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  • International countertrade.
    Kreuze, Jerry G. // Internal Auditor; Apr97, Vol. 54 Issue 2, p42 

    Presents information about countertrading that internal auditors should be informed. The different types of countertrade; Advantages of the countertrade; The risks of countertrade; Comprehensive countertrade programs that organizations should develop; Role of Internal auditors in auditing...

  • Accounting for countertrade.
    Kreuze, Jerry G. // Internal Auditor; Apr97, Vol. 54 Issue 2, p44 

    Reports that accounting for countertrade transactions requires analysis of complex international business exchanges. Questions that internal auditor must consider in verifying the proper accounting treatment; The Statement of Financial Accounting Standards No. 63; The APB Opinion No. 29; Two...

  • Policy response to countertrade and the U.S. trade deficit: An appraisal.
    Park, Jong H. // Business Economics; Apr90, Vol. 25 Issue 2, p38 

    Evaluates the American government's attitudes toward countertrade. Examination of potential contribution countertrade may make toward promoting American exports; Forms and extent of countertrade; Public policy response to countertrade.

  • Why is corporate barter?
    Healey, Nigel M. // Business Economics; Apr96, Vol. 31 Issue 2, p36 

    Focuses on corporate barter, the brokered barter between large domestic corporations. Countertrade; Factors contributory to the growth of corporate barter; Academic literature on corporate barter; Analysis of the United States corporate barter.

  • Countertrade.
    West, Dan // Business Credit; Apr2002, Vol. 104 Issue 4, p48 

    Part III. Discusses countertrade in the U.S. Benefits derived from a countertrade commitment; Steps in evaluating countertrade risk; Considerations in picking a product to receive.

    Waldron, Darryl G. // AMA Winter Educators' Conference Proceedings; 1984, p243 

    Focuses on the framework of analysis on countertrade. Management on countertrades; Characterization of barter agreements; Role of government in financing countertrade transactions.

  • Countertrade.
    West, Dan // Business Credit; Sep2001, Vol. 103 Issue 8, p42 

    Discusses the concept of countertrade. Elements of the countertrade policy; Benefits of countertrade on consumers; Responsibilities of countertrade organizations.

    Welt, Leo G.B. // Management Review; Jan86, Vol. 75 Issue 1, p53 

    Discusses countertrade, a term which covers a variety of business arrangements in which payment is made in something other than hard currency. Factors that made countertrade an established feature of modern trade; Costs and potential problems; Use of countertrade as a competitive tool; Five...

  • Countertrade.
    West, Dan // Business Credit; Apr2001, Vol. 103 Issue 4, p64 

    Explains the concept of reciprocal trade, called the countertrade. Different forms of countertrade; Definition of countertrade from the marketing perspective; Factors critical for a successful countertrade; Four most common forms of hard currency generation.

    Strizzi, Nicolino; Kindra, Gurprit S. // AMA Winter Educators' Conference Proceedings; 1996, Vol. 7, p258 

    Discusses the factors affecting the demand for countertrade in Asian-Pacific countries. Infrastructure upgrading; Public-sector reform; Increased military procurement; Massive capital inflows; Foreign debt build-up.

  • A survey of Canadian countertrade practices with Asia-Pacific countries.
    Strizzi, Nicolino; Kindra, G.S. // Canadian Journal of Administrative Sciences (Canadian Journal of; Dec97, Vol. 14 Issue 4, p417 

    Examines the attitudes of Canadian executives toward countertrade with Asia-Pacific countries. Domestic pressures affecting country risk ratios; Motives of customers for countertrade; Advantage of adopting a proactive stance.

    Marshall, John F.; Wynne, Kevin J. // Global Finance Journal; Spring96, Vol. 7 Issue 1, p1 

    Presents a study which constructed a series of financial swap transactions using currency, interest rate and commodity swaps that replicate a barter agreement. Definition and forms of countertrade; Reasons for the occurrence of cultural barter; Discussion on how a combination of financial swaps...

  • Boost Cash Flow By Bartering.
    Meharg, Ken // Restaurant Hospitality; Aug99, Vol. 83 Issue 8, p28 

    Focuses on the beneficial impact of the concept of bartering used as a strategy by restaurants in the United States. Unique aspects of the restaurant business; Benefits of trade arrangements; Information on the Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act of 1982.

