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  • Ferrari unveils new flagship.
     // Automotive News; 11/28/94, Vol. 69 Issue 5580, p1 

    Presents photographs of the Ferrari Fi30 which is scheduled to be shown in an automobile show in Geneva, Switzerland in March 1995. F130 as replacement for the former flagship F40; Use of composite materials in the car's chassis and bodywork.

  • The market.
    Martin, Keith // AutoWeek; 07/13/98, Vol. 46 Issue 29, p112 

    Provides information on the Ferrari 308 automobile. Potential cost of this automobile; Details on the two body styles this automobile comes in; Features of this automobile.

  • Ferrari builds a coupe for North America.
    Mraz, Stephen // Machine Design; 04/03/97, Vol. 69 Issue 7, p104 

    Features the Ferrari 456GTA automobile. Engine; Speed; Suspension and transmission system; Price.

  • Ferrari unveils new Spider.
    Henry, Jim // Automotive News; 3/15/93, Vol. 67 Issue 5490, p33 

    Reports on the unveiling of Ferrari North America Inc.'s Spider. Price; Changes from the 348 coupe; Engine; Exhaust system; Power; Torque; Weight.

  • Testarossa replacement.
    Henry, Jim // Automotive News; 3/18/96, Vol. 70 Issue 5650, p3 

    No abstract available.

  • Testing the next Testarossa.
    Henry, Jim // Automotive News; 7/01/96, Vol. 70 Issue 5667, p2 

    Presents a photograph of the Ferrari 512M Testarossa automobile.

  • Testarossa replacement.
    Henry, Jim // Automotive News; 7/22/96, Vol. 70 Issue 5670, p6 

    Presents a photograph of the Ferrari F550 Maranello two-seat coupe model slated for a public debut at the paris, France automobile show in October 1996.

  • F50 times 14.
    Henry, Jim // AutoWeek; 7/15/96, Vol. 46 Issue 29, p55 

    Reports on developments related to the Ferrari F50 race car. Orders for the car.

  • There really is only one.
    Martin, Keith // AutoWeek; 08/18/97, Vol. 47 Issue 33, p22 

    Presents information on the purchasing of mid-engined Ferraris for under $20,000. Choices in the price range; Advice for buyers.

  • Maranello's newest supercar: The Ferrari F130.
    Martin, Keith // Automotive News; 9/12/94, Vol. 69 Issue 5569, p2 

    Shows a photograph of a prototype of the Ferrari F130, in its true, open-top form. Expected debut on the spring of 1995.

  • Hot drop top.
    Lehman, Hans G. // Automotive News; 6/21/93, Vol. 67 Issue 5505, p1 

    Presents a photograph of Ferrari's F-1 convertible. Engine; Barchetta or F-130 as model name; Removable hardtop.

  • Ferrari anoints F550 as Testarossa's successor.
    Ciferri, Luca // Automotive News; 7/29/96, Vol. 70 Issue 5671, p26 

    Reports on Ferrari SpA's plan to replace its Testarossa automobile range with the F550. Engine, transmission and steel tubular chassis; Architecture of the aluminum alloy engine.

  • Faster Ferrari.
    Priddy, Brenda // Automotive News; 1/29/96, Vol. 70 Issue 5643, p2 

    Presents a photograph of a lightly camouflaged prototype of the Ferrari 456 GT showing air intakes and rear spoiler.

  • Baby Ferrari with finesse, and more.
    Priddy, Brenda // Automotive News; 6/6/1994, Vol. 68 Issue 5555, p3 

    Features the Ferrari 355 automobile. Comparison with 348 model; Design; Speed.

  • Coming out party.
    Priddy, Brenda // AutoWeek; 01/19/98, Vol. 48 Issue 3, p47 

    Presents information on the design of the Ferrari F300. Information on the design team; Identification of the difference in the car; Details on the engine.

  • Ferrari roadie.
    Padgett, Martin // AutoWeek; 10/13/97, Vol. 47 Issue 41, p20 

    Focuses on Ferrari's celebration of its 50th year with a world tour of the F355. Contribution of Michael Schumacher and company to the efforts of the Ferrari Formula One; Background information on Ferrari; Description of the tour; Impact of the world tour.

  • Ferrari's ferocious new face.
    Leclerc, Anita; Patton, Phil // Esquire; Aug95, Vol. 124 Issue 2, p27 

    Features the Ferrari F50. Automobile design; Engine; Price; Limited edition.

    Martin, Keith // AutoWeek; 05/01/2000, Vol. 50 Issue 19, p28 

    Reports on the auction of a 1965 Ferrari 250 Le Mans Berlinetta at the RM Classic Cars Auction in Amelia Island, Florida. Conversion from a race car to a street car; Right-hand drive; Chrome wire wheels; Auction price.

  • 1951 Ferrari 195 Inter.
    Matras, John // AutoWeek; 08/28/2000, Vol. 50 Issue 36, p21 

    Features a 1951 Ferrari 196 Inter automobile. Design; History of the car; Engine specifications; Interior space; Accessories; Performance.

