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  • Lower Body Strength of Children and Adolescents With and Without Mild Mental Retardation: A Comparison.
    Pitetti, Kenneth H.; Yarmer, Daniel A. // Adapted Physical Activity Quarterly; Jan2002, Vol. 19 Issue 1, p68 

    The purpose of this study was to compare children and adolescents (ages 8–18 yr) with and without mental retardation (MR) on isometric strength of knee flexion, knee extension, and combined leg and back strength. Sample size of participants with mild MR, but without Down syndrome, was 158...

  • A Contemporary Definition of Mental Retardation.
    Pitetti, Kenneth H.; Yarmer, Daniel A. // Adapted Physical Activity Quarterly; Jan2003, Vol. 20 Issue 1, p95 

    Discusses the definition of mental retardation by American Association on Mental Retardation. Description of the definition; Need of professionals to evaluate limitations in functioning within the context of the individual's age, peers and culture.

  • Attitudes of soccer coaches toward youth players with mild mental retardation: A pilot study.
    Rizzo, Terry L.; Bishop, Paul; Tobar, David // Adapted Physical Activity Quarterly; Jul1997, Vol. 14 Issue 3, p238 

    Attitudes and selected attributes of youth soccer coaches (N = 82, 18 women, 63 men, and one person who did not identify his/her gender) toward coaching a player with mild mental retardation (MMR) were assessed by Coaches' Attitudes Toward Players With Disabilities (CAP-S) survey....

  • Bone Mineral Density, Body Composition, and Muscle Strength in Premenopausal Women With Mental...
    Felix, Manny; McCubbin, Jeff; Shaw, Janet // Adapted Physical Activity Quarterly; Oct1998, Vol. 15 Issue 4, p345 

    Many women with mild to moderate mental retardation (MMR) exhibit low levels of physical activity, muscle strength, and muscle mass, which place these individuals at risk for osteoporosis. Bone mineral density (BMD), the primary index of osteoporosis, of the femoral neck and the whole body was...

  • Attitudes on Inclusion in a Regular Softball League.
    Rizzo, Terry; Bishop, Paul // Adapted Physical Activity Quarterly; Oct1998, Vol. 15 Issue 4, p385 

    Presents an abstract of the article `Attitudes on Inclusion of a Player With Disabilities in a Regular Softball League,' written by M.E. Block, and M. Malloy which was published in the 1998 `Mental Retardation' periodical.

  • Learning and Control of Simple Aiming Movements by Adults With Profound Mental Retardation.
    Seung-oh Choi; Choi, Seung-oh; Meeuwsen, Harry J.; French, Ron; Stenwall, Jill // Adapted Physical Activity Quarterly; Apr1999, Vol. 16 Issue 2, p167 

    Behavioral, response outcome, and response kinematic measures were analyzed for 6 adults (5 males and 1 female) with profound mental retardation (PMR). Participants performed 30 error-free simple linear aiming movements Oh a digitizing tablet during 7 acquisition, 3 retention, and 4 transfer...

    Wickham, Parnel // Journal of Social History; Summer2002, Vol. 35 Issue 4, p935 

    Investigates conception of idiocy in colonial era in Massachusetts. Factors contributing to a socially constructed interpretation of idiocy; Suitability of the language of idiocy for Puritan portrayals of human despair and spiritual negation; Presence of important documentation on idiocy in...

  • Campaign to make the 'r' word unacceptable gathers momentum.
    Wickham, Parnel // Learning Disability Practice; May2010, Vol. 13 Issue 4, p4 

    The article reports that the Special Olympics and the international learning disability group Best Buddies International are supporting a campaign which aims to end the use of the word retard in the U.S.

  • Department slammed over 'failure' to address key recommendations.
    Wickham, Parnel // Learning Disability Practice; Mar2011, Vol. 14 Issue 2, p4 

    The article reports on the claim of Professor Jim Mansell, author of a report about the care of people with profound intellectual and multiple disabilities, that the Great Britain government has not addressed the key recommendations he put forward concerning the care for people with learning...

  • Assessment and Treatment of Sexual Offenders with Intellectual Disabilities.
    Brown, Michael // Learning Disability Practice; Mar2011, Vol. 14 Issue 2, p8 

    The article reviews the book "Assessment and Treatment of Sexual Offenders with Intellectual Disabilities," by Leam Craig, William Lindsay and Kevin Browne.

