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    Isla // Islamic Business & Finance; 2012, Issue 74, p3 

    In this article, the author discusses the submission received by the periodical for the Islamic Business and Finance Awards.

  • Turkey eyes INCEIF example to develop Islamic finance education.
    Isla // Malay Mail; 10/22/2012, p19 

    The article reports that Turkey is considering collaboration with the International Centre for Education in Islamic Finance (INCEIF) as part of the country's efforts to develop education in Islamic finance based on Malaysia's experience.

  • Oaths in spoken Iraqi Arabic.
    Masliyah, Sadok // Journal of Semitic Studies; Spring99, Vol. 44 Issue 1, p83 

    Explores the oath formulae used by Iraqis in their daily interactions and attempts to trace back these formulae to the Qur'an and Hadith and show the situations in which they are used. Role of the oath in the social life of the Muslim; Special rules regarding the oath in Islam; Ancient Arab...

  • SHARIAH Charade.
    Bathija, Sandhya // Church & State; Dec2010, Vol. 63 Issue 11, p13 

    The article discusses issues concerning a ballot initiative that would amend the Oklahoma constitution and prohibit courts from considering Shariah, Islamic law, when handling cases. According to Barry W. Lynn of Americans United executive director, this suggestion only aims to create fear to...

  • Reinterpreting Islam.
    Akbarzadeh, Shahram // Eureka Street; 4/11/2008, Vol. 18 Issue 7, p25 

    The author shares his views on whether Islamic law is compatible with secular law. The announcement of the Archbishop of Canterbury about the possibility of incorporating aspects of Islamic law in the British legal system has led to debate on whether Muslims can remain true to the precepts of...

  • Catholic experts criticize Shariah law bans.
    Fraga, Brian // Our Sunday Visitor; 6/24/2012, Vol. 101 Issue 8, p5 

    The article reports that other religions are criticizing a new Kansas law that bans judges from basing their decisions on Islamic Shariah law and all other foreign legal codes.

  • In Revolution City.
    Liu, Melinda; Norland, Rod; Dickey, Christopher // Newsweek (Atlantic Edition); 4/21/2003, Vol. 141 Issue 16, p26 

    Describes the looting in Saddam City, a Baghdad slum in Iraq. Need for armed personnel to defend Saddam General Hospital from mobs and vandals; Indication that most of the inhabitants are Shiites who have been oppressed by the Sunni-dominated regime of Saddam Hussein; Presence of Hizbullah...

  • Islamic finance assets may hit US$5 tln - Moody's.
    Liu, Melinda; Norland, Rod; Dickey, Christopher // MiddleEast Insurance Review; May2010, p83 

    The article reports on a study conducted by rating agency Moody's concerning the performance of the Islamic finance industry.

    Liu, Melinda; Norland, Rod; Dickey, Christopher // Middle East Reporter (Daily Edition); 7/30/2010, Vol. 191 Issue 4906, p1 

    The article reports that the Baabda Arab summit may consider the postponement of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL) indictment for several months to avert a political strife in the country.

  • East Asian Insurance calls for co-operation in takaful.
    Liu, Melinda; Norland, Rod; Dickey, Christopher // MiddleEast Insurance Review; Dec2010, p20 

    The article reports on the keynote of Indonesian finance minister Agus Martowardojo during his official address at the opening of the 25th East Asian Insurance Congress wherein he stressed the tremendous potential of Shariah-compliant products as alternative to the traditional insurance.

  • GCC: New Shariah standards to help FIs tackle banking, finance and investment issues.
    Liu, Melinda; Norland, Rod; Dickey, Christopher // MiddleEast Insurance Review; Dec2010, p20 

    The article reports that the Accounting and Auditing Organization for Islamic Financial Institutions (AAOIFI) and Minhaj Sharia'h Financial Advisory have launched a set of new standards for Islamic financial institutions to tackle banking, finance and investment issues.

    Oakes, Edward T. // First Things: A Monthly Journal of Religion & Public Life; Nov2012, Issue 227, p10 

    A letter to the editor is presented about societies arranged under constitutional democracy and Sharia, or Islamic, law, in response to the article entitled "Public Life Without Political Theory," written by Paul J. Griffiths and published in the August/September 2012 issue.

    Oakes, Edward T. // Middle East Reporter (Weekly Edition); 9/3/2011, Vol. 141 Issue 1267, p1 

    The article reports that the demonstrations in Tripoli, Lebanon have shown signs that condemn the oppression of the Syrian revolutionaries and honor the sacrifices of the Syrian people.

