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    Reichenbach, B.A. // Journal of Religion & Psychical Research; Oct94, Vol. 17 Issue 4, p218 

    Presents a summary of the chapter on hypnosis included in the book 'Okkulte Ratsel Mysteries of Nature's Hidden Side,' which appeared in 1923. Explanation of hypnotic trance; Nature of hypnosis and its inherently problematic consequences.

  • Going under.
    Schuler, Lou // Shape; Feb95, Vol. 14 Issue 6, p28 

    Discusses the different myths concerning hypnosis and hypnotic trances. Control during hypnotic trance; Myth that hypnosis is a parlor trick; Personal experience of the author in hypnotic therapy; Contact information.

  • Zolpidem Tartrate Sublingual Tablets (Intermezzo) CIV.
    Elliott, William T.; Chan, James // Internal Medicine Alert; 12/29/2011, Vol. 33 Issue 24, p189 

    The article offers information on Intermezzo, a low-dose sublingual formulation of zolpidem for the treatment of middle-of-the-night (MOTN) awakening.

  • Behavior change.
    NISE, JULIE // Chiropractic Economics;  

    No abstract available.

  • Formulary evaluation of sedative/hypnotic agents.
    Thrower, Robin // Drug Utilization Review; Sep2001, Vol. 17 Issue 9, p1 

    Focuses on the formulary evaluation of sedative and hypnotic agents. Categories of sedative/hypnotic agents; Pharmocology of the agents; Indications and contraindications; Pharmacokinetics of the agents.

    GOW, KATHRYN M. // Australian Journal of Clinical & Experimental Hypnosis; Nov2012, Vol. 40 Issue 1, p73 

    The article reviews the book "The Handbook of Contemporary Clinical Hypnosis: Theory and Practice," edited by Les Brann, Jacky Owens and Ann Williamson.

  • Mind games.
    Way, Deborah // Cincinnati; Jan2000, Vol. 33 Issue 4, p34 

    Narrates the author's experiences with a hypnotist in Cincinnati, Ohio. Reasons for skepticism on the power of hypnosis; Availability of hypnotists' services in the city; Information collected by a hypnotist from clients; Effectiveness in treating bad habits.

    Way, Deborah // Positive Health; Mar2008, Issue 145, p57 

    The article lists practitioners in Great Britain, including Ayurvedic Face Massage, Natural Health Clinic and British Society of Clinical Hypnosis.

  • The Function of Hypnosis in Obstetrics.
    McEwen, Kate // Positive Health; Feb2012, Issue 191, p1 

    The article discusses the function of hypnosis in the field of obstetrics. It cites reports of successful births using hypnotic techniques. It explains the basic principles of hypnosis in therapy. It also notes that all clients using hypno-birthing style techniques are reminded that if any...

    Woodard, Fredrick J. // Psychological Reports; Apr2003, Vol. 92 Issue 2, p515 

    This theoretical article explores postulates representative of a perceptual frame of reference for a better understanding of hypnotic experiencing. This au thor contends that Perceptual Psychology, a theory first conceptualized by Snygg and Combs, as revised by Combs, Richards, and Richards in...

  • All Through the Night.
    Thornton, Jim; Sultan, Tim // GQ: Gentlemen's Quarterly; May2002, Vol. 72 Issue 5, p144 

    Focuses on the efforts of scientists to develop a drug to fight off sleepiness. Concern on the side effects of sleep-inducing drugs; Prevalence of accumulated sleep debt among Americans; Evidence depriving people of dreams that triggers mental illness.

  • The Eyes of Lady Krystal.
    MacFarlane, David // GQ: Gentlemen's Quarterly; May2002, Vol. 72 Issue 5, p198 

    Relates the meeting of the author with female erotic hypnotists. Views of hypnotists on the link between sex and hypnosis; Skills required in hypnosis; Reasons for the fascination of men to the female-dominant fantasies.

  • Bernie Speaks - Dr. Bernie Siegel.
    MacFarlane, David // Subconsciously Speaking; 8/15/2014, p1 

    A personal narrative is presented which explores the author's experience of witnessing the power of hypnosis and anesthesia as a doctor.

  • Untitled.
    MacFarlane, David // New Yorker; 5/18/1968, Vol. 44 Issue 13, p44 

    An excerpt from an advertisement in the "Long Beach Press Telegram" in California regarding a course in hypnotism and positive thinking is presented.

