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  • The Right Touch.
    Meyer, Michele // Parenting; Nov98, Vol. 12 Issue 9, p35 

    Presents information on the benefits of massaging, according to a study from the University of Miami's Touch Research Institute. Benefits of massaging children before they go to bed; How massaging a premature child fifteen minutes three times caused the child to gain weight and to be released...

  • Touch early and often.
    Drummond, Tammerlin // Time International (South Pacific Edition); 7/27/1998, Issue 30, p53 

    Explains the benefits of giving massages to infants, especially those born prematurely. Frequency and nature of massage; Impact of massage on premature babies; Massage at the Touch Research Institute, Miami, Florida; Physical benefits of massage; Prior opinion that pre-term babies should not be...

  • Massage magic.
    Gale, Georgina // Australian Parents; Aug/Sep2001, p62 

    Presents a step-by-step guide on massaging a baby. Background on the effect of massage on baby's sleep patterns, limb strength and suppleness; Factors to consider before massaging; Information on massage oils; Circumstances when massage should be avoided.

  • Touch early and often.
    Drummond, Tammerlin // Time; 7/27/1998, Vol. 152 Issue 4, p54 

    Explains the benefits of giving massages to infants, especially those born prematurely. Frequency and nature of massage; Impact of massage on premature babies; Massage at the Touch Research Institute, Miami, Florida; Physical benefits of massage; Prior opinion that pre-term babies should not be...

  • get ready... go.
    Drummond, Tammerlin // Baby Talk; Sep2010, Vol. 75 Issue 7, p42 

    The article looks at the different ways in which infants' body parts including the back, face and chest should be touched.

    Drummond, Tammerlin // Working Mother; Feb/Mar2010, Vol. 33 Issue 2, p80 

    The article offers ways on how to soothe a stressed baby aside from massage such as wrapping her with a soft blanket, providing a calm environment, and rocking the baby gently.

    Drummond, Tammerlin // Baby Massage; 2004, p10 

    The article presents step-by-step instructions for proper execution of baby massage.

    Drummond, Tammerlin // Baby Massage; 2004, p40 

    The article offers step-by-step instructions for incorporating baby massage in the baby's daily routine including African and Indian massage.

    Drummond, Tammerlin // Baby Massage; 2004, p60 

    The article offers step-by-step instructions for performing baby massage according to age groups and needs.

    Drummond, Tammerlin // Baby Massage; 2004, p76 

    The article offers step-by-step instructions for massaging an ailing child and children with special care.

    Bainbridge, Nicki; Heath, Alan // Baby Massage; 2004, p6 

    An introduction to the book "Baby Massage" is presented in which the authors discussed the benefits of baby massage, the different chapters of the book, and the therapeutic effect of massage towards the child's psychological, social and physical development.

  • How to Rub Your Baby the Right Way.
    Bainbridge, Nicki; Heath, Alan // Parenting Early Years; 2011 Supplement, p66 

    The article offers information on how to massage one's baby the right way.

  • The magic touch.
    Hutter, Sarah // Working Mother; Feb97, p46 

    Discusses the benefits of massage to an infant, from the study by Tiffany Field, director of the Touch Research Institute at the University of Miami School of Medicine. Comparison of the response of infants who received massage and from those who were rocked.

  • Baby Massage.
    Andrews, Chloe // Parenting; Aug99, Vol. 13 Issue 6, p71 

    Presents information on how to massage a baby. Step-by-step process; Benefits of regular massage; Photographs showing the process. INSET: Getting Started.

  • The importance of being an infant.
    Andrews, Chloe // Australia's Parents; Oct/Nov97 Supplement First Steps, Issue 101, p5 

    Discusses the importance of the first few years of an infant's life. Significance of infant massage; Importance of auditory and visual stimulation for infant.

  • Chinese infant massage.
    Andrews, Chloe // Australia's Parents; Oct/Nov97 Supplement First Steps, Issue 101, p6 

    Features the Chinese infant massage as a tool to balance the different body systems. Different techniques for different effects of the massage; Five crucial points to improve fitness.

