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  • The origin of rutile-ilmenite aggregates (“nigrine”) in alluvial-fluvial placers of the Hagendorf pegmatite province, NE Bavaria, Germany.
    Dill, H. G.; Melcher, F.; Füßl, M.; Weber, B. // Mineralogy & Petrology; Mar2007, Vol. 89 Issue 3/4, p133 

    Titanium placer deposits occur in alluvial-fluvial drainage systems which dissect Moldanubian gneisses intruded by Late Variscan pegmatites (Hagendorf province) in southern Germany. Based upon their texture (zonation, exsolution lamellae, intergrowth), microchemical data (Nb, Cr, Ta, V, Fe, W,...

  • Neutron radiation effects on the nonlinear current–voltage characteristics of ilmenite-hematite ceramics.
    Padmini, P.; Pulikkathara, M.; Wilkins, R.; Pandey, R. K. // Applied Physics Letters; 1/27/2003, Vol. 82 Issue 4, p586 

    Ilmenite-hematite (IH) is a wide-band gap semiconducting material with a potential for low-voltage varistor applications. The nonlinear characteristics of this material were investigated before and after exposure to high-energy neutron radiation. The typical current-voltage characteristics of a...

  • Occurrence of zincian ilmenite from Srikurmam placer sand deposit, Andhra Pradesh, India.
    Rao, M. Jagannadha; Jaya Raj, Aaron A.; Paul, K. John // Current Science (00113891); 11/10/2008, Vol. 95 Issue 9, p1124 

    A letter to the editor is presented in response to the article about the occurrence of zincian ilmenite from Srikurmam placer sand deposit in Andhra Pradesh in India that was published in the previous issue.

    Rao, M. Jagannadha; Jaya Raj, Aaron A.; Paul, K. John // Mining Engineering; Jul2011, Vol. 63 Issue 7, p73 

    The article examines the condition of the zircon industry in 2011. The value of zircon is higher than other valuable heavy minerals including rutile and ilmenite. Also noted is the contribution of the electronic glass uses of zircon to demand for the mineral. Australia and South Africa has...

  • Titanium Dioxide.
    Rao, M. Jagannadha; Jaya Raj, Aaron A.; Paul, K. John // Paintindia; Oct2012, Vol. 62 Issue 10, p76 

    The article reports on developments relating to the titanium dioxide industry in India as of October 2012, including the availability of ilmenite deposits across the country, domestic production of the raw material and the Tata Group's plan to launch a titanium dioxide project in Tamil.

  • Coexisting pseudobrookite, ilmenite, and titanomagnetite in hornblende andesite of the Coleman Pinnacle flow, Mount Baker, Washington: Evidence for a highly oxidized arc magma.
    MULLEN, EMILY K.; MCCALLUM, I. STEWART // American Mineralogist; Feb/Mar 2013, Vol. 98 Issue 2, p417 

    Pseudobrookite microphenocrysts occur in cognate inclusions in the ~305 ka Coleman Pinnacle hornblende andesite flow from the Mount Baker volcanic field, Washington. Pseudobrookites are associated with hornblende phenocrysts and glomerophyric clusters of orthopyroxene, clinopyroxene,...

  • Structure of Cadmium Titanate.
    Shpilevaya, N. V.; Kabirov, Yu. V.; Kupriyanov, M. F. // Physics of the Solid State; Sep2004, Vol. 46 Issue 9, p1737 

    The structure of the ilmenite phase of cadmium titanate is determined and the structure of the perovskite phase of this compound is refined using x-ray powder diffraction. The effect of gamma radiation on the structure and properties of the perovskite phase is investigated. The nature of...

  • Shear Zone-hosted Migmatites (Eastern India): the Role of Dynamic Melting in the Generation of REE-depleted Felsic Melts, and Implications for Disequilibrium Melting.
    Subhadip Bhadra; Suman Das; A. Bhattacharya // Journal of Petrology; Mar2007, Vol. 48 Issue 3, p435 

    In the Ranmal migmatite complex, non-anatectic foliated granite protoliths can be traced to polyphase migmatites. Structural–microtextural relations and thermobarometry indicate that syn-deformational segregation–crystallization of in situ stromatic and diatexite leucosomes...

  • Titanium Dissolution from Indonesian Ilmenite.
    Subagja, Rudi; Andriyah, Lia; Lalasari, Latifa Hanum // International Journal of Basic & Applied Sciences; Aug2013, Vol. 13 Issue 4, p97 

    At present work, an experiment to dissolve titanium from Indonesian Ilmenite into the sulfuric acid solutions was carried out through a decomposition process using aqueous KOH solutions, and it was followed with titanium dissolution from decomposed Ilmenite into the aqueous sulfuric acid...