  • Kano state blends secular and religious law.
    Gani, Balarabe S. // Parliamentarian; 2005, Vol. 86 Issue 2, p156 

    Explains the Sharia law in Kano, Nigeria. Definition of Sharia; Importance of Sharia in Islam; Changes made by the British government in the Islamic law of Kano and of the entire region of Nigeria in 1955; Provisions of the constitution of Nigeria.

    Gani, Balarabe S. // Journal of Law & Religion; 2012/2013, Vol. 28 Issue 2, pxvii 

    An introduction is presented in which the editor discusses various articles within the issue on topics including relationship between religion, culture and the shari'a courts, Dutch conflict over accepting gay teachers in schools, and integration of the Islamic law in Turkey.

  • Patterns of Mate Selection: A Comparative Study Between the Kuwaiti and the Omani Societies.
    Al Naser, Fahad A.; Sulaiman, Suad M. A. // Journal of the Gulf & Arabian Peninsula Studies;  

    In most Middle Eastern societies, mate selection operates within rather carefully defined limits. The state of Kuwait & Oman are two of them. The youth, for instance, are expected to marry someone who shares his/her own religion, caste, nationality, age and socioeconomic status. This practice is...

  • Shariat bill.
    Haque, Mohammed Zahirul // Economic Review (05318955); Sep98, Vol. 29 Issue 9, p5 

    Reports on proposed legislation to adopt Islamic law in Pakistan. Criticisms against the proposal; Concerns over plans by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to eliminate court, the constitution Parliament and provincial autonomy; Possibility of Pakistan's return to the era of Ranjeet Singh, a...

  • A Western question to the Middle East: `Is there a human rights discourse in Islam?'.
    Strawson, John // Arab Studies Quarterly; Winter97, Vol. 19 Issue 1, p31 

    Focuses on Western discourses on the human rights movement in the Islamic Middle East. Characterization of Islamic societies as being under oriental despotism; Overview of Islamic legal traditions; Nature of Islamic law.

    Briston, Richard; El-Ashker, Ahmed // Accountancy; Oct86, Vol. 98 Issue 1118, p120 

    Discusses the elements of auditing in the context of the Islamic law. Provision of advice; Audit of the Zakah fund; Articles of association; Religious auditing reporting; Procedure to ensure compliance.

    Briston, Richard; El-Ashker, Ahmed // Islamic Business & Finance; Nov2012, Issue 76, p50 

    A calendar of events related to Islamic finance and banking in December 2012 is presented which includes World Islamic Banking Conference (WIBC) at Bahrain, the third Global Islamic Marketing Conference (GIMC3) at Cairo, Egypt and Islamic Business & Finance Awards at Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

  • Islamist in Egypt's ruling coalition calls for violence to achieve Shariah.
    Briston, Richard; El-Ashker, Ahmed // Geo-Strategy Direct; 10/31/2012, p15 

    The article reports the Egytian Sunni Islamist movement Gamiat Islamiya leader Mohammed Saleh encourages their members to fight against liberals and secularists to implement Islamic law throughout Egypt announced in an assembly held on October 12, 2012.

  • New Jersey Legislature Approves Islamic Law.
    Briston, Richard; El-Ashker, Ahmed // Church & State; Sep2000, Vol. 53 Issue 8, p22 

    Reports on New Jersey Governor Christine Todd Whitman's signing of a legislation to enforce Islamic food preparation standards. Estimated number of Muslims living in New Jersey; Questions on the legality of the New Jersey law.

  • A legal analysis of euthanasia in the Islamic criminal code of 2011.
    Salimi, Ensieh; Mohammad Javad Fathi // Iranian Journal of Microbiology; Dec2013, Vol. 5 Issue 4, p1 

    Euthanasia or mercy killing is a new and challenging topic in medical law. This article examines all types of euthanasia based on the Islamic criminal code of 2011, and demonstrates that active and involuntary euthanasia is murder if conditions exist; the basis for active and voluntary...

  • Sharia Makes Stealth Inroads.
    Spencer, Robert // Human Events; 10/25/2010, Vol. 66 Issue 37, p14 

    The article discusses how Sharia, the Islamic law, is making its way into the U.S. as evidenced by several stories which favors the Muslims in certain places in the U.S.

