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  • The market.
    Martin, Keith // AutoWeek; 07/13/98, Vol. 46 Issue 29, p112 

    Provides information on the Ferrari 308 automobile. Potential cost of this automobile; Details on the two body styles this automobile comes in; Features of this automobile.

  • Ferrari unveils new Spider.
    Henry, Jim // Automotive News; 3/15/1993, Vol. 67 Issue 5490, p33 

    Reports on the unveiling of Ferrari North America Inc.'s Spider. Price; Changes from the 348 coupe; Engine; Exhaust system; Power; Torque; Weight.

  • Testarossa replacement.
    Henry, Jim // Automotive News; 3/18/1996, Vol. 70 Issue 5650, p3 

    Presents a photograph showing what the replacement for the Ferrari's 512M Testarossa will look like.

  • Testing the next Testarossa.
    Henry, Jim // Automotive News; 7/1/1996, Vol. 70 Issue 5667, p2 

    Presents a photograph of the Ferrari 512M Testarossa automobile.

  • F50 times 14.
    Henry, Jim // AutoWeek; 7/15/96, Vol. 46 Issue 29, p55 

    Reports on developments related to the Ferrari F50 race car. Orders for the car.

  • There really is only one.
    Martin, Keith // AutoWeek; 08/18/97, Vol. 47 Issue 33, p22 

    Presents information on the purchasing of mid-engined Ferraris for under $20,000. Choices in the price range; Advice for buyers.

  • Ferrari anoints F550 as Testarossa's successor.
    Ciferri, Luca // Automotive News; 7/29/1996, Vol. 70 Issue 5671, p26 

    Reports on Ferrari SpA's plan to replace its Testarossa automobile range with the F550. Engine, transmission and steel tubular chassis; Architecture of the aluminum alloy engine.

  • Baby Ferrari with finesse, and more.
    Ciferri, Luca // Automotive News; 6/6/1994, Vol. 68 Issue 5555, p3 

    Features the Ferrari 355 automobile. Comparison with 348 model; Design; Speed.

  • Coming out party.
    Ciferri, Luca // AutoWeek; 01/19/98, Vol. 48 Issue 3, p47 

    Presents information on the design of the Ferrari F300. Information on the design team; Identification of the difference in the car; Details on the engine.

  • Ferrari's ferocious new face.
    Leclerc, Anita; Patton, Phil // Esquire; Aug95, Vol. 124 Issue 2, p27 

    Features the Ferrari F50. Automobile design; Engine; Price; Limited edition.

    Martin, Keith // AutoWeek; 05/01/2000, Vol. 50 Issue 19, p28 

    Reports on the auction of a 1965 Ferrari 250 Le Mans Berlinetta at the RM Classic Cars Auction in Amelia Island, Florida. Conversion from a race car to a street car; Right-hand drive; Chrome wire wheels; Auction price.

  • 1951 Ferrari 195 Inter.
    Matras, John // AutoWeek; 08/28/2000, Vol. 50 Issue 36, p21 

    Features a 1951 Ferrari 196 Inter automobile. Design; History of the car; Engine specifications; Interior space; Accessories; Performance.

  • The Market.
    Martin, Keith // AutoWeek; 11/06/2000, Vol. 50 Issue 46, p38 

    Features the 1997 Ferrari F50 Barchetta. Technical specifications; Description of the car's interior and exterior; Test drive results.

  • The Market.
    Martin, Keith // AutoWeek; 11/05/2001, Vol. 51 Issue 46, p26 

    Features the 1985 Testarossa of Ferrari. Design of the car; Details on the mid-engine configuration; Inconvenience of cars with a complete service history.

  • Lost in the translation.
    Martin, Keith // AutoWeek; 7/26/93, Vol. 43 Issue 30, p9 

    Features an article on Italian exotics in Alitalia's inflight magazine on the Ferrari 456GT. 5473.9 cylinders that produce 422 cc.; Uncertainty in what the Ferrari produces 422 cc of.

  • Taking longer to go faster.
    Ciferri, Luca // AutoWeek; 12/13/93, Vol. 43 Issue 51, p15 

    Features the Ferrari F130, the successor of the Ferrari F40. Production schedule; Top speed; Acceleration speed; Reason for delay in production; F130 as basis for a racing version designed by Pininfarina; Car features; Engine specifications; Traditional layout; Weight.

  • Hold your horses.
    Horrell, Paul // AutoWeek; 6/20/94, Vol. 44 Issue 25, p19 

    Previews the Ferrari F355 automobile. Dimensions; Engine; Safety features; Top speed; Suspension; Brakes; Tires; Comparison with the Ferrari 348. INSET: Shhhh! Don't tell, there's a new Ferrari, by Luca Ciferri..

