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  • Cinema savior.
    Singer, M. // Film Comment; Sep/Oct88, Vol. 24 Issue 5, p44 

    A history of cinematic portrayals of Jesus Christ, from the unrealistically pious to the political to the controversially revisionist. Musical versions of the Gospel; Reactions of church groups.

    Anker, Roy M. // Christianity Today; 05/22/2000, Vol. 44 Issue 6, p58 

    Deals with the movies that retell the story of Jesus Christ. Significance of the movies; Challenge in making the movies; Comments concerning the various Jesus movies; Controversy over Jesus films. INSET: DESPERATELY SEEKING JESUS.

  • Who Is Jesus?
    Galli, Mark // Campus Life; Nov2000, Vol. 59 Issue 4, p34 

    Reports on the making of the television series 'Jesus,' starring Jeremy Sisto. Depiction of Jesus Christ in motion pictures; Complexity of his character and nature as man and God; Coverage by Gospel writers Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

  • Indian filmmakers plan mega movie on Christ.
    Galli, Mark // South Asian Post; 9/9/2010, p15 

    The article reports on the filming of the formative years of Jesus Christ by Indian director Singeetham Srinivasa Rao and producer Konda Krishnam Raju.

  • The "Jesus" Film: A Contribution to World Evangelism.
    Eshleman, Paul A. // International Bulletin of Missionary Research; Apr2002, Vol. 26 Issue 2, p68 

    Focuses on the Jesus Film Project which developed the documentary film 'Jesus.' Highlights on where the film has gone and its spiritual impact; Methods of the film distribution; Strengths of the project; Details of the follow-up plan and worldwide strategic plan of the Jesus Film Project;...

  • March Madness: Jesus movie style.
    Eshleman, Paul A. // U.S. Catholic; Apr2012, Vol. 77 Issue 4, p10 

    The article announces that the 1973 film "Jesus Christ Superstar," won "The Huffington Post's" "Top Big Screen Jesus Bracket Challenge."

  • Jesus Christ, movie star.
    McCormick, Patrick // U.S. Catholic; May2000, Vol. 65 Issue 5, p46 

    Deals with films about Jesus Christ. Advantages of a celluloid Christ; Problems with translating the gospels into film; Films that have stressed the humanity, frailty and neurosis of Jesus.

    McCormick, Patrick // U.S. Catholic; May2000, Vol. 65 Issue 5, p46 

    Reviews two films about Jesus Christ. `Jesus'; `The Miracle Maker.'

  • Gibson pic gooses 'Glory' tix.
    Gray, Timothy M. // Variety; 4/5/2004, Vol. 394 Issue 8, p4 

    Focuses on the effect of the film "The Passion of the Christ" on "The Glory of Easter" performance at the Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove, California. Ticket sales for the performance; Information on media attention given to the film.

    BOND, PAUL // Hollywood Reporter; 3/15/2013, Issue 10, p14 

    The article reports that Hollywood filmmakers are now planning to make films on Jesus Christ's resurrection.

    Viganò, Dario Edoardo // Teocomunicação; jul-dez2011, Vol. 41 Issue 2, p185 

    The article analyzes the representation of Christ in the cinema, be it in films that tell the story of Jesus, or by arguments which are based on it. The text introduces the language of the cinema as a facilitator in the relationship with the invisible. In this commitment to give a Picture of...

  • Martyrs inc.
    Hemming-Khan, Adil // Sight & Sound; Jan2009, Vol. 19 Issue 1, p104 

    A letter to the editor is presented regarding a comparison between two films about Jesus Christ, "Hunger" and "The Passion of Christ."

  • 'Jesus' vid spreads gospel via direct mail.
    Amdur, Meredith // Daily Variety; 8/20/2002, Vol. 276 Issue 55, p2 

    Reports on the nonprofit organization Jesus Video Project's direct mail distribution of the 'Jesus' inspirational video. Viewership claim of the video; Translation into 700 languages and dialects.