  • Does the 10-20 System Fit into EEG Registrations of Children with Cerebral Dysmorphy?
    Vreeburg, Joke G. M.; Schimsheimer, R. J.; Peeters, E.; Snoeck, I. N. // American Journal of Electroneurodiagnostic Technology; Dec2007, Vol. 47 Issue 4, p296 

    A ten-year-old girl with mental retardation due to holoprosencephaly was sent to the EEG department with the question of whether there were epileptiform abnormalities. Electrodes were attached according to the 10-20 System. Quite surprisingly there was a well-developed alpha rhythm with a...

  • Changing lives.
    Vreeburg, Joke G. M.; Schimsheimer, R. J.; Peeters, E.; Snoeck, I. N. // Learning Disability Practice; Jul2012, Vol. 15 Issue 6, p5 

    The article reports the launch of two short films launched at the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) Congress demonstrating how specialist nurses change the lives of people with learning disabilities.

  • Active support: enabling and empowering people with intellectual disabilities.
    York, Michelle // British Journal of Occupational Therapy; Feb2012, Vol. 76 Issue 2, p116 

    The article reviews the book "Active Support: Enabling and Empowering People With Intellectual Disabilities," by Jim Mansell and Julie Beadle-Brown.

  • Think college: Postsecondary education options for students with intellectual disabilities.
    Ingram, Christina // Journal of Applied Rehabilitation Counseling; Spring2013, Vol. 44 Issue 1, p49 

    The article reviews the book "Think College: Postsecondary Education Options for Students With Intellectual Disabilities," by Meg Grigal and Debra Hart.

  • Ridgeway partnership merges with Southern Health NHS Trust.
    Ingram, Christina // Learning Disability Practice; May2012, Vol. 15 Issue 4, p4 

    The article reports that Southern Health National Health Service (NHS) Foundation Trust is the preferred bidder in the competitive selection process to choose the trust that will acquire Oxfordshire Learning Disability NHS Trust (OLDT), also known as Ridgeway Partnership.

  • Dominant transmission of mental handicap.
    Ingram, Christina // British Medical Journal; 12/3/1977, Vol. 2 Issue 6100, p1438 

    Focuses on the transmission of mental handicap. Predominance of chromosome errors; Importance of genetic counseling on mentally-ill persons; Basis of genetic counseling.

  • Group Homes for People with Intellectual Disabilities: Encouraging Inclusion and Participation, Tim Clement and Christine Bigby, London, Jessica Kingsley, 2010, pp. 228, ISBN 9781 8431 0645 6 (pbk), £25.00.
    Fyson, Rachel // British Journal of Social Work; Oct2010, Vol. 40 Issue 7, p2350 

    The article reviews the book "Group Homes for People With Intellectual Disabilities: Encouraging Inclusion and Participation," by Tim Clement and Christine Bigby.

  • Social Work Practice and Intellectual Disability, Christine Bigby and Patsie Frawley, Basingstoke, Palgrave Macmillan, 2010, pp. xv + 238, ISBN 978-0-230-52166-7 (pbk), £17.99.
    Buchanan, Ian // British Journal of Social Work; Dec2010, Vol. 40 Issue 8, p2689 

    The article reviews the book "Social Work Practice and Intellectual Disability," by Christine Bigby and Patsie Frawley.

  • learning disability nurses win award.
    Buchanan, Ian // Learning Disability Practice; Apr2013, Vol. 16 Issue 3, p4 

    The article reports that Nurse Consultant Gwen Moulster with her team won a 2013 Nursing Standard Nurse Award for contribution in transforming care for people with cognitive disabilities; also included is Gwen's photograph with her team, along with the chief nursing officer for Scotland Ros Moore.

  • With a Little Help from My Friends.
    Laverty, Helen // Learning Disability Practice; Apr2013, Vol. 16 Issue 3, p9 

    The article reviews the book "With a Little Help from My Friends," by Michelle Daly.

    Laverty, Helen // Archives of Disease in Childhood; Mar2013, Vol. 98 Issue 3, p241 

    A correction to the article "De novo mutations and severe nonsyndromic intellectual disability" that was published in the previous issue of the periodical, is presented.