  • Smooth despite its rough edges.
    Horrell, Paul // AutoWeek; 11/21/94, Vol. 44 Issue 47, p10 

    Features the Ferrari 348 Spider automobile. Pricing; Equipment; Standing start acceleration; Rolling acceleration; Braking; Fuel economy; Engine; Handling; Drivetrain; Brakes; Wheels and tires; Suspension; Dimensions; Capacities.

  • Owners' voices.
    Horrell, Paul // AutoWeek; 11/21/94, Vol. 44 Issue 47, p10 

    Presents several owners and their evaluation of the Ferrari 348 Spider automobile. Includes George Fritkin of Westlake Village, California; Ted Shasta of Boston, Massachusetts; A.L. DiSalvo of Bernardsville, New Jersey.

  • Other voices.
    Horrell, Paul // AutoWeek; 11/21/94, Vol. 44 Issue 47, p12 

    Presents several periodicals and their comments on the Ferrari 348 Spider automobile. Includes `Car and Driver'; `Road & Track'; `MotorWeek.'

  • Update 1995.
    Horrell, Paul // AutoWeek; 11/21/94, Vol. 44 Issue 47, p13 

    Reports on Ferrari's launching of its new F355 and 456GT automobiles at the 1994 Pebble Beach Concours D'Elegance. Pricing; Engine types; Annual production volume.

  • Letting the stallion loose.
    Horrell, Paul // AutoWeek; 12/5/94, Vol. 44 Issue 49, p4 

    Features Ferrari's F130 sportscar. Engines; Gearbox; Suspensions; Chassis; Layout; Price.

  • Momo Ferrari fastest during IMSA testing.
    Horrell, Paul // AutoWeek; 1/23/95, Vol. 45 Issue 4, p46 

    Reports on the sub-2-minute lap performance of Ferrari 333SP cars in the 1995 Daytona Test Days. Other outstanding performances.

  • Even a veteran racer has a fantasy day.
    Gentilozzi, Paul // AutoWeek; 2/27/95, Vol. 45 Issue 9, p13 

    Describes the experience of driving a Ferrari racing car called the 333 SP World Sports Car. Engine mapping; Sprint potential of the engine; Shifting; Open cockpit; Physical sensation from braking.

  • Exploiting an opening.
    Cifferi, Luca // AutoWeek; 6/19/95, Vol. 45 Issue 25, p19 

    Focuses on the Ferrari F355 Spider automobile. Semi-automatic top mechanism; Improvement in power over the previous Spider; Five-valve-per-cylinder V8 engine; Drilled aluminum pedals; Absence of changes in the suspension side.

  • Feel like a hero.
    Vaughn, Mark // AutoWeek; 6/19/95, Vol. 45 Issue 25, p22 

    Features the Ferrari F355 Berlinetta automobile. Claims that it is the best Ferrari ever made; Minor defects; Five-valve-per-cylinder, 380-hp engine; Power curve; Six-speed gearbox; Engine-rev-sensitive power steering.

  • A very expensive web site.
    Vaughn, Mark // AutoWeek; 7/10/95, Vol. 45 Issue 28, p7 

    Reports on Ferrari's launching of its F355 Spider at Rodeo Drive, California on June 19, 1995. Concentration of Ferrari buyers in California; Features of the automobile; Pricing.

  • Stable mate.
    Ciferri, Luca // AutoWeek; 8/14/95, Vol. 45 Issue 33, p26 

    Evaluates the Ferrari F50 racing automobile. Comparison with the F40; Features; Engine; Speed. INSET: High-rolling assembly line..

  • Downsizing for speed.
    Cooper, Adam // AutoWeek; 3/11/96, Vol. 46 Issue 11, p49 

    Reports on changes in the Ferrari F310 automobile unveiled on February 15, 1996. Benefits of the switch from V12 to V10 power; Jet fighter-styled sidepods; Shrinkage of the radiator area; Fixation of winglets to the engine cover to improve stability; Retention of the six-speed, transverse format.

  • Daily driver of our dreams.
    Vaughn, Mark; Wilson, Kevin A. // AutoWeek; 3/25/96, Vol. 46 Issue 13, p18 

    Presents information on the Ferrari F355 automobile. Power and handling; Key elements of the Ferrari; Performance; Specifications. INSETS: Facts.;Numbers..

  • Equity.
    Vaughn, Mark; Wilson, Kevin A. // AutoWeek; 3/25/96, Vol. 46 Issue 13, p20 

    Presents information on the equity value of the F355 Ferrari. Statistics on price of purchase and trade-in-value.

  • Owners' voices.
    Vaughn, Mark; Wilson, Kevin A. // AutoWeek; 3/25/96, Vol. 46 Issue 13, p19 

    Presents the comments by owners of the Ferrari F355, on the likes and dislikes of the car.

  • Other voices.
    Vaughn, Mark; Wilson, Kevin A. // AutoWeek; 3/25/96, Vol. 46 Issue 13, p20 

    Presents the opinion from the United States media and the foreign media on the performance of the Ferrari F355.

