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  • What Happened to the Women's Movement?
    Epstein, Barbara // Monthly Review: An Independent Socialist Magazine; May2001, Vol. 53 Issue 1, p1 

    Talks about the disappearance of feminist movements. Activeness of feminist movements from 1960 to 1980; Reason for the decline of feminist movements; Influence of the perspective of the middle class on feminism.

  • NWSA News.
    Pryse, Marjorie // NWSA Journal; Spring96, Vol. 8 Issue 1, p186 

    Presents news briefs related to women as of March 1996. Definition of feminism; Social and political activist in the labor; Need for education and dialogue with mental health practitioners concerning the lives of women and girls.

  • The lid comes off: International radical feminism and the revolutions of 1848.
    Anderson, Bonnie S. // NWSA Journal; Summer98, Vol. 10 Issue 2, p1 

    Investigates the influence of the revolutions in Europe on the Seneca Falls Convention, with reference to the association between women's movements which were organized in France on the level of feminism during the 1830s and 40s. Details on the development of women's movements in Great Britain;...

  • Why We Need Women's Actions and Feminist Voices for Peace.
    Anderson, Bonnie S. // Off Our Backs; Mar/Apr2003, Vol. 33 Issue 3/4, p16 

    Discusses the need for feminist voices and actions for peace. Impact of war, racism and poverty on women; Women's freedom and autonomy; Oppression of women.

  • Let's Smash Patriarchy! Zine Grrrls and Ladies At Work.
    Zobl, Elke // Off Our Backs; Mar/Apr2003, Vol. 33 Issue 3/4, p60 

    Discusses how female and queer youths use zines to express themselves. Design and formats of lady and queer zines; Female web sites; Expression of the personal voices of women.

    Akinremi, Layo // New Moon; Nov/Dec2003, Vol. 11 Issue 2, p8 

    Tackles issues related to wearing makeup, from a feminist's perspective.

  • Howling at the Moon.
    Akinremi, Layo // New Moon; Jan/Feb2008, Vol. 15 Issue 3, p43 

    The article presents quotations about feminism and women empowerment.

  • Healing by women's light.
    Rabuzzi, Kathryn Allen // Second Opinion; Oct91, Vol. 17 Issue 2, p28 

    Presents a woman-centered way of looking at healing. Androcentric healing; Understanding disease and death; Symbolic aspects of healing; Viewing health and disease through the eyes of patients; Illness and body-awareness; Maternal body as healing image.

  • Actors and analysts.
    DuBois, Ellen Carol // Women's Review of Books; Feb2000, Vol. 17 Issue 5, p29 

    Deals with the author's understanding of history as a feminist. Meanings of history as a verb; Tensions between the two ways of doing history.

  • Promoting Civil Society?
    Richter, James // Problems of Post-Communism; Jan/Feb2002, Vol. 49 Issue 1, p30 

    Comments on the negative and the positive effect of foreign assistance on the feminist movement in Russia. Reasons why many Russians dismiss feminism as an alien philosophy imported from the West; Difficulties in encouraging local feminist organizations to facilitate collective actions and...

  • Postcolonialism, feminism and development: intersections and dilemmas.
    McEwan, C. // Progress in Development Studies; Apr2001, Vol. 1 Issue 2, p93 

    In recent years, postcolonial and feminist theories have had enormous consequences for how development is conceptualized. In light of this, the present paper explores the intersections between postcolonialism, feminism and development. It does so by, first, reviewing the primary issues...

  • Living My Life My Own Way.
    Nelson, Carissa Marie // New Moon Network; Jul/Aug99, Vol. 6 Issue 6, p8 

    Presents an essay `Living My Life My Own Way,' about feminism, which won in the 1999 Spinsters Ink Young Feminist Scholarship contest.

  • The pencil box.
    Kelly, Joe // New Moon Network; Jul/Aug2001, Vol. 8 Issue 6, p6 

    Comments on the existence of sexism in schools and the benefits of feminism to men.

