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  • Loss of Fetish Fair reflects a changing Village.
    Houston, Andrea // Xtra (Toronto); 4/19/2012, Issue 717, p14 

    This article reports on the cancellation of the annual Fetish Fair held in the Church and Wellesley Village, an LGBT neighborhood in Toronto, Ontario.

  • Greene would finish writing before the morning had even begun; I have to beat the score on my Gameboy.
    French, Sean // New Statesman; 02/14/2000, Vol. 129 Issue 4473, p28 

    Discusses the fascination with the way other people write. How the place could affect the quality of writing; Efforts not to fetishise any part of writing.

  • Fetish-finding mission.
    Gonsalves, Julia // Xtra (Toronto); 4/10/2008, Issue 612, p22 

    The author relates her experience in attending her very first fetish event and reflects on whether a fetish could be contagious, and whether people always know they have a fetish somewhere inside them.

  • Préface du directeur de la collection Chiasma.
    Bishop, Michael // Chiasma; 2014, Vol. 33, p7 

    No abstract available.

  • Sex Fetish 101.
    Cribb, Tara // UWM Post (Milwaukee, WI); 9/27/2010, p17 

    A blog related sexual fetishes in humans is presented.

  • Fetish (2004).
    Cribb, Tara // Contact Quarterly; Summer/Fall2014, Vol. 39 Issue 2, p28 

    The article offers information on the wartime and sexual-related dance "Fetish" and presents photographic images taken during the dance performance.

  • What is a festish anyway?
    Geraci, Ron // Men's Health; Nov97, Vol. 12 Issue 9, p48 

    Discusses the cause and effect of fetishism. Description of fetishism.

  • Delirious disguises, perverse masquerades, and the ghostly female fetishist.
    Matlock, Jann // Grand Street; Summer95, Vol. 14 Issue 1, p156 

    Presents the history of psychiatric cases of fetishists in Europe. Identification of clothing obsessions among men and women from 1880 to 1935; Pervasiveness of cross-dressers during the period; Comparison of transvestite men and women.

  • The respectful fetishist.
    Cockburn, Alexander // Grand Street; Summer95, Vol. 14 Issue 1, p208 

    Presents the author's views on the origins of his fetishist behavior. Development of his fetishist inclinations as a child; Discussion of fetishism in history; Urges for cross-dressing.

  • Diet kink: same taste, zero brains.
    Feist, Jeremy // Xtra (Toronto); 4/19/2012, Issue 717, p29 

    The author criticizes pornographic models who refer to themselves as fetish models despite having no prior experience or interest in sexual fetishism.

    Spiker, Ted // Men's Health (10544836); Oct2000, Vol. 15 Issue 8, p58 

    Suggests some brands of sex oils and lubricants which women like men to use.

  • Cross to bare.
    Valelly, Jonathan // Fab; 10/12/2011, Issue 435, p8 

    The article offers information on the Northbound Leather's annual fetish party to be held at the Sound Academy in Toronto, Ontario.

    Gurley, George // Vanity Fair; Mar2001, Issue 487, p174 

    Reports on the highlights of the Midwest Furfest, a gathering for people who love to don plush animal costumes. Most popular costumes seen at the event; Profiles of several costumed plush fans who attended the event; Sex researcher Katharine Gates' analysis of the personalities of the so-called...

  • 'Desexifying' Toronto's gay village.
    Houston, Andrea // Xtra West (Vancouver); 4/19/2012, Issue 487, p11 

    The article reports on the cancellation of the annual fetish fair by Church and Wellesley Village Business Improvement Area (BIA), Toronto, Ontario and introducing other events including sidewalk sale which is considered as a step to desexify the village.

  • Sex.
    Houston, Andrea // Gay Times (09506101); Sep2008, Issue 360, p126 

    A photo essay which depicts different sexual fetishes is presented.

  • Naked Homo.
    McDonnell, Keith // Pink Paper; 6/29/2012, p21 

    The article provides information on the show titled "Naked Homo," a provocative series of individual takes on naked gay life, to be performed by Martin Lewton at the fetish store Expectations in London, England on July 6-8, 2012.

  • Academics' fetish.
    Boon, Miriam // Xtra (Toronto); 3/13/2008, Issue 610, p10 

    The article offers information on a conference entitled "Fetish: Working Out the Kinks" to be held in Ontario on March 14-15, 2008.

    Boon, Miriam // Los Angeles Magazine; Oct2008, Vol. 53 Issue 10, p144 

    A personal narrative is presented which explores the author's experience of trying sexual-related stuff in Los Angeles, California, like visiting a sex shop and a fetish playground.

