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  • Calibrating a Gyrocompass Using ADCP and DGPS Data.
    Trump, Clifford L.; Marmorino, George O. // Journal of Atmospheric & Oceanic Technology; Feb97, Vol. 14 Issue 1, p211 

    Accurate values of ship's heading, usually obtained from a gyrocompass, are vital in calculating absolute currents from ship-mounted acoustic Doppler current profilers (ADCPs). This note presents a straightforward method of calibrating a ship's gyro by comparing two independent estimates of...

  • Dynamic Analysis of a Two-Gyro Ansch�tz Compass.
    Ge, Z-M; Jen, C-W; Ku, F-N // Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers -- Part C; 1997, Vol. 211 Issue 3, p239 

    In this paper, the dynamics of the two-gyro Ansch�tz compass in two cases, i.e. the earth spin velocity and zero vehicle velocity case, as well as the earth spin velocity and non-zero vehicle case, are studied. The detailed exact equations of motion of this compass are obtained by...

  • A method for determining errors of a static fiber-optic gyrocompass.
    Matisov, I. A.; Strigalev, V. E.; Nikolaev, V. A.; Ivanov, Yu. V. // Technical Physics; Sep97, Vol. 42 Issue 9, p1081 

    The influence of intrinsic noise and signal drift on the accuracy of a static fiber-optic gyrocompass (FOG) is analyzed theoretically, and a method is proposed to determine the errors of the gyrocompass experimentally. From this it is possible to choose an optimum algorithm for measuring the FOG...

  • Fiberoptics point North.
    Matisov, I. A.; Strigalev, V. E.; Nikolaev, V. A.; Ivanov, Yu. V. // Popular Mechanics; Aug97, Vol. 174 Issue 8, p14 

    Introduces the fiberoptic digital gyrocompass by Litton C. Plath Navigation Automation in Annapolis, Maryland. Description and features of the system; Users of the systems.

    Larosa, Adam // Power & Motoryacht; Jun2010, Vol. 26 Issue 6, p57 

    The article evaluates the M700 gyro compass by Seakeeper Inc.

  • TSS and SG Brown launch mechanical gyrocompass.
    Larosa, Adam // DPC: Dredging & Port Construction; May2000, Vol. 27 Issue 5, p10 

    Reports on the launch of the survey grade Meridian Surveyor marine gyrocompass by the merged operations TSS and SG Brown in Great Britain. Features and capabilities of the Meridian Surveyor; Applications of the Meridian Surveyor; Revelation of the device in the 2000 Oceanology International.

  • New maintenance-free gyrocompass from Alphatron.
    Larosa, Adam // Ausmarine; Nov2006, Vol. 29 Issue 1, p31 

    The article evaluates the AlphaMiniCourse gyrocompass from Alphatron.

  • Lightweight Gyrocompass.
    Larosa, Adam // Sea Technology; Aug2007, Vol. 48 Issue 8, p59 

    The article evaluates the Remote Gyro Package, a lightweight gyrocompass from Cochrane Technologies Inc.

  • LSG-85G navigation and reference system.
    Larosa, Adam // Interavia Business & Technology; Mar94, Vol. 49 Issue 576, p59 

    Introduces the LSR-85G gyrocompass and reference system from LITEF GmbH. Functions and features.

  • Gyro That Thrives On Extreme Conditions.
    Larosa, Adam // DPC: Dredging & Port Construction; May2008, p45 

    The article evaluates the SGB 2000 solid-state gyrocompass from Teledyne TSS.

  • Field Balancing and Harmonic Vibration Suppression in Rigid AMB-Rotor Systems with Rotor Imbalances and Sensor Runout.
    Xiangbo Xu; Shao Chen // Sensors (14248220); Sep2015, Vol. 15 Issue 9, p21876 

    Harmonic vibrations of high-speed rotors in momentum exchange devices are primary disturbances for attitude control of spacecraft. Active magnetic bearings (AMBs), offering the ability to control the AMB-rotor dynamic behaviors, are preferred in high-precision and micro-vibration applications,...