  • Feminism and pantheism.
    Jantzen, Grace M. // Monist; Apr97, Vol. 80 Issue 2, p266 

    Opinion. Assesses the relationship between feminism and pantheism. Information on the feminist's view of religion; Possible result of the replacement of the traditional masculinist projection of God with a feminist pantheist projection; Discussion on the projection of pantheism.

  • The Contemporary Women�s Movement and Women�s Education in India.
    Patel, Ila // International Review of Education / Internationale Zeitschrift f; 1998, Vol. 44 Issue 2/3, p155 

    The contemporary women�s movement in India (1975�present) has played an important role in bringing gender issues to the forefront of development planning and defining feminist politics. This paper examines how this movement has addressed the issue of women�s education. The first...

  • The idea of a female ethic.
    Grimshaw, Jean // Philosophy East & West; Apr92, Vol. 42 Issue 2, p221 

    Focuses on the development of the idea of a female ethic, wherein virtue is defined as a gendered entity. Emergence in the 18th century of a concern about questions of femininity and female consciousness that was closely related to changes in the social situation of women; Idea that virtue is...

  • The feminist revision of philosophy: Potentials and prospects.
    Yulina, N.S. // Philosophy East & West; Apr92, Vol. 42 Issue 2, p249 

    Discusses the potentials and prospects of a feminist revision of philosophy. Introduction of the social construction of gender in philosophy; Concentration of feminist thought in the West; Criticisms of feminist philosophy; Ethics; Marxist doctrine concerning the forces that move historical...

  • A dyke organizes the fags.
    Paquette, Carmen // Canadian Dimension; Sep/Oct97, Vol. 31 Issue 5, p21 

    Presents the author's views on her motivation for becoming a lesbian feminist. Explanation disproving public misperception that her feminist beliefs are hate-motivated; Relevance of her feminist principles in her involvement with an organization called Equality for Lesbians & Gays Everywhere...

  • Creating a feminist theatre environment: The feminist theory play.
    Austin, Gayle // Studies in the Literary Imagination; Fall91, Vol. 24 Issue 2, p49 

    Focuses on the feminist theory play. Theoretical underpinnings; Directors' concerns with demystifying representation; Environmental aspects of productions.

  • The new women's issue: bankruptcy law.
    Warren, Elizabeth // Christian Science Monitor; 9/10/99, Vol. 91 Issue 200, p11 

    Looks at the impact of a bankruptcy bill on women in the United States.

  • Afrocentrism and Feminism: Is There a Connection?
    Farnham, Christie; Hoff, Joan // Journal of Women's History; Winter93, Vol. 4 Issue 3, p6 

    Investigates whether there is a connection between afrocentrism and feminism. Classification of afrocentrism and feminism under the category of multiculturalism in national debates; Similarity between the beliefs of afrocentrists and feminists.

  • Maternalism as a Paradigm Defining the Issues.
    Weiner, Lynn Y. // Journal of Women's History; Fall93, Vol. 5 Issue 2, p96 

    Examines the concept of maternalism in the United States. Influence of 'scientific' motherhood; Maternalism as a paradigm; Relationship between maternalism and feminism.

  • Maternalism in German Feminist Movements.
    Allen, Ann Taylor // Journal of Women's History; Fall93, Vol. 5 Issue 2, p99 

    Discusses maternalism in feminist movements in Germany. Equal-rights arguments; Varieties of feminism; Claim to female ethical authority.

  • Maternalism in Modern Japan.
    Uno, Kathleen S. // Journal of Women's History; Fall93, Vol. 5 Issue 2, p126 

    Examines maternalism in Japan. Relationship between nationalism and feminism; Rise in female literacy; Emergence of maternalistic politics.

  • Challenges to Feminist Internationalism in Palestine/Israel.
    Weinbaum, Batya // Journal of Progressive Judaism; May99, Issue 12, p29 

    Focuses on the challenges of feminist internationalism in Palestine and Israel. Account of the history of feminism in Israel; Significance of gender in the construction of social relations among women; Exploration of chauvinism of the peace movement leadership.

