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  • 3-Hetero-1,5-Diketones in the Mannich Reaction with Dimethylamine.
    Vysotskii, V. I.; Kalinov, S. M.; Savin, K. I.; Shoshin, A. S. // Russian Journal of General Chemistry; Feb2004, Vol. 74 Issue 2, p311 

    Presents a letter to the editor regarding the Mannich reaction of 3-hetero-1,5-diketones with dimethylamine, previously published in the "Russian Journal of General Chemistry."

  • The Catalytic Asymmetric Mannich-Type Reactions in Aqueous Media.
    Yadav, G. D. // Chemical Business; Aug2002, Vol. 16 Issue 8, p15 

    Describes the achievement of the catalytic asymmetric Mannich-type reactions of a hydrazono ester with silyl enol ethers in aqueous media.

  • 2-Amino-5,5-bis(hydroxymethyl)-1,3-thiazol-4(5H)-one and its spirodioxane compounds in the Mannich reaction.
    Ramsh, S.; Ivanenko, A.; Medvedskiy, N.; Lagerev, D.; Lazarev, D.; Belobrzeckaja Costa, L. // Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds; Aug2006, Vol. 42 Issue 8, p1086 

    It was found that the aminomethylation of 2-amino-5,5-bis(hydroxymethyl)-1,3-thiazol-4(5H)-one and its spiro analogs using primary amines is accompanied by cyclization at the amidine fragment of the molecule with annelation of a tetrahydrotriazine ring. When using secondary amines the...

  • Solvent effect on the rate of the Mannich reaction of butyraldehyde with formaldehyde.
    Marshalok, G. A.; Karpyak, N. M.; Makitra, R. G.; Polyuzhin, I. P. // Russian Journal of Organic Chemistry; Sep2006, Vol. 42 Issue 9, p1264 

    The Mannich reaction of formaldehyde with butyraldehyde and diethylamine in hydrophilic solvents ensuring homogeneity of the medium follows the kinetic relations typical of an irreversible second-order reaction. The rate constants are determined by the ability of solvents to undergo...

  • Newer Substituted Benzoxazepinyl-quinazolinones as Potent Antipsychotic and Anticonvulsant Agents.
    Bajaj, Kiran; Srivastava, Virendra Kishore; Kumar, Ashok // Drug Research / Arzneimittel-Forschung; Jul2003, Vol. 53 Issue 7, p480 

    3-Amino-[2'-substitutedaryl-3'-substitutedarylaminomethylene- 2',3'- dihydro- 1',5'- benzoxazepin- 4'- yl]- 2- methyl- quinazolin- 4(3H)- ones 11-18 and 3-ami-no-[2'-substituted aryl-3'-substitutedaryl-azo-2',3'-dihydro-1',5'-benzoxazepin-4'-yl]-2-methyl-quinazolin-4(3H)-ones 19-26 were...

  • The Facile and Efficient Three-Component One-Pot Mannich-Type Reaction of Indoles Catalyzed by In(OTf)3 Under Microwave Irradiations.
    Prajapati, Dipak; Gadhwal, Sunil; Sarma, Rupam // Letters in Organic Chemistry; Jul2008, Vol. 5 Issue 5, p365 

    Indium triflate catalysed the three-component one-pot reaction of indole 1 with a heteroimine generated in situ under microwave irradiations and afforded predominately secondary indolyl amines 4 in excellent yields as well as bisindolyl methane 5 in poor yields. The catalyst indium triflate can...

  • Biossíntese de algumas bases de Mannich.
    Aranha, Bruna S. D. R.; Domingues, Nelson L. C.; Rinaldi, Andrelson W. // Orbital: The Electronic Journal of Chemistry; Apr2012 Supplement, Vol. 4, p108 

    No abstract available.

  • Synthesis and Evaluation of Analgesic, Anti-inflammatory and Antimicrobial Activities of 6-Acyl-3-piperazinomethyl-2- benzoxazolinones.
    Gökhan, Nesrin; Erdo&gcaron;an, Hakki; Durlu, N. Tu&gcaron;ba; Demirdamar, Rümeysa; Özalp, Meral // Drug Research / Arzneimittel-Forschung (Editio Cantor Verlag fur; Feb2003, Vol. 53 Issue 2, p114 

    In this study, 16 new 6-difluorobenzoyl-3-piperazinomethyl-2-benzoxazolinones were synthesized by Mannich reaction. Their chemical structures were proven by IR, [SUP1]H-NMR and elemental analysis. The compounds were screened for their analgesic and anti-inflammatory activities. A modified Koster...