  • Effects of effleurage massage plus breathing techniques on childbirth satisfaction in primiparous women referring to lolagar Hospital in Tehran.
    Haseli, A.; Jahdi, F.; Egdampour, F.; NaysaniSamani, L.; Haghani, H. // Iranian Journal of Reproductive Medicine; Jun2014 Supplement, Vol. 12, p44 

    Introduction: A women's satisfaction with the childbirth experience may have immediate and long-term effects on her health and her relationship with her infant, so this study aims to investigate the Effects of effleurage massage plus breathing techniques on childbirth satisfaction in primiparous...

  • Gentle Touch: Infant Massage.
    Reagan, R. // Video Librarian; Jul/Aug2004, Vol. 19 Issue 4, p52 

    The article reviews a video recording about infant massage.

  • Baby Massage A Dialogue of Touch.
    Chapman, Glenda; Bond, Cherry // Massage Australia; Oct2002, Issue 39, p6 

    Presents information on baby massage, a form of touch therapy. Evolution of touch therapy; Effects of the neonatal intensive care unit environment on newborn babies; Discussion of positive touch; Benefits of joining a baby massage group.

  • Return on Intention.
    YOUNG, LESLIE A. // Body Sense; Spring2014, Vol. 14 Issue 1, p1 

    An introduction to the journal is presented in which the editor discusses reports within the issue on topics including reiki and infant massage and the advantages of these modalities in infants and young children.

  • Baby-soothing moves.
    Beaulac, Erica // Parenting; Oct2006, Vol. 20 Issue 9, p33 

    The article offers step-by-step instructions for infant massage.

  • Home video: Instructional.
    Olson, Catherine Apple // Billboard; 02/08/97, Vol. 109 Issue 6, p64 

    Reviews the instructional home video `Baby Massage: A Video for Loving Parents,' from Pacific Communications.

    Bajaj, Amrinder // Woman's Era; Jul2012, p42 

    The article presents questions and answers related to the care of children including a cure for mouth ulcers, benefits of massages to a baby and safe removal of cradle cap in a two-month old infant.

  • The Power of Touch.
    Bajaj, Amrinder // Parenting Early Years; 2011 Supplement, p65 

    The article discusses the benefits of massage to infants in terms of weight gain, relaxation, and prevention of colds.

  • Compassionate Hands.
    Bajaj, Amrinder // Good Housekeeping; Feb2014, Vol. 258 Issue 2, p27 

    The article discusses the Heart Touch Project, a nonprofit massage training program for volunteers, to give free of cost massages to isolated patients spanning from infant to the elderly.

  • Babies: Before and after.
    McCray, Nancy // Booklist; 11/1/93, Vol. 90 Issue 5, p537 

    Reviews the videotape `Baby's First Touch: Step-by-Step Training for Infant Massage.'

  • Volunteers teach Sparrow Health's littlest patients the value of touch.
    AMENT, LUCY // AHA News; 4/19/2010, Vol. 46 Issue 8, p4 

    The article presents information on the Infant Massage Program of Sparrow Health System in Lansing, Michigan. It is a volunteer program launched by the system to let infants born critically ill or premature know that human contact is a wonderful thing. Under the program, the babies in Sparrow's...

  • Baby Massage.
    MCLOUGHLIN, HEIDI // Massage Australia; May2011, Issue 67, p4 

    The author focuses on the subject of baby massage from the perspective of parents and massage practitioners, as well as the best practice when it comes to massage with infants. Analysis shows the legalities and the struggle of professionals who work with infants in dealing with medical indemnity...

  • events calendar.
    MCLOUGHLIN, HEIDI // Massage Australia; Aug2009, Issue 64, p38 

    A calendar of events related to massage training from May 2010 to July 2010 is presented including Infant Massage Training in Melbourne, Victoria, Oncology Massage-Module Two in Victoria, and Marketing Your Holistic Therapies Business in Brisbane, Queensland.

