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  • Bowing out.
    Sauter, Michael; Pener, Degen; Browne, David; Baldwin, Kristen; Jacobs, Alexandra; Sinclair, Tom; Gordinier, Jeff // Entertainment Weekly; 12/26/97-01/02/98, Issue 411/412, p116 

    Profiles celebrities that died in 1997. James Stewart; Robert Mitchum; Gianni Versace; John Denver; Brandon Tartikoff; James Michener; Laura Nyro; Charles Kuralt; Biggie Smalls; William Burroughs; Michael Hutchence; Red Skelton; Jeff Buckley.

  • Untitled.
    Sauter, Michael; Pener, Degen; Browne, David; Baldwin, Kristen; Jacobs, Alexandra; Sinclair, Tom; Gordinier, Jeff // Time; 2/2/1925, Vol. 5 Issue 5, p34 

    A list of topics discussed within this issue is presented, which includes the nose of a prince that grew larger, a eulogy of a saint and the behavior of the editors of the newspaper "Bronx Homo News."

  • Editorial introduction to scientific realism quo vadis? Theories, structures, underdetermination and reference.
    Schurz, Gerhard; Votsis, Ioannis // Synthese; May2011, Vol. 180 Issue 2, p79 

    An introduction to the journal is presented in which the editor discusses various reports published within the issue including one by Peter Lipton on the renowned defenders of scientific realism and one on the eulogy of David Papineau.

  • Eulogy of the Dog.
    Vest, George G. // Journal of Religion & Psychical Research; Jul98, Vol. 21 Issue 3, p172 

    Presents a eulogy for a dog belonging to a man in Warrensburg, Missouri in 1870. Farmer's shooting of the dog; Compensation being sought by the dog's owner; Compensation assessed by the jury.

    Vest, George G. // Men's Health; Oct2001, Vol. 16 Issue 8, p52 

    Offers tips on giving a eulogy.

    Vest, George G. // Contrary Voices: Representations of West Indian Slavery; 2008, p26 

    The article presents the text of a speech given by a Black slave of Guardaloupe at the funeral of a fellow slave in which he discussed the creation of man in the image and likeness of God, the desire of possessing and seizing men's brains, and the immorality of slavery.

  • Abastos de Alimentos Para el Hogar.
    Narshall, Douglas // Books in Canada; Dec96, Vol. 25 Issue 9, p1 

    Presents an eulogy for writer Val Clery in Canada. Profiles of Clery; Contributions of the writer to the Canadian books; Attitude of Clery towards his friends.

  • Passings.
    Armoudian, Maria // Billboard; 12/27/97, Vol. 109/110 Issue 52/1, pYE-6 

    Reports on members of the music industry who died during 1997. Artists, writers, and producers; Radio & television personalities; Record executives.

  • Doggone Happy.
    Armoudian, Maria // Ellis County Press; 10/23/2014, Vol. 23 Issue 29, p4 

    The article offers a eulogy for a dog named Gibson.

  • The Manley Arts.
    Manley, Will // Booklist; 1/1/2003-1/15/2003, Vol. 99 Issue 9/10, p813 

    Discusses tips on how to give a eulogy during a funeral. Importance of a quieter memorial service; Brief eulogy; Importance of showing up sober.

  • Writing prompt: In memory of... you.
    Manley, Will // Writer (Madavor Media); Feb2014, Vol. 127 Issue 2, p6 

    The article offers tips for writing eulogy for oneself which include determining the life events to be emphasized, capturing the essence of the character, and providing enough information.

  • WHO'S WHO.
    Manley, Will // America; 4/30/1938, Vol. 59 Issue 4, p73 

    The article discusses various reports published within the issue including views of William F. Kuhn on teaching history and another by Elizabeth Lincoln who explores any eulogy.

  • In memoriam: farewell Geoff Maitland.
    Showalter, Chris R. // Journal of Manual & Manipulative Therapy (Maney Publishing); Mar2010, Vol. 18 Issue 1, p56 

    The author pays tribute to the late therapist Geoffrey Douglas Maitland.

  • Eulogy for P. Douglas Guess.
    Turnbull III, H. Rutherford // Research & Practice for Persons with Severe Disabilities; Spring/Summer2008, Vol. 33 Issue 1/2, p72 

    The article presents eulogy for P. Douglas Guess, an author.

  • Eulogy for a father.
    Holohan, Dan // Plumbing & Mechanical; Mar97, Vol. 14 Issue 1, p40 

    Presents a eulogy which the author read at Ed Holohan's, his father, funeral. Memories of his father's work in the plumbing and heating supplies business; Stories of practical jokes made by his father on his co-workers.