  • The actual problem of magnetic compass at contemporary navigation.
    Lushnikov, Evgeny M. // Scientific Journals of The Maritime University of Szczecin, Zesz; 2012, Vol. 104 Issue 32, p103 

    In the paper the priority of technical means and methods of navigation at contemporary seagoing ship was discussed. The role of magnetically compass and gyrocompass at the condition of contemporary ship was described. Effectiveness of gyrocompass and magnetically compass from point of navigation...

  • Fast Field Calibration of MEMS-based IMU for Quadrotor's Applications.
    ZHANG, J. F.; BAI, J. P.; WU, J. B.; ZENG, Y.; LAI, X. S. // Sensors & Transducers (1726-5479); Apr2013, Vol. 151 Issue 4, p1 

    This paper presents a method to calibrate the dominant errors of Micro Electrical Mechanical Systems (MEMS) based inertial measurement unit (IMU) for quadrotor's applications in field because the error coefficients of MEMS-based IMU are changing from switch-on to switch-on. Based on the optimal...

  • Gyro on a chip.
    Langreth, Robert; Antonoff, Michael // Popular Science; Jul95, Vol. 247 Issue 1, p40 

    Reports on the development of Navicube, an electronic 3-D compass by Billy Smith and John Gay of West Monroe. Features; Principle behind the compass; Concept for the compass.

  • Dynamics of a gyrostat satellite with the vector of gyrostatic moment in the principal plane of inertia.
    Sarychev, V. A.; Mirer, S. A.; Degtyarev, A. A. // Cosmic Research; Jan2008, Vol. 46 Issue 1, p60 

    Dynamics of a gyrostat satellite moving along a circular orbit in a central Newtonian field of force is investigated. In a particular case, when the gyrostatic moment vector lies in one of the satellite’s principal central planes of inertia, all positions of equilibrium are determined,...

  • Improvement of the theory of ship's motions on gyrocompass operation.
    Lushnikov, Evgeny M.; Pleskacz, Krzysztof // Scientific Journals of The Maritime University of Szczecin, Zesz; 2013, Vol. 108 Issue 36 z. 2, p110 

    The article presents the results of compliance with effects of impact wave course and the resulting orbital motions on the accuracy of the gyrocompass.

  • Sadaret delivers gyrocompasses.
    Lushnikov, Evgeny M.; Pleskacz, Krzysztof // DPC: Dredging & Port Construction; Nov2000, p10 

    Focuses on the Meridian Surveyor gyrocompasses delivered by Sadaret Ltd. of Buckinghamshire, Great Britain to the Russian survey company Romona. Purpose of the gyrocompasses ordered by Romona; Features of the marine gyrocompass.

  • An Improved Gyrocompass Alignment Method for Large Azimuth Misalignment.
    Gao, Wei; Lu, Baofeng; Yu, Chunyang; Lan, Haiyu // Mathematical Problems in Engineering; 4/23/2015, Vol. 2015, p1 

    Due to the impact of the nonlinear factor caused by large azimuth misalignment, the conventional gyrocompass alignment method is hard to favorably meet the requirement of alignment speed under the condition of large azimuth misalignment of INS. In order to solve this problem, an improved...

  • Surveying With the SeaBED-Class AUV Mola Mola.
    Woolsey, Max; Diercks, Arne-R.; Asper, Vernon // Sea Technology; Jun2011, Vol. 52 Issue 6, p19 

    The article offers information on the Mola Mola SeaBED-class autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV), whose primary target is to survey specific targets as deep as 2,000 meters, which has been acquired by the National Institute for Undersea Science and Technology (NIUST). It states that an iXSea SAS...

  • Little Gem.
    Woolsey, Max; Diercks, Arne-R.; Asper, Vernon // Model Airplane News; Sep2006, Vol. 134 Issue 9, p22 

    The article features the new ShogunMidget machine manufactured by EF Helicopters. The collective-pitch device comes in two variations which is the assembled with brushless outrunner and wooden rotor blades with factory metal-gear servos. To complete the machine, the company will also issue the...

  • Northrop Grumman introduces fiberoptic gyrocompass for shipboard use.
    Woolsey, Max; Diercks, Arne-R.; Asper, Vernon // Military & Aerospace Electronics; Dec2003, Vol. 14 Issue 12, p6 

    Reports that the Sperry Marine unit of Northrop Grumman has introduced the MK27F, a fiber-optic altitude and heading reference system for naval vessels and a commercial off-the-shelf form, fit, and function replacement for the MK27 and other marine gyrocompasses.