    Muhammad, Fidlizan; Mohd Yahya Mohd Hussin; Salwa Amirah Awang; Abdul Majid Tahir Mohamed // Jurnal Syariah; sep-dis2012, Vol. 20 Issue 3, p329 

    This article aims to analyse the zakat payment method implemented by the Pusat Pungutan Zakat - Wilayah Persekutuan (PPZ-MAIWP). Based on data from 2003 to 2009, PPZ-MAIWP has recorded a positive trend of total annual zakat collection. This increasing trend was driven by the PPZ-MAIWP initiative...

    Farid, Inarah Ahmad; Man, Saadan // Jurnal Syariah; sep-dis2012, Vol. 20 Issue 3, p289 

    Malay Muslims are regarded as loyal adherents of Shafi'i madhhab since they embraced Islam centuries ago. The strict adherence to the madhhab, however, sometimes leads them to some difficulties when some Shāfi'ī standpoints do not suit certain circumstances or needs. Hence, they start to...

  • Contemporary Islamic Knowledge In Malaysia.
    Toriman, Mohd Ekhwan // Advances in Natural & Applied Sciences; 2011, Vol. 5 Issue 5, p400 

    No abstract available.

  • Turkey and QFC seen as most friendly tax systems for Islamic finance in MENA.
    Toriman, Mohd Ekhwan // MiddleEast Insurance Review; Mar2013, p16 

    The article discusses the study on the taxation of Islamic finance supported by the International Tax and Investment Centre which shows that Turkey and the Qatar Financial Center (QFC) were the most friendly tax systems for Islamic finance in the Middle East & North Africa (MENA) region.

  • Amid boycott of Beverly Hills Hotel, city confronts Brunei over sharia law.
    Toriman, Mohd Ekhwan // Arab American News; 5/10/2014, Vol. 30 Issue 1474, p10 

    The article reports on the unanimous voting of the City of Beverly Hills to pressure the government of Brunei to divest its ownership of the Beverly Hills Hotel after the enactment of the sharia law prompted protest movement.

  • No Freedom of Conscience for Afghans, Mr. Obama?
    Spencer, Robert // Human Events; 12/6/2010, Vol. 66 Issue 42, p13 

    The author calls for U.S. President Barack Obama for the removal of the clause which mandates the supremacy of Islamic law in the Afghan Constitution, to declare his support for full freedom of conscience, and to encourage release of Said Musa, an Afghan citizen who was arrested for apostasy.

  • Moving Toward War?
    Minchakpu, Obed // Christianity Today; 04/24/2000, Vol. 44 Issue 5, p29 

    Reports that the federal government of Nigeria has suspended the Islamic legal system in several states after mass killings and destruction of property in the city of Kaduna. Outcome of street battles and other violence between Christians and Muslims in Kaduna in late February 2000; Plan of the...

  • LEGAL LANDSCAPE: Evolution.
    Minchakpu, Obed // Saudi Arabia Country Profile; May2014, p57 

    The article discusses the legal system of Saudi Arabia which is based on Sharia with no written constitution, and also mentions the establishment of Ministry of Justice in Saudi Arabia in1970.

  • Repeating the crime between Islamic Shari'ah and Kuwaiti Criminal Law.
    Khalid Mesh'al Al-Otaibi // Journal of Sharia & Islamic Studies; Dec2013, Vol. 28 Issue 95, p17 

    The article discusses the concept of repeating the crime between the Shari'ah law and the criminal law in Kuwait. Topics include the concept of crime, the treatment of crimes when made in the first and second time, and punishments. Also provided is information on the law in accordance with Fiqh...

  • Turkey's Hidden Islamist Agenda -- Myth or Reality?
    Eshel, David // Military Technology; 2007, Vol. 31 Issue 7, p7 

    The author reflects on the rumored move of the Turkish government to re-impose Islamic law in the country. He adds that analysts have warned that the country is predominantly Muslim, and returning to its roots is not impossible. However, he notes that if Turkey decides to implement Islamic law,...

  • The Islamist Challenge to the U.S. Constitution.
    Houck, David Kennedy // Middle East Quarterly; Spring2006, Vol. 13 Issue 2, p1 

    Focuses on issues related to the petition made by Muslim groups in the U.S. to establish enclaves in which they can uphold and enforce greater compliance to Islamic law; Information on the internal Muslim enclave proposed by the Islamic Center for Human Excellence in Arkansas; Existence of...

  • Notes on church-state affairs: Pakistan.
    Beck, Rosalie; Hendon, David W. // Journal of Church & State; Summer91, Vol. 33 Issue 3, p640 

    Reports that Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif introduced on April 10, 1991 an bill to amend the nation's constitution to give precedence to Islamic law over civil legislation.