  • BITS & PIECES. Senate Committee Approves Legislation To Change Label Of "Mental Retardation" To "Intellectual Disability"
    Evans, Elizabeth // Palaestra; 2010, Vol. 25 Issue 1, p53 

    The article reports on the approval of the legislative bill Rosa's Law by the U.S. Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee on May 26, 2010, which would mandate replacement of the term mental retardation with the term intellectual disability legal in the U.S. federal law books.

  • Huge win in fight to save Fernald Center.
    Evans, Elizabeth // Massachusetts Nurse; Apr2007, Vol. 78 Issue 4, p3 

    An excerpt from the April 2007 issue of the journal "COFAR Voice" is presented.

  • Who Funded That?
    Evans, Elizabeth // Pacific Standard; May/Jun2015, Vol. 8 Issue 3, p72 

    A list of the studies cited in articles of "Pacific Standard" magazine, May-June 2015 issue, which received funding from sources other than the researchers' home institutions, is presented, including "The Cultural Lives of Whales and Dolphins," by Hal Whitehead, Department of Biology, Dalhousie...

  • Can Nutritional Supplements Reverse Mental Retardation?
    Fellman, Bruce // Prevention; Jun1981, Vol. 33 Issue 6, p135 

    No abstract available.

  • Special Moms.
    Grinnan, Edward // Guideposts; May2007, Vol. 62 Issue 3, p2 

    An introduction to articles published within the issue is presented, including one by Nancy O'Dell about the commitment to helping the mentally disabled and another by Shar Boerema about her adult Down syndrome son.

  • Support Groups for Parents of Children with Heart Disease -- Boone or Bane?
    Rowland, Thomas W.; Armstrong, Stephen H. // Clinical Pediatrics; Apr1983, Vol. 22 Issue 4, p322 

    Presents a letter to the editor the success of groups involving parents of children with diseases ranging from mental retardation to cleft palate to child abuse.

  • American Journal of Human Genetics: Too much protein HUWE1 causes intellectual disability.
    Rowland, Thomas W.; Armstrong, Stephen H. // Biomedical Market Newsletter; 8/28/2012, Vol. 21, p1 

    The article informs that intellectual disability is caused due to increased production of the HUWE1 protein.

  • PROJECT Jimmy.
    ZECK, SHERI // Guideposts; Apr2013, Vol. 68 Issue 2, p66 

    A personal narrative is presented which explores the author's experience of understanding disabled people to become a better person.

    MARR, RON // Missouri Life; Aug2013, Vol. 40 Issue 4, p103 

    In this article, the author reflects his thought on self imposed idiocy of the society.

    Pumphrey, Muriel W.; Goodman, Mortimer; Flax, Norman; Del Rosalno, Maria L.; Goldeaum, Richard I. // Social Work; Jul68, Vol. 13 Issue 3, p127 

    Presents a letter to the editor about children with mental disabilities.

  • Forensic aspects of mental handicap.
    Harvey, Carol L. // British Journal of Psychiatry; Feb90, Vol. 156, p281 

    A letter to the editor is presented in response to a paper on forensic aspects of mental handicap.

  • Differential Treatment Response, Neuroinflammation, and Psychosis Associated with Chromosome Deletion.
    Hollander, Eric // CNS Spectrums: The International Journal of Neuropsychiatric Med; Jun2008, Vol. 13 Issue 6, p459 

    The article discusses various reports published within the issue including one by Elizabeth A. Hoge on the efficacy and tolerability of aripiprazole in adult out-patients and another by Milen Velinov on the mental retardation and anxiety disorder with onset in mid-childhood.

  • Book review.
    Howell, M.C.; Jones, T.E. // School Library Journal; Jan92, Vol. 38 Issue 1, p138 

    Reviews the book `Mental Retardation,` by Robert E. Dunbar.

  • Mental Retardation: Definition, Classification, and Systems of Support (10th ed.) (Book).
    Howell, M.C.; Jones, T.E. // Palaestra; Fall2003, Vol. 19 Issue 4, p50 

    Reviews the book "Mental Retardation: Definition, Classification and Systems of Support," 10th ed.

  • Metal Retardation.
    Jones, Philip R. // Exceptional Children; Nov1971, Vol. 38 Issue 3, p280 

    The article reviews the book "Mental Retardation," vol. I edited by Joseph Wortis.

  • Mental Retardation (Book).
    Holbert, William M. // Personnel & Guidance Journal; Apr75, Vol. 53 Issue 8, p626 

    Reviews the book `Mental Retardation: Rehabilitation and Counseling,' edited by Philip L. Browning.