  • dear di...
    Boon, Miriam // BOYZ; 11/18/2010, Issue 1003, p62 

    The article presents the author's response to a query sent by a reader regarding the attainment of sexual gratification on shoes.

    Boon, Miriam // Psychology Today; Nov/Dec2003, Vol. 36 Issue 6, p6 

    Presents a letter to the editor in response to the article "The Science of Scrumptious," in the October 2003 issue, which deals with food fetishism.

  • Foot fetishes and suffragists in D.C.
    Tyrrell Jr., R. Emmett // Indianapolis Business Journal; 05/05/97, Vol. 18 Issue 7, p5B 

    Opinion. Comments on erstwhile political consultant Dick Morris' sexual aberration of foot fetishism. Description of Morris' fetish as a sickness; Morris' advice for the 1996 Democratic convention to revolve around a return to family values.

  • Bibliography.
    Tyrrell Jr., R. Emmett // Chiasma; 2014, Vol. 33, p171 

    A bibliography on the subject of fetishishm is presented, which includes the books "Feminizing the Fetish: Psychoanalysis and Narrative Obsession in Turn-of-the-Century France" by Emily Apter, "Paris Interzone" by James Campbell, and "Imagining the Modern City" by James Donald.

    Ramazani, Vaheed // Cultural Critique; Spring2003, Issue 54, p26 

    Discusses the fundamental structural affinity between fetishism, sublimity and conventional forms of war discourse. Metaphorical continuities and discontinuities between conceptions of birthing, warring and reason or common sense; Linking of the repressions and expressions governing sublime...

  • Slap Happy.
    Wolff, Michael // New York; 05/08/2000, Vol. 33 Issue 18, p22 

    Presents information on author Diane Fauer and the marketing of fetishism on the Internet. Advantage of a fetish in business; Comments from Fauer on fetishism in media.

  • Just can't get enough.
    Garro, Julia // Xtra (Toronto); 6/24/2004, Issue 513, p42 

    Provides information on two fetish-themed street parties in Toronto, Ontario in July and August 2004. Folsom Fair North; Church Street Fetish Fair.

  • Leather: What's Your Fetish?
    Brogan, Scott // Bay Area Reporter; 11/14/2013, Vol. 43 Issue 46, p5 

    The article focuses on the various fetishes which are enjoyed and explored by the gay community which includes the top and bottom portions of the body.

  • West Coast Rubber Weekend.
    Brogan, Scott // Gay & Lesbian Times; 8/6/2009, Issue 1128, p61 

    The author offers insights relative to the West Coast Rubber Weekend event for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people in the U.S.

  • Heel, boy!
    Brown, Chip // Esquire; Nov95, Vol. 124 Issue 5, p102 

    Focuses on the undying allure of sexy women's shoes for men. Freudian explanation for shoe fetishism; Anecdotes and folk knowledge on shoe fetishism; Author's admission of himself as a shoe fetishist.

    Levinson, Jerrold // Monist; Jan2003, Vol. 86 Issue 1, p30 

    Explores the nature of sexual perversion. Suboptimal exploitation of the human potential for sexual experience; Factors influence perverse sexual behavior; Philosophical interpretations of sex and sexuality; Superiority of fancy or fully interpersonal sex; Discussion of bestiality, necrophilia,...

  • Photographs.
    Newton, Helmut // Grand Street; Summer95, Vol. 14 Issue 1, p191 

    Presents photographs depicting women as sexual fetishes.

  • Homosexuality and Biology.
    Talbot, Serge // ONE; Apr/May56, Vol. 4 Issue 4, p26 

    This article studies the connection of biology and homosexuality. Definition of biology; Difference between fetishism and homosexuality; Definition of homosexuality from the biological point of view; Actual scale of evolution; Differentiation of sex; Claim on sexual equality.

  • Meet the kinks.
    Segell, Michael; Leclerc, Anita // Esquire; May96, Vol. 125 Issue 5, p40 

    Focuses on fetishism in men. Fetishes as one category in a sexual syndrome called paraphilia; Definition of paraphilia; Types of paraphilia; Origins of fetishistic behavior in men.

    Gatewood, Charles // Skin & Ink: The Tattoo Magazine; Dec2007, Issue 29, p18 

    The article focuses on fetishism. It states that this term was used to describe anything that was irrationally worshipped in the early 19th century while in every day speech, it refers to any fixation on a singular inanimate object, body part or erotic practice. According to the author, most...

  • CALL BOY: The 15-Minute Body.
    Laurence, Jay // Advocate; Jul1968, Vol. 2 Issue 7, p4 

    Details the life of a male prostitute in the U.S. Reasons for entering the profession; Description of the fetishes of some clients; Comparison with other jobs.