  • Direct synthesis of phosphinopeptides containing C-terminal α-aminoalkylphosphinic acids.
    Fanhua Meng; Jiaxi Xu // Amino Acids; Jul2010, Vol. 39 Issue 2, p533 

    A series of phosphinopeptides containing C-terminal α-aminoalkylphosphinic acids were prepared in good yields directly in one-pot reactions of 2-( N-benzoxycarbonylamino)alkanamides/peptide amides, aldehydes, and aryldichlorophosphines, followed by hydrolysis. In the current method, the...

  • Hydride adducts of dinitroquinolines in multicomponent Mannich reaction.
    Medvedeva, A.; Yakunina, I.; Atroshchenko, Yu.; Shumskii, A.; Blokhin, I. // Russian Journal of Organic Chemistry; Nov2011, Vol. 47 Issue 11, p1733 

    Dinitro derivatives of 8-oxyquinoline, 8-oxyquinaldine, and 3,4-dihydroquinolin-2-one when reacted with NaBH form hydride σ-adducts that are involved into a multicomponent Mannich reaction affording pyridoazabicyclo[3.3.1]nonane.

  • Synthesis and properties of N-(2-ethoxyethyl) piperidine derivatives of anabasine.
    Kabdraisova, A. Zh.; Faskhutdinov, M. F.; Yu, V. K.; Praliev, K. D.; Fomicheva, E. E.; Shin, S. N.; Berlin, K. D. // Chemistry of Natural Compounds; Jul2007, Vol. 43 Issue 4, p437 

    The synthesis and pharmacological activity of ethers of 1-(2-ethoxyethyl)-4-[3-anabasin-1-yl-1-prop-1-ynyl]piperidin-4-ol were described.

  • N, N′-diethyl-1,3-propanediamine in the dihydroquercetin aminomethylation reaction.
    Nifant'ev, E.; Mosyurov, S.; Kukhareva, T.; Vasyanina, L. // Doklady Chemistry; Aug2013, Vol. 451 Issue 2, p197 

    The article discusses the synthetic features of dihydroquercetin aminomethylation with the involvement of N,N'-diethyl-1,3-propanediamine. It mentions that the participation of components of the Mannich reaction in synthesis conditions markedly effect the reaction course and product yields. It...

  • Silzic (ZnCI2/SiO2) as a New and Recyclable Zinc (II) Catalyst for One--pot Three-component Syntheses of β-aminocarbonyl Compounds under Solvent-free Conditions.
    Jafari, Abbas Ali; Moradgholi, Fatemeh // Acta Chimica Slovenica; 2009, Vol. 56 Issue 3, p744 

    Silzic (ZnCl2/SiO2) is an efficient and recyclable catalyst for one-pot three-component coupling reaction of aldehydes, amines and ketones to produce the corresponding β-aminocarbonyl compounds in high yields under solvent-free conditions. The advantages of this protocol are high yields, mild...

  • Study on Preparation of Two Derivatives of Bergenin and Their Analgesic Activity.
    ZHANG Shao-xiang; ZHAO Yong-na; ZHAO Qing; ZOU Cheng; SUN Ke; WANG Ji-Liang // Natural Product Research & Development; Jun2008, Vol. 20 Issue 3, p527 

    This paper studied the preparation of two derivatives of bergenin and their analgesic activity. Selective sulfonylation and Mannich reaction of bergenin were carried out respectively and two derivatives were obtained. Two products' analgesic effects were observed by employing the writhing test...

  • N-alkylation of azoles disubstituted acetamides under microwave and Mannich reaction conditions.
    Rajput, Ambarsing P.; Gore, Rambhau P. // Der Pharma Chemica; 2012, Vol. 4 Issue 6, p2222 

    The N-alkylation of some secondary amides, 2-(1H-azol-1-yl)-N-(substituted phenyl) acetamides, was carried out under different conditions basic, microwave and Mannich reaction. The attempts of alkylation of secondary amides using strong bases were unsuccessful. These prompted us to apply...