  • I'm being deprived of sleeping pills--yet another worry to keep me up all night.
    Taylor, Laurie // New Statesman; 02/28/2000, Vol. 129 Issue 4475, p67 

    Presents the thoughts of the author as an insomniac. Removal of his sleeping pill prescription; His experience with a relaxation book from his doctor; Things that insomniacs worry about.

  • Bromisoval.
    Taylor, Laurie // Reactions Weekly; 6/26/2010, Issue 1307, p16 

    The article presents the case of a 41-year-old woman with chronic headaches who developed chronic bromide intoxication presenting as status epilepticus while receiving over-the-counter analgesics containing bromisoval.

  • When You Can't Sleep.
    Taylor, Laurie // American Family Physician; 10/1/1999, Vol. 60 Issue 5, special section p1 

    Provides information on insomnia. Definition of chronic insomnia; People afflicted with chronic insomnia; Problems that chronic insomnia can cause; Causes of chronic insomnia; Good sleep habits that will help people sleep better; Use of sleeping pills.

    Taylor, Laurie // Journal of Family Practice; Sep2001, Vol. 50 Issue 9, p749 

    A correction to the article "The Effects of Hypnosis on the Labor Process and Birth Outcomes of Pregnant Adolescents" that was published in the May 2001 issue is presented.

  • Intensity of amnesia during hypnosis is positively correlated with estimated prevalence of sexual...
    Dittburner, Terri-Lynn; Persinger, M. A. // Perceptual & Motor Skills; Dec93, Vol. 77 Issue 3, p895 

    Correlates the amount of amnesia encountered during hypnosis and the subject's apprehensions concerning sexual abuse and alien abduction; Use of a strongly emotional and ambiguous story; Complex partial epileptic-like signs; Left ear suppressions; Scores for control; Development of pseudomemories.

  • The Hypnobirthing Book: An inspirational guide for a calm, confident, natural birth.
    Dagustun, Jo // AIMS Journal; 2014, Vol. 26 Issue 4, p26 

    No abstract available.

  • Hot milk before bed.
    Donaldson Jr., Robert M.; Berkowitz, Henry D. // Cortlandt Forum; 7/25/95, Vol. 8 Issue 7, p89 

    Recommends a glass of hot milk as a soporific. Boiled milk as a source of L-tryptophan.

  • hypnosis:.
    Huber, Jeffrey T.; Gillaspy, Mary L. // Encyclopedic Dictionary of AIDS-Related Terminology; 2000, p114 

    A definition of the term "hypnosis" is presented, referring to an induced state that resembles sleep in which the subject is responsive to the suggestions of the inducer.

  • Hypnotics.
    Huber, Jeffrey T.; Gillaspy, Mary L. // Encyclopedic Reference of Molecular Pharmacology; 2004, p472 

    A definition of the term "hypnotics," which refers to drugs that facilitate the maintenance of sleep, is presented.

  • Sleeping aids.
    Huber, Jeffrey T.; Gillaspy, Mary L. // Drug Topics; 8/8/94, Vol. 138 Issue 15, p52 

    Presents an overview of the sleeping aids market. Unit and total sales of sleeping aids from June 1993 to May 1994; Retail outlets for sleeping aids; Impact of private labels on sleeping aid sales in retail outlets; Top-selling stock-keeping units in drugstores in dollar sales; Product...

  • Founder's Message.
    Huber, Jeffrey T.; Gillaspy, Mary L. // Subconsciously Speaking; Mar/Apr2006, Vol. 21 Issue 2, p2 

    The article previews several events related to hypnotism in the United States including the 2006 International Medical & Dental Hypnotherapy Association conference, the 2006 Hollywood Stars for Charity World Health, Fitness, Wellness Expo & Trade Show which will be held on March 25 and 26, 2006...

    Huber, Jeffrey T.; Gillaspy, Mary L. // Subconsciously Speaking; Sep/Oct2006, Vol. 21 Issue 5, p16 

    The article announces the program of the conference on hypnosis & hypnotherapy by the International Medical & Dental Hypnotherapy Association scheduled October 28 to 29 of 2006.