  • Pink In The Sheets.
    Laurence, Jay // Word (Word Publications - Ted Fleischaker); Mar2012, p19 

    The author offers advice to a letter sender who is hesitant to reveal a secret fetish to her girlfriend for fear that it will jeopardize their relationship.

  • Leather Life.
    Christensen, Nolin // Liberty Press; Aug2012, Vol. 18 Issue 12, p15 

    The article offers information on the Wichita Organization of Leather Fetishes (WOOLF).

  • A look back at Madonna's pussy.
    Feist, Jeremy // Xtra (Toronto); 11/1/2012, Issue 731, p7 

    This article focuses on sexual fetishes that have inspired singer Madonna's recording albums including "Bedtime Stories," "Ray of Light" and "Music."

  • Cutting edge of modern medicine.
    Bennett, James // Bulletin with Newsweek; 10/19/99, Vol. 117 Issue 6196, p22 

    Reports on two extreme cases of medical malpractice in the United States. Conviction of a California doctor on charges of murder after he amputated the leg of a healthy man to satisfy a sexual fetish; Florida police's investigation of a case in which a male patient who underwent surgery to...

  • out in the city.
    Bennett, James // Capital Xtra (Ottawa); 11/19/2008, Issue 196, p24 

    A calendar of events for the gay and lesbian community in Ottawa, Ontario in 2008 is presented including the Breathless Fetish Ball on November 21, the World AIDS Bash on November 29, and the panel discussion "Organizing: Possibilities, Problems and Priorities" on November 20.

    Houston, Andrea // Xtra (Toronto); 10/21/2010, Issue 678, p11 

    The article offers information on the Church Street Fetish Fair to be held at the 519 Church Street Community Centre in Toronto, Ontario, on November 9, 2010.

  • The London Gay Sex & Fetish Awards 2008.
    Houston, Andrea // BOYZ; 12/11/2008, Issue 902, p58 

    The article highlights the London Gay Sex & Fetish Awards held at the Union in London, England on December 6, 2008. The event recognizes the various components of sex gay and fetish indsustry, while raising funds for GMFA. Master of ceremonies Spike Rhodes, along with Philp and The Sisters of...

    Savage, Dan // Santa Fe Reporter; 7/10/2013, Vol. 40 Issue 28, p26 

    The article presents questions and answers related to sex and relationship including one about a woman's one-night stand in Costa Rica, a guy who has a problem with his girlfriend's choking fetish during sex, and a lesbian who is sexually attracted to her best friend's older sister.

  • "I infiltrated a FETISH party".
    Savage, Dan // Cleo;  

    A personal narrative is presented which explores the author's experience of attending a fetish party.

    Savage, Dan // Santa Fe Reporter;  

    The article presents questions and answers related to social issues including how to manage a family member who is a fetishist and how to approach a woman with confidence.

  • Learning to live with his fetish.
    Carl, Richard // Cosmopolitan; Oct96, Vol. 221 Issue 4, p144 

    Provides insights on men's fetishes. Description of fetishes; Effect of fetishes on sex relations; Ways that women can handle their partners' fetishes.

    Savage, Dan // Santa Fe Reporter; 10/2/2013, Vol. 40 Issue 40, p30 

    The article presents questions and answers related to relationships including how to tell a partner about his appendages fetish and what is the best way to get someone out of your head.

    Califia, Pat // Advocate; 9/3/85, Issue 428, p30 

    Offers advice on gay relationships. Preference of a gay partner for masturbation rather than sex; Fetishism for infant paraphernalia.

    Califia, Pat // Advocate; 9/26/89, Issue 534, p48 

    Responds to queries pertaining to gay issues. Fetish for soft velvet corduroy; Dilemma of young gay man who could not establish a relationship with other gays.

  • SEX ….
    Califia, Pat // Esquire; Feb2012, Vol. 157 Issue 2, p42 

    The article presents questions and answers related to sex including how to determine when one's fetish is acceptable or not, whether zinc supplements provide sexual benefits and why is there a tendency to reveal one's love to a woman during sex.

  • The Clinical Description of Forty-Eight Cases of Sexual Fetishism.
    Chalkley, A.J.; Powell, Graham E. // British Journal of Psychiatry; Mar83, Vol. 142, p292 

    This study surveys the discharge register of a large London teaching hospital over 20 years and presents data on its 48 cases of clinical sexual fetishism. An attempt was made to answer two questions: (1) What are the clinical problems these patients present? They have more to do with the...

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