  • Reaction on a solid surface — A simple, economical, and efficient Mannich reaction of azacrown ethers over graphite.
    Sharghi, Hashem; Khalifeh, Reza // Canadian Journal of Chemistry; May2008, Vol. 86 Issue 5, p426 

    Graphite brings about a rapid Mannich reaction with a range of activated and unactivated phenolic compounds such as p-cresol and p-nitrophenol. The reactions are carried out with azacrown ether and paraformaldehyde in solvent-free conditions at 100 °C for 20–30 min. The graphite powder...

  • Synthesis and antioxidant activity of aminomethylated 6-methyluracil derivatives.
    Chernyshenko, Yu.; Mustafin, A.; Gimadieva, A.; Abdrakhmanov, I.; Gerchikov, A.; Safarova, I. // Pharmaceutical Chemistry Journal; Mar2010, Vol. 44 Issue 3, p123 

    The Mannich reactions of 6-methyluracil and 5-nitro-6-methyluracil with piperidine, morpholine, and triazole were studied. The antioxidant activities of the Mannich bases were comparable to that of the known antioxidant ionol.

  • Synthesis of 2-aminomethoxy-1-benzylsulfanylpentanes.
    Mamedbeili, E. G.; Dzhafarov, I. A.; Kochetkov, K. A.; Kyazimova, T. G.; Gasanov, Kh. I.; Alieva, S. T. // Russian Journal of Organic Chemistry; Jun2011, Vol. 47 Issue 6, p842 

    Mannich condensation of 1-benzylsulfanylpentane with equimolar amounts of formaldehyde and secondary amine gave in 3-4 h at 45-50°C the corresponding 2-aminomethoxy-1-benzylsulfanylpentanes in 72-76% yield.

  • Research on preparation of modified polyacrylamide-gel and its performance of removing lead from aqueous solution.
    Yang-zhi Zhu; Zhen Li; Jian Liu // Journal of Chemical & Pharmaceutical Research; 2014, Vol. 6 Issue 3, p964 

    According to the Mannich-Reaction, a kind of chelating hydrogel grafted with dithizone was prepared from polyacrylam (PAM), formaldehyde and dithizone. And the optimum adsorption condition of disposing Pb (II) from aqueous solution was studied. The result indicated that at 30°C, pH=6-7,0.5g...

  • Spirocyclohexadienones: VIII. 1-R-3,3-Dimethyl-2-azaspiro[5.5]undeca-1,7,10-trien-9-ones.
    Glushkov, V. A.; Vetoshkina, T. N.; Kolgashev, D. V.; Maiorova, O. A.; Shurov, S. N.; Shklyaev, Yu. V. // Russian Journal of Organic Chemistry; Aug2006, Vol. 42 Issue 8, p1131 

    1-R-3,3-Dimethyl-2-azaspiro[5.5]undeca-1,7,10-trien-9-ones were synthesized by condensation of 4-( p-methoxyphenyl)-2-methylbutan-2-ol with nitriles RCN in the presence of a concn. sulfuric acid.

  • Synthesis of piperazine based N-Mannich bases of berberine and their antioxidant and anticancer evaluations.
    Mistry, Bhupendra; Keum, Young-Soo; Noorzai, Rafi; Gansukh, Enkhtaivan; Kim, Doo // Journal of the Iranian Chemical Society; Mar2016, Vol. 13 Issue 3, p531 

    Isoquinoline alkaloids possess versatile biological activities. Hence, in the current research an effort has been made to improve structurally important part of isoquinoline alkaloid berberine because it is recognized as the marking compound for the crude drugs. Synthesis of rationalized...

  • Switching diastereoselectivity of direct Mannich-type reaction of cyclic ketones by polymeric laponite nanoclay catalyst.
    Eftekhari-Sis, Bagher; Mohajer, Sahar; Zirak, Maryam; Mahdavinia, Gholam; Büyükgüngör, Orhan // Journal of the Iranian Chemical Society; Apr2016, Vol. 13 Issue 4, p609 

    A new polymeric laponite nanoclay heterogeneous catalytic system based on HPMC (hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose) was developed for direct Mannich-type reaction of ketones with substituted benzaldehydes and anilines to afford corresponding β-amino ketones in good to high yields. Interestingly,...

