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  • Contract News: BRIEFS.
     // Horticulture Week; 2/12/2010, p14 

    The article offers news briefs related to business contracts in Great Britain.

  • The art of persuasive legal writing.
    McElhaney, James W. // ABA Journal; Jan1996, Vol. 82 Issue 1, p76 

    Discusses persuasive legal writing. Having something to say; Thinking first before writing; Telling the story; Making sense out of the law; Making every point a good one; Making writing stand out.

  • Hereinunder, how to write legalese.
    Romm, Ethel Grodzins // ABA Journal; Jan1985, Vol. 71 Issue 1, p146 

    Offers advice on how to write a legal communication. Choice of words; Use of plain English and prepositional phrases; Length of sentences and paragraphs.

  • Editors' Note.
    Romm, Ethel Grodzins // Verdict; Winter2010, Vol. 24 Issue 2, p3 

    The article discusses various reports published within the issue including one by Larry Rosenberg on legal brief writing, one by Rosenberg and Debra Satinoff Clayman on crime or fraud exception to the attorney-client privilege and another one by Cynthia Cohen on juror interviews.

  • Comma sense.
    Romm, Ethel Grodzins // ABA Journal; Dec84, Vol. 70 Issue 12, p132 

    Focuses on the proper use of punctuation marks in legal composition. Punctuation errors in contracts; Strategies for using commas; Usage of extra clauses.

    Younger, Irving // ABA Journal; Jan1988, Vol. 74 Issue 1, p122 

    Recommends persuasive writing styles in legal literature. Causes of bad prose; Steps on writing an appellate brief.

  • Stalking language: Hunting for the right words.
    Romm, Ethel Grodzins // ABA Journal; Jul85, Vol. 71 Issue 7, p122 

    Recommends persuasive writing styles in legal literature. Strategies for writing effectively; Use of reference books; Implications on lawyers and legal writing.

    Younger, Irving // ABA Journal; Aug86, Vol. 72 Issue 8, p82 

    Recommends persuasive writing styles in legal literature. Suggestions to avoid the use of vogue words and phrases; Points to remember in legal literature; Revisions to a written statute.

    McElhaney, James W. // ABA Journal; May2002, Vol. 88 Issue 5, p50 

    Offers tips on professional writing and speaking for lawyers. Avoidance of unnecessary issues and inconsistent arguments; Focus on adjectives and adverbs; List of words and phrases to be avoided.

  • At Issue.
    Lavine, Douglas // American Bar Association Journal; Sep83, Vol. 69 Issue 9, p1192 

    Presents a version of the first chapters of the Book of Genesis, rewritten and condensed in a legalistic manner. Definition of terms; Procedural history.

  • Write On.
    Mills, Jeffrey H. // ABA Journal; Sep90, Vol. 76 Issue 9, p92 

    Discusses an option taken by U.S. lawyers and law firms, that is, to hire a professional writer, to do their writing for them. Consequences of bad writing by lawyers; Functions of a professional staff writer; Aspects of legal writing and technical writing; Concerns about hiring a writer to do...

  • Friends with agendas.
    Wohl, Alexander // ABA Journal; Nov96, Vol. 82 Issue 11, p46 

    Discusses the reasons for the steady increase in amicus curiae briefs submission, which originally intended to provide a court with impartial legal information that was beyond its notice or expertise. Selective distortion of amicus briefs; Recognition of Court decisions' profound implications...

    Garner, Bryan A. // ABA Journal; Dec88, Vol. 74 Issue 12, p105 

    Examines how certain pairs of words used in the English language could affect legal composition. Meanings of similar words; Confusion caused by similar words; Effects of the interchanging of word pairs.

    Marcotte, Paul // ABA Journal; Sep86, Vol. 72 Issue 9, p34 

    Reports on U.S. District Judge Lynn Hughes' order for one attorney to rewrite his pleadings. Argument that too much legal writing is unnecessarily obtuse; Hughes' emphasis on clear writing in his speeches to the Houston, Texas bar and in law school lectures.

