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     // Ebony; Jun1952, Vol. 7 Issue 8, p55 

    The article profiles Gaston Monnerville, the first president of the Council of the Republic of African descent in France.

  • In this issue.
    Betlock, Lynn // American Ancestors; Winter2014, Vol. 15 Issue 1, p5 

    An introduction is presented in which the editor discusses various reports within the issue on genealogy including a Cape Cod town mystery, a seventeenth-century New England woman's letter-book and examples of a range of time frames from 1640s to 1940s.

  • You're From Where?
    GALANES, PHILIP // New York Times Upfront; 11/2/2015, Vol. 148 Issue 4, p5 

    The article presents an answer to a question on the proper way to answer a question regarding the racial descent of an American-born person.

  • Arkansas Queries.
    GALANES, PHILIP // Arkansas Family Historian; Mar2011, Vol. 49 Issue 1, p58 

    The article offers several announcements which seek biological information on various people in Arkansas which include the parents of Buster Johnson, the relatives of Hannah Jones, and Nancy Sarah Mason.

  • polyphylesis:.
    Schlegel, Rolf H. J. // Encyclopedic Dictionary of Plant Breeding & Related Subjects; 2003, p330 

    A definition of the term "polyphylesis," which means originating from several lines of descent, is presented.

    Schlegel, Rolf H. J. // Ebony; Jun1952, Vol. 7 Issue 8, p58 

    The article describes the service given by Gaston Monnerville, the first president of the Council of the Republic of African descent in France, to his country during the Second World War.

  • Affinity and Descent In Industrial Societies.
    Farber, Bernard // Journal of Comparative Family Studies; Spring72, Vol. 3 Issue 1, p125 

    The article focuses on affinity and descent in industrial societies. This article shows how traditional anthropological perspectives of kinship may be utilized to permit the study of descent and affinity in modem societies. The prohibition of incestuous marriage implies the presence of kin...

    Farber, Bernard // Background Notes on Countries of the World: Malaysia; Jul2006, p2 

    Focuses on the population of Malaysia. Growth rate of the population; Ethnic groups in the country, including Malays and Chinese; Religions practiced by ethnic groups, such as Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism and Christianity; Descents of Malaysians, such as Thai, European, and Indian among many others.

  • Under the Bark of the Family Tree!
    Rocque, Bernice L. // Family Chronicle; Jan/Feb2012, Vol. 16 Issue 3, p7 

    The article talks about writing stories about family history. The author describes her experience in tracing her genealogy and how she began writing stories about them. The author shares the revelations that she discovered from her mother, uncle and grandparents and concludes that although...

  • finding your roots.
    Engler, Sarah // Real Simple; Aug2013, Vol. 14 Issue 8, p143 

    The article discusses the growing interest of people in online genealogy to trace their family history. The subscriber base of has doubled since 2009 and with the addition of about 2 million records every day. Corey Oiesen, a communications officer for the Association of...

  • From our friends.
    Whittlesey III, Willis Savage; Murphy, Clare; Dwyer, Michael; West, Karl; Dudek, Gerald // American Ancestors; Winter2014, Vol. 15 Issue 1, p17 

    Several letters to the editor are presented in response to articles in the previous issues including "Celebrating Centuries of Food and Family: Stories and Records behind the Recipes," by Judith Lucey in the latest issue, one on the fabulous articles in the fall 2013 issue, and another...

    Moya, Emma // La Herencia; 2003, Vol. 40, p39 

    The article focuses on the famous Italian families in Albuquerque, New Mexico. It revealed that in 1800s, several renowned Italian families arrived on Ellis Island and migrated to New Mexico where they established large Italian community. Guido Del Frate was one of the kindest merchants to...

    Sisneros, Samuel E. // La Herencia; 2003, Vol. 40, p8 

    The article focuses on the genealogy of Hispanic families in New Mexico. When researchers traced Hispanic ancestral lineage from Indian progenitors, they experienced difficulty because such ancestral lineages are not generally popular and many will often trace paternal lines but omit maternal...

  • Military service documented for those with Czech descent.
    Sisneros, Samuel E. // Breckenridge American; 9/20/2008, p5 

    The article reports on the documentation of the military service of those with Czech descent by the Texas Czech Genealogical Society. The genealogical society is looking for article contributions to be included in the book to be published in 2009 about the military service of Czechs either in...

  • Zimbabwe's Lemba re-establish their Jewish roots.
    Thal, Ian // Jewish Advocate; 3/10/2013, Vol. 204 Issue 10, p9 

    The article discusses the claim by the Lemba tribe of South Africa and Zimbabwe that they are the descendants of ancient Israelites and that they trace their origins to Jews from Sene.