  • Paramagnetic resonance and susceptibility of ilmenite, FeTiO3 crystal.
    McDonald, P. F.; Parasiris, A.; Pandey, R. K.; Gries, B. L.; Kirk, W. P. // Journal of Applied Physics; 1/15/1991, Vol. 69 Issue 2, p1104 

    Discusses a study which examined large high-purity single crystals of FeTiO[sub3] with ilmenite structure which have been grown from a stoichiometric melt. Indication of susceptibility measurements; Composition of the paramagnetic resonance spectrum for magnetic field; Status of the...

  • Provenance of heavy minerals with special reference to ilmenite of the Honnavar beach, central west coast of India.
    Hegde, V. S.; Shalini, G.; Kanchanagouri, D. Gosavi // Current Science (00113891); 9/10/2006, Vol. 91 Issue 5, p644 

    Heavy mineral assemblage and geochemistry of ilmenite from the Honnavar beach, Karnataka, central west coast of India have been studied to understand their provenance. The heavy mineral assemblage of ilmenite, magnetite, zircon, hornblende, epidote, sphene, kyanite, garnet and staurolite...

  • Structural Phase Transitions in CdTiO[sub 3].
    Kabirov, Yu. V.; Kul’buzhev, B. S.; Kupriyanov, M. F. // Physics of the Solid State; Oct2001, Vol. 43 Issue 10, p1968 

    The reconstructive phase transition from the ilmenite-like CdTiO[sub 3] modification to the perovskite modification is investigated thoroughly. It is revealed that the reconstructive transition is determined by size effects, results in the formation of the closest packing of the ilmenite...

  • Influence of Proton Radiation on the Nonlinear Current-Voltage Characteristics of Pulsed Laser Deposited Ilmenite-Hematite Thin Films.
    Padmini, P.; Tompkins, F.; Shojah-Ardalan, S.; Kale, P.; Wilkins, R.; Pandey, R. K. // Journal of Electronic Materials; Aug2005, Vol. 34 Issue 8, p1095 

    Ilmenite-hematite (IH) [(1-x)FeTiO3·xFe2O3] solid solutions are unique classes of materials showing both magnetic and semiconducting properties, which make them potential candidates for novel applications in microelectronics and spintronics. This paper focuses on their varistor behavior...

  • Preparation and Characterization of Nanosized Titania Prepared from Beach Black Sands Broad on the Mediterranean Sea Coast in Egypt via Reaction with Acids.
    Fouda, M. F. R.; Amin, R. S.; Saleh, H. I.; Labib, A. A.; Mousa, H. A. // Australian Journal of Basic & Applied Sciences; 2010, Vol. 4 Issue 10, p4540 

    In spite of the presence of huge quantities of black sands broaden along the beach of Mediterranean Sea, Egypt, which contain high reserves from ilmenite, only few studies were concerned with the extraction of titania from bearing titanium minerals. At the same time, the importation of titanium...

  • Phase Transitions and Reaction Mechanism of Ilmenite Oxidation.
    Xiao Fu; Yao Wang; Fei Wei // Metallurgical & Materials Transactions. Part A; May2010, Vol. 41 Issue 5, p1338 

    The oxidation of ilmenite ore is used in titanium processing. The effects of oxidation conditions, namely, temperature, ilmenite particle size, and oxygen pressure, on the product phase were investigated. The oxidation product from 773 to 1073 K (500 to 800 °C) includes a shear structure...

  • New textural and mineralogical constraints on the origin of the Hongge Fe-Ti-V oxide deposit, SW China.
    Wang, Christina; Zhou, Mei-Fu // Mineralium Deposita; Aug2013, Vol. 48 Issue 6, p787 

    The Hongge magmatic Fe-Ti-V oxide deposit in the Panxi region, SW China, is hosted in a layered mafic-ultramafic intrusion. This 2.7-km-thick, lopolith-like intrusion consists of the lower, middle, and upper zones, which are composed of olivine clinopyroxenite, clinopyroxenite, and gabbro,...

  • Ilmenite from Kozohlody near Golčův Jeníkov (Czech Republic).
    PAULIŠ, PETR; KOPECKÝ, STANISLAV // Bulletin Mineralogicko-Petrologickeho Oddeleni Narodniho Muzea v; 2009, Vol. 16 Issue 2, p245 

    An ilmenite forming a black and as much as 3 mm thick coat with metallic luster on rutile was newly discovered at the rutile-bearing locality at Kozohlody (4 km W of Golčův Jeníkov, Czech Republic).