  • A is for Apple, Y is for Yoga.
    McLaughlin, Lisa // Time; 5/19/2003, Vol. 161 Issue 20, p83 

    Reports on the popularity of yoga for infant well-being. Use of yoga-influenced stimulation exercises, massage, and games; Comments about the benefits of parent-child yoga classes.

  • easy baby.
    Marinos, Sarah // Good Health & Medicine; Dec2007, p64 

    The article discusses ways to ease the tension surrounding normal baby problems. British research found massage helps babies under six months cry less and sleep better. Pop baby on its tummy at a 30-degree angle so it does not vomit and stroke the back from shoulders to bottom with a flat hand....

  • Get in touch with your baby.
    Ripton, Nancy // Fit Pregnancy; Jun/Jul2009, Vol. 15 Issue 9, p127 

    The article presents information on the do's and don'ts of newborn massage. Massage helps in bonding with the baby. It is said that 5-10 minutes of daily massage helps in stimulating the baby's digestion, improves immunity and also aids sleep. Teresa Kirkpatrick-Ramsey, founder of Baby's First...

  • The Many Benefits of Infant Massage.
    Ripton, Nancy // Massage Magazine; Feb2007, Issue 129, p21 

    The article examines the impact of massage on infants' growth and development. Researchers from University of Warwick in Warwickshire, England have examined nine studies dealing with infant massage. They found that infant massage have many health benefits, including indications that infants who...

  • Massage in the Media.
    Ripton, Nancy // Massage Magazine; Nov2009, Issue 162, p24 

    The article offers information from several media sources related to massage and touch therapy in the U.S. Audrey Tyrvainen, an infant massage instructor, delves into the practice and its benefits to the baby and parents. Fibromyalgia sufferer shares her experience with craniosacral and massage...

  • One to one.
    Ripton, Nancy // Australian Parents; Apr/May2008, p75 

    The article offers information on developmental milestones during a child's first year. A newborn comes into the world with a range of innate abilities. They also love massage, touch, music and familiar voices. By month two, baby might be able to lift her head for a few seconds when lying on her...

  • The benefits of baby massage.
    Lorenz, Lydia; Moyse, Karen; Surguy, Helen // Paediatric Nursing; Mar2005, Vol. 17 Issue 2, p15 

    Explains the benefits of baby massage for the infant care services of Sure Start initiative in Great Britain. Weight gain of infants; Communication of care and love between parents and babies; Enhancement of the sensitivity of parents to the needs of their infants.

  • hey, dad, meet baby!
    Lorenz, Lydia; Moyse, Karen; Surguy, Helen // Baby Talk; Dec2010/Jan2011, Vol. 75 Issue 10, p22 

    The article discusses the ways by which fathers can establish bonds with the new borns. It is suggested that learning to change diapers, making some savings and talking to the unborn babies after 32nd week of pregnancy is a good way to start with. It is mentioned that fathers should be present...

    Lorenz, Lydia; Moyse, Karen; Surguy, Helen // Baby Massage; 2004, p90 

    The article presents questions and answers related to baby massage including how to massage a baby with asthma, the effect massaging with nut oil to baby with allergies to nuts, and how to massage children with sensitive skin, eczema, recent surgery, or cuts and bruise.

  • A man in baby-land.
    Ruggiero, Paul // Massage Magazine; Jan/Feb2005, Issue 113, p26 

    The article profiles an infant massage instructor José Rubén De León and his professional experience. He has not always found it easy to spread his knowledge of infant massage in this female-dominated field. De León opened his San Antonio, Texas, practice in 1997 and two years later,...

  • A Comparative Study to assess the effect of Oil Massage vs Kangaroo Mother Care on Changes in the Physiological and Neurobehavioural Parameters among Low Birth Weight Babies.
    Biswal, Abhilekha // Indian Journal of Public Health Research & Development; Jul-Sep2015, Vol. 6 Issue 3, p154 

    Objective: A comparative study to assess the effect of oil massage and Kangaroo Mother Care on changes in physiological and neurobehavioral parameters in low birth weight babies in selected hospitals of Bhilai city. Materials and Method: This study was concluded in four groups with different...