  • Heterocyclization of Oximes of 3,5-Dimethyl(1,3,5-trimethyl)-2,6-diphenylpiperid-4-ones and N-Benzylpyrrolid-3-ones with Acetylene in a Superbasic Medium.
    Voskressensky, L. G.; Borisova, T. N.; Varlamov, A. V. // Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds; Mar2004, Vol. 40 Issue 3, p326 

    It has been established that on heterocyclization of 3,5-dimethyl-2,6-diphenylpiperid-4-one oxime with acetylene in a superbasic medium migration of the 3a-CH3 group to the anionic nitrogen atom occurs, leading to the formation of...

  • Synthesis of new derivatives of pyrido[1,2- a]triazine.
    Dotsenko, V.; Krivokolysko, S.; Litvinov, V. // Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds; Apr2007, Vol. 43 Issue 4, p517 

    The article discusses the synthesis of pyrido[1,2-a]triazine derivatives from 6-amino-4-(het)aryl-2-thioxopyridine-3,5-dicarbonitriles. 6-amino-4-(het)aryl-2-thioxopyridine-3,5-dicarbonitriles are readily accessible by the reaction of arylmethylenemalonitriles with cyanothioacetamide under...

  • Synthesis of N-substituted 9-[2-(3,4-methylenedioxyphenyl)-2-oxoethyl]-1,5-dinitro-7,8-benzo-3-azabicyclo[3.3.1]non-7-en-6-ones.
    Yakunina, I.; Atroshchenko, Yu.; Shahkheldyan, I.; Kobrakov, K.; Troizkiy, N.; Boikova, O. // Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds; Sep2007, Vol. 43 Issue 9, p1174 

    Aminomethylation has been accomplished of the anionic Yanovskii adduct of 2,4-dinitronaphthol and 3,4-dimethylenedioxyacetophenone. The structure of the 3-substituted 9-[2-(3,4-methylenedioxyphenyl)-2-oxoethyl]-1,5-dinitro-7,8-benzo-3-azabicylo[3.3.1]non-7-en-6-one was determined by...

  • Methyl nitroacetate and 3-nitropropionate in the synthesis of hexahydropyrimidines and piperidines.
    Shakirov, R. R.; Dokichev, T. V.; Biglova, R. Z.; Vlasova, N. M.; Baibulatova, N. Z.; Talipov, R. F. // Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds; Jan2008, Vol. 44 Issue 1, p43 

    Treatment of methyl nitroacetate and 3-nitropropionate with formaldehyde and primary amines under Mannich reaction conditions gives 5-nitrohexahydropyrimidines. In the case of methyl nitroacetate both the 5-nitrohexahydropyrimidine and isomeric...

  • Specific example of the mannich reaction in the series of 5-acetyl-6-aminoacenaphthene and its derivatives.
    Antonov, A.; Tyurin, R.; Minyaeva, L.; Mezheritskii, V. // Russian Journal of Organic Chemistry; Jul2007, Vol. 43 Issue 7, p998 

    Reactions of 5-acetyl-6-aminoacenaphthene and 5-acetyl-6-acetylaminoacenaphthene with aromatic aldehydes under conditions of base and acid catalysis gave derivatives of a new peri-fused heterocyclic system, 2,3,7,8-tetrahydroacenaphtho[5,6- bc]azepin-4(1 H)-ones.

  • Multicomponent Reactions Catalyzed by Lanthanides.
    Tambade, Pawan J.; Patil, Yogesh P.; Bhanage, Bhalchandra M. // Current Organic Chemistry; Dec2009, Vol. 13 Issue 18, p1805 

    This review covers some important developments in the field of multicomponent reactions catalyzed by lanthanides. Various aspects of well known multicomponent reactions such as Biginelli, Hantzsch synthesis, Ugi reaction, Mannich reaction, Povarov reaction, Kabachnik-Fields reaction and other...

  • Ionic liquid catalyzed multicomponent synthesis of 3,4- dihydro-3-substituted-2H-naphtho[2,1-e][1,3]oxazine derivatives.
    Kategaonkar, Amol H.; Sonar, Swapnil S.; Shelke, Kiran F.; Shingate, Bapurao B.; Shingare, Murlidhar S. // Organic Communications; 2010, Vol. 3 Issue 1, p1 

    An efficient and novel one-pot synthesis of 3,4-dihydro-3-substituted-2H-naphtho[2,1-e][1,3]oxazine derivatives from 1-naphthol, various anilines and formalin at room temperature stirring. The six-membered N,Oheterocyclic skeleton was constructed via 1-benzyl-3-methyl imidazolium hydrogen...