  • Romancing the verb.
    Lewis, Daniel B. // ABA Journal; Feb86, Vol. 72 Issue 2, p94 

    Advises lawyers on the use of verbs in persuasive writing. Definition of verbs; Tenses and moods of verbs; Use of verbs; Use of the forms of the verb 'to be'; Preference for the active over the passive voice; Switch to an active voice.

  • Preface.
    Berger, Linda // Journal of the Association of Legal Writing Directors; Fall2009, Vol. 6, preceding p1 

    A preface to the "Journal of the Association of Legal Writing Directors" is presented.

  • Persuasion: An Annotated Bibliography.
    Stanchi, Kathryn // Journal of the Association of Legal Writing Directors; Fall2009, Vol. 6, p75 

    The sources cited within this issue are presented including "Lay Lawyering," by Gerald P. Lopez, "The Structure of Judicial Opinions," by John Leubsdorf and "Minding the Law," by Jerome Bruner and Anthony Amsterdam.

    Stanchi, Kathryn // State Journal (WV); 6/27/2014, Vol. 30 Issue 26, p22 

    The article offers U.S. news briefs as of June 27, 2014 on various topics including West Virginia Child Advocacy Network event, fund raising by West Virginia Oil Marketers and Grocers Association and finalists for the "ESTY Awards" announced by the Greater Morgantown Convention and Visitors Bureau.

  • say what?
    Leche, Paul // Policy & Practice (19426828); Jun2008, Vol. 66 Issue 2, p35 

    The author reflects on the mistakes in legal writing in the U.S. He criticizes the writing ability in the lawsuit settlement document drafted by a young legal scribe. He points out that spelling and the proper usage of words are becoming less important for young people. The author also commented...

  • Metro Briefs.
    Leche, Paul // New York Amsterdam News; 6/17/2010, Vol. 101 Issue 25, p3 

    The article offers information on several reports including the legislation of microstamping for semiautomatic guns, the defeat of Divine Allah in a runoff election for the North Ward City Council seat, and the rally of the New Black Panther Party against Newark Police Department's decision to...

    Younger, Irving // ABA Journal; Apr87, Vol. 73 Issue 4, p90 

    Discusses common mistakes in legal composition. Incoherent sentences; Wordiness; Policy implications on lawyers and law firms.

  • "The Therapeutic Function of Testamentary Formality.".
    Glover, Mark; Budge, G. Scott // Trusts & Estates; Mar2013, Vol. 152 Issue 3, p58 

    A review of the article "The Therapeutic Function of Testamentary Formality" by Mark Glover on the production and execution of wills, which appeared in the "University of Kansas Law Review" in 2012, is presented.

  • Watchdog Watch.
    Glover, Mark; Budge, G. Scott // Public Finance; Jun2013, Issue 6, p18 

    The article offers Great Britain news briefs as of June 2013 related to regulation and inspection. Publication of the legislation "The Local Audit and Accountability Bill" abolish the Audit Commission. The National Audit Office has warned that the Whitehall savings are unlikely to be...

  • Learn the secrets of writing a good will.
    Glover, Mark; Budge, G. Scott // Filipino Post; 4/24/2014, pPP19 

    The article offers suggestions for writing a good will including selection of executors, putting name of loved ones in the will and naming guardian for children.

  • Persuasive Writing.
    Younger, Irving // ABA Journal; Jan1987, Vol. 73 Issue 1, p90 

    Discusses several indicators of poor legal composition skills among lawyers. Use of quasi-malapropisms; Use of the specialized lingo of the law profession; Stating the obvious in legal literature.

  • Keeping your balance.
    Romm, Ethel Grodzins // ABA Journal; Mar1985, Vol. 71 Issue 3, p125 

    Provides tips on how lawyers can achieve balance in legal composition. Avoiding wordy sentence construction; Parallel construction of sentences; Constant practice in legal writing.