  • tender touch.
    Pechman, Rachel Rabkin // Scholastic Parent & Child; May2009, Vol. 16 Issue 8, p66 

    An interview with Mollie Bollers, an infants massage instructor is presented. Bollers states that baby massage helps decrease stress hormones and helps modulate breathing, digestion and sleep. She added that massage is a wonderful way for parents to bond with their babies. She says that baby...

  • hot products.
    Pechman, Rachel Rabkin // Woman's Day (Australia Edition); 2/4/2008, Vol. 60 Issue 5, p55 

    The article presents information on the benefits of baby massage and cure for eye fatigue. Baby massage improves quality of sleep by soothing and relaxing. It strengthens bonding establishes a close loving communication. Plus, it reduces muscle tension as well as enhances the immune, circulatory...

    Harry, Pip // Woman's Day (Australia Edition); 9/10/2007, Vol. 59 Issue 37, p88 

    The article explores the benefits of massaging the baby. Recent research has shown that babies who received infant massage, as opposed to rocking, experienced greater daily weight gain, were less fussy, had better sleep patterns and were more social. Karen Attrill, a massage therapist, describes...

  • In the buff.
    Warnick, Melody // Parenting; Apr2008, Vol. 22 Issue 3, p114 

    The article offers tips on taking care of babies who have just started to resist wearing diapers. According to Steven Abelowitz, a pediatrician in Newport Beach, California, time without diapers means less of the changing that can irritate the skin. However, several precautions should be kept in...

  • Ready for Mom Inc.?
    Warnick, Melody // Working Mother; Jun/Jul2007, Vol. 30 Issue 5, p10 

    Several letters are presented commenting on articles in previous issues, including articles on women entrepreneurs, infant massage and working mothers' challenge of balancing work and home life.

  • The Power of Touch.
    Honig, Alice Sterling // Early Childhood Today; Mar2005, Vol. 19 Issue 5, p25 

    Discusses the importance of touch to infants and toddlers. Health benefits of gentle massages to premature babies; Tips for early education teachers on caring for infants; Effects of touching on children.

  • activities that...Promote Learning Through Touch.
    Honig, Alice Sterling // Early Childhood Today; Mar2005, Vol. 19 Issue 5, p27 

    Presents a guide for preschool teachers to creating activities that promote learning through touch. Ways to touch the baby's body during diaper change; Effects of touching on babies; Procedure for massaging a baby who has colic; Effect of touching on babies' emotional health.

  • Postnatal Depression.
    O'Higgins, Madeleine; Glover, Vivette // Massage Australia; Aug2004, Issue 47, p14 

    Focuses on how massage therapy can help new mothers with postnatal depression. Information on postnatal depression; Results of a study on massage and the benefits of touch, conducted by Tiffany Field of the Touch Research Institute in Florida; Explanation on the baby massage classes that were...

  • Massage Your Baby: For Physical and Emotional Health.
    O'Higgins, Madeleine; Glover, Vivette // Natural Life; Jan/Feb2006, Issue 107, p13 

    The article focuses on the benefits of baby massage. Although there are now numerous courses in infant massage, at the basic level, it is a very simple, loving process and can be done by any parent. The benefits include increased bonding between parent and child; relaxation and better sleep for...

  • Opportunities for Improving, Adapting and Introducing Emollient Therapy and Improved Newborn Skin Care Practices in Africa.
    Duffy, Jean L.; Ferguson, Rebecca M.; Darmstadt, Gary L. // Journal of Tropical Pediatrics; Apr2012, Vol. 58 Issue 2, p88 

    Infections and complications from prematurity cause a majority of global neonatal deaths. Recent evidence has demonstrated the life-saving ability of topical emollient therapy in resource-poor settings. With the potential to reduce infection and neonatal mortality by 41 and 26%, respectively,...

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