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  • Economic Overview.
     // Ireland Country Review; 2009, p52 

    The article provides an overview of the economic performance of Ireland from 1973 to 2009.

     // Global Energy Market Research: Ireland; Feb2011, p3 

    A map of Ireland and a table depicting its economic indicators from 1990-2009 are presented.

  • WTO adopts guidelines.
    Brown, John Murray // Accountancy; Jul97, Vol. 120 Issue 1247, p20 

    Analyzes economic conditions in Ireland as of 1997. Economic benefits of membership to the European Union; Supply-side factors contributing to the country's improved economic performance; Demographic trends helping transform the economy; Growth opportunities for various industries in the country.

  • Ireland.
    Brown, John Murray // OECD Economic Outlook; Dec99, Issue 66, p92 

    Reports on economic developments in Ireland in 1999. Strong growth; Unemployment and inflation; Demand, output and prices; Budgetary policy and financial conditions; Projections for 2000 and 2001; Gross domestic product.

  • M&A Talk in Ireland.
    Brown, John Murray // American Banker; 11/24/2010, Vol. 175 Issue 181, p2 

    The article discusses the debt crisis in Ireland, bank finance, and aspects of a possible government bailout or nationalization of the country's banks.

  • Republic of Ireland: A new year but the same old story.
    Buggy, Mike // Credit Management; Jul2011, p29 

    The article reports on the trend in insolvencies in the credit industry in Ireland which continues to raise concerns with the insolvency rate at 0.32% for 427 companies that do business in construction, retail, wholesale, and transport.

  • The Luck of the Irish.
    Norton, Rob // Fortune; 10/25/1999, Vol. 140 Issue 8, p194 

    Focuses on Ireland. History of economic changes in Ireland as of October 1999; Availability of jobs; Economic growth of the country; Benefits of high-technology manufacturing on the country; Examples of the success of technology businesses, including Dell and Intel.

  • The Sunset of the "Celtic Tiger" Led to the Dawn of the "Horsewich".
    Hallinan, Conn // Foreign Policy in Focus; 2/26/2013, p2 

    An essay is presented which offers the author's comments on the Great Horsemeat Crisis in Europe which followed the economic expansion in Ireland in the late 1990s. The author says that there has been widespread hypocrisy during the horsemeat crisis. According to the author, austerity programs...

  • ITIC Calls for Changes in Govt Investment.
    Hallinan, Conn // Hospitality Ireland; Oct2010, Issue 67, p7 

    The article focuses on calls by the Irish Tourist Industry Confederation (ITIC) for the government to restore the competitiveness of the Irish economy through continued investment in overseas tourism marketing.

  • Outlook and Assumptions: Domestic Assumptions.
    Hallinan, Conn // Ireland Country Monitor; Jan2012, p3 

    The article focuses on the economic outlook in Ireland which includes International Monetary Fund EUR85-billion dollars aid program, fiscal tightening and cutting of interest rates.

  • Outlook and Assumptions: Alternative Scenarios.
    Hallinan, Conn // Ireland Country Monitor; Jan2012, p4 

    The article provides economic outlook for Ireland including the failure of the European Central Bank (ECB) to cut interest rates, recovery of global economic activity and the end of Eurozone crisis.

  • External Sector: Outlook.
    Hallinan, Conn // Ireland Country Monitor; Jan2012, p19 

    The article reports on the external sector outlook in Ireland. It notes that exports have remained positive in which the index measuring export orders of the manufacturing purchasing managers' index (PMI) has decreased in July 2011. It cites that the country is trying to regain its being...

    Underhill, William // Newsweek; 12/13/2010, Vol. 156 Issue 24, p7 

    The article reports that difficult economic circumstances in Ireland have helped increase public support for the Irish Labour Party.

    Underhill, William // Accountancy Ireland; Apr2012, Vol. 44 Issue 2, p90 

    The article reports that professional services firm Ernst & Young, in its quarterly Eurozone Economic Forecast (EEF) report, has downgraded its prediction of 0.5 percent economic growth in Ireland in 2012, noting that Ireland's economy will likely only grow 0.1 percent.

  • A tale of two speeches.
    Underhill, William // Irish Farmers Monthly; May2011, p82 

    The article reports on Taoiseach Enda Kenny's speeches with conflicting messages involving his view towards the Irish economy.

  • Economic Overview.
    Underhill, William // Ireland Country Review; 2010, p52 

    The article presents an overview of the economic condition in Ireland through 20 10 including its market performance, gross domestic product (GDP) growth and trade relations.

  • Economic Overview.
    Underhill, William // Ireland Country Review; 2011, p88 

    The article provides an overview of the economic conditions of Ireland since its participation in the European Community in 1973, along with the performance of its agricultural society, macroeconomic stability, and real gross domestic product (GDP).

  • Foreign Investment Climate.
    Underhill, William // Ireland Country Review; 2011, p118 

    The article provides an overview of the foreign investment conditions of Ireland, with details on its employment creation, policy framework, and commercial and legal systems.