  • Oxygen potential of the Elet'ozero magmatic system as a criterion of the ore potential for titanomagnetite-ilmenite raw material.
    Ryabchikov, I.; Kogarko, L. // Doklady Earth Sciences; Jul2015, Vol. 463 Issue 1, p680 

    The article focuses on the Elet'ozero layered intrusion in reference to magmatic system with layers enriched in ilmenite and titanomagnetite. Topics discussed include presence of minerals of unusual composition in titanomagnetite and ilmenite-rich rocks samples and composition of coexisting...

  • Pigment in Manitoba.
    Ryabchikov, I.; Kogarko, L. // Engineering & Mining Journal (00958948); Sep95, Vol. 196 Issue 9, p9 

    Reports that Gossan Resources Ltd. has discovered two ilmenite deposits in Pipestone and Kiskitto Lake in central Manitoba. Grading; Strike length of the Central Zone; Results of an initial metallurgical.

  • Mineral chemistry of Pangidi basalt flows from Andhra Pradesh.
    NAGESWARA RAO, P; SWAROOP, P; KARIMULLA, SYED // Journal of Earth System Science; Apr2012, Vol. 121 Issue 2, p525 

    This paper elucidates the compositional studies on clinopyroxene, plagioclase, titaniferous magnetite and ilmenite of basalts of Pangidi area to understand the geothermometry and oxybarometry conditions. Petrographic evidence and anorthite content (up to 85%) of plagioclase and temperature...

    Sitdikova, L. M.; Ibragimov, E. A.; Badrutdinov, O. R.; Khasanova, N. M.; Mukhamatdinov, I. I. // Proceedings of the International Multidisciplinary Scientific Ge; 2016, Vol. 1, p361 

    The article is devoted to the comprehensive study of black sands - coastal-marine placer deposits on the coast of the Arabian Sea (Kollam, Kerala, India). In the course of works we studied in detail the mineral composition of sands, consisting of ore minerals (ilmenite, rutile), fragments of...

  • Precipitation of rutile and ilmenite needles in garnet: Implications for extreme metamorphic conditions in the Acadian Orogen, U.S.A.
    Ague, Jay J.; Eckert Jr., James O. // American Mineralogist; May/Jun2012, Vol. 97 Issue 5/6, p840 

    We report the discovery of oriented needles of rutile and ilmenite in garnet crystals from granulite facies metapelitic rocks of the Merrimack synclinorium, Connecticut, and present a precipitation model for their origin. The rocks were strongly metamorphosed and deformed during the Devonian...

  • Magnetite exsolution in ilmenite from the Fe-Ti oxide gabbro in the Xinjie intrusion (SW China) and sources of unusually strong remnant magnetization.
    Tan, Wei; He, Hongping; Wang, Christina Yan; Dong, Huan; Liang, Xiaoliang; Zhu, Jianxi // American Mineralogist; Dec2016, Vol. 101 Issue 12, p2759 

    This study investigates magnetite exsolution in ilmenite from Fe-Ti oxide gabbro in the Xinjie intrusion, SW China. Exsolved magnetite lamellae in ilmenite contain nearly pure Fe304 with ~l wt% TiO2. EBSD-based analyses indicate that the magnetite lamellae have close-packed oxygen planes and...

  • Effect Of Roasting Temperature On The Magnetism Of Ilmenite.
    Allen, N. R. // Physical Separation in Science & Engineering; Jun2003, Vol. 12 Issue 2, p103 

    The enhancement of ilmenite magnetic susceptibility by roasting is well known, and it is used routinely in the magnetic separation of mineral sands, yet surprisingly little appears to be known in detail about the development of this magnetisation as roast temperatures increase. An examination of...

  • Characterization and Origin of Aluminous A-type Granites from the Lachlan Fold Belt, Southeastern Australia.
    King, P.L.; White, A.J.R.; Chappell, B.W.; Allen, C.M. // Journal of Petrology; Mar1997, Vol. 38 Issue 3, p371 

    The metaluminous to weakly peraluminous A-type granites of the Lachlan Fold Belt are a distinctive group of igneous rocks, on the basis of chemical and mineralogical criteria. Those granites that contain ∼65–72% SiO2 can be distinguished from other types on the basis of higher...

