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  • Drugchu disaster manmade, officials feel.
     // Tibetan Review: The Monthly Magazine on all Aspects of Tibet; Sep2010, Vol. 45 Issue 9, p22 

    The article offers information on the report by a mainland Chinese periodical "," which blamed the mudslides in Zhouqu County in Gansu Province, Tibet, China to deforestation and environmental degradation. It also reports on how the logging, population increase and poor urban...

  • Leading Indicator.
     // Newsweek (Atlantic Edition); 4/12/2010 (Atlantic Edition), Vol. 155 Issue 15, p12 

    The article presents statistics on the percentage by which the rate of global deforestation has decreased from 2000 to 2010.

  • Leading Indicator.
     // Newsweek (Pacific Edition); 4/12/2010 (Pacific Edition), Vol. 155 Issue 15, p12 

    The article presents statistics on the percentage by which the rate of global deforestation has decreased from 2000 to 2010.

  • Environmental Issues.
    Coleman, Denise Youngblood // Gabon Country Review; 2013, p173 

    The article cites the environmental issues of deforestation and poaching in Gabon despite being able to preserve its pristine rainforest and biodiversity in general.

  • Late-Holocene human impact and peat development in the ÄŒerná Hora bog, KrkonoÅ¡e Mountains, Czech Republic.
    Speranza, A.; Hanke, J.; van Geel, B.; Fanta, J. // Holocene; Sep2000, Vol. 10 Issue 5, p575 

    Abstract: Pollen analysis of a small peat bog at.

  • Amazon deforestation linked to rise in malaria cases.
    Speranza, A.; Hanke, J.; van Geel, B.; Fanta, J. // Geographical (Geographical Magazine Ltd.); Aug2010, Vol. 82 Issue 8, p10 

    The article focuses on the link between the deforestation and incidence of malaria in the Amazon Basin according to a team of researchers from the University of Wisconsin in Madison.

  • Global Environmental Snapshot.
    Speranza, A.; Hanke, J.; van Geel, B.; Fanta, J. // Venezuela Country Review; 2012, p223 

    The article provides information on the global environmental condition as of 2012 including the depletion of forests in Africa, regional acidification in some Asian countries, and the contraction of the Aral Sea.

  • Deforest fare.
    Carter, Alan // Entertainment Weekly; 3/25/94, Issue 215, p46 

    Profiles comic Calvert DeForest (a.k.a. Larry `Bud' Melman). DeForest's obsession with video cassette recorders (VCR); DeForest's opinions of Michael Knight, Jeanne Cooper and Jessica Tuck.

  • From the Editors of E/The Environmental Magazine.
    Carter, Alan // Earth Talk: Questions & Answers About Our Environment; 4/12/2009, p2 

    The article provides an answer to a question of the effect of deforestation to orangutans.

  • Estimated rates of deforestation in two boreal landscapes in central Saskatchewan, Canada.
    Fitzsimmons, Michael // Canadian Journal of Forest Research; May2002, Vol. 32 Issue 5, p843 

    Examines deforestation in two boreal landscapes in Saskatchewan. Decrease rate of wooden areas; Consequences of continued clearing of extant forests; Implications for conservation policy.

  • Information networking for new partnerships in forestry.
    Lee, Don Koo // Journal of Forest Research; Jun2005, Vol. 10 Issue 3, p261 

    Presents a correction to the article "Deforestation and Forest Degradation," which was published in the earlier issue of the "Journal of Forest Research."

  • Environmental Issues.
    Lee, Don Koo // Nigeria Country Review; 2011, p200 

    The article offers environmental issues in Nigeria including deforestation, soil erosion, drought, desertification, famine and loss of bio-diversity.

  • Environmental Issues.
    Lee, Don Koo // Haiti Country Review; 2013, p201 

    The article provides an overview on the environmental issues in Haiti such as population pressures, soil erosion, and deforestation.

  • Global Environmental Snapshot.
    Lee, Don Koo // Uganda Country Review; 2013, p193 

    The article presents information on the environmental challenges faced by countries around the globe that affects the quality of human life including rapid industrialization, deforestation and urbanization.

  • Clearcut Anonymity.
    Snell, Marilyn Berlin // Sierra; Nov/Dec2000, Vol. 85 Issue 6, p23 

    Features the 1997 report `Increased Investment and Trade by Transnational Logging Companies in Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific,' which focused on global deforestation. Changes made in a revised version of the report; Sponsors of the report.

  • City Living.
    Snell, Marilyn Berlin // Solutions: For a Sustainable & Desirable Future; May/Jun2010, Vol. 1 Issue 3, p8 

    The article offers information on a study published in the periodical "Nature Geoscience" which reveals that tropical countries have shifted their focus from tropical deforestation to globalized agricultural trade.

  • Environmental Issues.
    Snell, Marilyn Berlin // Solomon Islands Country Review; 2013, p167 

    The article presents several environmental issues in the Solomon Islands including deforestation, typhoons, and volcanic activity.

