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  • Selecting torque for top motor efficiency.
    Lawrie, Robert J. // EC&M Electrical Construction & Maintenance; Jan1999, Vol. 98 Issue 1, p44 

    Explains the concept of torque and its influence on electric motor efficiency. Motor ratings and nameplates; Cost differentials; Guidelines for torque selection.

  • Test your motor control IQ.
    Baran, Larry // EC&M Electrical Construction & Maintenance; Jan1999, Vol. 98 Issue 1, p48 

    Presents a quiz that tests one's ability to anticipate resistance readings during troubleshooting of an electric-motor starter.

  • Testing Contact Quality on Live Motor Starters.
    DeDad, John A. // EC&M Electrical Construction & Maintenance; Dec2000, Vol. 99 Issue 13, p48 

    Describes a millivolt testing technique that provides a basic check in troubleshooting motor breakdown situations. Lessons to maintenance electricians; Ohm's law; Testing contact quality on live motor starters; Example.

  • The Basics of Delta-Wye Transformers.
    Sankaran, C. // EC&M Electrical Construction & Maintenance; Dec2000, Vol. 99 Issue 13, p68 

    Describes the basics of delta-wye transformers. Dry-type and liquid-filled transformers; Core and winding characteristics; Harmonics.

  • Motor Control FAQs.
    Lukitsch, Walter // EC&M Electrical Construction & Maintenance; Oct2002, Vol. 101 Issue 10, p16 

    Presents a question and answer advisory on motor control. Components of push button; Methods in motor starting; Procedure in connecting control voltage.

  • An earlier triumph.
    Geoff Chamberlain. Aldershot, Richard // Engineer (00137758); 1/23/2004, Vol. 293 Issue 7643, p21 

    Presents a letter to the editor about the putting an electric motor in each corner of a car.

  • Horsepower of a different color.
    Gould, R. // Hydraulics & Pneumatics (1996); Jan2000, Vol. 53 Issue 1, p59 

    Cites design rules for hydraulic power units for mobile equipment. Sizing an electric motor for a hydraulic power unit; Pump torque requirements; Electric motor torque signature; Torque behavior of engines.

  • Brush up on brushless motors.
    Cawley Jr., Bernard // Model Airplane News; Aug96, Vol. 124 Issue 8, p90 

    Features electric motors for model airplanes. Specifications; Tests.

  • Webra Silverline .61.
    Gierke, Dave // Model Airplane News; Aug96, Vol. 124 Issue 8, p98 

    Features an electric motor for model airplanes called Webra Silverline .61. Specifications; Construction; Break-in and performance. INSET: Arise 4-stroke muffler..

  • Electrics are different.
    Marshall, Larry // Model Airplane News; Jan98, Vol. 126 Issue 1, p120 

    Focuses on electrics in relation to airplanes and flying of electric airplanes. Comparison of electrical and gasoline engines; Reference to the flying time when using electrics in airplanes; Expense of electrics in relation to the flying of airplanes.

  • Selecting a motor.
    Marshall, Larry // Model Airplane News; Jul98, Vol. 126 Issue 7, p76 

    Suggests how to select an electric motor for the Hangar 9 Cub remote control model airplane. Factors to consider when choosing the motor; How mathematics can influences choosing a motor; Information on some electric devices available for model planes. INSET: Electrics in any size.

  • Slow-flyin' wespe fun.
    Randolph, Randy // Model Airplane News; Sep98, Vol. 126 Issue 9, p56 

    Presents information on the Wespe, an electric-powered airplane which was designed to fly slow. Weight of the plane; What is the plane's top speed; Information on when the slow-flight movement was started; Details on Clancy Aviation. INSET: Specifications.

  • Engine-mount basics.
    Wilson Jr., George // Model Airplane News; Mar99, Vol. 127 Issue 3, p76 

    Focuses on the use electric motor mounts for constructing airplane models. Descriptions of the different types; Isolation of the vibration caused by engine and propeller; Preference for the use of beam mounts with shear plates.

