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  • In Eden.
    Ferry, David // Poetry; Jul/Aug2011, Vol. 198 Issue 4, p322 

    Presents the poem "In Eden," by David Ferry. First Line: You lie in our bed as if an orchard were over us. Last Line: Where will we go when they send us away from here?

  • Eden.
    Freivalds, Karlis // Visions International; 2004, Issue 71, p44 

    Presents the poem "Eden," by Karlis Freivalds.

  • Edens.
    Getty, Sarah // Paris Review; Fall2003, Issue 167, p153 

    Presents the poem "Edens," by Sarah Getty. First Line: Like God I get up early, walk out in the cool of the day; Last Line: a garden shed shelter, live alone on poetry and beans.

  • Eden.
    Noteboom, Michelle // Diner; Fall/Winter2004, Vol. 4 Issue 2, p4 

    Presents the poem "Eden," by Michelle Noteboom.

  • Eden.
    Brown, Jericho // Indiana Review; Winter2013, Vol. 35 Issue 2, p143 

    The poem "Eden" by Jericho Brown is presented. First Line: One winter, we decided to plunge, to swim or drown, Last Line: You look at women to prove yourselves straight.

  • Edenic.
    Cooley, Peter // Boulevard; Fall2011, Vol. 27 Issue 1/2, p221 

    The poem "Edenic," by Peter Cooley is presented. First Line: Back behind the sun, where we begin, Last Line: apple, snake, cherubim and flaming sword--

  • EDEN (Poem).
    Woo, David // New Yorker; 7/8/91, Vol. 67 Issue 20, p38 

    Presents the poem 'Eden,' by David Woo.

  • Eden.
    CAMPO, RAFAEL // American Poetry Review; Nov/Dec2015, Vol. 44 Issue 6, p10 

    The poem "Eden" by Rafael Campo is presented. First Line: One day, the boy who lived next door began; Last Line: of our delicious earthly paradise.

    Moose, Ruth // Tar River Poetry; Fall2012, Vol. 52 Issue 1, p49 

    The poem "That Eden" by Ruth Moose is presented. First Line: was blameless. Last Line: like rain.

  • In a Corner of Eden.
    Levi, Peter // Paris Review; Autumn/Winter58, Issue 20, p68 

    Presents the poem "In a Corner of Eden," by Peter Levi. First Line: In a corner of Eden; Last Line: fruit or any sleeping beast may.

  • Brochure on Eden.
    Corrigan, Michael // Wallace Stevens Journal; Spring2010, Vol. 34 Issue 1, p105 

    Presents the poem "Brochure on Eden," by Michael Corrigan. First Line: I love the way they show the same; Last Line: and a common area, overlooking a small park.

  • Eden.
    Otsuji, Derek N. // MacGuffin; Spring/Summer2011, Vol. 27 Issue 3, p5 

    The poem "Eden" by Derek N. Otsuji is presented. First Line: In October above Grandma's roof, Last Line: but softened and sweet.

    Robinson, Gisele // Caribbean Writer; 2013, Vol. 27, p72 

    The poem "BORN IN EDEN" by Gisele Robinson is presented. First Line: Born in Eden; Last Line: In your face.

    Stone, Michael // Trinity Seminary Review; Winter/Spring2014, Vol. 34 Issue 1, p58 

    The poem "BACK TO EDEN," by Michael Stone is presented. First Line: An enigma it is; Last Line: "All of creation groans and mourns for a lost good"

  • Visiting Eden.
    Hurni, Dar // Briar Cliff Review; 2005, Vol. 17, p87 

    Presents the poem "Visiting Eden," by Dan Hurni. First Line: My mother and I walk; Last Line: blue joy!

  • Discovering Eden.
    Hurni, Dar // Teen Ink; Jan2012, Vol. 23 Issue 5, p42 

    The poem "Discovering Eden" by Andrea Wade is presented. First Line: I rediscovered Eden; Last Line: He holds in his teeth.

  • After Eden.
    Moose, Ruth // Southern Review; Autumn2003, Vol. 39 Issue 4, p721 

    Presents the poem "After Eden," by Ruth Moose.

  • Lake Eden.
    SIMONDS, SANDRA // Crab Creek Review; 2014, Vol. 27 Issue 1, p43 

    The poem "Lake Eden," by Sandra Simonds is presented. First Line: My name is Sandra. Lebte ich in Deutschland. Last Line: unaware of my surroundings.