  • Bollywood Film About Life of Jesus Announced.
    MOHAMMED, AISHA // India -- West; 9/10/2010, Vol. 35 Issue 42, pC27 

    The article reports that filmmaker Singeetham Srinivasa Rao has said that the first Bollywood movie about the childhood of Jesus Christ will be shot in Jerusalem in the coming months.

  • Behold the Man.
    Reed, J. // Video Librarian; Mar/Apr2007, Vol. 22 Issue 2, p55 

    A review of the DVD release of the documentary film "Behold the Man" is presented.

  • Jesus of Hollywood.
    Stratton, Kimberly B. // Biblical Theology Bulletin; Summer2009, Vol. 39 Issue 2, p107 

    The article reviews the book "Jesus of Hollywood," by Adele Reinhartz.

  • On All Horizons.
    R. A. G. // America; 2/20/1960, Vol. 102 Issue 20, p602 

    The article offers news briefs related to religious issues. McGraw Hill will publish a Junior Catholic Encyclopedia under the sponsorship of Cardinal Spellman to meet the curriculum needs of secondary schools. A program which will feature four visiting scholars will be conducted at St. John's...

  • In Sight.
    R. A. G. // America; 5/14/1983, Vol. 148 Issue 19, p371 

    The article presents comments related to politics and religion worldwide. The editor's of the periodical "America" were unimpressed on the article about the Romanoff liberty in 1913. Mayor Dianne Feinsten of San Francisco, California sponsored a local ordinance for controlling the use of...

  • Jesus stars in Agulla & Baccetti spots that will not be seen at the Cannes fest.
    Gray, Kevin // Advertising Age International; Jun2000, p4 

    Focuses on the television commercial films created by Argentina-based advertising agency Agulla and Baccetti for the Renault Clio automobile as of June 2000. Appearance of Jesus in the television commercials.

  • Mel Gibson's Passion.
    Carroll, James // Tikkun; Mar/Apr2004, Vol. 19 Issue 2, p28 

    Explores the implication of Mel Gibson's film "The Passion of the Christ" for theology and Jewish-Christian relations. Decision of the father of the Second Vatican on the interpretation of Christ's passion; Views of Gibson on the killer of Christ; Role of the Jews in killing Christ; Analysis...

  • 'Passion' Film Sparks Impassioned Response.
    Carroll, James // Church & State; Apr2004, Vol. 57 Issue 4, p16 

    Reports on the debate and discussion over the film "The Passion of the Christ," directed by Mel Gibson. Film's depiction of the last hours of the life of Jesus in graphically violent detail; Accusation that Gibson fomented anti-Semitism by implying the Jews were responsible for the death of...

  • Teaching contempt.
    Taylor, Barbara Brown // Christian Century; 8/24/2004, Vol. 121 Issue 17, p37 

    Presents views on sermons that teach contempt. Remarks from a doctor regarding the sermons; Information on an essay about actor Mel Gibson's movie on Jesus Christ.

  • What controversy? Passion of Christ is inspiring.
    Connor, Deborah // Fort Worth Business Press; 3/12/2004, Vol. 17 Issue 11, p72 

    Reviews the motion picture "The Passion of the Christ," starring James Caviezel.

  • Palestinian Braveheart.
    Baugh, Lloyd // America; 2/23/2004, Vol. 190 Issue 6, p17 

    Discusses the motion picture "The Passion of the Christ," directed by Mel Gibson. Comparison of the motion picture with previous motion pictures on Jesus Christ; Examination of the scenes in the motion picture that effectively connect with the audience; Controversy surrounding the motion...

  • Of Many Things.
    Martin, James // America; 3/8/2004, Vol. 190 Issue 8, p2 

    Comments on the screening of Mel Gibson's film "The Passion of the Christ." Views of Gibson on non-Catholics; Description of a good Christian; Errors committed by Gibson based on the criticism on the film.

  • Mel's punitive passions.
    Bart, Peter // Variety; 3/1/2004, Vol. 394 Issue 3, p3 

    Comments on the controversy surrounding Mel Gibson's interpretation of Jesus' last hour in the motion picture "The Passion of the Christ." Description of Gibson's entrepreneurial skills; Intention for making the film; Impact of the controversy on Gibson's career.