  • The Care and Feeding of the Twenty-First-Century Developing Legal Writer.
    Trevor, Mary B. // Legal Communication & Rhetoric: JALWD; Fall2015, Vol. 12, p219 

    The article offers suggestions for practicing attorneys for supervising developing legal writers citing reference to the role of supervisors in a legal writer's development and it helps supervising attorneys achieve a balance between their duties of client representation and supervision.

  • Prop 8 briefs: Licenses back to bride, groom.
    Hemmelgran, Seth // Bay Area Reporter; 10/9/2008, Vol. 38 Issue 41, p1 

    A personal narrative which explores the author's experience with Proposition 8 is presented.

    MAZURE, Līga // Latgale National Economy Research; 2015, Issue 1, p132 

    The regulation of the will of the patient expressed in advance is controversial and insufficient in the Latvian legislation. The legal regulation on the will of the patient expressed in advance stipulates clearly only the form of the will of the patient; it has to be established without...

  • Law schools must teach legal writing.
    MAZURE, Līga // American Bar Association Journal; Oct80, Vol. 66 Issue 10, p1304 

    Comments on several articles from the February 1980 issue of 'Albany Law Review' about the teaching of legal writing by law schools. Reasons for the need to re-examine the teaching of legal writing; Opposition of legal educators on the teaching of legal writing; Importance of the teaching of...

  • Announcing the 1997 International Association of Defense Counsel Legal Writing Contest.
    MAZURE, Līga // Defense Counsel Journal; Jan1997, Vol. 64 Issue 1, p13 

    Presents rules and qualifications for the 1997 International Association of Defense Counsel Legal Writing Contest. Includes eligibility; Subject matter of articles; Authorship and publication requirements; Judging standards.

  • The English language in sex-neutral.
    Younger, Irving // ABA Journal; Jun86, Vol. 72 Issue 6, p89 

    Provides tips on the marked-unmarked usage of language in legal composition. Defenses against alleged sexism in legal composition; Sex-neutral nature of the English language; Policy implications on lawyers and law firms.

    Younger, Irving // ABA Journal; Feb88, Vol. 74 Issue 2, p104 

    Presents suggestions for writing an appellate brief. Writing of the statement of facts first; Selection of telling facts to be included in the brief; Use of headings and subheadings if the statement of facts is long or complex; Adoption of a tone that is appropriate to the occasion.

    Younger, Irving // City Limits Magazine; May/Jun2011, Vol. 35 Issue 2, p58 

    The article presents several news briefs related to the prisons from the U.S. The Osborne Association furthers its founders' goal of a criminal justice system that restores to society the largest number of intelligent, forceful, honest citizens. The Developing Justice program utilizes an...

    Sneddon, Karen J. // St. John's Law Review; Spring2011, Vol. 85 Issue 2, p683 

    The article focuses on the issues related to method of legal drafting of wills and testaments. As mentioned, a will memorializes the individual's personal wishes and hopes for individuals and entities that are important to the individual. It also throws light on the concepts of voice and persona...

  • Untitled.
    Sneddon, Karen J. // Xtra (Toronto); 1/15/2009, Issue 632, p17 

    This section offers news briefs related to the gay community including the court appearance made by Mark Scott, who was charged with assaulting two Oshawa lesbians in front of their children and the deal being offered by the Toronto Marlboros junior hockey team with the Canadian Gay Shinny...

    Younger, Irving // ABA Journal; Sep86, Vol. 72 Issue 9, p98 

    Presents recommendations for lawyers on writing a trial memorandum. Outline of the kind of trial memorandum that is useful to a judge; Short paragraph telling the judge how the case arose; Listing of witnesses in the order in which a lawyer plans to call them; Identification of...

  • Win your case with good legal writing.
    Castle, Linda L. // ABA Journal; Jun85, Vol. 71 Issue 6, p129 

    Summarizes an article on drafting lawsuit papers previously published i the periodical 'Thomas Cooley Law Review.' Style in legal writing; Elimination of archaic legalese from lawsuit papers.