  • Economic Overview.
    Underhill, William // Ireland Country Review; 2012, p111 

    The article provides an overview of the economic conditions of Ireland since its membership to the European Union in 1973 along with its growth and transformation from an agricultural society into a technologically advanced economy.

  • Foreign Investment Climate.
    Underhill, William // Ireland Country Review; 2012, p145 

    The article provides an overview of the foreign investments of Ireland since its independence in 1949, with details on its import and export commodities, partners, and internet users.

  • All-island economic forecast downgrades Irish short-term economic performance.
    Underhill, William // Accountancy Ireland; Dec2010, Vol. 42 Issue 6, p85 

    The article reports on the downgrade by 1.7% of Ernst & Young LLP's economic growth forecast for Ireland.

  • Introduction.
    Durkan, Joseph; Duffy, David; O'Sullivan, Cormac // Quarterly Economic Commentary; Summer2011, p6 

    The article discusses the latest economic developments in Ireland as of June 2011. It cites that the country's economy is gradually shifting to the export sector from the domestic construction industry. It cites the latest changes to the European Financial Stability Fund (EFSF) bailout mechanism...

  • Ireland: Fiscal revenues slump.
    Durkan, Joseph; Duffy, David; O'Sullivan, Cormac // OECD Observer; Dec2008/Jan2009, Issue 270/271, p66 

    The article presents an economic outlook for Ireland for 2009-2010.

  • The Road to Recovery: Ireland's Recovery.
    Villamil, José J. // Caribbean Business; 1/26/2012, Vol. 40 Issue 3, p15 

    The article presents an analysis of the economic recovery of Ireland in 2012.

  • Chartered accountants business sentiment.
    Villamil, José J. // Accountancy Ireland; Aug2013, Vol. 45 Issue 4, p85 

    The article covers the 2013 KBC Bank Ireland/Chartered Accountants Ireland Business Sentiment Survey which found that business hiring in Ireland has increased due to overall improved economic conditions.

  • Tough competition.
    Johnson, Rebecca // People Management; 6/13/2002, Vol. 8 Issue 12, p14 

    Focuses on a debate on the role of human resource profession in the competitiveness of the Ireland as of June 2002. Factors which contributed to the decline in the economic competence of the country; Percentage of Irish human resource managers that favored a partnership, albeit with...

    Johnson, Rebecca // Ireland Country Profile; 2007, p2 

    The article discusses the topics published within the issue, including on the political structure of Ireland and another on its economic performance and business environment.

  • Ireland.
    Johnson, Rebecca // OECD Economic Outlook; Jun2000, Issue 67, p107 

    Reports on the economic activity in Ireland supported by the increase in labor force in 2000. Slowing of gross domestic product growth; Focus on strengthening the supply side of the economy; Implementation of the national wage agreement; Maintenance of budget surplus to finance liabilities;...

  • Reporting in Uncertain Times 'Be Open,' says ICAI.
    Lambe, Aidan // Accountancy Ireland; Feb2009, Vol. 41 Issue 1, p13 

    The article discusses the impact of the economic crisis on the accounting companies in Ireland. According to the author, the economic crisis will lead some companies to face increased uncertainty as they approach the end of the financial year of 2008. It is advised that corporate directors...

  • M&A Strategies Downturn Leaves No Room for Error.
    Roy, Anindya // Accountancy Ireland; Feb2009, Vol. 41 Issue 1, p24 

    The article discusses the need for the right strategy of companies embarking on mergers and acquisition in the midst of economic crisis in Ireland. It is stated that companies need to find right business strategies especially in the times of economic downturn which could be very challenging when...

  • Economy To Contract 4.1%.
    Roy, Anindya // Accountancy Ireland; Feb2009, Vol. 41 Issue 1, p29 

    The article reports on the results of the new economic analysis conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP (PwC) in Ireland. According to the analysis, the Irish economy remains weak and has contracted in 2008 for the first time in 25 years. In addition, the rate of Irish economic growth is...

  • Hiring in 2009 An Employer's Market.
    Riordan, David // Accountancy Ireland; Feb2009, Vol. 41 Issue 1, p76 

    The article discusses opportunities for employers in securing strong employees and accountants in the face of economic downturn in Ireland. According to the author, employers can take advantage of current market condition to hire qualified employees since many are seeking jobs. It is advised...

    Riordan, David // Quarterly Economic Commentary; Winter2010, preceding p1 

    A table is presented that lists Irish economic data and projections from 2009 to 2012 including the real annual growth in private consumer expenditure, annual growth in Harmonized Index of Consumer Prices (HICP), and increases in U.S. Exchange rate.

  • Untitled.
    Riordan, David // Quarterly Economic Commentary; Winter2010, p2 

    A table is presented that shows Ireland National Accounts figures from 2009, 2010, and forecast figures up to 2011 which include data on expenditure on gross national product (GNP), gross national product by origin, and balance of payments on current account.

    Riordan, David // Accountancy Ireland; Apr2011, Vol. 43 Issue 2, p84 

    The article reports on the stabilization of the salary levels for newly-recruited professionals in Ireland with increases of 20%.

