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    G�mez, Carlos Hern�n P�rez // Revista Criterio Libre; 2012, Vol. 10 Issue 16, p207 

    The formation of Business Administrators in Colombia was led by universities that understood the need to form professionals that were able to conduct companies in the different sectors of economy. The teachings started with courses for top executives and it consolidated with the design of...

  • Staying Ahead Planning your Career the Entrepreneurial Way.
    McLoughney, Sean // Accountancy Ireland; Dec2009, Vol. 41 Issue 6, p70 

    The article present planning strategies in staying competitive in keeping a career. In maintaining control of the career and remaining employable, the entrepreneurship principles should be adopted. It notes that Henri Fayol's management theory of key management functions are optimum for managing...

  • Henri Fayol and Zero Tolerance Policies.
    SCHIMMOELLERC, Lee // Review of International Comparative Management / Revista de Mana; Mar2012, Vol. 13 Issue 1, p30 

    Zero tolerance policies have been increasingly popular in both education and business. Henri Fayol was the one of the earliest and influential thinkers in modern management theory. He defined management as a body of knowledge and defined his 14 administrative principles. It is an interesting...

    SCHIMMOELLERC, Lee // Quality Progress; Nov2016, Vol. 49 Issue 11, p15 

    The article offers information on French mining engineer and management theorist Henri Fayol's contribution in the history of quality and development of a general theory of business administration, known as Fayolism.

  • Fayol - standing the test of time.
    McLean, Jacqueline // Manager: British Journal of Administrative Management; Spring2011, Issue 74, p32 

    The article discusses the management theories of Jules Henri Fayol, considering its relevance to Administrative Management in the 21st century. It states that Fayol formed the administrative school of management, proposing the responsibility of managers in the administration of the...

  • General and Industrial Management (Book).
    Standingford, Oliver // Accountancy; Sep68, Vol. 79 Issue 901, p662 

    The article reviews the book "General and Industrial Management," by Henri Fayol.

  • Applicability of Administrative School of Thought in Higher Education Institutions of Pakistan.
    Aman, Qaiser; Saleem, Muhammad; Mehmood, Nasir; Irfan, Muhammad; Imran, Muhammad; Hameed, Imran // Interdisciplinary Journal of Contemporary Research in Business; Jan2012, Vol. 3 Issue 9, p367 

    This study has focused on Henry Fayol's principles of Management with respect to success of Higher Education Institutions (Universities) of Pakistan. Survey approach was adopted to evaluate whether his school of thought is applicable in Higher Education institutions. For this purpose a well...

  • General and Industrial Management.
    Carter, Nancy M. // Academy of Management Review; Apr1986, Vol. 11 Issue 2, p454 

    The article reviews the book "General and Industrial Management," by Henri Fayol.

  • Henry Fayol's 14 Principles of Management: Implications for Libraries and Information Centres.
    Uzuegbu, C. P.; Nnadozie, C. O. // Journal of Information Science Theory & Practice (JIStaP); Jun2015, Vol. 3 Issue 2, p58 

    This paper focuses generally on the 'fourteen principles of management' by Henri Fayol. However, it specifically analyses their application to and implications for libraries and information centres. An extensive review of published works on management generally, and library management in...

    Uzuegbu, C. P.; Nnadozie, C. O. // Quality Progress; Nov2009, Vol. 42 Issue 11, p15 

    The article profiles the French mining engineer and management theorist Henri Fayol. It states that Fayol, who died on November 19, 1925, is one of the influential contributors to the modern concepts of management. It notes that he developed the Fayolism, a general theory in business...

    Uzuegbu, C. P.; Nnadozie, C. O. // Bloomsbury Business Library - Business & Management Dictionary; 2007, p5761 

    A definition of the acronym POSDCORB is presented. It refers to planning, organizing, staffing, directing, coordinating, reporting, and budgeting, coined in 1935 by Luther Gulick to describe the functional elements of the work of a chief executive. It is based on the functional analysis of...