  • The Market.
    Martin, Keith // AutoWeek; 11/06/2000, Vol. 50 Issue 46, p38 

    Features the 1997 Ferrari F50 Barchetta. Technical specifications; Description of the car's interior and exterior; Test drive results.

  • The Market.
    Martin, Keith // AutoWeek; 11/05/2001, Vol. 51 Issue 46, p26 

    Features the 1985 Testarossa of Ferrari. Design of the car; Details on the mid-engine configuration; Inconvenience of cars with a complete service history.

  • Lost in the translation.
    Martin, Keith // AutoWeek; 7/26/93, Vol. 43 Issue 30, p9 

    Features an article on Italian exotics in Alitalia's inflight magazine on the Ferrari 456GT. 5473.9 cylinders that produce 422 cc.; Uncertainty in what the Ferrari produces 422 cc of.

  • Taking longer to go faster.
    Ciferri, Luca // AutoWeek; 12/13/93, Vol. 43 Issue 51, p15 

    Features the Ferrari F130, the successor of the Ferrari F40. Production schedule; Top speed; Acceleration speed; Reason for delay in production; F130 as basis for a racing version designed by Pininfarina; Car features; Engine specifications; Traditional layout; Weight.

  • Five valves, no waiting.
    Ciferri, Luca // AutoWeek; 5/23/94, Vol. 44 Issue 21, p16 

    Highlights Ferrari's F355 automobile, a redesigned version to its 348 series. Physical description; Engine type; Transmission system; Safety features and accessories; Power-to-weight ratio; Debut schedule.

  • Hold your horses.
    Horrell, Paul // AutoWeek; 6/20/94, Vol. 44 Issue 25, p19 

    Previews the Ferrari F355 automobile. Dimensions; Engine; Safety features; Top speed; Suspension; Brakes; Tires; Comparison with the Ferrari 348. INSET: Shhhh! Don't tell, there's a new Ferrari, by Luca Ciferri..

  • 1972 Ferrari 365 GTC4.
    Stone, Matthew L. // AutoWeek; 8/22/94, Vol. 44 Issue 34, p62 

    Features the Ferrari 365 GTC4. Derivative of the GTB4 Daytona; Engine specifications; Chassis and spaceframe styling; Interior design; Performance driving.

  • Breeding better horses.
    DeLorenzo, Matt // AutoWeek; 11/7/94, Vol. 44 Issue 45, p18 

    Presents the Ferrari F512M automobile. Chassis identical with that of the Testarossa; Gearbox; Weight due to engine modifications; Fixed headlamps as strongest element.

  • Ferrari, Ferrari and Ferrari at Fiorano.
    DeLorenzo, Matt // AutoWeek; 11/7/94, Vol. 44 Issue 45, p20 

    Presents Ferrari automobiles tested at the Fiorano track. Acceleration and braking of the F355; 456GT's front engine layout.

  • 1975 Ferrari 308GT4.
    Matras, John // AutoWeek; 11/7/94, Vol. 44 Issue 45, p56 

    Presents the 1975 Ferrari 308GT4 automobile. Wheelbase; Engine; Transmission; Lack of rear legroom; Reason for choosing Bertone to style the 308GT4.

  • Smooth despite its rough edges.
    Matras, John // AutoWeek; 11/21/94, Vol. 44 Issue 47, p10 

    Features the Ferrari 348 Spider automobile. Pricing; Equipment; Standing start acceleration; Rolling acceleration; Braking; Fuel economy; Engine; Handling; Drivetrain; Brakes; Wheels and tires; Suspension; Dimensions; Capacities.

  • Owners' voices.
    Matras, John // AutoWeek; 11/21/94, Vol. 44 Issue 47, p10 

    Presents several owners and their evaluation of the Ferrari 348 Spider automobile. Includes George Fritkin of Westlake Village, California; Ted Shasta of Boston, Massachusetts; A.L. DiSalvo of Bernardsville, New Jersey.

  • Other voices.
    Matras, John // AutoWeek; 11/21/94, Vol. 44 Issue 47, p12 

    Presents several periodicals and their comments on the Ferrari 348 Spider automobile. Includes `Car and Driver'; `Road & Track'; `MotorWeek.'

  • Update 1995.
    Matras, John // AutoWeek; 11/21/94, Vol. 44 Issue 47, p13 

    Reports on Ferrari's launching of its new F355 and 456GT automobiles at the 1994 Pebble Beach Concours D'Elegance. Pricing; Engine types; Annual production volume.

  • Letting the stallion loose.
    Matras, John // AutoWeek; 12/5/94, Vol. 44 Issue 49, p4 

    Features Ferrari's F130 sportscar. Engines; Gearbox; Suspensions; Chassis; Layout; Price.