  • Dr. R. Dietz Wolfe: In Memoriam.
    Strange, David // Thomas Wolfe Review; 2010, Vol. 34 Issue 1/2, p102 

    Presents a eulogy for Dr. Reinhardt Dietz Wolfe who served as a mentor and tutor to several generations of physicians in the U.S.

  • Remembering Ram�n Luis Lugo.
    Col�n, Rafael Hern�ndez // Caribbean Business; 5/26/2011, Vol. 39 Issue 20, p22 

    The article presents eulogy for politician Ramon Luis Lugo.

  • A tribute to Sidney Weintraub. Eulogy.
    Galbraith, John Kenneth // Journal of Post Keynesian Economics; Summer85, Vol. 7 Issue 4, p508 

    Presents a eulogy for economist Sidney Weintraub. Weintraub's contributions to economic thought and policy; Co-founding of the 'Journal of Post Keynesian Economics'; Author's personal association with Weintraub.

    Kassanyi, Steve // DIRTSports; Jul2011, Vol. 7 Issue 77, p16 

    The article pays tribute to racer Gary Leupold.

  • To Honor a Colleague and to Say Goodbye to a Friend.
    Tien, C. C. // Chinese American Forum; Jul2005, Vol. 21 Issue 1, p42 

    Presents a eulogy to the late founder of the Chinese American Forum Dr. Sheng Yen Lee.

  • Vilmos Zsigmond, ASC.
    Tien, C. C. // American Cinematographer; Dec2007, Vol. 88 Issue 12, p75 

    An excerpt from the eulogy of Vilmos Zsigmond on Laszlo Kovacs is presented.

    Tien, C. C. // Bluegrass Music News; Winter2011, Vol. 62 Issue 2, p72 

    A eulogy for musican Robert N. Doss Jr. is presented.

  • 'Heart of Horseshoe Bay' eulogized.
    Tien, C. C. // Burnet Bulletin (Texas); 10/ 5/2011, Vol. 139 Issue 40, p1A 

    The article reports that renowned businessman Wayne Hurd, who died September 26, 2011, was eulogized as the heart of the Horseshoe Bay.

  • Semblanza de la profesora Berta Braslavsky.
    CUCUZZA, RUB�N // Lectura y Vida; dic2008, Vol. 29 Issue 4, p66 

    No abstract available.

  • Semblanza de la profesora Mar�a Eugenia Dubois. Homenaje de la C�tedra UNESCO.
    DE MORENO, STELLA SERRANO // Lectura y Vida; dic2008, Vol. 29 Issue 4, p68 

    No abstract available.

  • �Shut Up. Let The Scene Play.�.
    Rosaforte, Tim // Golf World; 3/14/2011, Vol. 64 Issue 23, p55 

    A eulogy for golf producer Frank Chirkinian is presented.

  • It Takes a Village to Die.
    Fields, Marcia // Whole Earth; Fall99, Issue 98, p91 

    Presents the text of a eulogy delivered by the author in a memorial of her husband Buddhist journalist Rick Fields.

  • Jerry Bock:1928-2010.
    PENDLETON, AUSTIN // American Theatre; Jan2011, Vol. 28 Issue 1, p23 

    The article pays tribute to composer Jerry Bock.

    PENDLETON, AUSTIN // Braille Forum; Jul/Aug2011, p21 

    The article pays tribute to the American Council of the Blind (ACB) member, Robert Crouse.

  • REMEMBRANCE: Severen L. Schaeffer, 1936-1993.
    BIARD-SCHAEFFER, VANESSA // ETC: A Review of General Semantics; Oct2010, Vol. 67 Issue 4, p358 

    The article presents a eulogy for Severen L. Schaeffer, a professor of semantics.

    Langsam, Janet // Westchester County Business Journal; 1/10/2011, Vol. 47 Issue 2, p24 

    An eulogy for arts patron Roy Neuberger is offered.

  • Billy Taylor: Jazz Musician, Composer, Advocate.
    Langsam, Janet // Jet; 2/7/2011, Vol. 119 Issue 5, p20 

    An eulogy is presented for jazz pianist, composer, and educator Dr. William Taylor who is also known as the musician Billy Taylor.

    TURNER, MIKI // Jet; 2/7/2011, Vol. 119 Issue 5, p46 

    An eulogy is presented for singer Teena Marie.