  • Jesus of Hollywood.
    Walsh, Richard G. // Christian Century; 6/26/2007, Vol. 124 Issue 13, p40 

    The article reviews the book "Jesus of Hollywood," by Adele Reinhartz.

  • When Jesus was a Girl: Polymythic Female Christ Figures in Whale Rider and Steel Magnolias.
    Fillingim, David // Journal of Religion & Film; Apr2010, Vol. 14 Issue 1, Special Section p1 

    Partially in response to Anton Karl Kozlovic's call for research to refine the concept of the cinematic Christ-figure, this article examines Whale Rider and Steel Magnolias as Christ-figure narratives with the intention that the Christ-figure interpretation sheds light on the meaning and...

  • Six Degrees of Jesus.
    Fillingim, David // Time; 4/24/2000, Vol. 155 Issue 16, p24 

    Connects actors who have played the role of Jesus Christ in various motion pictures with the roles they have played in other motion pictures. Ralph Fiennes who played the voice of Jesus in an animated television program; Willem Dafoe who played Jesus in 'The Last Temptation of Christ';...

  • On Choosing and Using Appropriate Analogies: A Response to F. Gerald Downing.
    Goodacre, Mark // Journal for the Study of the New Testament; Dec2003, Vol. 26 Issue 2, p237 

    F. Gerald Downing claims that Mark Goodacre’s ‘The Synoptic Jesus and the Celluloid Christ’ effectively ‘dissolves the Synoptic Problem’ by using the anachronistic analogies of film instead of more appropriate, ancient analogies for Luke’s procedure. But...

    Bach, Alice // Currents in Research: Biblical Studies; 1999, Vol. 7, p11 

    Discusses the incorporation of Bible and film study. Analysis of the motion picture 'The Truman Show'; Bible concepts in film; Discussion on Jesus Christ films.

  • Les Derniers Jours de Jésus.
    Wilson, Alistair I. // European Journal of Theology; 2005, Vol. 14 Issue 2, p134 

    Reviews the book "Les Derniers Jours de Jésus," by François Bovon.

    MALONE, PETER // Compass (10369686); Spring2012, Vol. 46 Issue 3, p19 

    The article argues the importance of acknowledging films as analogies for theological understanding to promote the different spiritual teachings. It mentions that films offer insight on religious issues, sensibilities and affiliations. According to the author, films are also used to convey the...

  • Blood and Passion.
    Callahan, Tim // Skeptic; 2004, Vol. 11 Issue 1, p85 

    Reviews the motion picture "The Passion of the Christ," directed by Mel Gibson.

  • Heavenly creatures.
    Kerr, Philip // New Statesman; 4/21/2003, Vol. 132 Issue 4634, p44 

    Discusses the portrayal of Jesus Christ in motion pictures. Her physical representation; Actors who have played him, including Max von Sydow and Oliver Reed; Significance casting choices in film history.

  • Jesus of Hollywood.
    Grainger, James // Quill & Quire; Apr2007, Vol. 73 Issue 3, p46 

    The article reviews the book "Jesus of Hollywood," by Adele Reinhartz.

  • The Passion Re-Cut: If "It Is As It Was", Why the Redaction?
    Weldon, Clodagh M. // Journal of Religion & Film; Oct2006, Vol. 10 Issue 2, p9 

    [1] Mel Gibson claimed that The Passion of the Christ (2004) was faithful to the gospels and that the gospels were faithful to history, a claim subsequently challenged and debated by many. This article seeks to examine Gibson's claim in light of his decision to edit and re-release the movie as...

  • The Passion of the Christ.
    White, Denny // Teen Ink; May2004, Vol. 15 Issue 9, p44 

    The article reviews the motion picture "The Passion of the Christ," directed by Mel Gibson.

  • Jesus Christ, Superstar? Why the Gospels Don't Make Good Movies.
    Jenkins, Bill // Journal of Religion & Film; Oct2008, Vol. 12 Issue 2, p11 

    Though movies based on the Gospels might be entertaining and even deeply affective as movies, the medium of film must alter the form and function of the Gospels so much that they disappear into the film. The rhetoric and style of the Gospels do not translate into film, in contrast to other...