  • General and Industrial Management.
    Uzuegbu, C. P.; Nnadozie, C. O. // Bloomsbury Business Library - Management Library; 2007, p29 

    The article reviews the book "General and Industrial Management," by Henri Fayol.

  • Management styles in the oil and gas industry.
    Uzuegbu, C. P.; Nnadozie, C. O. // Times 100 Case Studies; 2014, p1 

    The article presents a case study of OPITO, an oil and gas academy in Great Britain which focuses on how the institution implicate different management styles to support variety of job roles in the oil and gas industry. An overview for OPITO is given wherein it assist employers to develop a safe...

  • Some Effects of Fayolism.
    Brunsson, Karin Holmblad // International Studies of Management & Organization; Spring2008, Vol. 38 Issue 1, p30 

    In the early twentieth century, the French industrialist and writer Henri Fayol argued that management consists of a set of activities that are common to all organizations. This has proved a durable idea. All over the world, universities and business schools, management consultants, and...

    Beach, Robert H.; Lindahl, Ronald A. // Educational Planning; 2007, Vol. 16 Issue 2, p19 

    Henri Fayol is generally regarded as a foundational author on classical management theory. He enumerated five basic functions of management: planning, organizing, commanding, coordinating, and controlling. Consistent with Fayol's model, over the past half-century, planning has generally been...

  • Harvest from the Archives: The Search for Fayol and Carlioz.
    Breeze, John D. // Academy of Management Proceedings (00650668); 1983, p116 

    Recent researches have provided new facts and insights concerning Henri Fayol and Joseph Carlioz. Fayol's career, seen against his family background, may have been even more remarkable than we thought. Carlioz, unfortunately, remains elusive, yet tantalizingly interesting as a remarkable teacher.

  • Henri Fayol.
    Hindle, Tim // Guide to Management Ideas & Gurus; 2008, p237 

    Part II of the book "Guide to Management Ideas and Gurus ," by Tim Hindle is presented. It discusses management ideas used by management guru Henri Fayol. It provides a short introduction to the management concepts that have most influenced companies over the past century. It focuses on various...

  • Sloan.
    Hindle, Tim // Bloomsbury Business Library - Business & Management Dictionary; 2007, p6878 

    Information about Alfred Pritchard Sloan, Chairman of General Motors Corp., is presented. He stated to have built the largest company in the world by developing decentralized organization structure and adopting the theories of management expert Henri Fayol.

  • Roles, responsibilities and career development.
    Hindle, Tim // Times 100 Case Studies; 2014, p1 

    The article presents a case study of the career opportunities and personnel management at energy supplier British Gas PLC. The company's organisational structure and the roles and responsibilities of its employees, including apprentices and trainees, are discussed. Also provided is information...

  • Using teamwork to build a better workplace.
    Hindle, Tim // Times 100 Case Studies; 2014, p1 

    The article presents a case study of the teamwork management at the Chartered Management Institute (CMI), a professional organisation in Great Britain. Topics discussed include the role of leaders, the main functions of management from theorist Henri Fayol, and the autocratic and democratic...

  • Un entrepreneur de réforme de l'État : Henri Fayol (1841-1925).
    Henry, Odile // Actes de la Recherche en Sciences Sociales; juin2012, Issue 193, p38 

    This article analyzes the trajectory of Henry Fayol, who embarked on a project of state reform during the First World War, designed industrial management tools, theorized commandment and authority, and never ceased offering consulting services to the management of private and public companies...

  • Administration and Organization of the Commercial Function by J. Carlioz.
    Breeze, John D. // Academy of Management Proceedings (00650668); 1982, p112 

    J. Carlioz, Henri Fayol's Commercial Manager, wrote several interesting management texts in the 1920's and became Professor of Administration at a famous French business school. This paper discusses his first important book and the events related to its 1918 publication in the journal that first...

