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  • Simple doesn't mean easy.
    Wilesmith, John T. // Across the Board; Feb1994, Vol. 31 Issue 2, p49 

    Presents seven process stages in the development of consumer satisfaction. Unconsciousness; Consciousness; Orientations; Management; Improvement; Excellence; Exploitation.

  • Give the lady what she wants.
    Parsons, William T. // Chain Store Age; Nov95, Vol. 71 Issue 11, p86 

    Features a best practices study in customer satisfaction conducted by Arthur Andersen & Co. Link to customer retention and employee satisfaction; Impact on sales and profits; Key customer values; Idea of internal customer; Areas in which successful companies concentrate to make customer...

  • Managing customer files develops repeat business.
    Porter, Monroe // Contractor Magazine; Sep97, Vol. 44 Issue 9, p44 

    States that when a contractor creates a file for its customers they develop repeat business to the organization. Discussion on how creating files can benefit the contractor; Suggestion made on how to keep a good track of customers.

  • Services Index to the 1993 Marketing News.
    Porter, Monroe // Marketing News; 10/25/93, Vol. 27 Issue 22, Marketing News pA2 

    Provides a services directory of customer satisfaction measurement firms. ACG Research Solutions; AHF Marketing Research Inc.; Allegheny Marketing Group; Alliance Research Inc.; Analytic Insight Insurance.

  • Geographical index.
    Porter, Monroe // Marketing News; 10/25/93, Vol. 27 Issue 22, Marketing News pA3 

    Provides a geographical directory of customer satisfaction measurement firms. Includes Arizona; California; Connecticut; District of Columbia; Florida; Georgia.

  • Mission possible: Learning to listen.
    Zivic, Louis J. // Marketing News; 5/8/95, Vol. 29 Issue 10, p4 

    Opinion. Stresses the importance of a customer-driven enterprise. Fundamental aspect of learning for organizations; Survey conducted by the Economic Center at Fitchburg State College; Need for rethinking business philosophies; Creative ways to address customer needs.

  • How are we doing Mr. Green?
    Dreyer, R.S. // Supervision; Mar98, Vol. 59 Issue 3, p19 

    Presents tips on how to monitor the customers' feelings about the company's products and services. Slogans used by Flagler Pharmaceutical board chairman and chief executive officer Harley M. Flagler; Spelling out ways to poll the customers; Pros and cons of the polling method; Rewarding the...

  • Consumer sentiment on the rise, says Univ. of Michigan.
    Dreyer, R.S. // Textile World; Jan94, Vol. 144 Issue 1, p17 

    Reports on the increase in consumer satisfaction about economic conditions in the United States. University of Michigan's consumer sentiment index; Expected increase in consumer spending.

  • Univ. of Michigan Consumer Sentiment Index at 83.7.
    Dreyer, R.S. // Bond Buyer; 6/18/2007, Vol. 360 Issue 32652, p2 

    The article reports that according to market sources, the University of Michigan's preliminary consumer sentiment for June 2007 came in at 83.7.

  • Satisfaction action is....
    Dreyer, R.S. // Marketing News; 9/27/93, Vol. 27 Issue 20, p4 

    Reports on a survey on how award winning companies practice customer satisfaction measurement by the Customer Satisfaction Measurement. More on quantification than qualification; Companies that linked compensation and customer satisfaction measurement; Customer satisfaction and its measurement...

    Dreyer, R.S. // Christian Science Monitor; 8/27/2001, Vol. 93 Issue 191, p10 

    Discusses the decline of customer satisfaction in the United States.

  • `How may I help you?'.
    DeChant, Michelle // Marketing Tools; May96, Vol. 3 Issue 3, p2 

    Editorial. Discusses whether customer satisfaction must be sacrificed in the name of profitability. Criticisms leveled against customer satisfaction and quality measurement; Importance of customer loyalty.

  • Satisfied customers come back for more.
    Reichheld, Frederick F. // American Banker; 11/30/95 Supplement, Vol. 160, p13A 

    Cautions against falling into the trap of aiming for costumer satisfaction as a higher goal than profits. Danger of failing to link satisfaction measurements with customer loyalty and profits; Limitations of satisfaction surveys; Manipulation of the system at the grass-root level; Basic...