  • One-pot three-component Mannich-type reaction catalyzed by trifluoromethanesulfonic acid in water.
    Li, Gang; Wu, Hankui; Wang, Zhiyong; Wang, Xianli // Kinetics & Catalysis; Feb2011, Vol. 52 Issue 1, p89 

    One-pot three-component Mannich-type reaction of ketones, aldehydes and amines was efficiently catalyzed by liquid trifluoromethanesulfonic acid in water at ambient temperature. The high yield of corresponding β-amino ketones compounds were achieved. The proposed method is mild, green, simple...

  • Tandem Isomerization-Mannich Reactions from Allylic Alcohols and their Use for the Preparation of Four Diastereoisomers of 1-Amino-2-Methyl-1-Phenyloctan-3-ol.
    Cao, Hai T.; Roisnel, Thierry; Grée, René // Letters in Organic Chemistry; Sep2009, Vol. 6 Issue 6, p507 

    The tandem isomerization-Mannich reaction of octen-3-ol and benzylidene N-sulfonyl imine affords the corresponding β-aminoketones in good yields. Diastereoselective reduction, followed by the deprotection of the primary amine, gives the expected 1-amino-2-methyl-1-phenyloctan-3-ol derivatives...

  • Synthesis of (pyrrolidin-1-yl- and morpholinoalkyl)phosphonic acids.
    Baltser, A. E.; Shukan, I. V.; Barskova, E. N. // Russian Journal of Organic Chemistry; Aug2009, Vol. 45 Issue 8, p1273 

    The article presents a study which examines the aminoalkylation of phosphonic acid with pyrrolidine and morpholine Mannich reaction. It states that the study used formaldehyde, acetone, or methyl ethyl ketone as carbonyl component in the process of aminoalkylation of phosphonic acid. The article...

  • Síntese de alguns derivados de β-aminocetônicos via reação de Mannich utilizando biocatalisadores.
    Lima, Ana Claudia S.; da Silva, Erica Cristina; Rizzo, Paula Vanessa S.; Darbem, Mariana P.; Winck, Cristiane R.; Rinaldi, Andrelson W.; de Campos Domingues, Nelson Luis // Orbital: The Electronic Journal of Chemistry; Apr2012 Supplement, Vol. 4, p110 

    No abstract available.

  • Ethane-1,2-diaminium hydrogen sulfate: recyclable organocatalyst for one-pot synthesis of β-amino ketones by a three-component Mannich reaction.
    Bahrami, Kiumars; Khodaei, Mohammad Mehdi; Mohammadi, Masoumeh; Babajani, Nasrin // Journal of Chemical Research; Apr2014, Vol. 38 Issue 4, p223 

    Ethane-1,2-diaminium hydrogen sulfate was synthesised and characterised by NMR and elemental analysis techniques, and found to exhibit high catalytic efficiency towards one-pot Mannich-type reactions of ketones with aromatic aldehydes and aromatic amines in ethanol. This method has the...

  • Nano ZrO2: an efficient, recyclable, and inexpensive catalyst for diastereoselective three-component Mannich reactions.
    Abaee, M. Saeed; Akbarzadeh, Elahe; Shockravi, Abbas; Mojtahedi, Mohammad M.; Khavasi, Hamid Reza // Canadian Journal of Chemistry; Jul2014, Vol. 92 Issue 7, p659 

    A facile procedure is developed for the three-component Mannich reactions of several heterocyclic, homocyclic, and acyclic ketones by using catalytic quantities of nano ZrO2. As a result, the starting ketones undergo rapid reactions with a variety of aromatic aldehydes and aniline derivatives at...

  • New tertiary aminomethylphenols having an isobornyl substituent.
    Buralev, E. V.; Chukicheva, I. Yu.; Suponitskii, K. Yu.; Kuchin, A. V. // Russian Journal of General Chemistry; Jul2008, Vol. 78 Issue 7, p1411 

    New tertiary aminomethylphenols having an isobornyl fragment in the ortho position with respect to the phenolic hydroxy group were synthesized by the Mannich reaction.