  • Painlev� VI, Rigid Tops and Reflection Equation.
    Levin, A. M.; Olshanetsky, M. A.; Zotov, A. V. // Communications in Mathematical Physics; Nov2006, Vol. 268 Issue 1, p67 

    We show that the Painlev� VI equation has an equivalent form of the non-autonomous Zhukovsky-Volterra gyrostat. This system is a generalization of the Euler top in C� and includes the additional constant gyrostat momentum. The quantization of its autonomous version is achieved by the...

  • Product News.
    Levin, A. M.; Olshanetsky, M. A.; Zotov, A. V. // DPC: Dredging & Port Construction; Feb2002, p30 

    Features several shipping products and equipment. 5001 autopilot system from ComNav; MicroRLG ring laser gyro-compass from CDL; Optimum Resources 2300 bridge system; VLB-44 lighthouse beacon from Vega.

  • The Stability of Spin.
    D'Antonio, Steve // Professional Boatbuilder; Jun/Jul2008, Issue 113, p72 

    This article presents information on the gyroscopic stabilizers sized for smaller boats developed by Maryland-based Seakeeper. It explains that this device could minimize the roll of virtually any vessel under way or at rest. The technical details of the gyroscopic stabilizer is presented. The...

  • Spin No More.
    Swickard, James E. // Business & Commercial Aviation; Jul2006, Vol. 99 Issue 1, p98 

    The article presents information related to spinning gyros. Sandel Avionics has launched three versions of TSOed solid-state directional gyros including SG102 DG, SG102 DG and SG103 DG. All three units weigh approximately two pounds. There are no special cooling requirements.

  • The Dynamics of a Satellite-Gyrostat with a Single Nonzero Component of the Vector of Gyrostatic Moment.
    Sarychev, V.; Mirer, S.; Degtyarev, A. // Cosmic Research; Jul2005, Vol. 43 Issue 4, p268 

    The dynamics of a satellite-gyrostat moving in the central Newtonian force field along a circular orbit is studied. In the particular case when the vector of gyrostatic moment is parallel to one of the satellite’s principal central axes of inertia, all the equilibrium states are...

    Sarychev, V.; Mirer, S.; Degtyarev, A. // Naval Forces; 2005, Vol. 26 Issue 4, p90 

    When the young Dr. Hermann Anschütz-Kaempfe decided more than one hundred years ago, to dedicate his inherited wealth to the service of science, he surely had no idea to what revolutionary results his commitment would lead. In 1900, returned to Kiel from an expedition to Polar Regions,...

  • product development.
    Sarychev, V.; Mirer, S.; Degtyarev, A. // Sea Technology; Sep2012, Vol. 53 Issue 9, p68 

    The article previews several sea technology products, including the Portable Acoustic Command System from EdgeTech, the Dragonfish camera from SubC Control Ltd., and the Alphafibercourse solid-state gyro compass from Alphatron Marine BV.

  • Three dimensional synthetic and real aperture sonar technologies with Doppler velocity log and small fiber-optic gyrocompass for autonomous underwater vehicle.
    Asada, A.; Ura, T. // Fiber Optic Sensors & Systems; Oct2012, Vol. 26 Issue 10, p6 

    The technologies could be expected a practical application of searching for submarine minerals, such as thermal vents a few meters high, to a depth of 3,000 meters. In order to develop exploration technologies for submarine resources, new sensor technology needs to be developed for use with...

    Asada, A.; Ura, T. // Yachting; Sep2000, Vol. 188 Issue 3, p40 

    Covers information on three electronic equipment geared for boater as of September 2000. Features of the GyroTrac magnetic compass from KVH Industries; Details on the handheld Global Positioning System developed by Magellan; Description of ComNav's 2001 autopilot.

  • international.
    Asada, A.; Ura, T. // Sea Technology; Apr2011, Vol. 52 Issue 4, p53 

    The article offers global updates related to marine business, science and engineering. It reports on the delivery of the Sonardyne International Ltd.-manufactured tsunami detection technology to CSNet (Cyprus) Ltd. for the latter's Tsunami Warning and Early Response System for Cyprus (TWERC). It...