  • Broken vistas.
    Pearce, Fred // New Scientist; 10/13/2001, Vol. 172 Issue 2312, p15 

    Reports that boreal forests in northern Russia are being destroyed by logging, mines, farms, roads and power lines. Measurement of the extent of destruction; Finding that only a seventh of Russia's European forests survive as large undisturbed blocks of trees; Greatest damage done by illegal...

  • Learning the Hard Way.
    Pearce, Fred // Latin Trade (English); Mar2001, Vol. 9 Issue 3, p88 

    Reports that Salvadorans blamed deforestation for the effects of earthquake in Santa Tecla, El Salvador.

  • A River Wanders.
    Liu-Perkins, Christine // dig into history; Feb2015, Vol. 17 Issue 2, p7 

    The article discusses the importance of reducing silt in the Yellow River in China which has accumulated due to deforestation, and eliminating the need for levees which can cause avulsions that lead to floods and destruction.

  • Understanding Long-Term Impacts in the Forest Sector: Predictive Proxy Indicators.
    Liu-Perkins, Christine // CFA Newsletter; Sep2015, Issue 70, p15 

    The article discusses issues on deforestation and global poverty, exploring the development of a set of Predictive Proxy Indicators (PPIs).

  • Global: Wildfire seasons are longer almost everywhere on Earth.
    Liu-Perkins, Christine // CFA Newsletter; Sep2015, Issue 70, p19 

    The article discusses the global elimination of wildfire season and tackles the study conducted by ecologist and fire scientist Matt Jolly regarding deforestation.

  • Environmental Issues.
    Liu-Perkins, Christine // Liberia Country Review; 2013, p179 

    The article discusses the environmental overview and issues faced by Liberia including deforestation of the tropical rain forest, soil erosion and loss of biodiversity mainly wildlife.

  • Central American environmentalists call for action on the environment
    Whelan, T. // AMBIO - A Journal of the Human Environment; 1988, Vol. 17 Issue 1, p72 

    No abstract available.

    Whelan, T. // Weekly Reader News - Edition 4; 4/7/2006, Vol. 87 Issue 22, p8 

    Several quizzes related to the topics published within the issue are presented.

  • No, Tropical Deforestation Rates Aren't Falling.
    SCHIFFMAN, RICHARD // Discover; Jan/Feb2016, Vol. 37 Issue 1, p80 

    The article discusses the alarming rate of increase of deforestation over the globe and has been compared with a difference of 10 years by the high resolution satellites that also showed that the Amazon has also increased in deforestation unlike the report which suggested decrease in deforestation.

  • Desmatamento no Brasil: Uma Controvérsia em 50 Tons de Verde.
    Benevides, Maria // Sustainability in Debate / Sustentabilidade em Debate; set-dez2015, Vol. 6 Issue 3, p182 

    The article discusses the controversy surrounding the deforestation in Brazil, focusing on efforts and goals to reduce deforestation in the country with accompanying photographs which demonstrates the impact of the illegal activity on tropical forest and the accountability of meat production chain.

  • The Heat Is On!
    Benevides, Maria // Scholastic News -- Edition 3; 10/6/2003, Vol. 60 Issue 5, p2 

    Interviews Kenneth DeForest, a firefighter graduate from New York City, about his profession and training in firefighting.

  • Effects of forest fragmentation on neotropical fauna: current research and data availability
    Dale, Virginia H.; O'Neill, Robert V.; Pearson, Scott M.; Bierregaard, Jr., Richard O.; Offerman, Holly L. // Environmental Reviews; 1995, Vol. 3 Issue 2, p191 

    No abstract available.

  • A Land--Atmosphere Interaction Theory for the Tropical Deforestation Problem.
    Ning Zeng; Neelin, J. David // Journal of Climate; 3/1/99, Vol. 12 Issue 3, p857 

    A theoretical framework is developed in understanding the mechanisms and processes determining the response of the land--atmosphere system to tropical deforestation. The analytical approach is made possible by simpli-fications in the vertical from the quasi-equilibrium moist convective...

  • Reply.
    Chen, Tsing-Chang; Takle, Eugene S. // Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society; Nov2002, Vol. 83 Issue 11, p1661 

    Responds to comments made by A. Henderson-Sellers and A. J. Pitman the authors' research article on the suppression of impacts of the deforestation of the Amazon forest by global circulation change, published in the volume 82, 2001 edition of the periodical 'Bulletin of the American...

  • Comments on “Suppressing Impacts of the Amazonian Deforestation by the Global Circulation Change”.
    Henderson-Sellers, A.; Pitman, A. J. // Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society; Nov2002, Vol. 83 Issue 11, p1657 

    Comments on the research article by Tsing-Chang Chen et al. on the suppression of impacts of the deforestation of the Amazon forest by global circulation change, published in the volume 82, 2001 edition of the periodical 'Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society.' Intensification of the...

  • Is burning of Amazon all smoke?
    LaFranchi, Howard // Christian Science Monitor; 11/18/97, Vol. 89 Issue 247, p1 

    Focuses on the debate in Brazil over deforestation through forest fires in 1997. How Brazil ranks in the world for deforestation; Claims from IBAMA, Brazil's environmental protection agency, that 94 percent of the forest fires in Brazil are on already cleared land; The link between the number...

