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  • Why Some Blacks Choose To Date Outside Of Their Race.
     // Jet; 9/17/2001, Vol. 100 Issue 14, p48 

    Discusses why some blacks, including actress Whoopi Goldberg and former basketball player Dennis Rodman, choose to date outside of their race.

  • Advice online.
     // Scholastic Choices; Mar98, Vol. 13 Issue 6, p4 

    Offers advice about dating outside your race or religion. Indication that learning more about a different race or religion may make you more aware of your own cultural heritage; Information on the key to a successful relationship.

  • Destiny's white face and my black son.
    King, Joyce // Christian Science Monitor; 9/12/2001, Vol. 93 Issue 202, p9 

    Presents the fears of the author concerning her son and his interracial relationships.

  • Black-white love in African novels.
    Thielmann, Pia // Women's Studies Quarterly; Fall/Winter97, Vol. 25 Issue 3/4, p53 

    Opinion. Focuses on interracial love in works by African American authors. Information on interracial relationships in the United States and other parts of the world; Description of Authors' definitions; Discussion on the novels.

  • Fever lines.
    Talty, Stephan // Essence (Essence); Nov95, Vol. 26 Issue 7, p56 

    Reflects on interracial love as experienced by the author, an Irish-American, who loved an African-American woman. First meeting; Painful incidents with strangers; Author's continuing preference for dark women after their separation.

  • Interracial dating no longer Black or white issue.
    Reich, Denise // New York Amsterdam News; 9/2/95, Vol. 86 Issue 35, p22 

    Presents the opinion and experiences of New York City teenagers on multi-ethnic relationships. Opinion of Rob Newhouse, Dana LaForey, Megan Burke and others.

  • New survey shows attitudes more open toward interracial relationships.
    Reich, Denise // Jet; 10/2/95, Vol. 88 Issue 21, p22 

    Reports on a survey by the `Washington Post' newspaper showing that Americans are changing their attitudes concerning interracial relationships. Willingness to date or marry others of a different race; Growing approval of interracial relationships among younger Americans.

  • Dating Someone Different.
    Reich, Denise // Scholastic Choices (Teacher's Edition); Mar2000, Vol. 15 Issue 6, pT2 

    Presents a teacher's guide to an article exploring the challenges young people face when they date interracially, published in the March 2000 issue of `Scholastic Choices'.

  • What's the Difference?
    Reich, Denise // Scholastic Choices (Teacher's Edition); Mar2000, Vol. 15 Issue 6, pT5 

    Presents a quiz which asks students to write about how they would respond to different interracial dating scenarios.

  • White Girl 'Gone Off With the Blacks'
    Reed, Liz // Hecate; 2002, Vol. 28 Issue 1, p9 

    Talks about the interracial relationships of Selina Johnson, a white teenager in Australia in 1861. Controversy over her relations with Davy, a young black man; Perception on Selina's betrayal of her racial loyalties by having relations with black men; Marriage to William Fenton in 1865.

    Reed, Liz // Essence (Time Inc.); Sep2002, Vol. 33 Issue 5, p132 

    Presents several commentaries from readers of the magazine 'Essence' on the prospect of Black women dating outside the race.

  • race matters.
    Delbanci, Francesca // Seventeen; Jan2001, Vol. 60 Issue 1, p62 

    Answers questions about interracial dating and teenage pregnancy. How to convince parents that race does not matter in a relationship; How to help a 14 years old friend who is pregnant.

  • Eve Wants the World to "Get Over" Interracial Dating.
    Delbanci, Francesca // Chicago Citizen - Chicago Weekend Edition; 11/ 6/2013, Vol. 43 Issue 44, p9 

    The article presents views of rapper Eve regarding interracial dating and according to eve, there is nothing wrong in Black women dating men of other ethnic groups as Black men have been doing it since many years.

  • Interracial dating as an indicator of integration.
    Moore III, Dr. Robert M // Black Issues in Higher Education; 02/18/99, Vol. 15 Issue 26, p120 

    Discusses issues related to interracial dating in the United States. Minimal increase in number of interracial couples; Evidence that membership in predominantly White social groups on college campuses inhibits interracial dating; Use of interracial couples as indicator of integration; Love and...

  • Reader disputes the idea that he's a small-minded racist.
    COHEN, HARLAN // Athens News; 3/3/2014, p24 

    The article presents two questions and answers related to parent's rejection on interracial dating focused on Catholic and Jewish parents and method of rejecting a guy without hurting his feelings.

  • Alabama principal's interracial dating comments results in protest prom.
    COHEN, HARLAN // Jet; 5/9/94, Vol. 86 Issue 1, p14 

    Focuses on a protest prom attended by Randolph County High School students in Wedowee, Alabama to demonstrate against the reinstatement of school principal Hulond Humphries. Comments by Humphries to mixed-race student ReVonda Bowen; Reinstatement by the Alabama school board; Boycott of county...

  • Rearguard action.
    Hall, Sheldon // Sight & Sound; Jan2009, Vol. 19 Issue 1, p104 

    A letter to the editor is presented in response to the letter by Robert M. Payne about cross-racial casting in the motion picture industry in the December 2008 issue.