  • Mental Retardation (Book Review).
    Salomone, Paul R. // Journal of Rehabilitation; Jul-Aug75, Vol. 41 Issue 4 

    Reviews the book 'Mental Retardation: Rehabilitation and Counseling,' by Philip L. Browning.

  • Mental Retardation (Book).
    Meadows, Tawnya // Journal of Child Neurology; Apr2003, Vol. 18 Issue 4, p308 

    Reviews the book 'Mental Retardation: Definition, Classification, and Systems of Supports.'

  • PCMR conference report.
    Smith, Bena // Children Today; 1994, Vol. 23 Issue 1, p20 

    Discusses the forum held by the President's Committee on Mental Retardation (PCMR), called Presidential Forum: The President's Reform Agenda and People with Mental Retardation: 21st Century Realities. Excerpts by self-advocates and parent representatives; HHS Secretary Donna Shalala.

  • Clinical Pathology in Mental Retardation.
    Smith, Bena // Clinical Pediatrics; Dec1971, Vol. 10 Issue 12, p691 

    Cites the book "Clinical Pathology in Mental Retardation," by R.D. Eastham and J. Jancar.

  • Mental Retardation.
    Bicknell, Joan // British Journal of Psychiatry; Jul83, Vol. 143, p107 

    The article reviews the book "Mental Retardation," edited by Irene Jakab.

  • Mental Retardation (Book Review).
    Bicknell, Joan // Education; Spring85, Vol. 105 Issue 3, p248 

    Mental Retardation: Its social and Legal Context. By Stanley I. Vitello and Ronald M. Soskin (1985). Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey: Prentice-Hall, Inc. The authors maintain that the field of mental retardation has experienced sharp swings between moods of optimism and pessimism. On one end of the...

  • Mental Retardation: Appraisal, Education, and Rehabilitation (Book).
    Stern, Herman // Social Work; Jul68, Vol. 13 Issue 3, p118 

    Reviews the book "Mental Retardation: Appraisal, Education, and Rehabilitation," edited by Alfred A. Baumeister.

  • Mental Retardation: Appraisal, Education, and Rehabilitation (Book).
    Stern, Herman // Social Work; Jul68, Vol. 13 Issue 3, p118 

    Reviews the book "Mental Retardation: Appraisal, Education, and Rehabilitation," edited by Alfred A. Baumeister.

  • Dendritic Anomalies in Disorders Associated with Mental Retardation.
    Kaufmann, Walter E.; Moser, Hugo W. // Cerebral Cortex; Oct2000, Vol. 10 Issue 10, p981 

    Dendritic abnormalities are the most consistent anatomical correlates of mental retardation (MR). Earliest descriptions included dendritic spine dysgenesis, which was first associated with unclassified MR, but can also be found in genetic syndromes associated with MR. Genetic disorders with...

  • the mystery disease no one tests for.
    Stevenson, Debbie; Engeler, Amy // Redbook; Jul2002, Vol. 199 Issue 1, p128 

    Presents a story of a mother who has a son suffering from Fragile X syndrome, a debilitating genetic defect that affects almost as many children as Down syndrome. Trick to help a Fragile X child to absorb information; Estimated percentage of Fragile X sufferers who have been misdiagnosed; Way to...

  • Hair Trace Elements and Mental Retardation among Children.
    Shrestha, Krishna P.; Carrera, Alicia E. // Archives of Environmental Health; Nov/Dec88, Vol. 43 Issue 6 

    Focuses on the content of trace elements in scalp hair of children with mental retardation (MR). Correlation between MR and nutritional status of children; Level of calcium in children with MR; Cause of MR in children.

  • Mental Retardation in the 21st Century.
    Wehmeyer, Michael L. // Focus on Autism & Other Developmental Disabilities; Summer2000, Vol. 15 Issue 2, p66 

    Introduces some articles about mental retardation in children. Brief history of mental retardation; Issues related to mental retardation in the 21st century.

  • Psycho-legal issues affecting rape survivors with mental retardation.
    Pillay, A. L.; Sargent, C. // South African Journal of Psychology; Sept2000, Vol. 30 Issue 3, p9 

    Rape survivors who are believed to have mental retardation are subjected to a somewhat different sequence of legal events compared to those without this disability. Their intellectual functioning is questioned, as is their competence to give evidence in the trial of the alleged perpetrator. The...

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