  • `Poor' and `Ferrari' in the same sentence.
    Vaughn, Mark; Wilson, Kevin A. // AutoWeek; 7/22/96, Vol. 46 Issue 30, p20 

    Focuses on the market performance of the Ferrari 308 GT4 automobile. Total number of units manufactured from 1974 to 1979; Two reasons for the automobile's performance in the market; Features of the car.

  • Prancing horse shifts gaits.
    Ciferri, Luca // AutoWeek; 8/12/96, Vol. 46 Issue 33, p28 

    Features automobile Ferrari 456 GTA with automatic tranaxle design from Ferrari. Specifications; Design.

  • Opposite ends flourish in the Ferrari market.
    Ciferri, Luca // AutoWeek; 9/16/96, Vol. 46 Issue 38, p30 

    Reports on two kinds of folks buying vintage Ferrari market. 1960-63 250 GTE; 1959-62 PF Coupes; 1949 166MM; Automobiles' price.

  • Mom was right.
    Martin, Keith // AutoWeek; 10/14/96, Vol. 46 Issue 42, p30 

    Relates how the author nearly bought a 1987 Ferrari Testarossa at Autoclassic Auction in British Columbia. Bidding price for the car; Costs of additional services.

  • Daily driver of our dreams.
    Martin, Keith // AutoWeek; 12/16/96 Supplement Buyer's Guide97, Vol. 46 Issue 51, p26 

    Provides information on Ferrari F355 automobile. Manufacturer's data; Pricing; Owners paid; Standing-start acceleration; Braking; Fuel economy. INSETS: Owners' voices.;Update..

  • 1961 Ferrari 250 SWB.
    Stone, Matt // AutoWeek; 01/27/97, Vol. 47 Issue 4, p23 

    Describes the 1961 Ferrari 250 SWB automobile. External styling using traditional tube-frame layout; Length of wheelbase; Composition of body material; Racing history.

  • Counter the myth.
    Stone, Matt // AutoWeek; 04/14/97, Vol. 47 Issue 15, p18 

    Focuses on the 1981 automobile, Ferrari 308GTBi. Engine specifications; Pricing; Styling; Club support. INSET: Owners and others..

  • The X1/9 of Ferraris.
    Martin, Keith // AutoWeek; 07/14/97, Vol. 47 Issue 28, p24 

    Presents information on the Ferrari Boxer automobile. Increase in the value of the automobile; Price of the automobile.

  • The market bites back.
    Martin, Keith // AutoWeek; 08/04/97, Vol. 47 Issue 31, p24 

    Reports that Mike Tyson's 1988 Ferrari Testarossa was sold at an auction on July 12 to July 13, 1997, in Newport, California. Cost of the car; Factors which influence the cost of automobiles owned by celebrities.

  • Car board.
    Martin, Keith // AutoWeek; 10/27/97, Vol. 47 Issue 43, p12 

    Focuses on automobiles made by Ferrari. Information on the Ferrari 550 Maranello; Cost of the Ferrari's; Description of the cars.

  • Untamed for the street.
    Moses, Sam // AutoWeek; 02/09/98, Vol. 48 Issue 6, p14 

    Presents information on the Ferrari F355 F1 automobile. Details on the vehicle's speed; Features of this automobile; Results of a test drive of the automobile; Comment by John Amette, Ferrari's technical manager for the western zone; Comparison of the automobile to the Chrysler AutoStick and...

  • Ferrari 456M GT.
    Mandel, Dutch // AutoWeek; 05/11/98, Vol. 48 Issue 20, p16 

    Introduces the automobile, Ferrari 456M GT. Features of the automobile; Description of the automobile; Specification of the automobile.

  • New Ferrari engine.
    Mandel, Dutch // AutoWeek; 12/12/94, Vol. 44 Issue 50, p71 

    Reports on the scheduled testing of the new engine of the Ferrari F1 automobile.

  • Annals of commerce.
    Mandel, Dutch // AutoWeek; 12/22/97, Vol. 47 Issue 51, p48 

    Presents information on the the Ferrari 550 Maranello. Details on the cost of one sold at an auction; Identification of its regular price.

  • Paddle power.
    Fraser, Brett // Motor; Sep97, Vol. 45 Issue 4, p96 

    Presents information on the Ferrari F355 automobile. Performance of the automobile; Gearchange system of the automobile; Details on the automobile. INSET: Spec check..

  • Topless, gorgeous.
    Walker, Howard // Motor; Nov96, Vol. 44 Issue 6, p8 

    Presents the Ferrari 457GT Spyder automobile. Price; Motor capacity.

  • Full frontal Testarossa.
    Marshall, Joanne // Motor; Nov95, Vol. 43 Issue 6, p18 

    Features the Berlinetta automobile from Ferrari. Functions and features; Design; Expected release of the automobile in 1997.

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