  • Book review: Junior high up.
    Larson, Gerry // School Library Journal; Aug93, Vol. 39 Issue 8, p200 

    Reviews the book `Coping with Interracial Dating,' by Renea D. Nash.

  • Books for youth: Books for older readers.
    Zvirin, Stephanie // Booklist; 11/1/93, Vol. 90 Issue 5, p512 

    Reviews the book `Interracial Dating and Marriage,' by Elaine Landau.

  • Book reviews: Junior high up.
    White, Libby K. // School Library Journal; Sep93, Vol. 39 Issue 9, p257 

    Reviews the book `Interracial Dating and Marriage,' by Elaine Landau.

  • The love-child.
    Lopes, Henri // UNESCO Courier; Apr93, Vol. 46 Issue 4, p13 

    Presents a piece that comes to terms with racial intermingling and finds a universal sense. Recounts the author's experience of finding out the meaning of a `love-child.' Being a `love-child,' actually a mark of nobility; The author's reactions to stories on the subject.

  • Relationships.
    Wilensky, Joe // Human Ecology; Mar2002, Vol. 30 Issue 1, p16 

    Looks into the factors affecting the occurrence of interracial and interethnic relationships among adolescents in the U.S. Barriers on the relationship among different races; Social structure of adolescents in school; Dissertation on social exchange among the teenagers.

  • Habibti.
    Lea, Christine // Social Alternatives; Apr92, Vol. 11 Issue 1, p60 

    Presents a short story entitled `Habibti,' by Christina Lea about interracial dating.

  • Dating Someone Different.
    Gaskins, Pearl // Scholastic Choices; Mar2000, Vol. 15 Issue 6, p6 

    What was once a crime is becoming commonplace. Here is today's take on interracial dating.

  • Teen Talk.
    Gaskins, Pearl // Scholastic Choices; Feb2002, Vol. 17 Issue 5, p5 

    Presents teenagers' opinions about interracial dating in the U.S. Tolerance on interracial relationships; Importance of inner qualities; Possibility of disagreement with family.

  • A shared struggle for family acceptance.
    Dahir, Mubarak // Bay Windows; 12/19/2002, Vol. 21 Issue 2, p11 

    Focuses on the problems of family acceptance in the U.S. Struggles of an Italian-American girl to defend her relationship with an Afro-American guy to her family; Information on how Italian-American parents accepted the homosexual relationship of their gay son.

  • More than half of teens who date have dated interracially: Study.
    Dahir, Mubarak // Jet; 11/24/97, Vol. 93 Issue 1, p32 

    Presents findings from a 1997 USA Today/Gallup Poll on interracial dating among teenagers in the United States. How a majority of teenagers who date have dated someone of another race; Increase in interracial dating since previous surveys taken in 1980 and 1987; Details from the survey; Teen...

  • Young love bridges race divide.
    Tyson, Ann Scott // Christian Science Monitor; 12/3/97, Vol. 90 Issue 6, p1 

    Discusses interracial dating in the United States in late 1997. A Gallup poll which found that 57 percent of US teens who date have gone out with someone from a different race or ethnic group; Why some see the teen interracial dating trend as a sign of increased racial and ethnic tolerance; The...

  • Something to talk about.
    Porter, Connie // Seventeen; Aug99, Vol. 58 Issue 8, p162 

    Deals with the story of a black girl who dated a white guy during their college schooling in New York, New York. Perspective of the girl regarding interracial dating; Number of times they dated in a week; Reactions and mockeries they received from other students in the university.

  • Letting love rule: interracial dating.
    Sykes, Ronnie // New York Amsterdam News; 12/6/2001, Vol. 92 Issue 49, p36 

    Focuses on the interracial dating/marriage in the United States. Confrontation of social ramifications; Increase percentage of interracial births; Occurrence of racial and immigrant mixing.

  • Bob Jones University Seeks Black Students In Bid To Improve Its Image.
    Sykes, Ronnie // Jet; 3/4/2002, Vol. 101 Issue 11, p46 

    Reports that Bob Jones University, a Greenville, South Carolina college which until 2000 banned interracial dating, is seeking to recruit minority students.

  • Bob Jones Rules.
    Sykes, Ronnie // Christianity Today; 04/24/2000, Vol. 44 Issue 5, p41 

    Editorial. Comments on the abandonment of a ban on interracial dating at Bob Jones University in Greenville, South Carolina. Reason for lifting the ban; Religious implications of the decision; Political issues that were associated with the ban.

    Sykes, Ronnie // Ebony; Oct1951, Vol. 6 Issue 12, p61 

    The article describes how the film "Pool of London," starring Earl Cameron and Susan Shaw, approached the subject of interracial love.

  • Nick.
    Sykes, Ronnie // Teen Ink; Apr2000, Vol. 11 Issue 8, p47 

    A personal narrative is presented which explores the author's experience of an interracial relationship.

  • Generation X shares its view on interracial dating.
    Sykes, Ronnie // New York Amsterdam News; 10/21/99, Vol. 90 Issue 43, p22 

    Presents a roundtable discussion among United States teenagers on the subject of interracial dating. Feelings about interracial dating; Stereotypes; Choices.