  • Magnetite, ilmenite and ulvite in rocks and ore deposits: petrography, microprobe analyses and genetic implications.
    Mücke, A. // Mineralogy & Petrology; Feb2003, Vol. 77 Issue 3/4, p215 

    Summary¶Detailed petrographic studies and microchemical analyses of titanomagnetite from igneous and metamorphic rocks and ore deposits form the basis of this investigation. Its aim is to compare the data obtained and their interpretations with the experimentally deduced subsolidus...

  • Preparation of β-Sialon/Ti(C, N) Composite Materials from Low-Grade Bauxite and Ilmenite.
    Chen, Y. B.; Yang, D. X.; Shen, J. X.; Wang, B. C.; Liu, Y. G; Huang, Z. H.; Fang, M. H. // Interceram: International Ceramic Review; Jul2013, Vol. 62 Issue 3, p200 

    β-sialon/Ti (C, N) composite powders were synthesized via a carbothermal reduction nitridation (CRN) method using low-grade bauxite and ilmenite as starting materials and coke as the reducing agent. Then the composites were sintered from the β-sialon/Ti(C, N) composite powders in nitrogen...

  • Petrogenesis of Mantle Polymict Breccias: Insights into Mantle Processes Coeval with Kimberlite Magmatism.
    Giuliani, Andrea; Phillips, David; Kamenetsky, Vadim S.; Kendrick, Mark A.; Wyatt, Bruce A.; Goemann, Karsten; Hutchinson, Graham // Journal of Petrology; Apr2014, Vol. 55 Issue 4, p831 

    Mantle polymict breccias sampled by kimberlite magmas are complex mixtures of mantle minerals and rock clasts, cemented together by olivine, phlogopite, orthopyroxene, ilmenite, rutile and sulphides. Because of the kimberlite-like texture (i.e. mineral clasts of diverse origin and composition...

  • Human Exposure to Mineral Sands Dust Particles.
    Cunha, Kenya Dias da; Leite, Carlos V. Barros; Paschoa, Anselmo S. // AIP Conference Proceedings; 8/7/2008, Vol. 1034 Issue 1, p469 

    Dust particles were generated during the separation process of mineral sands to obtain rutile, ilmenite, zircon and monazite concentrates. Aerosol samples were collected at the village and during the reprocessing phase of ilmenite. A cascade impactor with six stages was used to collect mineral...

  • Thermochemical transformations of ilmenite — leucoxene concentrate.
    Grass, V.; Sekushin, N.; Goldin, B. // Glass & Ceramics; Jan2010, Vol. 67 Issue 1/2, p59 

    Porous silicate-ferropseudobrookite composite material manifesting the properties of a ceramic n-type semiconductor has been synthesized by vacuum-heat treatment of ilmenite – leucoxene concentrate modified by additions of magnesium oxide. The microstructure and the chemical and phase...

  • Porcelanit s relikty mikrofosílií z lemu miocenní bazanitové žíly u MladÄ•jova v ÄŒeském ráji.
    Žáček, Vladimír; Rapprich, Vladislav; škoda, Radek; Laufek, František // Bulletin Mineralogicko-Petrologickeho Oddeleni Narodniho Muzea v; 2010, Vol. 18 Issue 2, p79 

    Porcellanite (fine-grained buchite) occurs at the contact of the dyke of Neogene basanite at Mladĕjov, Jičín District, North Bohemia. The dyke penetrated the sediments of the Březno Formation in the Jizera development of the Czech Cretaceous Basin. The protolith of the pocellanite...

  • High Temperature Interaction Between H2, CH4, NH3 and Ilmenite.
    De Maria, Giovanni; Brunetti, Bruno; Trionfetti, Giuseppe; Ferro, Daniela // AIP Conference Proceedings; 2003, Vol. 654 Issue 1, p1142 

    Three different reductive gaseous agents H2, CH4 and NH3 have been employed to investigate the high temperature reduction of ilmenite (FeTiO3). Thermogravimetry and mass spectrometry techniques have been utilized in the investigation of the reactions behavior. Considerations have been made on...

  • Lamellar magnetism in the haematite-ilmenite series as an explanation for strong remanent magnetization.
    Robinson, Peter; Harrison, Richard J.; McEnroe, Suzanne A.; Hargraves, Robert B. // Nature; 8/1/2002, Vol. 418 Issue 6897, p517 

    Focuses on a study which proposed a ferrimagnetic substructure created by ferrous-ferric contact layers that reduce charge imbalance along lamellar contacts between antiferromagnetic haematite and paramagnetic ilmenite in solving magnetic anomalies. Saturation magnetization of the magnetic...