    Gruzelier, John // Contemporary Hypnosis & Integrative Therapy; 2011, Vol. 28 Issue 3, p168 

    An introduction is presented in which the editor discusses various reports within the issue on topics including a case study on Ericksonian hypnosis, the role of hypnotizability using Stanford Hypnotic Clinical Scale, and a survey regarding the attitude of non-white Americans to hypnotherapy.

  • How Dave Elman's Classes Changed as the Techniques Evolved.
    Elman, H Larry // Australian Journal of Clinical Hypnotherapy & Hypnosis; Autumn2012, Vol. 34 Issue 1, p4 

    The Dave Elman Course in Medical Hypnosis taught approximately 10,000 physicians and dentists - the largest number of medical personnel ever taught hypnosis by a single person. Dave Elman never attended medical school. He was a self-taught stage hypnotist in Vaudeville. When Vaudeville ceased,...

  • Hypnotizability, absorption and negative cognitions as predictors of dental anxiety Two pilot studies.
    DiClementi, Jeannie D.; Deffenbaugh, Jennifer; Jackson, Daniel // Journal of the American Dental Association (JADA); Sep2007, Vol. 138 Issue 9, p1242 

    The authors discuss two pilot studies that examined the roles of hypnotizability, absorption and state versus trait anxiety as predictors of dental anxiety. One of the studies also explores the effectiveness of hypnosis in managing dental anxiety. The authors found a positive relationship...

  • posthypnotic.
    DiClementi, Jeannie D.; Deffenbaugh, Jennifer; Jackson, Daniel // Taber's Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary; 2005, p1740 

    A definition for the term "posthypnotic" is presented. It refers to a situation occurring or performed subsequent to the hypnotic state.

  • Waiting to Descend.
    Berger, Stephanie // Journal of Perinatal Education; Spring2010, Vol. 19 Issue 2, p7 

    A second-time mother uses a combination of comfort measures and hypnosis for childbirth to achieve a medication-free birth. In the hospital, her use of hypnosis and the posterior position of her cervix made it appear that she was not dilated. After she was fully dilated, pushing took several...

  • The use of hypnotic techniques to reduce the use of analgesics for dental surgery.
    Enqvist, Bjorn // Subconsciously Speaking; Mar/Apr2006, Vol. 21 Issue 2, p5 

    The article focuses on a study on the use of preoperative hypnosis techniques to reduce stress and improve healing and patient recovery from dental surgery. The preoperative control group experienced increased anxiety between initial surgery registration and the day of surgery. There was no...

  • Hypnotism in Abyssinia.
    Enqvist, Bjorn // BMJ: British Medical Journal (International Edition); 1/17/2004, Vol. 328 Issue 7432, p155 

    Presents an article from one hundred years ago on hypnotism in Abyssinia. Curious usage of the technique in that country; Children under the age of 12 who are chosen to be detectors of crime who are believed that when hypnotized can supply the names of criminals to authorities; Example of such...

    Shum, Norman // Australian Journal of Clinical & Experimental Hypnosis; Sep2013, Vol. 40 Issue 2, p160 

    A personal narrative is presented which explores the author's experience of practicing hypnotherapy.

    Shulman, A.; Laycook, Glenda M. // Australian Journal of Experimental Biology & Medical Science; Oct1957, Vol. 35 Issue 5, p421 

    Bemegride, which antagonizes hypnosis induced in mice by barbiturates (pentobarbitone sodium and thiopentone sodium), the monoureides (Bromural and Carbromal), the diketothiazolidine, 5-phenyl-2:4-diketothiazolidine and the glutarimides (β-methyl-β-(butyl, amyl or hexyl)-glutarimide), has...

  • Hypnotics (Book Review).
    Smith, Eugene // LJ: Library Journal; 2/1/1976, Vol. 101 Issue 3, p539 

    Reviews the book 'Hypnotics: Methods of Development and Evaluation,' edited by Fred Kagan and others.

  • Hypnosis and crime.
    CYRIAX, OLIVER // Encyclopedia of Crime; 2009, p211 

    An encyclopedia entry for "hypnosis and crime" is presented. One case proved most psychiatrists were wrong in the thinking that a person can not be hypnotized to commit murder. The said case took place on March 29, 1951, involving a young man, Palle Hardrup, who robbed the Landsmans Bank in...

  • Glossary.
    CYRIAX, OLIVER // Sedatives & Hypnotics: Dangerous Downers; 2008, p118 

    A glossary of terms related to sedative-hypnotics is presented.