    Riordan, David // Accountancy Ireland; Apr2011, Vol. 43 Issue 2, p86 

    The article reports on the impact of the sharp rise in oil prices and the tensions in north Africa on the economic growth and gross domestic product (GDP) in Ireland.

    Riordan, David // Accountancy Ireland; Apr2011, Vol. 43 Issue 2, p87 

    The article reports on the findings of the global survey, The Grant Thornton International Business Report (IBR), that indicate that Irish businesses rank second in the world regarding optimism for exports in 2011.

  • A 6th-century solution for Ireland's stressed-out execs.
    Rafter, Kevin // Christian Science Monitor; 8/22/2000, Vol. 92 Issue 190, p7 

    Focuses on a Catholic priest in Glendalough, Ireland who is refurbishing ancient hermit rooms for those seeking a spiritual side to modern life. Legend that the ancient monastic site was chosen due to its sense of peace and tranquility; Growth of economic conditions in Ireland; How people are...

  • Country roundup.
    Rafter, Kevin // OECD Observer; Sep2011, Issue 286, p5 

    The article offers world news brief related to economic cooperation and development in 2011 including participation of Argentina in the OECD's Mutual Acceptance of Data (MAD) in the Assessment of Chemicals, effort of Korea to deal with foreign bribery, and economic challenges faced by Ireland.

  • Conventional Wisdom: Think Again.
    Rafter, Kevin // Newsweek (Atlantic Edition); 11/29/2010 (Atlantic Edition), Vol. 156 Issue 22, p15 

    The article presents opinion on issues of interest to the financial markets as of November 29, 2010 including the refusal of Ireland to accept financial aid from the European Union (EU), significance of an EU bailout to state-backed banks in Great Britain, and possible need of Portugal for a...

    Rafter, Kevin // Accountancy Ireland; Feb2013, Vol. 45 Issue 1, p18 

    The article profiles forensic accountant Peter Johnson, who practices in Cork, Ireland. It recounts his education and career, including his background in materials science and his work as an accountant at accounting firms Arthur Andersen & Co. and KPMG. It presents comments from him on his work,...

    Canniffe, Mary // Accountancy Ireland; Oct2001, Vol. 33 Issue 5, p9 

    Focuses on top local accountants' outlook for the profession in Ireland. Continuation of high demand for the major Irish practices; Challenge of getting and retaining high quality staff; Slowdown of Ireland's economy; Impact of Audit Review Group on the profession.

  • External Sector: Recent Developments.
    Canniffe, Mary // Ireland Country Monitor; Jan2012, p20 

    The article reports on the developments in the external sector in Ireland. It cites that inspite of the social and economic upheavals, the country has managed its budget deficit to decrease in 2010. It mentions that the country's external trade surplus has dropped in October 2011. It notes a...

  • Economic Structure and Context: Development and Strategy.
    Canniffe, Mary // Ireland Country Monitor; Jan2012, p21 

    The article reports on the development and strategy in economic structure in Ireland. It notes that being a member in the European Union has offered a boost in the Irish economy. It cites that social partnership is the cause for the economic success since 1987. It mentions that national...

  • Outlook and Assumptions: Alternative Scenarios.
    Canniffe, Mary // Ireland Country Monitor; Mar2012, p4 

    The article offers assumptions on the implications of Greek political crisis and Eurozone recession on the economy in Ireland in 2012.

  • Economic Growth: Consumer Demand - Outlook.
    Canniffe, Mary // Ireland Country Monitor; Mar2012, p7 

    The article offers outlook for the consumer demand in Ireland stating that consumer spending is expected to contract in 2011 and determinants such as unemployment, credit and housing prices will continue to struggle in 2012.

  • Ireland: Country Reports - Recent Analysis.
    Canniffe, Mary // Ireland Country Monitor; Mar2012, p28 

    The article lists analyses on the economy in Ireland in February-March 2012, which include public deficit in February, improvement in consumer confidence index and decline in retail sales due to value-added tax (VAT) increase.

  • Detailed Forecast Tables.
    Duffy, David; Timoney, Kevin // Quarterly Economic Commentary; Spring2013, p29 

    This section presents statistics indicating anticipated levels of imports and exports, investments, personal income, and balance of payments in Ireland for 2014.

  • Economic Overview.
    Coleman, Denise Youngblood // Ireland Country Review; 2013, p115 

    The article offers an overview of Ireland's economy, including the country's economic performance, its economic and banking crises and impact of Greece's debt crisis on the Euro Zone.

  • What Happened To Irish Art?
    Power, Carla; Pepper, Tara // Newsweek (Atlantic Edition); 8/20/2001 (Atlantic Edition), Vol. 138 Issue 8, p40 

    Focuses on the contemporary art industry in Ireland. Character of Irish art before the economic boom of the late 1990s and early 2000s; Traditional themes in Irish art, such as isolation and the sacredness of place; International nature of Irish artists and writers; Themes which are being...

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