  • Petrogenesis of Fe—Ti oxides in amphibole-rich veins from the Lherz orogenic peridotite (Northeastern Pyrénées, France).
    Lorand, Jean-Pierre; Gregoire, Michel // Contributions to Mineralogy & Petrology; Jul2010, Vol. 160 Issue 1, p99 

    Accessory, homogeneous ilmenite and rutile are important oxide phases in amphibole-rich high-pressure cumulate veins which crosscut the Lherz orogenic lherzolite massif. Those veins crystallized from alkaline melts at P = 1.2–1.5 GPa within the uppermost lithospheric mantle. Transitional...

  • Chemical ordering in ilmenite-hematite bulk ceramics through proton irradiation.
    Allen, D. M.; Navarrete, L.; Dou, J.; Schad, R.; Padmini, P.; Kale, P.; Pandey, R. K.; Shojah-Ardalan, S.; Wilkins, R. // Applied Physics Letters; 12/13/2004, Vol. 85 Issue 24, p5902 

    We demonstrated the capability of MeV proton irradiation to promote chemical ordering processes in a solid at low temperature. We used the ilmenite–hematite solid solution system which allows estimation of the degree of ordering through measurement of its magnetization. Normally, ordering...

  • Conditions for the production of pigmentary titanium dioxide of rutile and anatase modifications by ilmenite processing with ammonium fluoride.
    Andreev, A. A.; Diachenko, A. N. // Theoretical Foundations of Chemical Engineering; Oct2009, Vol. 43 Issue 5, p707 

    The process of ammoniac precipitation of hydrated titanium dioxide from a solution of ammonium hexafluorotitanate obtained during ilmenite processing by ammonium fluoride with the further sublimation separation of titanium tetrafluoride has been studied. The dehydration of hydrated titanium...

  • Crystallographic preferred orientation of akimotoite and seismic anisotropy of Tonga slab.
    Shiraishi, Rei; Ohtani, Eiji; Kanagawa, Kyuichi; Shimojuku, Akira; Dapeng Zhao // Nature; 10/2/2008, Vol. 455 Issue 7213, p657 

    The mineral akimotoite, ilmenite-structured MgSiO3, exists at the bottom of the Earth’s mantle transition zone and within the uppermost lower mantle, especially under low-temperature conditions. Akimotoite is thought to be a major constituent of the harzburgite layer of subducting slabs,...

  • Experimental Investigation on Mechanical Properties of Ilmenite based Al Nanocomposites.
    Rasidhar, L.; Ramakrishna, A.; Srinivasa Rao, Ch. // International Journal of Engineering Science & Technology; May2013, Vol. 5 Issue 5, p1025 

    In the present investigation an attempt is made to fabricate Aluminium based metal matrix nanocomposite with Ilmenite nanoparticles. Nanocomposite is fabricated with different weight fractions (1,2,3,4,5%) of Ilmenite nanoparticles. Microstructure of fabricated composite shows the uniform...

  • Calculation of the equilibrium C-O-H fluid for ilmenite xenocrysts and estimation of the diamond potential.
    Simakov, S. // Doklady Earth Sciences; Sep2014, Vol. 458 Issue 1, p1171 

    The composition of the C-O-H fluid is estimated on the basis of the composition of ilmenite xenocrysts. The P-T parameters and oxygen fugacity were assessed for peridotitic ilmenites from the diamond and diamond-free kimberlites of Africa and Yakutia. The composition of the equilibrium C-O-H...

  • Novel fusion method for direct determination of uranium in ilmenite, rutile, columbite, tantalite, and xenotime minerals by laser induced fluorimetry.
    Radhamani, R.; Mahanta, P. L.; Murugesan, P.; Chakrapani, G. // Journal of Radioanalytical & Nuclear Chemistry; Aug2010, Vol. 285 Issue 2, p287 

    A simple, rapid, effective and eco-friendly decomposition method is developed for the determination of uranium (U) by laser induced fluorimetry (LIF). The salts of sodium di-hydrogen phosphate (NaH2PO4) and di-sodium hydrogen phosphate (Na2HPO4) were used in the ratio of 1:1 (phosphate flux) for...