    Carlin, Francis // America; 1/30/1926, Vol. 34 Issue 16, p383 

    The article present the poem "Isles of Eden," by Francis Carlin. First Line: A drop of sun, and so the dawn; Last Line: And fixed in beauty like a star!

  • After Eden.
    Blanchard, Jane // Caveat Lector; Winter/Spring2012, Vol. 23 Issue 1, p11 

    Presents the poem "After Eden," by Jane Blanchard. First Line: I'm done. Last Line: the wine aisle.

  • From Eden.
    Norgren, Constance // Home Planet News; Winter2007, Vol. 14 Issue 3, p13 

    Presents the poem "From Eden," by Constance Norgren. First Line: Our days? All the same, except for storms. Last Line: What will come of this?

    Norgren, Constance // Naming the Birds / Nazovavane na ptutsite; 2002, p12 

    The poem "Cat's Eden," by Stanley Barkan is presented. First Line: When the first cat; Last Line: after lunch."

  • Return to Eden.
    Locke, Duane // Bitter Oleander; 2004, Vol. 10 Issue 1, p117 

    Presents the poem "Return to Eden," by Duane Locke.

  • Eden (Poem).
    Beasley, Liz // Pleiades; 2003, Vol. 23 Issue 1, p117 

    Presents the poem "Eden," by Liz Beasley.

  • Leaving Eden.
    Marshall, Jack // Gorgeous Chaos: New & Selected Poems: 1965-2001; Oct2002, p115 

    The poem "Leaving Eden," by Jack Marshall is presented. First Line: Reaching the summit, they looked out. Last Line: loses, recovers, loses, re...

    Maxwell, Glyn // New Yorker; 11/9/2009, Vol. 85 Issue 36, p81 

    The article presents the poem "Southeast of Eden" by Glyn Maxwell. First Line: Together they took the least space they could. Last Line: amazing silence, to two peaceful desks.

  • Lake Eden.
    SIMONDS, SANDRA // Ploughshares; Winter2015/2016, Vol. 41 Issue 4, p123 

    The poem "Lake Eden" by Sandra Simonds is presented. First Line: I walked to the lake. I passed the Hooters, the Publix, the; Last Line: that is what will make you sane.

  • Suburban Eden.
    Conway, Mark // American Poetry Review; Sep/Oct2007, Vol. 36 Issue 5, p13 

    Presents the poem "Suburban Eden," by Mark Conway. First Line: In front of us the sea, behind, Last Line: the other stars like time.

    Hoskins, Katherine // New Yorker; 8/16/1958, Vol. 34 Issue 26, p28 

    The article presents the poem "Eve's Eden," by Katherine Hoskins. First Line: The birds are friendly, In hurricanes of wings, Last Line: I have learned loneliness.

  • Somewhere south of Eden.
    Knight, John // Social Alternatives; 2007 Third Quarter, Vol. 26 Issue 3, p37 

    The article presents the poem "Somewhere South of Eden," by John Knight. First Line: spike your hair; Last Line: sleeps under a ghost gum.

  • Springfield Eden.
    Terris, Susan // MacGuffin; Spring/Summer2007, Vol. 23 Issue 3, p151 

    Presents the poem "Springfield Eden," by Susan Terris. First Line: Barefoot you were; Last Line: Lost a little death for us both.

  • Bride in Eden.
    Adrian, Vonna Hicks // Saturday Evening Post; 9/15/1956, Vol. 229 Issue 11, p109 

    Presents the poem "Bride in Eden," by Vonna Hicks Adrian. First Line: When Adam's rib arose and; Last Line: In Adam's bride a sister too.

  • Canyonlands, Eden.
    Lee, David // So Quietly the Earth; 1/ 1/2004, p55 

    The poem "Canyonlands, Eden" by David Lee is presented. First Line: Russian thistle, goatheads, Last Line: and falling through Chaos.

    Mazzocco, Robert // New Yorker; 10/12/1981, Vol. 57 Issue 34, p38 

    The article presents the poem "East of Eden," by Robert Mazzocco. First Line: Drinking I've an unexpected view from our window here; Last Line: Survivor's eyes to face mine at evening neither dead nor live.

  • Maungawhau (Mount Eden).
    Taylor, Apirana // MAI Review; 2011, Vol. 2, p3 

    The poem "Maungawhau (Mount Eden)" by Apirana Taylor is presented. First Line: on top of Mt Eden; Last Line: where the people languish now.