  • Innovative motor lets low-cost simulators rock and roll.
    Wilson Jr., George // Machine Design; 9/26/94, Vol. 66 Issue 18, p26 

    Reports on Denne Developments Ltd.'s development of an electric motor called Pemram, or pneumatic electromagnetic ram. Combination of fast and precise positioning with the force of fluid power; Features and functions; Design; Specifications.

  • Eclectic electric.
    Gibbs, Jerry // Outdoor Life; May96, Vol. 197 Issue 5, p84 

    Presents information on selected electric motors. Minn Kota Riptide Auto Pilot; Minn Kota's Ex Extreme; Great White Lazer.

  • Motor maintenance: Windings and insulation.
    Benson, Jim // CEE News; Jul98, Vol. 50 Issue 8, p18 

    Discusses practical methods for inspecting and testing motor windings and insulation. Guidelines in opening a motor for repair; Testing equipment used.

  • Big savings from electric motor efficiency.
    Benson, Jim // Manufacturers' Monthly; Sep2003, p36 

    Focuses on saving from electric motor efficiency in manufacturing plants. Tips on selecting a motor; Maintenance of motors. INSET: BEHIND THE COVER.

  • All about system voltage.
    Simon, Neil // Air Conditioning Heating & Refrigeration News; 3/28/94, Vol. 191 Issue 13, p24 

    Discusses the standards of system voltages on electrical motors. Standard voltage of single-phase electrical systems in the United States; Common standards for three-phase systems; Matching motor and system voltages; Determining the compatibility of a motor and system.

  • Slotless design yields high efficiency.
    Jancsurak, Joe // Appliance Manufacturer; Oct95, Vol. 43 Issue 10, p24 

    Focuses on brushless direct current motors. Shortcomings of conventional motor designs that rely on slotted stators and laminations; Use of smooth and slotless winding-return paths; Neodyne Corp.'s selling of prototype motors based on inventor Emil Mihalko's technology.

  • High-efficiency fan-motors for refrigerators.
    Baker, Gerry N. // Appliance Manufacturer; May97, Vol. 45 Issue 5, p87 

    Introduces the application of brushless permanent magnet (BPM) motor to reduce electrical consummations of refrigerators. Features of BPM; Importance of the development of integral fan blades for improving the efficiency of BPM motor technology; Power factor of BPM condenser and evaporator; The...

  • Conference details motor manufacturing advances.
    Jancsurak, Joe // Appliance Manufacturer; Jul98, Vol. 46 Issue 7, p34 

    Focuses on topics discussed at the second biennial Motor Manufacturing Conference held in Dayton, Ohio on May 1998. Presence of 150 motors engineers and managers in the seminar program; Identification of employees' training as lubricants for continuous improvement; Definition of customer...

  • Induction motors.
    Jancsurak, Joe // Design Engineering; May96, p11 

    Focuses on the development of a new steel to improve the performance of a range of induction motors by more than three percent. Description; Permeability.

  • Cleaning a path for SR drives.
    WILSON, DAVE // Design Engineering; Dec98, p41 

    Discusses switched reluctance (SR) motor technology. Components of SR drives; Basis of the techniques in designing an SR drive; Future applications of SR drives.

  • ABB wins on efficiency.
    WILSON, DAVE // Design Engineering; Apr99, p13 

    Reports that ABB Motors won the International Energy Agency's 1999 Hi-Motors Competition for its highly efficient electric motors.

  • Got a new motor.
    WILSON, DAVE // Design Engineering; Jul2001, p15 

    Focuses on a motor called Motorformer from British company ABB. Advantages of a motor that can be connected directly to high-voltage grid transformers; Features of Motorformer's stator; Problems associated with starting an electric motor for a heavy-duty application; Benefits of a high voltage...