    Sidgwick, Frank // Ballads of Robin Hood & other Outlaws; 1/1/1903, p5 

    An introduction is presented in which the editor discusses various reports within the issue on topics including the life of Robin Hood, Robin Hood as the ballad hero, and Robin Hood as noble descent.

  • Hidden African Ancestors: Hidden secrets of your ancestors.
    de Knijff, Peter // European Journal of Human Genetics; May2007, Vol. 15 Issue 5, p509 

    The article focuses on genealogical reconstruction. It is noted that genealogical reconstruction is not complete without genetic approval by means of Y-chromosome genotyping. As this trend in genealogy is gaining wide consideration many commercial enterprises which offer genotyping services...

    Francisco, Raquel Pereira // Passagens: International Review of Political History & Legal Cul; May2012, Vol. 4 Issue 2, p233 

    This work analyses post-emancipation relations between families and relatives, both consanguine and affinal, among the population of African descent in the coffee-growing municipality of Juiz de Fora. The articles seeks to demonstrate, by means of records on marriage, birth and baptism, the...

  • Roots (Poem).
    Carter, Karl // Legal Studies Forum; 2004, Vol. 28 Issue 1/2, p517 

    Presents the poem "Roots," by Karl Carter.

    Gordon, Michael // International Journal of Sociology of the Family; Jan77, Vol. 7 Issue 1, p1 

    The article focuses on kinship boundaries and kinship knowledge in urban Ireland. Kinship studies published by American sociologists since World War II have, for the most part, attempted to establish the existence of contact and exchange patterns between residentially separate but related...

  • Patterns of Descent & Inheritance.
    Wienclaw, Ruth A. // Patterns of Descent & Inheritance -- Research Starters Sociolo; 3/1/2016, p1 

    Descent is the hereditary derivation or lineage of an individual. Descent comprises socially recognized links between individuals in different generations within a family through several generations. There are a number of general patterns of descent around the world. Unilineal descent is traced...

    Green, Arnold H. // International Journal of Sociology of the Family; Jul81, Vol. 11 Issue 2, p327 

    It is informed that in the West during the last decade or so the "Roots phenomenon"' has sparked or at least demonstrated a renewed interest in family history and genealogy. Interest in and cultivation of genealogy as a subject field and as a literary genre do not need to be imported into the...

    Khuri, Fuad I. // International Journal of Sociology of the Family; Jul81, Vol. 11 Issue 2, p347 

    In this article, the author examines the meaning and usage of Arabic status and kinship terms that occur in daily person-to-person interaction. In anthropology and other related fields, kinship terms have been used and analyzed in five different contexts: legalistic, behavioral, corporational,...

  • Redefining the serotonergic system by genetic lineage.
    Jensen, Patricia; Farago, Anna F.; Awatramani, Rajeshwar B.; Scott, Michael M.; Deneris, Evan S.; Dymecki, Susan M. // Nature Neuroscience; Apr2008, Vol. 11 Issue 4, p417 

    Central serotonin-producing neurons are heterogeneous—differing in location, morphology, neurotoxin sensitivity and associated clinical disorders—but the underpinnings of this heterogeneity are largely unknown, as are the markers that distinguish physiological subtypes of...

    CHIN-JUNG TU; BI-KUN TSAI; SHU-CHUN CHANG // Social Behavior & Personality: An International Journal; 2011, Vol. 39 Issue 1, p55 

    In this paper, the culture and origins of the Shau Aborigines of Sun Moon Lake in Central Taiwan are examined. Conclusions presented in this article depend on clues from documents and long-term observation, that reveal that the characteristics of the Shau Aborigines are quite different from...

  • Unilineal descent and the house -- again: The Ngadha, eastern Indonesia.
    Smedal, Olaf H. // Journal of the Humanities & Social Sciences of Southeast Asia & ; 2011, Vol. 167 Issue 2/3, p270 

    The article focuses on the accounts of the fundamental principles of the social organization of the Ngadha people in the eastern part of Indonesia. It is critical of unilineal descent groups of varying magnitude and range are capable of solving the problem of political affiliation. Also...

  • Out of Africa.
    Simons, John // Fortune International (Europe); 2/19/2007, Vol. 155 Issue 3, p27 

    This article presents the author's experiences with African Ancestry Inc., a company that matches DNA samples to their place of origin in Africa. As an African-American, the writer had no knowledge of his family background but after a simple test and a wait of a few weeks, his genetic markers...

  • Out of Africa.
    Simons, John // Fortune; 2/19/2007, Vol. 155 Issue 3, p39 

    This article presents the author's experiences with African Ancestry Inc., a company that matches DNA samples to their place of origin in Africa. As an African-American, the writer had no knowledge of his family background but after a simple test and a wait of a few weeks, his genetic markers...