  • Measuring customer satisfaction.
    Eliss, Lynn W.; Curtis, Carey C. // Research Technology Management; Sep/Oct93, Vol. 36 Issue 5, p45 

    Presents eight lessons from research on customer satisfaction with technology products and services. Leading indicators of satisfaction; Customer index satisfaction; Satisfaction with cost competitiveness; Cycle time and satisfaction. INSET: How the study was done..

  • Measuring customer satisfaction.
    Ellis, Lynn W.; Curtis, Carey C. // Research Technology Management; Sep/Oct95, Vol. 38 Issue 5, p45 

    Presents eight lessons from research on customer satisfaction with technology products and services. Leading indicators of satisfaction; Relation between total quality management and customer cost satisfaction rating; Cross checking results. INSET: How the study was done..

  • What's most important to customer satisfaction?
    Press, Irwin; Ganey, Rodney F. // ABA Banking Journal; Sep97, Vol. 89 Issue 9, p73 

    Presents information on the importance customer satisfaction. What did Data from Technical Assistance Research Programs (TARP); Indication of various conducted studies; Confirmation on the importance of problem resolution to customer satisfaction. INSET: Relative importance of banking experiences..

  • Human resources.
    Montague, Jim; Pitman, Hilarie // H&HN: Hospitals & Health Networks; 2/5/96, Vol. 70 Issue 3, p15 

    Reports on the publication `Top Five Ways to Improve Customer Satisfaction in 1996'. Management strategies; Contact information.

  • Hung up on response time.
    Pasternack, Andrew // H&HN: Hospitals & Health Networks; 05/05/98, Vol. 72 Issue 9, p40 

    States that in health care, response time is the number one issue in customer satisfaction. Information on a program from Softbank Service and Support Consultants, a San Diego based company, which is aimed to increase the level of service in health care; What is Softbank's goal.

  • The CEO and customer satisfaction.
    O'Leary, Joseph P. // Management Review; Sep96, Vol. 85 Issue 9, p62 

    Reports that many chief executive officers of today are gaining insights into customer satisfaction in the search for competitive advantage. Strategy to capture and retain customers; Integration of customer satisfaction into every company department and level; Example of the banking industry...

  • A character-building trip.
    Vinocur, M. Richard // American Printer; Apr98, Vol. 221 Issue 1, p86 

    Focuses on the importance of giving priority to customer satisfaction in the success of businesses. Experience of the author concerning customers.

  • Good will to spare.
    Vinocur, M. Richard // New Mexico Business Journal; Nov94, Vol. 18 Issue 11, p9 

    Presents a listing of companies in the United States ranked according to consumer satisfaction. Study by Baylor University; Predominance of food manufacturers.

  • Give your customers more than they bargained for.
    Holloway, Gil // New Mexico Business Journal; Feb96, Vol. 20 Issue 2, p13 

    Considers the importance of customer satisfaction and retention in business ventures. Benefits of building customer loyalty; Difference between customer service and value-adding; Role of the management.

  • Faxpoll.
    Holloway, Gil // Inc.; Mar94, Vol. 16 Issue 3, p25 

    Asks readers the question: Customer focus: how far will you go for your customers. Other questions on how far does your business go to be customer focused; Contact point for responses; Deadline March 22, 1994.

  • Changes in computer support.
    Mamis, Robert A. // Inc.; Mar94, Vol. 16 Issue 3, p152 

    Provides samplings from `Inc.'s' forays into how responsive the hardware and software vendor's tech-support services really are. Overhaul in customer service since 1991 survey; Free service often available around the clock; Dizzying array of telephone numbers; Borland International; Microsoft;...

  • Fixed fees ahead?
    Mamis, Robert A. // Inc.; Mar94, Vol. 16 Issue 3, p152 

    Says that because of soaring costs that vendors pay to provide technical support, the melange of options is becoming bewildering. Poll by `Softletter' found median cost of answering a single tech-support call among 148 personal-computer software developers and publishers was $23.33; Manuals...

  • Connecting customer loyalty to the bottom line.
    Hepworth, Michael; Mateus, Paula // Canadian Business Review; Winter94, Vol. 21 Issue 4, p40 

    Discusses the importance of customer loyalty to the success of companies in Canada. Measurement of customer satisfaction by Canadian companies; Predicting customer loyalty; Education for customers and employees; Effective handling of customer problems; Calculating the market impact of service.