  • Post-communist obstacles to mobilizing women in Eastern Germany.
    Kamenitsa, Lynn // Problems of Post-Communism; Nov/Dec98, Vol. 45 Issue 6, p3 

    Discusses post-Communist obstacles to mobilizing women in Eastern Germany. Promising women's movement in late 1989 lost in the transition from communism; History of the women's movement; Legacies of communism; Challenges of post-communism; Creation of a `male' civil society.

  • Postmodern feminism and knowledge production: The African context.
    Okeke, Philomena E. // Africa Today; Jul-Sep96, Vol. 43 Issue 3, p223 

    Examines the implications of postmodern trend in feminist scholarship regarding the study of African women. Failure of critiques emerging from postmodern debates to confront in practice the politics of producing feminist knowledge; Validity of feminism as a political project; Production of...

    Volpp, Leti // Columbia Law Review; Jun2001, Vol. 101 Issue 5, p1181 

    Focuses on the issue of feminism and multiculturalism of women in Third World countries. Investigations on the origin of colonialism and liberalism; Pitting feminism against multiculturalism; Basis for a constructive dialogue.

    Klein, Julia M. // Folio: The Magazine for Magazine Management; Nov2002, Vol. 31 Issue 11, p18 

    Focuses on the relaunch of 'Ms,' a magazine under Arlington, Virginia-based Feminist Majority Foundation. Effect of the relaunch on the image of the magazine; Reason for the postponement in the relaunch schedule of the magazine; Changes involved in the format of the magazine.

  • Putting Ally on Trial: Contesting Postfeminism in Popular Culture.
    Vavrus, Mary Douglas // Women's Studies in Communication; Fall2000, Vol. 23 Issue 3, p413 

    Argues that postfeminist solipsism emerges from the anti-feminist and feminist messages coded into mainstream media texts. Ideals and tactics used in the construction of solipsism; Implications of solipsism on feminist public figures; Importance of alliance between feminist political economists...

  • Reconstructing Sexual Equality.
    Littleton, Christine A. // California Law Review; Jul87, Vol. 75 Issue 4, p1279 

    Proposes a model of sexual equality called equality as acceptance. Development of feminist legal theory; Feminist critique of equality as phallocentric; Ramifications of the equality as acceptance model as applied to a range of sexual differences.

  • Post-Communist Feminism in Germany.
    Fisher, Pamela // German Politics & Society; Spring2002, Vol. 20 Issue 1, p68 

    Examines the equality and difference in the Party of Democratic Socialism in Germany. Influence of German Democratic Republic Marxism-Leninism on gender equality; Views of Western feminist theory; Creation of alternative vision of socialism.

    Fisher, Pamela // Lesbian Tide; May/Jun76, Vol. 5 Issue 5, p16 

    Reports on the Women's Center at California State Northridge's lesbian feminist consciousness raising raps in San Fernando, California.

  • Women's Liberation Building Endangered.
    Jay, Karla // Lesbian Tide; Dec73, Vol. 3 Issue 5, p9 

    Reports on the conflict between members of several women's liberation groups and the Chelsea community group for the control of the Women's Liberation Building in Manhattan, New York City. Partial use of the building offered by the groups to the community; Complete occupancy requested by the...

    Tessier // Lesbian Tide; Dec73, Vol. 3 Issue 5, p11 

    Presents an insight concerning feminism. Strength of women; Women's liberation; Lesbianism.

    Tessier // Lesbian Tide; May/Jun75, Vol. 4 Issue 6, p8 

    Editorial. Focuses on the radical feminist and lesbian movement in the U.S. Apathy and fractionism among lesbians; Call for a renewed study and analysis of the political state of the lesbian movement.

  • The New Struggle.
    Cordova, Jeanne // Lesbian Tide; May/Jun75, Vol. 4 Issue 6, p19 

    Reports on the financial problems of the lesbian and feminist movements in the U.S. Negative impact on the struggle for women's liberation; Call of concerned individuals to give free hours of labor of financial donations.

  • Untitled.
    Cordova, Jeanne // Hurricane Alice; Fall/Winter1988, Vol. 5 Issue 4, p3 

    Presents an image depicting feminist ideas.