  • Heavy Mineral Distribution in Stream Sediment of Tapah Area, Perak, Malaysia.
    Hj Sibon, Mahat; Jamil, Habibah; Umor, Mohd Rozi; Wan Fuad Wan Hassan // AIP Conference Proceedings; Dec2013, Vol. 1571, p411 

    This paper aims to provide the overview of occurrence, distribution and origin of the heavy minerals in the study area. A total of 45 selected stream sediment heavy mineral concentrate samples were panned using standard dulangs, dried and separated from other light minerals using bromoform. The...

  • Indicator minerals as guides to base metal sulphide mineralisation in Betul Belt, central India.
    Ghosh, Biswajit; Praveen, M. N. // Journal of Earth System Science; Aug2008, Vol. 117 Issue 4, p521 

    Zn-bearing minerals that act as indicator minerals for base metal sulphide mineralization from the Proterozoic Betul Belt, central India with special emphasis on their genetic significance have been discussed. Sulphide mineralisation is hosted by the felsic volcanic rocks and has similarities...

  • Base resources announces first ilmenite shipment bound for China ; zircon production commences at Kwale, Kenya.
    Ghosh, Biswajit; Praveen, M. N. // African Business News; 2/18/2014, p5 

    The article reports that the MV African Eagle ship of the Base Resources Ltd. has left the port of Africa with 25,000 tonnes of ilmenite which will be delivered to a customer of China. The company is also planning to start the production of zircon at its Kwale Project. It further focuses on the...

    ALPEROWICZ, NATASHA // Chemical Week; 11/14/2011, Vol. 173 Issue 28, p23 

    The article reports on the plans of titanium dioxide producer Cristal Global to invest an undisclosed sum in an ilmenite processing plant at Yanbu, Saudi Arabia.

  • Fuel for Fusion Power Abundant on Lunar Maria.
    Graham, David // Astronomy; Nov99, Vol. 27 Issue 11, p32 

    Proposes that the moon may become a hot property for an efficient fuel from an isotope of helium called helium-3. Analyses of images from the Clementine spacecraft's 1994 visit to the moon; Reason for the scarcity of helium-3 on earth; Composition of ilmenite mineral.

  • Upgrading Metals Via Direct Reduction from Poly-metallic Titaniferous Magnetite Ore.
    Samanta, Saikat; Mukherjee, Siddhartha; Dey, Rajib // JOM: The Journal of The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society (TM; Feb2015, Vol. 67 Issue 2, p467 

    Pre-reduction is the thermo-chemical beneficiation process which is very useful technique for upgradation of metal values from complex low grade ore. The isothermal reduction behaviour of eastern Indian titaniferous magnetite lump ore without pre-treatment, pre-treated and ore-coke composite...

  • Effect of processing parameters on aeration of reduced Hatinh ilmenite.
    Thao Thi Nguyen; Than Ngoc Truong; Khanh Quoc Dang; Binh Ngoc Duong // Key Engineering Materials; 2016, Vol. 682, p314 

    Aeration step, one of the major stages in the Becher process was carried out on reduced Hatinh (Vietnam) ilmenite in NH4Cl solution and the effect of several processing parameters were thoroughly investigated including the temperature, time, liquid/solid weight ratio (L/S), air flow rate and...

  • Improving Ilmenite Smelting.
    Coetzee, Colette; Sylvén, Peter; Duncanson, Peter // Ceramic Industry; Mar2009, Vol. 159 Issue 3, p29 

    The article focuses on ilmenite smelting that produces a new lining configuration that can replace the conventional magnesia refractories. The ilmenite smelting process is described along with the new lining concept. The purpose of the furnace model is explained including the conclusions drawn...

  • Cassiterite exsolution with ilmenite lamellae in magnetite from the Huashan metaluminous tin granite in southern China.
    Wang, Ru; Yu, A-Peng; Chen, Jun; Xie, Lei; Lu, Jian-Jun; Zhu, Jin-Chu // Mineralogy & Petrology; May2012, Vol. 105 Issue 1/2, p71 

    Sn is generally the dominant form of tin in magnetite-series granites as shown by the presence of cassiterite or its incorporation into Ti-bearing minerals such as biotite and titanite. Little is known about the behavior of tin in magnetite. The Huashan granite is an oxidized tin granite in the...

  • Separation Test of Ilmenite in Yunnan.
    Jincheng Ran; Quanjun Liu; Zhiguo Zhang // Applied Mechanics & Materials; 2014, Issue 556-562, p205 

    Because of the low ilmenite grade and fine dissemination size, a lot of low-magnetic flaky phlogopite in the run-of-mine ore and it can not effectively remove the phlogopite by the high gradient magnetic separation, so it is very difficult to sorting. We decided take the process of low intensity...

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