  • Modified coumarins. 26. Synthesis of angular dihydrooxazinocoumarins from 3-hydroxy[ b,d]pyran-6-one.
    Nagorichna, I. V.; Garazd, M. M.; Garazd, Ya. L.; Khilya, V. P. // Chemistry of Natural Compounds; Jan2007, Vol. 43 Issue 1, p15 

    N-Substituted angular pyranodihydrobenzoxazines were prepared by condensation of 3-hydroxy-dibenzo[ b,d]pyran-6-one with various primary amines and two equivalents of formaldehyde in the presence of 4-N,N-dimethylaminopyridine as base.

  • Mannich synthesis of 3-amino-1-aryl-2-(4-chlorophenyl)-propan-1-ones.
    Gevorgyan, G. A.; Avakyan, A. P.; Gasparyan, N. K.; Panosyan, G. A. // Russian Journal of Organic Chemistry; Dec2009, Vol. 45 Issue 12, p1853 

    The article focuses on the study involving Mannich synthesis of 3-amino-1-aryl-2-(4-chlorophenyl)-propan-1-ones, a chemical reaction involving the chemical compounds, amino ketones. Mannich bases are potential biologically active compoundsAs mentioned, a new series of beta-amino ketones,...

  • Synthesis and biological activity of aminomethylene derivatives of emodin.
    Sikharulidze, M.; Vachnadze, V. // Chemistry of Natural Compounds; May2012, Vol. 48 Issue 2, p305 

    The article presents a study which discusses the synthesis and biological activity of aminomethylene derivatives of emodin. The study uses natural secondary amine alkaloid cytisine as the amine component, Mannich reaction and biological tests to determine the synthesis and activity of...

  • Aluminium dodecatungstophosphate (AlPWO)-An efficient catalyst for three-component Mannich reaction in water.
    Li, Gang; Long, Ruiling; Yang, Suling; Zhang, Liping // Kinetics & Catalysis; Jul2011, Vol. 52 Issue 4, p559 

    One-pot, three-component Mannich reactions of ketones, aldehydes and amines were efficiently catalyzed by AlPWO in water at ambient temperature to give the corresponding β-amino ketones in good to excellent yields. The method has the following merits: Firstly, Catalyst AlPWO is non-corrosive...

    Yanovska, E. S.; Ryabchenko, K. V.; Tertykh, V. A.; Kichkiruk, O. Yu. // Chemistry, Physics & Technology of Surface / Khimiya, Fizyka ta ; 2012, Vol. 3 Issue 4, p439 

    Anchorage of 4-(2-pyridylazo)-resorcinol and 1-(2-pyridylazo)-2-naphthol on the surface of silicapolyaniline composite has been carried out using the Mannich reaction. Complexing and ion-exchanging properties of the synthesized adsorbents with respect to cationic and anionic forms of transition...

  • Synthesis and acetylcholinesterase (AChE) inhibitory activity of some N-substituted-5-chloro-2(3H)-benzoxazolone derivatives.
    Soyer, Zeynep; Parlar, Sulunay; Alptuzun, Vildan // Marmara Pharmaceutical Journal; Jan2013, Vol. 17 Issue 1, p15 

    Alzheimer's disease is a progressive neurodegenerative disorder of the central nervous system. Acetylcholinesterase inhibition is one of the proposed mechanisms for treatment of Alzheimer's disease. Currently, acetylcholinesterase inhibitors such as tacrine, donepezil, rivastigmine and...

  • Reação de Mannich: Metodologia Clássica na Formação de Ligação Carbono-Carbono.
    Allochio Filho, João F.; Fiorot, Rodolfo G.; Delarmelina, Maicon; Lacerda Jr., Valdemar; dos Santos, Reginaldo B.; Greco, Sandro J. // Orbital: The Electronic Journal of Chemistry; Apr-Jun2013, Vol. 5 Issue 2, p96 

    The Mannich reaction is a classical method for the preparation of β-aminoketones and aldeydes (Mannich bases) and, as such, is one the most important reaction in organic chemistry. The resulting Mannich bases are of particular interest due to their biological activity, use as synthetic...