    Isaacson, David A. // Arizona Law Review; Summer2005, Vol. 47 Issue 2, p313 

    Explores the legal mechanisms underlying the anomalies in the law of citizenship by descent in the U.S. Ways for a child to acquire citizenship in the country; Difference in the treatment of unmarried fathers and unmarried mothers; Inadequacy of the Child Citizenship Act of 2000 in addressing...

    Isaacson, David A. // New England Ancestors; Holiday2008, Vol. 9 Issue 5/6, p63 

    The article offers information on genealogies which have been recently published or are in progress. "From Bulkeley to Bulkley to Buckley: The Ancestors and Descendants of Moses Bulkley" continues the family lines of Moses Bulkley from the mid-18th to early-21st centuries. "The Exworthy Family...

  • On the utility of data from the International HapMap Project for Australian association studies.
    Stankovich, Jim; Cox, Charles J.; Tan, Rachel B.; Montgomery, Douglas S.; Huxtable, Stewart J.; Rubio, Justin P.; Ehm, Margaret G.; Johnson, Laura; Butzkueven, Helmut; Kilpatrick, Trevor J.; Speed, Terence P.; Roses, Allen D.; Bahlo, Melanie; Foote, Simon J. // Human Genetics; Mar2006, Vol. 119 Issue 1/2, p220 

    We compare patterns of linkage disequilibrium (LD) for 633 SNPs in two regions between samples collected in two Australian states and HapMap samples collected from Utah residents of Northern and Western (NW) European ancestry (CEU). Patterns of LD in the Australian and HapMap samples are...

  • EM-random forest and new measures of variable importance for multi-locus quantitative trait linkage analysis.
    Lee, Sophia S. F.; Lei Sun; Kustra, Rafal; Bull, Shelley B. // Bioinformatics; Jul2008, Vol. 24 Issue 14, p1603 

    Motivation: We developed an EM-random forest (EMRF) for Haseman–Elston quantitative trait linkage analysis that accounts for marker ambiguity and weighs each sib-pair according to the posterior identical by descent (IBD) distribution. The usual random forest (RF) variable importance (VI)...

    RICHEY, NANCY // Kentucky Libraries; Winter2013, Vol. 77 Issue 1, p33 

    The article presents the basic techniques for family history researchers and how librarians can help people researching on African American heritage. It relates the challenges facing librarians regarding the growing interest in African American genealogy. Information is presented on the use of...

  • FAMILIA DESPEDIDA:Discovering Our Real Past.
    Martínez, Michael A. // La Herencia; 2003, Vol. 40, p32 

    The article focuses on the genealogy of Michael A. Martínez in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He had four brothers and four sisters and they moved to Albuquerque in 1950 to work at Sandia National Laboratories. Michael's father and his siblings were given names that suggest Sephardic ancestry,...

  • El Grito.
    Miranda, Zulma; Bent, Pauline Chávez; Mustelier, Alex; Reynolds, Florence; Way, Edson; Halevi, Shimon Bezalel; López, Carol; Luján, Fred R.; Lewis, W. Burton // La Herencia; 2003, Vol. 40, p7 

    Several letters to the editor are presented in response to articles in previous issues including the Lebanese families heritage and genealogy in New Mexico in the Fall 2003 issue,"The Chihuahuense Connection," by Jaime Pacheco and "Finding His Roots," by Cristóbal Quintana in the Fall 2003 issue.

  • Mis Timepos.
    Vigil, Julián Josué // La Herencia; 2008, Vol. 59, p50 

    The article traces the author's family tree. He starts investigating his genealogical link between his long time friend Anselmo, in which their uncle Juan de Dios Vigil was related to both of their mothers. He was came from Cayetano Pacheco's second marriage, to María Lucía Mestas, who was...

  • From our friends.
    Vigil, Julián Josué // American Ancestors; Summer2013, Vol. 14 Issue 3, p18 

    Several letters to the editor are presented in response to articles in the previous issues including "Researching Mrs. Dr. Keck and Her Daughter Cora," by Greta S. Nettleton in the Volume 14-2, 2013 issue, "A Boardinghouse Keeper's Letters: Ellis (Meloon) Gilman of New Hampshire," in the Volume...

  • A Hodges DNA Study -- Finding a Clue to an English Origin.
    Child, Christopher Challender; Hodges, Arthur C. // New England Ancestors; Summer2009, Vol. 10 Issue 3, p49 

    The article presents information on the study conducted to find a clue of a colonial immigrant William Hodges' origin. One avenue of research was to find the places where that particular surname existed in England. As stated, the DNA study between an American Family and one with a similar...

