randomized controlled exercise trial. Across the 2-year period, increases in physical activity (PA) and self-efficacy and reductions in body mass index (BMI) were...

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