  • Synthesis of Pyrido[1,2- a][1,3,5]Triazine Derivatives by Aminomethylation of 6-Amino-4-Aryl-2-Oxo-1,2-Dihydropyridine-3,5-Dicarbonitriles.
    Khrustaleva, A.; Frolov, K.; Dotsenko, V.; Dmitrienko, A.; Bushmarinov, I.; Krivokolysko, S. // Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds; Apr2014, Vol. 50 Issue 1, p46 

    The aminomethylation of 6-amino-4-aryl-2-oxo-1,2-dihydropyridine-3,5-dicarbonitriles by treatment with primary amines and an excess of formaldehyde resulted in the formation of 3-R-8-aryl-6-oxo-1,3,4,6-tetrahydro-2 Н-pyrido[1,2- а][1,3,5]triazine-7,9-dicarbonitriles. The structure of...

  • Aminomethylation of 6-methyl-1-(thietan-3-yl)pyrimidine-2,4(1 H,3 H)-dione.
    Meshcheryakova, S.; Kataev, V.; Munasipova, D. // Russian Journal of Organic Chemistry; Mar2014, Vol. 50 Issue 3, p422 

    Mannich reactions of 6-methyl-1-(thietan-3-yl)pyrimidine-2,4(1 H,3 H)-dione with formaldehyde and morpholine, piperidine, N-methylpiperazine, and diethylamine gave the corresponding 5-aminomethylsubstituted pyrimidine derivatives. The title compound reacted with excess piperazine to form...

  • Synthesis and Psychopharmacological activities of some Succinimide Mannich bases.
    Selvakumar, Vijaya; Duraipandi, Selvakumar; Devdas, Santani // Journal of Pharmacy Research; Sep2011, Vol. 4 Issue 9, p3168 

    Compounds reverse the action of strychnine has been shown to possess anxiolytic properties and so we synthesized succinimide mannich bases to study the CNS depressant potential. Twelve Succinimide mannich bases have been synthesized and characterized by means of physical and spectroscopical...

  • Synthesis of new heterocyclic system, pyrido[3,2- e][1,3]thiazine by mannich reaction.
    Dyachenko, V.; Nikishin, A.; Dyachenko, A. // Russian Journal of Organic Chemistry; Aug2012, Vol. 48 Issue 8, p1135 

    The article presents a study which examines the chemical synthesis of heterocyclic system pyrido[3,2-e] [1,3] thiazine through Mannich reaction. The study uses Mannich reaction in the syntheses of triazolo[3,4-b]-1,3,5-thiadiazines, pyrido[1,2-a]-1,3,5-triazines, and...

  • Recent progress in the asymmetric Mannich reaction.
    Cai Xiao-Hua; Guo Hui; Xie Bing // European Journal of Chemistry; Jun2012, Vol. 3 Issue 2, p258 

    The asymmetric Mannich reaction is one of the most useful carbon-carbon bond forming reactions for the synthesis of chiral molecules containing nitrogen. The resulting β-amino carbonyl compounds are valuable synthons in the preparation of many natural products with useful biological...

  • Use of the Mannich Reaction to Synthesize Spin-Labeled Derivatives of the Natural Flavonoid Dihydroquercetin.
    Kosheleva, N.; Chernyak, E.; Polienko, Yu.; Morozov, S.; Grigor̕ev, I. // Chemistry of Natural Compounds; May2014, Vol. 50 Issue 2, p261 

    Mono-substituted spin-labeled compounds were synthesized from Mannich reactions of dihydroquercetin with 4-amino-2,2,6,6-tetramethylpiperidine-1-oxyl, 3-amino-2,2,5,5-tetramethylpyrrolidine-1-oxyl, and 3-aminomethyl-2,2,5,5-tetramethylpyrrolidine-1-oxyl. According to preliminary data, the...

  • Recent Developments in Nucleophilic Radical Addition to Imines: the Key Role of Transition Metals and the New Porta Radical-Type Version of the Mannich and Strecker Reactions.
    Pastori, Nadia; Gambarotti, Cristian; Punta, Carlo // Mini-Reviews in Organic Chemistry; Aug2009, Vol. 6 Issue 3, p184 

    This review summarizes the interesting results obtained during the last decade in the radical aminoalkylation of a wide range of nucleophilic radicals (deriving from hydrocarbons, ethers, alcohols, halogenated derivatives and amides) promoted by transition metals. We focus on the two main...

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