  • Miracle Worth.
    Kung, Michelle // Entertainment Weekly; 12/8/2006, Issue 910, p14 

    The article describes the motion picture "The Nativity Story," and its premiere at the Vatican City. Actress Keisha Castle-Hughes, who portrays Mary in the film, did not attend the premiere as she is expecting a child herself. The film, which portrays the birth of Jesus Christ, was directed by...

  • Jesus Christ and Billy the Kid as Archetypes of the Self in American Cinema.
    Paganopoulos, Michelangelo // Journal of Religion & Popular Culture; Spring2010, Vol. 22 Issue 1, Special Section p1 

    This paper combines cultural and anthropological perspectives, focusing on the affinity between the concepts of 'collective consciousness' (Durkheim) and 'collective unconcsciousness' (Jung). It argues that films are the dreams of charismatic auteur directors, who project their prophetic vision...

  • Coming Attractions.
    Neff, David // Christianity Today; Mar2004, Vol. 48 Issue 3, p11 

    Presents information on the Web site launched by the magazine "Christianity Today." Reason for launching the Web site; Film critic who write film reviews for posting on the Web site; Recommendation that the film "The Passion of the Christ," directed by Mel Gibson should be watched by Christians.

  • Lethal Suffering.
    Chattaway, Peter T. // Christianity Today; Mar2004, Vol. 48 Issue 3, p36 

    Emphasizes the humanity of Jesus Christ that is portrayed in the motion picture "The Passion of the Christ," directed by Mel Gibson. Background of Gibson; Actors and actresses the played the role of Biblical characters; Biblical accuracy of the scenes in the motion picture; Effective depiction...

  • The Passion and Prejudice.
    Medved, Michael // Christianity Today; Mar2004, Vol. 48 Issue 3, p38 

    Urges the Anti-Defamation League to stop its criticism on Mel Gibson and its campaign against his motion picture "The Passion of the Christ." Allegations of the league against Gibson and the motion picture he directed; Claims of anti-Semitism against Gibson and his motion picture; Concerns of...

  • Celluloid Jesus.
    Medved, Michael // Sight & Sound; Apr2004, Vol. 14 Issue 4, p18 

    Recounts the evolution of technology involved in the production of Jesus movies. Account of the first-ever Passion film sponsored by a French book company; Production of the variation of Oberammergau plays in 1895 at the rooftop of the Grand Central Palace in New York by Richard G. Hollaman;...

  • Jesus in Armani.
    Blizek, William L. // Journal of Religion & Film; Oct2010, Vol. 14 Issue 2, Special section p1 

    5 Minuti expresses much of Christian theology in a mere eleven minutes. Barbara is about to jump to her death when she is approached by a handsome young man who turns out to be Jesus. She tells Jesus that she will give him five minutes and in that five minute conversation we discover that Jesus...

  • Ask Jesus!
    Corsello, Andrew // GQ: Gentlemen's Quarterly; Mar2004, Vol. 74 Issue 3, p165 

    Interviews Jim Caviezel, actor who portrayed Jesus in the film "The Passion of the Christ". Story about how Caviezel ended up playing the role; Travails of playing Jesus; His prayer life while filming; View on the possibility of exploitation of the film for antisemitic ends.

  • Screening the Temptation: Interpretation and Indeterminacy in Cinematic Transformations of a Gospel Story.
    Howell, David B. // Journal of Religion & Film; Oct2007, Vol. 11 Issue 2, p12 

    Stories contain gaps that that readers and listeners must fill in with their imagination. Film by its very nature fills in some of the gaps in narrative as it presents a visual and aural experience for its viewers. In doing so, however, film can also impose particular interpretations of a...

  • The Passion of the Christ (Film).
    Jones, Malcolm // Newsweek; 8/23/2004, Vol. 144 Issue 8, p66 

    Reviews the motion picture "The Passion of the Christ," directed by Mel Gibson.

    Jones, Malcolm // New Yorker; 5/15/1965, Vol. 41 Issue 13, p16 

    The article reviews the motion picture "The Greatest Story Ever Told," directed by George Stevens.

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