  • Customer satisfaction dips.
    Hepworth, Michael; Mateus, Paula // Industry Week/IW; 04/20/98, Vol. 247 Issue 8, p14 

    Reports on a data from the annual American Customer Satisfaction Index as of April 1998 which showed a three-year decline on how satisfied people are with the goods and services they buy. Rate of customer satisfaction.

  • The winter of consumer discontent.
    Dolliver, Mark // Adweek Eastern Edition; 1/12/1998, Vol. 39 Issue 2, p14 

    Focuses on the decline in the American Customer Satisfaction Index for 1997. Implications of the decline in the index on the advertising industry.

  • Consumer confidence takes major hit in June.
    Dolliver, Mark // WWD: Women's Wear Daily; 6/28/1995, Vol. 169 Issue 124, p11 

    Reports on the decline in the Conference Board's consumer confidence index for June 1995. Consumer sentiment about economic conditions; Expectations for economic conditions six months in the future.

  • Rethinking customer service.
    Girard-diCarlo, Constance B. // Healthcare Executive; Jul/Aug1998, Vol. 13 Issue 4, p43 

    Looks at ways of increasing customer satisfaction in the health network. Examination of how an integrated health system impact the customer; Benefits of having multiskilled employee support; Details on customer service and satisfaction.

  • 1995: Year of the customer.
    Girard-diCarlo, Constance B. // Advertising Age's Business Marketing; Jan1995, Vol. 80 Issue 1, p8 

    Editorial. Presents a forecast on 1995 as the year of the satisfied customer. Common goal shared by most companies; Sophisticated databases for customer retention programs; Essential role of technology in all businesses; Overall cost efficiency and potential audience of the Internet; Increase...

  • A new style of market-think.
    Bell, David A. // Business Mexico; Jul1994, Vol. 4 Issue 7, p4 

    Discusses the impact of a satisfied consumer in Mexico. Production of goods and services as the corporation's job; Opportunities to use and abuse consumers with the increasing reliance on market research; Focus groups as ineffective tool for market research.

  • Taking customer satisfaction to new heights.
    Slutsky, Jeff // National Underwriter / Life & Health Financial Services; 3/03/97, Vol. 101 Issue 9, p14 

    Focuses on the importance of customer satisfaction in the marketing industry. Details on the author's personal experiences with this issue; What the author was willing to undergo to satisfy his clients; Outcome of the author's efforts.

  • The Four Faces of Aggregation in Customer Satisfaction Research.
    Johnson, Michael D. // Advances in Consumer Research; 1995, Vol. 22 Issue 1, p89 

    Applies Seymour Epstein's four faces of aggregation to customer satisfaction research. Aggregation over subjects; Aggregation over stimuli; Aggregation over trials; Aggregation over measures.

  • Peaks and Flows: Intense Joys and Optimal Experiences in Consumption.
    Smith, Ruth Ann // Advances in Consumer Research; 1995, Vol. 22 Issue 1, p109 

    Summarizes the contents of a special topic session on two distinct yet related intense emotional states that may occur during consumption. Papers presented by Ruth Ann Lee and Renee G. Lee; Michael Guiry and Richard J. Lutz; John W. Schouten and James H. McAlexander.

  • New Directions in Affect and Consumer Satisfaction.
    Spreng, Richard A. // Advances in Consumer Research; 1995, Vol. 22 Issue 1, p453 

    Summarizes the contents of a special topic session on consumer satisfaction. Papers presented by Richard A. Spreng and Robert D. Mackoy; Richard W. Olshavsky and H. Shanker Krishnan; David Glen Mick and Susan M. Fournier.

  • The Dual Role of Emotions in Consumer Satisfaction/Dissatisfaction.
    Krishnan, H. Shanker; Olshavsky, Richard W. // Advances in Consumer Research; 1995, Vol. 22 Issue 1, p454 

    Presents a model that attempts to explore two distinct types of emotions that occur at consumption and to examine their specific roles in understanding overall satisfaction. Focus group study; Lab experiment study.

  • Postconsumption Competition: The Effects of Choice and Non-Choice Alternatives on Satisfaction Formation.
    Droge, Cornelia; Mackoy, Robert D. // Advances in Consumer Research; 1995, Vol. 22 Issue 1, p532 

    Proposes that, in a competitive environment, alternative products or services not chosen can also impact satisfaction formation. Conceptualization of satisfaction formation; Potential incorporation of competitive factors postchoice.