  • Tips for getting started in genealogy research.
    Gilbert, Danna // Lakelander (Whitney, TX); 11/1/2006, Vol. 20 Issue 44, p7 

    The article presents tips on getting started in genealogy research. It is better to start on the available information like parents' birth dates, birth places and their siblings. People must rely on the information that can be documented. Census records are a good source of information but can...

  • The Pacheco Lineage.
    Pacheco, Filiberto // La Herencia; 2001, Vol. 31, p48 

    The article determines the lineage of the Pacheco families in New Mexico. The information is compiled so that the descendants of the Pachecos can understand where they come from. They can also find out how they are related and learn about their ancestors. It is revealed that more than 12...

    Banta, R.E. // American Heritage; Spring1952, Vol. 3 Issue 3, p3 

    The article presents an opinion on the U.S. practice of genealogy and tracing one's ancestors. A genealogist created a family tree which traced the line of a Virginia family to the days of the Old Testament. County history and biographical record is a nineteenth century phenomenon that presents...

  • Synthesis and antiviral activity of 2-amino-3-ethoxycarbonylpyrazine derivatives.
    Rusinov, V.; Kovalev, I.; Kozhevnikov, D.; Ustinova, M.; Chupakhin, O.; Pokrovskii, A.; Ilicheva, T.; Belanov, E.; Bormotov, N.; Serova, O.; Volkov, G. // Pharmaceutical Chemistry Journal; Dec2005, Vol. 39 Issue 12, p630 

    A series of substituted 2-amino-3-ethoxycarbonylpyrazines containing indole, resorcinol, thiophenol, ethyl cyanoacetate, indandione, and antipyrine moieties was obtained via reactions of nucleophilic substitution of hydrogen in the initial 2-aminopyrazine-1-oxides. Some of the synthesized...

  • Tracing Your..... Galway Ancestors.
    Ryan, Jim // Irish Roots; 2014, Issue 90, p10 

    The article offers information on the availability of genealogical sources in the diverse landscapes in Galway, Ireland. It mentions that Galway has all the major national records including death, birth, and marriage that starts in 1864. It suggests that for those who are seeking the location of...

  • What's New? Review.
    Santry, Claire // Irish Roots; 2014, Issue 90, p18 

    The article offers information on the happenings in Irish genealogy such as the online delivery of the last tranche of the Will Calendars Collection made by the Public Records Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI). It mentions that the online delivery added 170,000 entries to the free database of...

  • ...and another thing...
    Smyrl, Steven // Irish Roots; 2014, Issue 91, p5 

    The article offers information on the effort of genealogy researchers to help identify their long-forgotten ancestors which allows collaboration in both family and resarch history projects. The usefulness of the Early Irish Marriage Index which enables the reconstruction of missing marriage...

  • Concordance Between Reported Ethnic Origins and Ancestral Origins of Gaspé Peninsula Residents.
    VÉZINA, Héléne; TREMBLAY, Marc; LAVOIE, éve-Marie; LABUDA, Damian // Population (16342941); 2014, Vol. 69 Issue 1, p7 

    For individuals, the feeling of belonging to a group is built upon both their perceived knowledge of their origins and their construction of identity, which is affected by many sociocultural, economic and political factors. To what extent does an individual's reported origin accurately reflect...

  • What is Ubuntu? Different Interpretations among South Africans of African Descent.
    Gade, Christian B.N. // South African Journal of Philosophy; 2012, Vol. 31 Issue 3, p484 

    In this article, I describe and systematize the different answers to the question 'What is ubuntu?' that I have been able to identify among South Africans of African descent (SAADs). I show that it is possible to distinguish between two clusters of answers. The answers of the first cluster all...

  • Moieties.
    D. De B. // Encyclopaedia of Aboriginal Australia; 1994, Vol. 2, p711 

    An encyclopedia entry for moieties is presented. All people and, indeed, most natural phenomena, are divided into two categories under this form of social organisation. It is a Latin term for half. In reality they are rarely actual gatherings of people with a common interest or purpose because...

  • Women in Jesus Genealogy.
    Nehemiah, Shanthi // Christian Literature & Living; Jan2010, Vol. 6 Issue 1, p58 

    The article discusses the life story of significant women in Jesus' genealogy. The characteristics of these five women namely Tamar, Rahab, Ruth, Bathsheba and Mary, who were mentioned in the Book of Matthew, and how they found pleasure in God's eyes are discussed. It mentions that the women...

  • Ambilineal Descent.
    Horton, David // Encyclopaedia of Aboriginal Australia; 1994, Vol. 1, p47 

    An encyclopedia entry for ambilineal descent is presented. This pertains to a process of inheritance in which circumstances, as well as descent, determine ownership of Aboriginal land. Aboriginal rights in relation to a piece of land are also determined by reference to descent. Examples of this...

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