  • A Tribute to William F. Harrington.
    Carlisle II, Jay C.; Ottinger, Richard L. // Pace Law Review; Jun2010, Vol. 30 Issue 4, preceding p1140 

    An eulogy for lawyer William F. Harrington is presented.

  • A Field of Springs.
    Tarabay, Jamie // National Journal; 2/25/2012, p15 

    The article presents a eulogy for Lebanese writer Anthony Shahid.

  • A Tribute to Alan Charnes.
    Machovec, George // Collaborative Librarianship; 2011, Vol. 3 Issue 2, p110 

    Friends and colleagues offer words of tribute and good wishes on the August 2011 retirement of Alan Charnes, xecutive Director of the Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries.

  • Charles Maries in Taiwan.
    Yen-pei Chen // Plantsman: New Series; Mar2011, Vol. 10 Issue 1, p33 

    The article offers tribute to Charles Maries, a botanist and owner of the nursery firm James Veitch & Sons.

  • Peter Clinch.
    Weston, Pamela; Denman, John // Clarinet; Jul/Aug1995, Vol. 22 Issue 4, p67 

    The article presents a eulogy for Australian clarinetist Peter Clinch.

  • Joe Allard (1910-1991) A Revered Artist.
    Porter, Joan Waryha // Clarinet; Nov/Dec1991, Vol. 19 Issue 1, p30 

    The article presents an eulogy for musician Joe Allard, who died on May 3, 1991, from various readers including John Signorelli, Sigurd Bockman and Dennis Smylie.

  • IN Memoriam.
    Ellsworth, Jane // Clarinet; Dec2000, Vol. 28 Issue 1, p44 

    A eulogy for former Clarinet Professor Robert Austin Titus is presented.

  • In Memoriam--Cindy Nail.
    Ellsworth, Jane // Dimensions of Early Childhood; Fall2010, Vol. 38 Issue 3, p37 

    An eulogy for Cindy Nail, member and former president of the Southern Early Childhood Association (SECA) in the U.S., is presented.

    Scott, Cheryl L. // Public Contract Law Journal; Fall2010, Vol. 40 Issue 1, p267 

    The article presents a memoriam for Judge Gene Perry Bond, member of the editorial board of the Public Contract Law Journal.

    Johnson, W. Stanfield; Morrison, Kent R. // Public Contract Law Journal; Fall2010, Vol. 40 Issue 1, p269 

    The article presents a memoriam for Eldon H. Crowell, founder of Crowell & Moring LLP, who died on May 23, 2010.

    Park-Conroy, Carol; Somers, Jeri; Featherstun, Don // Public Contract Law Journal; Fall2010, Vol. 40 Issue 1, p273 

    The article presents a memoriam for judge Eileen Patricia Fennessy, who died on July 9, 2010.

    Park-Conroy, Carol; Somers, Jeri; Featherstun, Don // PRWeek (London); 5/6/2011, p4 

    This section offers news briefs related to the public relations (PR) industry in Great Britain as of May 2011 including the appointment of PR firm Eulogy by Hilton Hotels and Resorts to assist in the launch of a hotel of the latter in London Heathrow Airport in England, the pitch process for PR...

  • Tribute to Anthony Gigliotti -- 1922-2001.
    Hudson, William // Clarinet; Dec2002, Vol. 30 Issue 1, p66 

    A eulogy for Anthony Gigliotti, who was the principal clarinet of the Philadelphia Orchestra for 47 years, is presented.

  • Hommage.
    MCADAM, DOUG // Sociologie & Soci�t�s; automne2009, Vol. 41 Issue 2, p15 

    The article presents a eulogy in memory of Charles (Chuck) Tilly, an American sociologist, political scientist, and historian who specialized in the relationship between politics and society.

  • Testimonies to Louis.
    Totaro, Donato // Offscreen; Aug2012, Vol. 16 Issue 8, p3 

    The article presents several tributes to part-time professor of Film Studies Louis Goyette of Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec from his former colleagues, friends and students including Katie Gilkes, Johamme Larue, and Annie Hardy.

  • Like father like son.
    Totaro, Donato // Chartered Accountants Journal; Jun2011, Vol. 90 Issue 5, p11 

    A eulogy for Bruce Christmas, former president of New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants is presented.

  • Nigel Fortune�A Personal Tribute.
    Casken, John // Music & Letters; Nov2010, Vol. 91 Issue 4, p481 

    The article presents a eulogy for music researcher Nigel Fortune.

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