    Cordova, Jeanne // Hurricane Alice; Fall/Winter1988, Vol. 5 Issue 4, p5 

    Presents an image of a woman, which is part of a story about feminism.

    Reddy, Maureen T. // Hurricane Alice; Winter1998, Vol. 12 Issue 4, p2 

    Presents an introduction to the January 1998 issue of the journal "Hurricane Alice."

  • Revisioning Feminist Pedagogy.
    Weiler, Kathleen // NWSA Journal; Summer95, Vol. 7 Issue 2, p100 

    Comments on four books on feminist pedagogy. 'The Feminist Classroom,' by Frances Maher and Mary Kay Thompson; 'Teaching to Transgress'; 'Creating the Nonsexist Classroom,' by Teresa Mickey McCormick; 'Gender and Academe. Feminist Pedagogy and Politics,' by Sara Munson Deats and Lagretta...

  • The Dynamics of Second-Wave Feminist Activism in Memphis, 1971-1982: Rethinking the Liberal/Radical Divide.
    Gilmore, Stephanie // NWSA Journal; Spring2003, Vol. 15 Issue 1, p94 

    This article presents a history of the Memphis chapter of the National Organization for Women (NOW) that challenges traditional analyses of second-wave feminist activism as either liberal or radical. Through examples of feminist activism on behalf of the Equal Rights Amendment, rape and...

  • Feminist Co-Mentoring: A Model for Academic Professional Development.
    McGuire, Gail M.; Reger, Jo // NWSA Journal; Spring2003, Vol. 15 Issue 1, p54 

    In this paper, we critique the traditional model of mentoring in academia and offer an alternative model, co-mentoring, grounded in feminist principles. Our conception of co-mentoring challenges masculinist values of hierarchy, competition, and objectivity by emphasizing the importance of...

  • from the collective.
    McGuire, Gail M.; Reger, Jo // Off Our Backs; Mar/Apr2002, Vol. 32 Issue 3/4, p2 

    Focuses on the publication of a feminist journal. Role of the feminist publications in the business industry; Protection of women; Details on the rights of the women in the society.

  • Surveying Feminist Pedagogy: A Measurement, an Evaluation, and an Affirmation.
    Duncan, Kathryn; Stasio, Michael // Feminist Teacher; 2001, Vol. 13 Issue 3, p225 

    Evaluates the feminist pedagogy in theory and practice. Consideration of the demographic information and teaching behaviors; Role of teachers in the university; Avoidance of possible pitfalls of the pedagogy.

    Duncan, Kathryn; Stasio, Michael // Feminist Collections: A Quarterly of Women's Studies Resources; Fall2005, Vol. 27 Issue 1, p39 

    A correction to the column "Periodical Notes," published in the Summer 2006 issue of the journal is presented.

  • At the Intersection of Ecofeminism and Religion: Directions for Consideration.
    Eaton, Heather // Ecotheology: Journal of Religion, Nature & the Environment; Jul2001-Jan2002, Vol. 6 Issue 1/2, p75 

    Ecological feminism has developed from many directions and locations, and with differentiated links between feminism and ecology and between women and nature. Religious discourses are taking ecofeminist analyses into their folds. As a whole, however, religious ecofeminist perspectives are...

    Gregory-Lewis, Sasha // Advocate; 9/24/75, Issue 173, p21 

    Explores the concepts of feminism and feminists. True female principle; Self-identified feminists; Lack of justification for the destruction of things that benefit others.

    Guy, Donna J. // Journal of Women's History; Fall2002, Vol. 14 Issue 3, p6 

    Introduces a series of articles on the nature of feminism, historical practice and gendered negotiations.

    Paisley, Fiona // Journal of Women's History; Fall2002, Vol. 14 Issue 3, p105 

    In 1928, the first Pan-Pacific Women's Conference was held in Honolulu and attracted women from Australia, the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Japan, China, and elsewhere. This article considers the first three conferences of this Pan-Pacific Women's Association, focusing on Australian...

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