  • Countertrade.
    Meharg, Ken // Soviet & Eastern European Foreign Trade; Spring89, Vol. 25 Issue 1, p41 

    Examines the developments in the forms, motives and practices of countertrade and its importance in East-West trade. Structure of countertrade; Significance, motives and quantitative development of buy-back and compensation transactions; Problems for Western countries concerning counterpurchase...

    Meharg, Ken // Journal of International Marketing; 1996, Vol. 4 Issue 3, p8 

    An abstract of the article "Marketing Motives in International Countertrade: An Empirical Examination," by Dorothy A. Paun and Aviv Shoham is presented.

  • Hot Products: TOURS & PACKAGES.
    Meharg, Ken // Travel Agent; 11/5/2001, Vol. 306 Issue 3, p120 

    Reports developments in the travel agency in the United States as of November 2001. Postponement of travel plans; Introduction of a compensation plan designs; Cancellation of flights.

  • A Practical Guide To Countertrade for the Reluctant Exporter.
    Oh, M. David; Shochat, Susan // Business Forum; Winter87, Vol. 12 Issue 1, p8 

    Explains the basics of countertrade and offers a step-by-step guide on how to do it. Reluctance of many United States companies to engage in the creative financing method; Barriers to countertrade; Essentials for countertrade.

    Cavusgil, S. Tamer; Yaprak, Attila; Poh-Lin Yeoh // AMA Winter Educators' Conference Proceedings; 1991, Vol. 2, p462 

    Evaluates the global sourcing as a source of competitive advantage in multinational business in the United States. Discussion on countertrade and strategic alliances; Factors motivating global sourcing activity; Details on managerial guidelines.

    Scheer, Lisa K.; Smith Jr., William R. // AMA Winter Educators' Conference Proceedings; 1996, Vol. 7, p251 

    Focuses on countertrade, a form of marketing in which a product's sale is conditioned on the seller's reciprocal purchase of a different product. Marketing channels involved in countertrade; Dimensions on which countertrade arrangements vary; Commercial definition of countertrade.

  • Offsets and Countertrade.
    Biederman, David // Traffic World; 8/9/99, Vol. 259 Issue 6, p18 

    Compares the difference between countertrade and offsets in business transactions in the United States. Inclusion of offsets to business transactions in countertrade; Relief from foreign exchange shortages of importers from countertrade; Purchase of goods by the importers in reciprocal trade...

  • Untitled.
    Stuart, Edward F.; Papadopoulos, Theo // Atlantic Economic Journal; Sep93, Vol. 21 Issue 3, p77 

    Points to the need for microfoundations to analyze international trade phenomena. Stylized facts of new international order; Development of regionalism and constitution of blocks; Development of countertrade.

    Stankovsky, Jan // Soviet & Eastern European Foreign Trade; Winter77/78, Vol. 13 Issue 4, p3 

    Examines the specific forms of compensation in East-West trade and their advantages and disadvantages and assesses the present situation as well as future prospects in this area. Elements of compensation transactions in East-West trade; Traditional and modern forms of compensation; ...

  • Fragmentation and vertical intra-industry trade in East Asia.
    Ando, Mitsuyo // North American Journal of Economics & Finance; Dec2006, Vol. 17 Issue 3, p257 

    Abstract: East Asia experienced an unprecedented change in its international trade patterns in the last 10�15 years. To investigate this development, the paper decomposes machinery trade into one-way trade, vertical intra-industry trade (vertical IIT), and horizontal intra-industry trade...

  • Got a spare destroyer lying around? Make a trade.
    Levine, Daniel S. // World Trade; Jun97, Vol. 10 Issue 6, p34 

    Focuses on countertrade and barter as a form of international trade. Brief account on the agreement of the Pepsi Cola company to take Stolichnaya vodka as payment for its softdrink in Russia; Comments of Dan West, president of West Trade International in St. Louis, Missouri about the...

  • Firms find that barter is better.
    Berg, Stacie Zor // Insight on the News; 12/01/97, Vol. 13 Issue 44, p41 

    Focuses on the use of bartering networks by retailers and countertrade companies to circumvent cash shortages during critical growth periods. Benefits of bartering to companies; Identification of the number of trade exchanges and corporate barter companies nationwide; Comments from Steve...