    BROSNAN, WILLIAM J. // America; 1/16/1915, Vol. 12 Issue 14, p345 

    The article reviews the book "What Can I Know? An Enquiry Into Truth," by George Trumbull Ladd.

  • Quotes.
    BROSNAN, WILLIAM J. // ABA Journal; Jan1984, Vol. 70 Issue 1, p38 

    Focuses on memorable remarks and quotes dealing with issues affecting lawyers. Proliferation of legal writing; Suppression of information by the government; Inherent element of invidiousness in any affirmative action program.

    Younger, Irving // ABA Journal; Nov87, Vol. 73 Issue 11, p131 

    Deals with issues in legal writing. Three forms of legal reasoning commonly encountered in legal writing; Art of using language for the purpose of persuasion.

    Younger, Irving // Tennessee Bar Journal; Aug2007, Vol. 43 Issue 8, p5 

    The article presents several news briefs related to justice administration in Tennessee. The Tennessee Supreme Court has adopted several changes on several of its procedures effective July 1, 2007. According to a study, the state spends more in prosecuting the indigent than defending them. The...

  • Language Ideology and the Plain-Language Movement.
    Turfler, Soha // Legal Communication & Rhetoric: JALWD; Fall2015, Vol. 12, p195 

    The article discusses the ideologies of Plain Language movement in legal profession citing reference to the article "Can the Law Speak Directly to its Subjects? The Limitation of Plain Language" by Rabeea Assy.

  • Applied Legal Storytelling.
    Rideout, J. Christopher // Legal Communication & Rhetoric: JALWD; Fall2015, Vol. 12, p247 

    No abstract available.

  • Legal Blogging and the Rhetorical Genre of Public Legal Writing.
    Murphy Romig, Jennifer // Legal Communication & Rhetoric: JALWD; Fall2015, Vol. 12, p29 

    The article discusses public legal writing, which includes writing on blogs, posts, tweets, updates and others on social media, citing reference to two case studies of legal blogs including one on intellectual-property debate.

    Murphy Romig, Jennifer // Lawyer; 10/29/2007, Vol. 21 Issue 42, p80 

    The article offers news briefs related to the legal sector in Great Britain. The British government may find that there is a little spanner in the works related to its Fraud Bill which gives way through the Parliament. Ashurst's 132 equity partners will meet senior partner Geoffrey Green as part...

  • International Research in Children's Literature.
    Murphy Romig, Jennifer // International Research in Children's Literature; Jul2013, Vol. 6 Issue 1, p123 

    The article presents news briefs regarding this journal. It states that 21st congress of the International Research Society for Children's Literature would take place at Maastricht, Netherlands from August 17-21, 2013. It mentions that the contributors should refer to the journal's style guide...

  • Most GCs use cut-and-paste templates to draft contracts.
    Hewitt, Bill // InsideCounsel; Nov2015, Vol. 26 Issue 285, p15 

    The article reports according to a survey by contract management firm Exari on the use of "cut and paste" templates for contract drafting process by the corporate and General Counsels (GC) including contracting trends, risk assessment at organizations, and management of corporate contracts.

  • Chinle athletes sign letters of intent.
    FOSTER, OREE // Navajo Times; 5/28/2015, Vol. 54 Issue 21, pB-7 

    The article focuses on the girls basketball team Chinle Lady Wildcat seniors signing a letter-of-intent which includes members Kelly Tracy to play volleyball at Bacone College, Oklahoma, with Jessica Shirley to continue her running career from Central Arizona College.

  • Great Britain.
    FOSTER, OREE // America; 7/26/1913, Vol. 9 Issue 16, p362 

    This section offers news briefs in Great Britain as of July 1913. Majority of the House of Lords rejected, for the second time, the Irish Home Rule Bill. After a motion to reject the bill to abolish plural voting at elections in the British Isles had been defeated, it passed its third reading in...

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