  • Consumer Satisfaction: Cognitive and Affective Dimensions.
    Srinivasan, Narasimhan // Advances in Consumer Research; 1995, Vol. 22 Issue 1, p543 

    Comments on the papers presented at a special topic session on consumer satisfaction. Papers presented by Zeynep Gurhan and Elizabeth H. Creyer; Cornelia Droge and Robert D. Mackoy; Niranjan V. Raman, Prithviraj Chattopadhyay, and Wayne D. Hoyer.

  • Assessing Actual Service Performance: Incongruities Between Expectation and Evaluation Criteria.
    Taylor, Valerie A.; Miyazaki, Anthony D. // Advances in Consumer Research; 1995, Vol. 22 Issue 1, p599 

    Presents propositions which examine the process by which consumers may evaluate services high in credence attributes. Consumer and marketer implications of the discussed incongruities; Service satisfaction and service quality.

  • The Effect of Motivation to Process on Consumers' Satisfaction Reactions.
    Babin, Barry J.; Griffin, Mitch // Advances in Consumer Research; 1994, Vol. 21 Issue 1, p406 

    Investigates potential moderating effects of the relationship between important explanatory variables and consumer satisfaction. Assimilation-contrast theory; Effect of involvement in the satisfaction judgment process; Moderating ability of involvement; Potential priming effect of mood on...

  • The Impact of Perceived Justice on Customer Satisfaction and Intention to Complain in a Service Recovery.
    Hocutt, Mary Ann; Charkraborty, Goutam // Advances in Consumer Research; 1997, Vol. 24 Issue 1, p457 

    Investigates how service recovery efforts influence the level of dissatisfaction and intention to complain following a service failure. What is shown in results from an experiment; Information on the customer causing service failure.

  • Are you a customer narcissist?
    Guaspari, John // Management Review; Sep94, Vol. 83 Issue 9, p62 

    Warns businesses against falling into the narcissistic trap when measuring customer satisfaction. Importance of customers' views; Parallel line of inquiry addressed to customers; Guaspari's First, Immutable Law of Customer Connection.

  • Consumer Satisfaction through Counter/actual Evaluation: When Worse Outcomes Lead to More Satisfaction.
    Guaspari, John // Advances in Consumer Research; 1998, Vol. 25 Issue 1, p75 

    Presents an abstract of the article `Consumer Satisfaction Through Counterfactual Evaluation: When Worse Outcomes Lead to More Satisfaction,' by Lisa J. Abendroth and Baba Shiv, which discussed consumer satisfaction.

  • What clients really want.
    Andrews, Timothy F. // Ohio CPA Journal; Oct93, Vol. 52 Issue 5, p43 

    Presents a client survey system focusing on clients' needs and expectations. Presentation of questions focusing on areas of opportunities; In-house or out-house survey; Survey process.

  • `The customer never forgets'.
    Dreyer, R.S. // Supervision; Sep97, Vol. 58 Issue 9, p18 

    Discusses the importance for businesses to put the customer's interests over and above everything else. Customer's run-in with company guard caused customer satisfaction rating to drop; Personal apology to customer.

  • Share the vision for customer satisfaction.
    Andersen, Arthur // Management; Aug97, Vol. 44 Issue 7, p48 

    Part IV. Discusses the best practices in customer satisfaction. Employees as the key to customer satisfaction; Process of achieving and maintaining a customer-focused workforce; Need to provide formal training infrastructure for the employees.

  • Exceed expectations with integration.
    Stepanek, Laura E. // SDM: Security Distributing & Marketing; Oct97, Vol. 27 Issue 11, p62 

    Discusses the primary keys to customer satisfaction that security systems integrators should be aware of. Communication techniques; Documentation; Completion of the job on time; Approaches to meet customer demands.

  • Waking up to the realities of customer satisfaction.
    Kennedy, Sarah // CMA Magazine; Feb97, Vol. 71 Issue 1, p28 

    Discusses ways companies can do without sacrificing customer satisfaction and business profits. Handling customer feedbacks and complaints; Need for effective follow-up on customer complaint; Study of underlying issues from customers' viewpoint of satisfaction.

  • Should we still worry about customer satisfaction?
    Pellett, Greg // CMA Magazine; Sep97, Vol. 71 Issue 7, p33 

    Offers advice for companies on enhancing customer satisfaction. Need for companies to understand how to look at their customers; Factors needed to enhance customer satisfaction; Tips on enhancing customer loyalty.

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