  • WEG's efficient motors live long and prosper too.
    WILSON, DAVE // Design Engineering; Jul2002, p22 

    Introduces the W21 electric motor from WEG. Features; Applicability; Availability.

  • AEG eff1 motors.
    WILSON, DAVE // Design Engineering; Jul2002, p22 

    Introduces AMHE eff1 motor to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from AEG.

  • A Priority Energy Management Strategy.
    Fetters, John // Energy User News; Nov2002, Vol. 27 Issue 11, p10 

    Reports on advantages of upgrading electric motors in making them energy efficient. Methods of measuring the efficiency of motors; Benefits of upgrading electric motors; Objectives of the motor challenge program that was administered by the U.S. Department of Energy's Office of Industrial...

  • Rightsize your electric motors.
    Bishop, Thomas P. // Motion System Hydraulics & Pneumatics; May2003, Vol. 56 Issue 5, p41 

    Provides strategies on how to match the type of electric motor with hydraulic pump. Ensurance of pump motor operation at peak continuous load; Calculation of the actual load required; Documentation of the nameplate current.

  • Motor management.
    Zimmerman, Steve // Pit & Quarry; May97, Vol. 89 Issue 11, p40 

    Offers advice on the management of electrical motors. Causes of motor failure; Advances in motor management technology; Factors to consider in determining the right level of management for a particular application.

  • Drives.
    Zimmerman, Steve // Energy User News; Jun98, Vol. 23 Issue 6, p32 

    Presents a listing of manufacturers of electric motors. Names of these manufacturers; Technical specifications of the motors; Features of these motors.

  • Determining DC motor rotation direction.
    DeDad, John A. // EC&M Electrical Construction & Maintenance; Aug96, Vol. 95 Issue 8, p36 

    Offers tips on how to properly determine direct current (DC) motor rotation direction. Variety of methods in connecting a DC compound motor; Provision of a more constant speed at all loads; Labeling of DC motor terminals for easy identification; Reversing direction by reversing field leads;...

  • The case for solar-powered ELECTRIC Tractors.
    DeDad, John A. // Mother Earth News; Apr/May2002, Issue 191, p106 

    Focuses on the advantages of solar-powered electric tractors in the U.S. Efficiency of electric motors; Elimination of internal combustion engine, transmission and differential; Inclusion of separate power-take-off motor.

  • Induction motor...
    DeDad, John A. // Power; Jul95, Vol. 139 Issue 7, p64 

    Features the induction motor for constant speed applications from ABB Industrial Systems Inc.

  • Electric motors provide pump power.
    Childs, C. // Hydraulics & Pneumatics (1996); Aug98, Vol. 51 Issue 8, p53 

    States that a hydraulic power unit can have the best pump for the application, but if you do not specify the right motor, your design could be ineffective. Problems that arise when specifying an electric motor to drive a hydraulic pump; What should be considered when selecting these motors;...

  • Analog MOS driver IC simplifies motor-phase control.
    Goodenough, Frank // Electronic Design; 06/23/97, Vol. 45 Issue 13, p42 

    Reports that fractional and integral horsepower, single-phase and split-capacitor two-phase ac induction motors provide power for fans, blowers, pumps and compressors for machines like refrigerators, exercising machines and heating systems. Information on the motors of these machines; Details on...

  • Salt shaker.
    Rudow, Lenny; Craig, Jeanne // Boating; Jan1997, Vol. 70 Issue 1, p92 

    Evaluates the Minn Kota Riptide electric motor. Double neoprene sealing of the motor; Epoxy resin coating on electrical and metal parts; Power performance; Speed settings; Features composite shaft and weedless propellers; Price; Contact information.

  • 'Forward to the Past' with SR Technology.
    Bartos, Frank J. // Control Engineering; Nov99, Vol. 46 Issue 11, p66 

    Discusses the emergence of switched-reluctance (SR) technology for electric motors. Advantages of the technology; Timeliness of the technology for various applications; Outlook for industrial applications; Cost-effectiveness with alternative solutions. INSET: Less 'reluctance' to apply SR in...