  • Water woes: Deforestation could dry up the Panama Canal.
    Mitchell, Jon // Christian Science Monitor; 10/23/97, Vol. 89 Issue 230, p7 

    Comments on the impact of increasing population and deforestation of the Panama Canal watershed in Panama. The role of the Chagres River in the watershed; How forests prevent soil erosion; How the changing watershed affects both the canal and the drinking supply for Panama City; Efforts being...

  • A quake, a slide, another lesson.
    Elton, Catherine; LaFranchi, Howard // Christian Science Monitor; 1/16/2001, Vol. 93 Issue 35, p1 

    Discusses an earthquake in San Salvador, El Salvador. People who are missing due to a landslide caused by the quake; Idea that deforestation may have contributed to the landslide; Efforts of environmentalists to protect the Balsamo Mountains from deforestation; Rescue efforts.

  • Birding Australia.
    Collis, Brad // Ecos; Apr-Jun2002, Issue 111, p10 

    Discusses the impact of deforestation and pollution on bird ecology in Australia. Revegetation efforts; Impact of pesticides; Habitat quality.

  • Development and deforestation: Indian forestry in perspective.
    Haeuber, Richard // Journal of Developing Areas; Jul93, Vol. 27 Issue 4, p485 

    Analyzes Indian deforestation in the context of India's postindependence economic development strategy, goals and policies. Linkages between development and deforestation; Development strategy; Role of forestry in economic development.

  • Modalités de la déforestation dans le sud-ouest de I'État du Campeche, Mexique.
    Mas, J.F.; Puig, H. // Canadian Journal of Forest Research; Jul2001, Vol. 31 Issue 7, p1280 

    Focuses on the use of geographic information system to model deforestation process. Analysis of satellite images to reduce forest cover; Impact of human population attributes on the deforestation process; Identification of forest areas susceptible to deforestation.

  • Mail CALL.
    Mas, J.F.; Puig, H. // Scholastic News -- Senior Edition; 12/16/2004, Vol. 73 Issue 10, p7 

    Presents letters to the editor referencing articles and topics discussed in previous issues, including "A Real Tree Hugger," which focused on deforestation.

  • The denuded earth.
    Stone, Roger D. // World Policy Journal; Summer98, Vol. 15 Issue 2, p50 

    Discusses the steps governments can take to prevent deforestation. Sources of pressures on the forests; Consequences of government inaction; Projected global demand for forest products; Need to put trees on the global agenda; People's opposition to deforestation.

    Ingram, Gordon Brent // Pacific Affairs; Spring2000, Vol. 73 Issue 1, p145 

    Reviews the book `Deforestation in Vietnam,' by Rodolphe De Koninck.

  • Global Environmental Snapshot.
    Ingram, Gordon Brent // Holy See Country Review; 2011, p196 

    The article provides an overview of the environmental problems of several countries including the soil degradation in Africa, desertification in Central Asia, and Europe's deforestation.

  • Combating deforestation at elementary school level.
    Ingram, Gordon Brent // Connect: UNESCO International Science, Technology & Environmenta; 2001, Vol. 26 Issue 1/2, p16 

    Deals with a case study related to the prevention of deforestation at elementary school level in Mali.

  • Cradles of life
    Durning, Alan // World Watch; May/Jun1989, Vol. 2 Issue 3, p30 

    No abstract available.

  • War and teaks in Burma.
    Ryan, John C. // World Watch; Sep/Oct1990, Vol. 3 Issue 5, p8 

    No abstract available.

  • Banana split.
    Ryan, John C. // World Watch; Jan/Feb1993, Vol. 6 Issue 1, p5 

    No abstract available.

    Ryan, John C. // Ecuador Country Review; 2007, p912 

    The article presents an environmental overview of Ecuador, as well as the environmental challenges facing the country, including deforestation as a result of petroleum exploration and lumber production and soil erosion.

  • Trees under siege.
    L.J. // Science World; 12/9/94, Vol. 51 Issue 7, p10 

    Presents information showing the critical problem of deforestation. Percentage of old-growth forests in the United States; Succession process of forest; Information on the remaining temperate and tropical forests in the world; Uses of forest wood; Impact of civilization on the Earth's land area.

  • Forests loss linked to soil degradation.
    Bita, Natasha; Perry, Bronwen // Geodate; May96, Vol. 9 Issue 2, p8 

    Presents the actual article which originally appeared in `The Age,' dated May 4-5, 1996 about the role of soil degradation in forest loss. Also contains activities for students related to the article.

    Bita, Natasha; Perry, Bronwen // Background Notes on Countries of the World: Cambodia; Dec2007, p1 

    The article presents information on the geography of Cambodia. It is a located on the mainland Southeast Asia sharing common borders with Thailand, Vietnam and Laos. Its terrain on the boundaries are described. Presented are references to the principal physical features of its land, lakes and...

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