  • A gyro-kinetic model for trapped electron and ion modes.
    Drouot, Thomas; Gravier, Etienne; Reveille, Thierry; Ghizzo, Alain; Bertrand, Pierre; Garbet, Xavier; Sarazin, Yanick; Cartier-Michaud, Thomas // European Physical Journal D -- Atoms, Molecules, Clusters & Opti; Oct2014, Vol. 68 Issue 10, p1 

    In tokamak plasmas, it is recognized that ITG (ion temperature gradient instability) and trapped electron modes (TEM) are held responsible for turbulence giving rise to anomalous transport. The present work focuses on the building of a model including trapped kinetic ions and trapped kinetic...

  • Dynamics of a Tetrahedral Satellite-Gyrostat.
    Burov, Alexander A.; Guerman, Anna D.; Sulikashvili, Revaz S. // AIP Conference Proceedings; 9/30/2010, Vol. 1281 Issue 1, p465 

    We study orbital motion of a connected satellite formation with a gyrostat in central Newtonian gravitational field. The formation possesses spherically symmetric central tensor of inertia of a regular tetrahedron. We write down the exact equations of motion and their Routh reduction, as well as...

  • Sperry, Elmer Ambrose (1860 - 1930).
    Burov, Alexander A.; Guerman, Anna D.; Sulikashvili, Revaz S. // Hutchinson Dictionary of Scientific Biography; 2005, p1 

    U.S. inventor and engineer who exploited the technology of the gyroscope to develop the first commercially successful gyrostabilizer for ships, and the gyrocompass and gyro-controlled autopilot for aircraft and ships. In doing this work he laid the foundations for modern control theory,...

  • The Gyro Error Analysis Based on Allan Variance.
    Xiaoyan dai; zhigang chen // Applied Mechanics & Materials; 2014, Issue 644-650, p1369 

    In this paper, we did the analysis of the gyro error using Allan variance method, static output data using a three-axis gyroscope of the global first integrated six-axis motion processing components MPU6050. Experimental result shows that it not only improves the estimation accuracy of gyro...

  • Hemisphere Debuts OEM Compass Board.
    Xiaoyan dai; zhigang chen // GPS World; Aug2008, Vol. 19 Issue 8, p16 

    The article reports on the launching of the LV100 Global Positioning System (GPS) Compass Board which is based on Crescent Vector technology by Hemisphere GPS Inc. The LV100 is a GPS compass and positioning assembly built on a single carrier board with integrated GPS antennas and designed for...

  • Analysis of the Existent Noise in a Gyrocompass of Dynamic Configuration.
    Sandoval-Romero, G. E.; Palma-Vargas, S. // AIP Conference Proceedings; 4/15/2008, Vol. 992 Issue 1, p617 

    The objective in this work is to report an analysis of the output characteristics of the basic gyrocompass scheme. This scheme we referred as dynamic. We present the basic principles of gyrocompass operation for earth's true north determination at the dynamic scheme and the causes of the errors...

  • The study of four-position north seeking system under Vibration environment.
    ZONG Ming-hui; LI Deng-hua // Applied Mechanics & Materials; 2014, Issue 667-679, p990 

    In order to develop north seeking system with strong anti-interference ability, the influence caused by the swaying base on the performance of north seeker was investigated. The influence of sinusoidal signal of gyros and tilt sensor's output was analyzed based on four-position north seeking...

  • Road bank angle estimation for land vehicle.
    Yong Shen; Zhen Teng Song; Qiong Wang // Applied Mechanics & Materials; 2014, Issue 635-637, p385 

    This paper presents a method for estimating road bank angle for land vehicle. When the vehicle is traveling on a lateral slope road, due to the effect of suspension, roll will be occur. While the ordinary method for the roll angle measurement is by gyro which is mounted on a vehicle body, the...