  • Color-Blind Love: Always A Do!
    Duncan, Jessica // Glamour; Jun2011, Vol. 109 Issue 6, p50 

    An interview with actress and author Diane Farr is presented, which she shares her hope for the future, the challenges of interracial dating, and her marriage to Korean husband Seung.

    Knox, David; Zusman, Marty E.; Buffington, Carmen; Hemphill, Gloria // College Student Journal; Mar2000, Vol. 34 Issue 1, p69 

    Six-hundred-twenty university students completed an anonymous confidential questionnaire designed to assess attitudes toward interracial dating. Almost one fourth (24.2%) reported having dated interracially and almost half (49.6%) expressed an openness to become involved in an interracial...

    Knox, David; Zusman, Marty E.; Buffington, Carmen; Hemphill, Gloria // Eastern Eye; 11/20/2015, Issue 1329, p27 

    The article reports on the rumors that Indian actress Priyanka Shopra is dating non-Asian guy in Los Angeles, California as she has been traveling between India and the U.S. to balance her work on Bollywood television show "Quantico" and her singing career.

  • Bad News for Bigots.
    Hertzberg, Hendrik // New Yorker; 03/13/2000, Vol. 76 Issue 3, p29 

    Looks at the changing attitude toward interracial dating and anti-Catholicism or religious prejudice in the United States. Interracial dating policy and anti-Catholicism at the Bob Jones University in South Carolina; Implications of the issue on the 2000 presidential elections; Religious beliefs...

    Amyx, Carol // California Law Review; Jul-Sep74, Vol. 62 Issue 4, p1312 

    Argues against the idea that sex discrimination in schools can prevent the possibility of interracial dating among students and reduce juvenile delinquency. Stereotypes of sex roles in textbooks; Study of sex role indoctrination; Presumptions about female roles.

  • TV's `Murphy Brown' gets black love interest.
    Amyx, Carol // Jet; 10/11/93, Vol. 84 Issue 24, p34 

    Reports on CBS-TV's `Murphy Brown' as turning up the interracial love heat. Involvement of Murphy Brown with Mitchell Baldwin; Candice Bergen as Murphy Brown; Mitchell Baldwin played by Julius Carry.

  • Eve Wants the World to "Get Over" Interracial Dating.
    Amyx, Carol // Chicago Citizen - South Suburban Edition; 11/6/2013, Vol. 33 Issue 1, p8 

    The article discusses comments by the U.S. rap singer Eve on her relationship with the British millionaire Maximillion Cooper and her attitude towards interracial dating.

  • Eve Wants the World to "Get Over" Interracial Dating.
    Amyx, Carol // Chicago Citizen - Chatham Southeast Edition; 11/6/2013, Vol. 48 Issue 33, p15 

    The article reports that rapper Eve, during an interview for the journal "Vibe Vixen" has discussed on an interracial relationship and dating, and highlights that Eve has planned to raise babies with her boyfriend Maximillion Cooper.

  • Eve Wants the World to "Get Over" Interracial Dating.
    Amyx, Carol // Chicago Citizen - Hyde Park Edition; 11/6/2013, Vol. 24 Issue 49, p10 

    The article discusses comments by the U.S. rap singer Eve on her relationship with the British millionaire Maximillion Cooper and her attitude towards interracial dating.

  • The Long-Distancers.
    Sohn, Amy // New York; 12/10/2001, Vol. 34 Issue 47, p24 

    Presents an article on a long-distance relationship between a male Turkish Muslim and a woman from the U.S. Disadvantages of a long-distance relationship; Problems they encountered after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the U.S.; Significance of physical presence in a relationship.

  • Dating White.
    Blakely, Rachel // Essence (Essence); Jul99, Vol. 30 Issue 3, p90 

    Examines the issue of dating between Afro-American women and White men. Information on interracial marriages in the United States; Reasons for the failure of this relationship; Views of Afro-American women on interracial dating.

  • African university students' responses to two questions about interracial dating.
    Mwamwenda, Tuntufye S. // Psychological Reports; Oct98, Vol. 83 Issue 2, p530 

    Examines the views of African university students toward interracial dating. Preference for black men and women as intimate friends; Insignificance of choices for a boy or girlfriend; Opposition of the females to kissing white males.

    Arellano, Gustavo // La Prensa San Diego; 6/17/2011, Vol. 35 Issue 24, p7 

    The article presents two situations concerning interracial relationship of a white girl and a Mexican guy and the use of the Spanish term gabacho by an Iberian descent in California.

    Arellano, Gustavo // Cleo; Feb2012, p60 

    The article features several interracial couples in Australia. Kylie, a Filipino woman talks about how the issue of different ethnic backgrounds has never affected her relationship with Luke who is an Anglo-Australian. Kat who is an Anglo-Australian dating a Thai-South African guy plans to have...

  • between us.
    Grant, Gwendolyn Goldsby // Essence (Essence); Dec2000, Vol. 31 Issue 8, p100 

    Answers several questions on relationships and family. How to deal with a family member with violent mood swings and abnormal behavior; Issue on interracial relationships.

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