  • KELER KSzF in on 41% of HUPX trade in 2013.
    Berg, Stacie Zor // Hungary A.M.; 3/4/2014, p4 

    The article reports on the involvement of central counterparty KELER KSzF in 41% of trade volume on the Hungarian Power Exchange (HUPX) in 2013.

  • Counting on countertrade?
    Palia, Aspy P.; Shenkar, Oded // China Business Review; Mar/Apr91, Vol. 18 Issue 2, p51 

    Reports on the prioritization of countertrade in Beijing, China as a means of conserving foreign exchange. Foreign companies' consideration of the countertrade activities as an important part of their China operations; Difficulty in China's countertrade deals with trading partners due to lack...

  • Countertrade: A Powerful Global Competitive Strategy for U.S. International Traders.
    Michaels, Pavlos // SAM Advanced Management Journal (07497075); Summer89, Vol. 54 Issue 3, p8 

    Focuses on issues surrounding countertrade within the framework of international business environment. Nature of countertrade; Correlation between international trade and countertrade trends; Disadvantages of countertrade; Efficacy of countertrade as a global competitive marketing strategy.

    Michaels, Pavlos // Monthly Statistics of International Trade -- Statistiques mensue; Jul2005, Vol. 2005 Issue 7, p7 

    Presents definitions of various terminologies used in the publication "Monthly Statistics of International Trade." General trade; Coverage of trade; Valuation.

  • Tables.
    Michaels, Pavlos // Soviet & Eastern European Foreign Trade; Spring89, Vol. 25 Issue 1, p97 

    Presents tables depicting the middleman trade and countertrade of Austria and West Germany. Ratio of the middleman sales to commodity imports; Structure of the countertrade; Participation of the countries in buy-back transaction.

  • The Management of Barter in International Affairs: Opportunities and Limits.
    Meleka, Agia Hanna // World Affairs; Summer86, Vol. 149 Issue 1, p49 

    Discusses key issues concerning the management of barter in international affairs. Opportunities and limits of the barter trade; Forms of countertrade; Theoretical significance.

  • External Sector: Recent Developments.
    Meleka, Agia Hanna // Zimbabwe Country Monitor; Jun2012, p17 

    The article focuses on the developments in the international trade sector of Zimbabwe. It mentions that the surtax was launched on the range of final imported commodities in the 2012 national budget, which took effect on January 1, 2012. Moreover, it notes that the initiation of key mining...

  • Sign up Period for Domestic Asparagus Losses.
    Meleka, Agia Hanna // Plant & Pest Advisory: Vegetable Crops; 3/16/2011, Vol. 17 Issue 1, p5 

    The article announces that the applications for the 15 million U.S. dollars fund intended to compensate the losses of domestic asparagus producers on imports during the 2004 through 2007 crop years are available on February 7, 2011. The program is assisted by the Asparagus Revenue Market Loss...

  • Degrees of Coordination in Market Coupling and Counter-Trading.
    Oggioni, Giorgia; Smeers, Yves // Energy Journal; 2012, Vol. 33 Issue 3, p39 

    Cross-border trade remains a contentious issue in the restructuring of the European electricity market. This paper analyzes the cross-border trade problem through a set of models that represent different degrees of coordination both between the energy and the transmission markets and among...

  • Part One International trade indicators.
    Oggioni, Giorgia; Smeers, Yves // Monthly Statistics of International Trade -- Statistiques mensue; Aug2002, Vol. 2002 Issue 8, p11 

    Several charts are presented depicting the international trade indicators for international companies.

  • Countertrading between United States and Western European Firms: An Empirical Analysis of the Benefits and Pitfalls.
    Angelidis, John P.; Ibrahim, Nabil A. // International Journal of Management; Jun2001, Vol. 18 Issue 2, p252 

    Presents information on a study which examined the benefits and pitfalls encountered by United States firms countertrading with Western Europe and compared them with those of companies countertrading with the rest of the world. Methodology; Results and discussion; Conclusion.

  • SWAP ME.
    Mattos, Melinda // Broken Pencil; 2012, Issue 55, p17 

    The article discusses ways how bartering for goods and services can help save money and make one live a creative life. It examines the experience of experimental artist Arthur Nugent in bartering as a teenager. It cites bartering as a way to avoid capitalism. It explores how bartering can help...