  • INTERNATIONAL MEDICAL AND DENTAL HYPNOTHERAPY ASSOCIATION: The 12th Annual Conference November 5 - 12, 1998.
    Hilton-Troy, Northfield // Subconsciously Speaking; Sep/Oct98, Vol. 13 Issue 5, p1 

    The article offers information on the 12th Annual Conference of the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association (IMDHA) to be held in Michigan from November 5-12, 1998.

    Spencer-Beacham, Anne H. // Subconsciously Speaking; Jan/Feb2002, Vol. 17 Issue 1, p2 

    Comments on developments concerning hypnotherapy and hypnotherapists as of January 2002. Inclusion of obituaries for Mark Wolff and Sol Lewis; Stress and Grief Management workshop to be given by Karen Barker in Mount Clemens, Michigan; Rhondda Stewart-Garfield's opening of a hypnotherapy school...

    King, Anne // Subconsciously Speaking; Jan/Feb2002, Vol. 17 Issue 1, p4 

    Comments on the role of the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association (IMDHA) in supporting its chapter in Texas. Legal issues being faced by the Texas chapter; Speech to be given by the author at the organization's October 2002 convention.

  • Healing Attitude.
    Bottari, Albert C. // Subconsciously Speaking; Jan/Feb2002, Vol. 17 Issue 1, p6 

    Discusses the author's practice in hypnosis/hypnotherapy. Author's founding of the New York State Hypnotherapy Association Inc. (NYSHA) in 1991; Impact of mind, body and spirit on healing; Author's experiences with cancer; Importance of surrounding one's self with people who have positive...

  • News from Down Under.
    Layton, Del // Subconsciously Speaking; May/Jun2002, Vol. 17 Issue 3, p1 

    Focuses on the advantages of using hypnosis in treating various psychological and physical diseases. List of diseases cured by hypnosis; Ways to cope with pain; Management of pre or post-operative pain.

  • Blepharoplasty Under Hypnosis: A Personal Experience.
    Haskins, Chris // Subconsciously Speaking; May/Jun2002, Vol. 17 Issue 3, p4 

    Examines the effectivity of applying hypnosis on upper and lower Blepharoplasty surgery. Sedative effect of hypnosis; List of medical uses of hypnosis; Explanation on hypnoanesthesia.

    Otto, Linda // Subconsciously Speaking; Jul/Aug2002, Vol. 17 Issue 4, p1 

    Discusses how medical professionals with limited resources can start in a hypnotherapy practice. Use of software programs to create business cards; Importance of giving free lectures or demonstrations on the benefits of hypnosis; Importance of setting a good example to others for the services...

  • The Eagle Has Landed.
    Ditson-Sommer, Rayma // Subconsciously Speaking; Jul/Aug2002, Vol. 17 Issue 4, p5 

    Discusses how some components of hypnotherapy can be used to improve the mental performance of a golf player. Importance of brain synchrony and the development of a relaxation response; Importance of referring golfers to someone who has the knowledge base to help them during tours.

  • Founder's Message.
    Spencer-Beacham, Anne H. // Subconsciously Speaking; Nov2002-Feb2003, Vol. 17-18 Issue 6-1, p2 

    Deals with various items relevant to the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association (IMDHA) as of November 2002. Comment on the IMDHA annual conference; Continuing education hours for members; IMDHA Specialty Certifications.

    Durbin, Paul G. // Subconsciously Speaking; Mar/Apr2003, Vol. 18 Issue 2, p3 

    Provides insights on how to undertake specific hypnotherapy techniques. Hand to Face for Therapy; Therapy Between Sessions.

  • Hypnotherapist as master gardener.
    Blum, Peter // Subconsciously Speaking; Mar/Apr2003, Vol. 18 Issue 2, p5 

    Explores gardening as a metaphor for the process of professional hypnotherapy. Weed overgrowth and the importance for clients to recognize the need for change or improvement in their life; Need for hypnotherapists to review different types of hypnotherapeutic approaches; Brief hypnotherapy.

  • To All Texas Hypnotists.
    King, Anne // Subconsciously Speaking; May/Jun2003, Vol. 18 Issue 3, p4 

    Announces the sponsorship of a draft legislation regarding the exemption of Texan hypnotists from the Psychology Act. Deliberation process; Encouragement for hypnotists to contact local legislators.

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