  • Error Analysis and Compensation of Gyrocompass Alignment for SINS on Moving Base.
    Bo Xu; Yang Liu; Wei Shan; Guochen Wang // Mathematical Problems in Engineering; 2014, p1 

    An improved method of gyrocompass alignment for strap-down inertial navigation system (SINS) on moving base assisted with Doppler velocity log (DVL) is proposed in this paper. After analyzing the classical gyrocompass alignment principle on static base, implementation of compass alignment on...

  • FDIR for the IMU Component of AOCS Systems.
    Pontuschka, Maurício N.; da Fonseca, Ijar M. // Mathematical Problems in Engineering; 2014, p1 

    The main objective of this paper is the study of a FDIR for an IMU aiming at space applications with focus on the gyro signal analysis and the tests of the filtering algorithms. The algorithms have been tested by using lab data provided by the DMC LABSIM (Physical's Simulation Laboratory of the...

  • Instrument Upkeep: Repairing Saves Money.
    Anglisano, Larry // Aviation Consumer; Jan2014, Vol. 44 Issue 1, p4 

    The article offers information on the overhauling of aircrafts from a standard shop to make the aircraft model upgraded and save money. It reflects on the views Bryan Miner of Mid-Continent Instrument Co. Inc. stating that bearings of gyro and worn mechanical parts are replaced during...

  • Digest.
    Anglisano, Larry // DPC: Dredging & Port Construction; Aug2007, p37 

    The article evaluates several products including the CAM50 camera by Raymarine Inc., the VL64 Equal Plus floodlight by Victor Lighting, and the Alphaminicourse gyrocompass from Alphatron Marine BV.

  • How A Giant Keeps It's Balance.
    Anglisano, Larry // DPC: Dredging & Port Construction; Nov2005, p27 

    The article reports that the mega cutter suction dredger d'Artagnan, which is the largest and most powerful dredger of its type in the world, employs a precise and reliable positioning technology. The dredger owned by DEME's French subsidiary Société de Dragage International uses French...

  • Autogyro Offers Low-Cost ISR For Naval Vessels.
    Anglisano, Larry // Fiber Optics & Communications; Apr2013, Vol. 36 Issue 4, p6 

    The article reports on the testing of Valkyrie, an unpowered autogyro offered by L-3 Communications. It says that Valkyrie can provide low-cost intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) capability to the naval ships. It states that trials were conducted in conjunction with U.S. Navy...

    KENNEDY, G. RANDOLPH // Sea Classics; Oct2011, Vol. 44 Issue 10, p18 

    The article offers information on the development of naval gunfire control directors in the U.S. It mentions the use of gun fire control system (GFCS) by the U.S. Navy on World War II, when the gunfire system uses a rangefinder with a gyro compass to calculate the location of the target ship. It...

    SANZ, SANTIAGO REMENTERÍA // Llull: Revista de la Sociedad Espanola de Historia de las Cienci; 2011, Vol. 34 Issue 73, p101 

    The article analyzes a letter dated by German-born American physicist Albert Einstein in 1925, while he was returning from a trip to South America. The article provides information on the different Spanish ports of call in which Einstein stopped, some fragments from his travel diary and...

    SANZ, SANTIAGO REMENTERÍA // Llull: Revista de la Sociedad Espanola de Historia de las Cienci; 2010, Vol. 33 Issue 72, p333 

    The article analyzes a letter written by German-born physicist Albert Einstein in 1925 on his return trip from South America. The author reviews people mentioned in the letter, including Karl Glitscher, Karl Lehmann and Wolfgang Otto. The content of the letter is analyzed with respect to...

  • navy currents.
    SANZ, SANTIAGO REMENTERÍA // Sea Technology; Dec2014, Vol. 55 Issue 12, p57 

    The article offers news briefs in the global marine industry as of late 2014. The Maritime Administration (MARAD) has extended its Voluntary Intermodal Sealift Agreement (VISA) scheme until October 1, 2019. The Commonwealth of Australia awarded a contract to James Fisher Defence for the supply...

    Wildenberg, Thomas // Naval History; Oct2015, Vol. 29 Issue 5, p10 

    The article discusses the early 20th century invention of the Ford Rangekeeper for the U.S. Navy, which was used for shipboard fire control, by the American inventor and engineer Hannibal C. Ford, including a diagram of its design. The role that Ford played in assisting the business owner Elmer...

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