  • Momo Ferrari fastest during IMSA testing.
    Matras, John // AutoWeek; 1/23/95, Vol. 45 Issue 4, p46 

    Reports on the sub-2-minute lap performance of Ferrari 333SP cars in the 1995 Daytona Test Days. Other outstanding performances.

  • Even a veteran racer has a fantasy day.
    Gentilozzi, Paul // AutoWeek; 2/27/95, Vol. 45 Issue 9, p13 

    Describes the experience of driving a Ferrari racing car called the 333 SP World Sports Car. Engine mapping; Sprint potential of the engine; Shifting; Open cockpit; Physical sensation from braking.

  • Exploiting an opening.
    Cifferi, Luca // AutoWeek; 6/19/95, Vol. 45 Issue 25, p19 

    Focuses on the Ferrari F355 Spider automobile. Semi-automatic top mechanism; Improvement in power over the previous Spider; Five-valve-per-cylinder V8 engine; Drilled aluminum pedals; Absence of changes in the suspension side.

  • Feel like a hero.
    Vaughn, Mark // AutoWeek; 6/19/95, Vol. 45 Issue 25, p22 

    Features the Ferrari F355 Berlinetta automobile. Claims that it is the best Ferrari ever made; Minor defects; Five-valve-per-cylinder, 380-hp engine; Power curve; Six-speed gearbox; Engine-rev-sensitive power steering.

  • A very expensive web site.
    Vaughn, Mark // AutoWeek; 7/10/95, Vol. 45 Issue 28, p7 

    Reports on Ferrari's launching of its F355 Spider at Rodeo Drive, California on June 19, 1995. Concentration of Ferrari buyers in California; Features of the automobile; Pricing.

  • Stable mate.
    Ciferri, Luca // AutoWeek; 8/14/95, Vol. 45 Issue 33, p26 

    Evaluates the Ferrari F50 racing automobile. Comparison with the F40; Features; Engine; Speed. INSET: High-rolling assembly line..

  • Downsizing for speed.
    Cooper, Adam // AutoWeek; 3/11/96, Vol. 46 Issue 11, p49 

    Reports on changes in the Ferrari F310 automobile unveiled on February 15, 1996. Benefits of the switch from V12 to V10 power; Jet fighter-styled sidepods; Shrinkage of the radiator area; Fixation of winglets to the engine cover to improve stability; Retention of the six-speed, transverse format.

  • Daily driver of our dreams.
    Vaughn, Mark; Wilson, Kevin A. // AutoWeek; 3/25/96, Vol. 46 Issue 13, p18 

    Presents information on the Ferrari F355 automobile. Power and handling; Key elements of the Ferrari; Performance; Specifications. INSETS: Facts.;Numbers..

  • Equity.
    Vaughn, Mark; Wilson, Kevin A. // AutoWeek; 3/25/96, Vol. 46 Issue 13, p20 

    Presents information on the equity value of the F355 Ferrari. Statistics on price of purchase and trade-in-value.

  • Owners' voices.
    Vaughn, Mark; Wilson, Kevin A. // AutoWeek; 3/25/96, Vol. 46 Issue 13, p19 

    Presents the comments by owners of the Ferrari F355, on the likes and dislikes of the car.

  • Other voices.
    Vaughn, Mark; Wilson, Kevin A. // AutoWeek; 3/25/96, Vol. 46 Issue 13, p20 

    Presents the opinion from the United States media and the foreign media on the performance of the Ferrari F355.

  • `Poor' and `Ferrari' in the same sentence.
    Vaughn, Mark; Wilson, Kevin A. // AutoWeek; 7/22/96, Vol. 46 Issue 30, p20 

    Focuses on the market performance of the Ferrari 308 GT4 automobile. Total number of units manufactured from 1974 to 1979; Two reasons for the automobile's performance in the market; Features of the car.

  • Prancing horse shifts gaits.
    Ciferri, Luca // AutoWeek; 8/12/96, Vol. 46 Issue 33, p28 

    Features automobile Ferrari 456 GTA with automatic tranaxle design from Ferrari. Specifications; Design.

  • Opposite ends flourish in the Ferrari market.
    Ciferri, Luca // AutoWeek; 9/16/96, Vol. 46 Issue 38, p30 

    Reports on two kinds of folks buying vintage Ferrari market. 1960-63 250 GTE; 1959-62 PF Coupes; 1949 166MM; Automobiles' price.

  • Mom was right.
    Martin, Keith // AutoWeek; 10/14/96, Vol. 46 Issue 42, p30 

    Relates how the author nearly bought a 1987 Ferrari Testarossa at Autoclassic Auction in British Columbia. Bidding price for the car; Costs of additional services.

  • Ferrari titanium gray.
    Ciferri, Luca // AutoWeek; 11/11/96, Vol. 46 Issue 46, p17 

    Features the Ferrari 550 Maranello sports car. Features; Design; Engine performance; Background on the design process; ASR system; Comparison with the Testarossa. INSET: Evolution of a front-engined design..

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