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     // Feminist Studies; Summer2001, Vol. 27 Issue 2, p360 

    Presents the poem 'Housekeeping.'

  • Housekeeping.
    Hettich, Michael // Orion Magazine; Mar/Apr2008, Vol. 27 Issue 2, p31 

    The article presents the poem "Housekeeping," by Michael Hettich. First Line: Sunday mornings we walk around our house; Last Line: simply by moving our bodies.

  • Housekeepers.
    Graham, Taylor // International Poetry Review; Spring2004, Vol. 30 Issue 1, p90 

    Presents the poem "Housekeepers," by Taylor Graham.

  • Housekeeping.
    Petty, Audrey // Cimarron Review; Spring2007, Issue 159, p7 

    Presents the poem "Housekeeping," by Audrey Petty. First Line: I've called Roto-Rooter quickly, leaving my Sunday plea; Last Line: how they hug the blades, how they briefly stop me.

  • Housekeeping.
    Bartley, Jackie // Kansas Quarterly / Arkansas Review; 1994, Vol. 26 Issue 1-4, p103 

    The poem "Housekeeping," by Jackie Bartley is presented. First Line: This morning our limbs unfolded like crumpled paper. Last Line: that gives even rain its shape.

  • Housekeeping.
    Savoie, Terry // North American Review; Spring2011, Vol. 296 Issue 2, p5 

    Presents the poem "Housekeeping," by Terry Savoie. First Line: 1. Turnips & Broom: Last Line: finger, an awakening to usher it on.

  • Housekeeping.
    Savoie, Terry // Quadrant Magazine; Apr2005, Vol. 49 Issue 4, p65 

    Presents the poem "Housekeeping," by Lisa Gorton. First Line: This house is busy with spiders; Last Line: that makes this rented house a wilderness.

  • Housekeeping.
    Powell, Jim // Paris Review; Spring88, Vol. 30 Issue 106, p193 

    Presents the poem "Housekeeping," by Jim Powell. First Line: After the old man fell; Last Line: at the ivy, letting sunlight in at the windows.

    Powell, Jim // Book of Humorous Verse; 1/1/1936, p54 

    The poem "On a Deaf Housekeeper" is presented. First Line: Of all life's plagues I recommend to no man; Last Line: But anyhow she quits my house this night.

  • Poor Housekeeping.
    HOWARD, HATTIE // Poems Vol. IV by Hattie Howard; 1/1/1904, p19 

    The poem "Poor Housekeeping," by Hattie Howard is presented. First Line: If there is one gift that I prize above others, Last Line: And home an ideal, idyllic retreat.

  • Housekeeping.
    Evans, L. A. // Nebraska Life; Sep/Oct2007, Vol. 11 Issue 5, p50 

    The article presents the poem "Housekeeping," by L. A. Evans. First Line: I love the way; Last Line: to sleep.

  • Good Housekeeping.
    Davenport, Steve // Literary Review; Summer208, Vol. 51 Issue 4, Special section p7 

    Presents the poem "Good Housekeeping," by Steve Davenport. First Line: Somewhere a shelf of labeled containers; Last Line: enthralled, ravished, betrothed.

  • Nocturnal Housekeeping.
    Queeney, Courtney // American Poetry Review; May/Jun2006, Vol. 35 Issue 3, p44 

    Presents the poem "Nocturnal Housekeeping," by Courtney Queeney. First Line: I till the baseboard dust but nothing live rises under my hands. Last Line: the front door slams shut. My dead bolt slides home.

    Bohm, Elizabeth // Saturday Evening Post; 3/31/1951, Vol. 223 Issue 40, p117 

    The article presents the poem "To an Excellent Housekeeper," by Elizabeth Bohm. First Line: Scrub, wax and polish, sweep; Last Line: The lovely lazy dust of spring.

  • Demon Housekeeper.
    Jacobson, Ethel // Saturday Evening Post; 9/27/1958, Vol. 231 Issue 13, p42 

    Presents the poem "Demon Housekeeper," by Ethel Jacobson. First Line: Of disorder there's never a trace; Last Line: Particularly her spouse.

  • Man Versus Housekeeping.
    Merrill, Herbert // Saturday Evening Post; 10/31/1959, Vol. 232 Issue 18, p72 

    Presents the poem "Man Versus Housekeeping," by Herbert Merrill. First Line: I find it sad to think the; Last Line: neighbors burn.

    Merrill, Herbert // Complete Poetical Works of Thomas Hood (Public Domain); 1911, p192 

    The sonnet "On Mistress Nicely, A Pattern for Housekeepers," Thomas Hood is presented. First Line: SHE was a woman peerless in her station, Last Line: And polish'd floors and tables shine her back.

  • To a Light Housekeeper.
    Adams, Franklin P. // Tobogganing on Parnassus; 1/1/1913, p17 

    Presents the poem "To a Light Housekeeper," by Franklin P. Adams. First Line: Lady, thou that livest; Last Line: Honestly, I will.

  • Happinesse to hospitalitie, or a hearty wish to good house-keeping.
    HERRICK, ROBERT // Poetical Works of Robert Herrick; 1921, p284 

    The poem "Happinesse to Hospitalitie, or a Hearty Wish to Good House-Keeping," by Robert Herrick is presented. First Line: First, may the hand of bounty bring; Last Line: People a City or a Towne.

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