  • Pakistan: Women rally against Sharia law.
    Codd, Val; Myers-Spiers, Rebecca // Off Our Backs; Jul99, Vol. 29 Issue 7, p4 

    Reports on the protests made by Pakistan women activists against a bill that would implement Shari'a law.

  • Women in Islam.
    Bem, Kazimierz // Christian Century; 12/2/2008, Vol. 125 Issue 24, p6 

    A letter to the editor is presented in response to Brian McLaren's review of "Who Speaks for Islam?" from the October 7, 2008 issue, discussing women's legal rights of property.

  • Women in Islam.
    McLaren, Brian // Christian Century; 12/2/2008, Vol. 125 Issue 24, p6 

    A reply by the author is presented to a letter commenting on his review of "Who Speaks for Islam?" from the October 7, 2008 issue, regarding women's legal rights of property.

  • Driven to extreme.
    Vourlias, Christopher // Variety; 9/13/2010, Vol. 420 Issue 5, p4 

    The article examines the denunciation of the Moroccan reality television program "Taxi 36" by one of that country's Islamic clergy.

  • Every 15 minutes, a Muslim Couple Gets Divorced in Malaysia.
    Kaos Jr., Joseph // Muslim Observer; 5/6/2011, Vol. 13 Issue 19, p3 

    The article reports on the reaction of Datuk Fatimah Hamat on the high statistics rate of divorce among Muslim couples in Malaysia.

  • This time, Sharia law misunderstood.
    Kennedy, Sheila Suess // Indianapolis Business Journal; 7/16/2012, Vol. 33 Issue 20, p9 

    The article offers the author's insights regarding the legislation that prohibits American courts to impose Sharia law.

  • Anti-Shari'a amendment struck down by court.
    Sacirbey, Omar // Christian Century; 9/18/2013, Vol. 130 Issue 19, p17 

    The article reports on the Federal court annulment of Oklahoma's constitutional amendment approved in November 2010, which prohibited state judges from considering Shari'a law in U.S. cases.


    Letters to the editor are presented in response to articles published in previous issues related to the crisis in Pakistan including the amount of gas that is being flared into the atmosphere at the Qadirppur gas field, the alleged abuse of Muslim law, and the infiltration of militant groups...

  • Reviews of books: Near East.
    Powers, David S. // American Historical Review; Oct95, Vol. 100 Issue 4, p1270 

    Reviews the book `The Renewal of Islamic Law: Muhammad Baqer as-Sads, Najaf and the Shii International,' by Chibli Mallat.

  • Islam and Human Rights.
    An-Na'im, Abdullahi // Tikkun; Jan/Feb2003, Vol. 18 Issue 1, p47 

    Provides information on the role of Islam in promoting human rights. Ways to respond to human rights violation; Details of the concept of Shari'a, ultimate source of the teachings of Islam; Factors that influence the success of internal and cross-cultural discourse.

  • Taliban 1, Army 0.
    Moreau, Ron; Hussain, Zahid // Newsweek (Pacific Edition); 3/2/2009 (Pacific Edition), Vol. 153 Issue 9, p5 

    The article describes the conflict between Pakistan's Taliban organization and the Pakistan government which resulted in a peace deal that gives the government a ceasefire and the organization the imposition of Sharia in the country's Swat district. The article details the organization's...

  • bad news.
    Moreau, Ron; Hussain, Zahid // U.S. Catholic; Feb2012, Vol. 77 Issue 2, p9 

    The article reports on the pressure facing the Coptic Christian minority from Islamist politicians who demanded that they pay the jizya tax during the Egyptian elections in December 2011.

  • Functional Specialization for Judge of Grievances in Islamic Law, Jordanian Law and Saudi Law.
    Bani Younes, Abed Al Salam Isaa M.; Moustafa Moursi El-Seoudi, Abdel Wadoud; Muhammad Husni, Ahmad // Advances in Natural & Applied Sciences; 2012, Vol. 6 Issue 8, p1260 

    This article compares and discusses the Functional specialization for judge of grievances at the Fifth century AH (at the Abbasi era) with the Functional specialization for judge of grievances in Jordanian Law and Saudi Law in current era. It searches for the extent to which the Jordanian and...

  • Crackdown on contraband at U.S. bases.
    Elvin, John // Insight on the News; 11/17/97, Vol. 13 Issue 42, p34 

    Focuses on the warning issued to United States personnel in Saudi Arabia to start observing the regulations regarding materials forbidden by Islamic law. Information on what materials they were warned about; Clogging of forbidden mail; Other lifestyle bans on American personnel in the dessert.

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