  • Maybe you should choose a brushless DC motor.
    Auchstetter, Terry // EC&M Electrical Construction & Maintenance; May98, Vol. 97 Issue 5, p62 

    Focuses on the benefits offered by a brushless direct current (DC) electric motor. Features of a brushless DC motor; Speed regulation of brushless motors compared to other motors; Noise levels; Maintenance issues.

  • Test your motor control IQ.
    Baran, Larry // EC&M Electrical Construction & Maintenance; May98, Vol. 97 Issue 5, p64L 

    Presents a test on possible solutions to common problems for a starter with a 480 volts to 120 volts control transformer.

  • Test your motor control IQ.
    Baran, Larry // EC&M Electrical Construction & Maintenance; Nov98, Vol. 97 Issue 12, p64 

    Presents a quiz on the effects of varying control actions on reversing starter operation. Operating sequence; Descriptions of motor conditions.

  • Why electric motors fail.
    Strugar, Don; Weiss, Ray // Plant Engineering; Jul94, Vol. 48 Issue 9, p65 

    Explains why electric motors fail in the plant engineering industry. Correlation of motor nameplate temperature data; Heat problems; Voltage aberrations.

  • The True Benefits of Motor Circuit Analysis.
    Penrose, Howard W. // EC&M Electrical Construction & Maintenance; Mar2003, Vol. 102 Issue 3, p14 

    Outlines the benefits of motor circuit analysis. Principle of an electric motor circuit; Ability of motor circuit analysis equipment to read the mutual inductance between stator and rotor; Energy effect of motor circuit analysis; Reliability impact of motor circuit analysis; Production effect...

  • Linear motor solutions catalogue.
    Penrose, Howard W. // DEMM: Engineering & Manufacturing; Jun2007, p5 

    The article presents a linear motor catalogue for machine builders from Baldor.

  • Brushless DC Motors.
    Penrose, Howard W. // Air Conditioning Heating & Refrigeration News; 7/16/2012, Vol. 246 Issue 11, p8 

    The article offers brief information on the Intelligent Brushless Direct Current (iBDLC) motor from Dunkermotor.

  • Motors spin on plastic.
    Babyak, Richard J. // Appliance Manufacturer; May93, Vol. 41 Issue 5, p36 

    Discusses a series of subfractional horsepower motors that relies on engineering polymers from DuPont in Wilmington, Delaware for years of maintenance-free service. Electric Motors & Specialties (EM&S) in Garrett, Indiana, as manufacturer; Materials used; Features; Advantages; Moldings.

  • Test your motor control IQ.
    Baran, Larry // EC&M Electrical Construction & Maintenance; Dec98, Vol. 97 Issue 13, p64 

    Presents a test to determine if one can anticipate voltage readings during troubleshooting a motor starter.

  • In the Interest of Science.
    Nicholson, Darrell // Practical Sailor; Sep2008, Vol. 34 Issue 9, p2 

    The article discusses various reports published within the issue, including electric propulsion.

  • Readers' choice category 10.
    Nicholson, Darrell // EC&M Electrical Construction & Maintenance; Dec97, Vol. 96 Issue 13, p63 

    Presents electric motors and controllers featured in the periodical `EC&M,' and rated number ten by the periodical's readers. Includes stator insulation monitor from Iris Power Engineering; Motor/drive package from Baldor Electric; Motor monitor from Iris Power Engineering; Variable-speed...

  • Mother Electrocuted By Pressure Washer.
    Buske, Kenneth E. // EC&M Electrical Construction & Maintenance; Nov2001, Vol. 100 Issue 12, p12 

    Relates a story of a mother electrocuted by a pressure washer in the United States. Cause of the short circuit; Physical description of the pressure washer; Importance of proper wire protection and grounding.

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