  • Henri Fayol's Basic Tools of Administration.
    Breeze, John D. // Academy of Management Proceedings (00650668); 1981, p101 

    In 1923, Henri Fayol advocated five "Basic Tools" for successful administration. In Administration Industrielle et Générale, published in 1916, he made no effort to give them special emphasis. This paper traces the development of the particular techniques that he subsequently decided were...

  • Rediscovering Fayol: Parallels to Behavioralist Management and Transformational Leadership.
    Spatig, Lauren // Proceedings of the Northeast Business & Economics Association; 2009, p196 

    Textbooks such as Bass and Stodgill's Handbook of Leadership (1990) frame Henri Fayol, along with other structural theorists as outdated and ignoring the human element of management. This paper provides a comparative analysis of Henri Fayol's classical management theory with Douglas McGregor's...

    Wren, Daniel A. // Academy of Management Best Papers Proceedings; 1990, p138 

    A recent publication, Real Managers, purports as "explode the myth" of the classical management ideas of Henri Fayol. This study uses the managerial activity descriptions from Real Managers to compare them with Fayol's writings. When Fayol's ideas are expressed in RM terminology, his elements of...

    Davis, Keith // Academy of Management Proceedings (00650668); 1973, p1 

    From time to time it is appropriate to back away from a current situation in order to examine it in broader perspective. In this manner we can get a better understanding of the significance of events around us. The following discussion has that purpose. It seeks to understand the directions in...

  • Virtue vs. Virus.
    Heorhiadi, Alla; Conbere, John; Hazelbaker, Chato // OD Practitioner; Summer2014, Vol. 46 Issue 3, p27 

    The article reflects on the possession of organization development (OD) to get over scientific management. It mentions that Frederick Taylor, an American engineer who developed the idea of scientific management, Henri Fayol, a French engineer who developed the theory of administration, and Max...

  • management: a journey in progress.
    Stanley, T.L. // Supervision; Aug2012, Vol. 73 Issue 8, p18 

    The article looks at management as a profession and a field of knowledge. It outlines the history of management science, including the work of Frederick W. Taylor, Henri Fayol, and Lillian Moller Gilbreth. It lists the multiple functions managers must carry out and the multiple roles they play....

    Pietri, Paul H. // Journal of Business Communication; Summer74, Vol. 11 Issue 4, p3 

    This article presents a historical survey on the development of organizational communication. Henry Fayol and Frederick Taylor are generally credited with making the greatest contribution to the development of management as a science. Fayol proposed the concept of horizontal communication...

  • Papers in the Science of Administration.
    Urwick, L.F. // Academy of Management Journal; Dec1970, Vol. 13 Issue 4, p361 

    The article reports on the writing of the landmark book "Papers in the Science of Administration," edited by Luther Gulick and L. F. Urwick. The author focuses on the unusual circumstances surrounding the book's compilation and publication. He discusses career endeavors of the book's editors...

  • Special Book Review Section on the Classics of Management.
    Bluedorn, Allen C. // Academy of Management Review; Apr1986, Vol. 11 Issue 2, p442 

    This article introduces a special book review section on management classics. The section reviews: "Scientific Management," by Frederick W. Taylor, "The Writings of the Gilbreths," edited by William R. Spriegel and Clark E. Myers, "Dynamic Administration: The Collected Works of Mary Parker...

  • Henri Fayol: A New Definition of "Administration".
    Breeze, John D.; Miner Jr., Frederick C. // Academy of Management Proceedings (00650668); 1980, p110 

    A previously unreferenced document indicates that Henri Fayol significantly altered his concept of administration just before his death. It was deleted as a separate business activity and synthesized with the concept of management. While the document's precise authorship is in question, it...

    Gordon, Vivian Hopp // Journal of Philosophy & History of Education; 2009, Vol. 59, p67 

    The article provides information on the early 20th century management theories and models that shaped the present school administration theory and practice. Educational theorists which include Frederick W. Taylor, Henri Fayol and Fowlkes, considered school administration as a process of applying...

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