  • Far West of Eden.
    Arroyo, Rane // Field (00150657); Spring2006, Issue 74, p43 

    Presents the poem "Far West of Eden," an excerpt from "Far West of Eden: Utah Poems," by Rane Arroyo. First Line: After rowing in sunset's flimsy caskets, Last Line: here you.

  • Somewhere South of Eden.
    KNIGHT, JOHN // Social Alternatives; 2011 First Quarter, Vol. 30 Issue 1, p58 

    The poem "Somewhere South of Eden" by John Knight is presented. First Line: spike your hair; Last Line: sleeps under a ghost gum.

  • Dreamt Dead Eden.
    Teare, Brian // Provincetown Arts; 2004/2005, Vol. 19, p120 

    Presents the poem "Dreamt Dead Eden," by Brian Teare. First Line: Two years you're dead, and still I write I'm Eden; Last Line: butterfly, it's not ironic. It's a sweet name for a needle.

  • Leaving New Eden.
    Buckley, John F. // Obsessed with Pipework; Autumn2011, Issue 56, p46 

    The poem "Leaving New Eden," by John F. Buckley is presented. First Line: Edna, oh god, Edna, and Phyllis, why; Last Line: But I know what it really wants.

  • Eden.
    O'Donnell, Emma // Green Mountains Review; 2006, Vol. 19 Issue 2, p92 

    Presents the poem "Eden," by Emma O'Donnell. First Line: he opens the back door; Last Line: shore of eden.

  • Eden.
    O'Donnell, Emma // Estudios Irlandeses; 2014, Issue 9, p152 

    The poem "Eden" by Mary O'Donnell is presented. First Line: Someone long ago had planted Beauty of Bath; Last Line: that beautiful sting.

  • Ashes Over Eden.
    Hoehn, Margaret J. // Legal Studies Forum; 2009, Vol. 33 Issue 1, p15 

    The article presents the poem "Ashes Over Eden," by Margaret J. Hoehn. First Line: It was in that endless; Last Line: burning.

  • Sojourner: Daughter of Eden.
    Streaty, Gina // Obsidian; Fall/Winter2009Spring/Summer2010, Vol. 10/11 Issue 2/1, p223 

    Presents the poem "Sojourner: Daughter of Eden," by Gina Streaty. First Line: She glides; Last Line: Ain't I a Woman?

  • Exiles in Eden.
    Macer-Story, Eugenia // Sensations Magazine; Fall2006, Issue 40, p32 

    Presents the poem "Exiles in Eden," by Eugenia Macer-Story. First Line: "for once, they were accurate, the propagandists..." Last Line: or a flag of truce.

  • Fool Expelled from Eden.
    Trowbridge, William // Tar River Poetry; Fall2007, Vol. 47 Issue 1, p19 

    The article presents the poem "FOOL EXPELLED FROM EDEN," by William Trowbridge. First Line: OK, not the Eden, wasted on that pair; Last Line: down to sneering lips and a raised eyebrow.

  • EDEN.
    TRAHERNE, THOMAS // Poetical Works of Thomas Traherne; 1906, p8 

    The poem "Eden," by Thomas Traherne is presented. First Line: A Learned and a happy ignorance; Last Line: The glorious wonders of the Deity.

  • After Eden.
    McDonald, Walter // AGNI; 1992, Issue 35, p124 

    The poem "After Eden," by Walter McDonald is presented. First Line: Goats nuzzle all we own, stubble and grain. Last Line: thrashing madly for an ark.

  • Thomas Johnes' Other Eden*.
    Symes, Gordon // English: The Journal of the English Association; 1996, Vol. 45 Issue 182, p146 

    The poem "Thomas Johnes' Other Eden" by Gordon Symes is presented. First Line: Wales would never see anything like it, Last Line: An industrial clothing of softwoods.

  • Priced out of Eden.
    Symes, Gordon // Another Chicago Magazine; 2007, Issue 47, p92 

    The article presents the poem "Priced Out of Eden," by Richard Cecil. First Line: Go on and double prices of dream houses; Last Line: (if only I could live!) in Paradise.

  • Out of Eden.
    VÁZQUEZ-PAZ, JOHANNY // International Poetry Review; Spring2015, Vol. 40 Issue 2, p115 

    The poem "Out of Eden" by Johanny Vásquez Paz is presented; First Line: The island was perfect, the rain forest of the Lord, the ocean-front view, Last Line: eternally be forced to translate.

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