  • Canada needs new international trade agreements.
    Laws, James // Canadian Meat Business; Jul/Aug2013, Vol. 12 Issue 4, p5 

    The article presents the author's views on the significance of international trade to Canada's meat industry. He comments that an ambitious trade deal at the World Trade Organization that would significantly reduce import tariffs is needed by Canadian meat processors. He asserts that a...

  • Part IV: Specialized Exporting and Importing.
    Johnson, Thomas E. // Export/Import Procedures & Documentation; 2002, p373 

    This section presents the part IV of the book "Export/Import Procedures & Documentation," Fourth Edition. It discusses transactions in specialized exporting and importing that include drawback, foreign processing and assembly operations, plant construction contracts and barter and counter trade...

  • Part Four: Business Activities: Counter-trade Offset Programme.
    Johnson, Thomas E. // Doing Business with Kuwait; 2005, p237 

    The chapter presents information on the counter-trade offset program of Kuwait. The program was established in 1992. A definition of foreign obligator is given. Three possible ways are given to foreign contractors to fulfill their offset obligation. The objectives and evaluation criteria of...

  • Is Your Company Ready to Export to BRIC?
    VIRK, MOSTANSAR // World Trade: WT100; Oct2011, Vol. 24 Issue 10, p42 

    The article focuses on the factors to consider to attain success in international trade, especially for seven emerging countries including Brazil, Russia, India, China (BRIC). It mentions that a company should consider various criteria before deciding to export to another country including the...

  • A Model of the Influence of Marketing Objectives on Pricing Strategies in International Countertrade.
    Paun, Dorothy A.; Compeau, Larry D. // Journal of Public Policy & Marketing; Spring97, Vol. 16 Issue 1, p69 

    Discusses the development and empirical testing of a model of the influence of marketing objectives and on buyers' price expectations and sellers' pricing strategies in international countertrade. Overview of international countertrading; Relationships of marketing objectives, pricing...

    Chisăgiu, Livia // International Conference : CKS - Challenges of the Knowledge Soc; Jan2010, p1341 

    As regards the openness degree of the national economy Romania is positioned not that bad. We make such assertion considering the fact that the openness degree of a national economy towards the foreign competition environment is a positive fact under normal conditions. At times of crisis however...

  • The Offset Profession and Offset Associations.
    Marvel, Barry // Contract Management; Jun2001, Vol. 41 Issue 6, p28 

    Focuses on the involvement of associations and organizations on offset practice in the U.S. Lists of foreign offset organizations; Assessment on the involvement of the government on offsets; Considerations before joining an offset organizations.

  • Offset Career Development.
    Marvel, Barry // Contract Management; Jun2001, Vol. 41 Issue 6, p29 

    Focuses on the characteristic of companies involved in offset practice in the U.S. Responsibilities of an offset personnel; Effect of offset popularity on contract management; Employment opportunities related to offset.

  • Latin American Countertrade: Stopgap But No Panacea.
    Lowe, Dana R.; Lowe, Larry S. // Business Forum; Summer87, Vol. 12 Issue 3, p4 

    Focuses on the reasons why many Latin American countries are being forced to turn to countertrade as a solution to their economic problems. Factors including high international debt levels and large trade balance deficits; The neccessity of viewing countertrade as a temporary response to...

    Narpati, B. // Contemporary Review; Jun89, Vol. 254 Issue 1481, p289 

    This article focuses on the growing trend towards countertrade. Countertrade is something which needs to be done rather than spoken about. Everyone agrees that countertrade is here to stay. The term "countertrade" covers a wide range of international transactions in which exporting is linked...

  • Barter.
    Narpati, B. // Essential Finance; 2003, p43 

    A definition of the term "barter" is presented. It refers to paying for goods or services with other goods or services. Some financial institutions have set up specialist barter departments to make money out of complicated trades. Barter is growing fastest among small businesses, which join...

  • Chiropractic clinic offered referral kickbacks.
    Freedhoff, Yoni // CMAJ: Canadian Medical Association Journal; 8/10/2010, Vol. 182 Issue 11, pE522 

    The article focuses on the controversy in chiropractic clinics wherein referral kickbacks are being offered. It highlights the treatment for discogenic back pain, which is at the core of the controversy over financial compensation for the referral to a chiropractic clinics. It adds that it also...

  • Countertrade flourishes: Steel centers for coke.
    Tyson, Ann Scott // Christian Science Monitor; 5/2/95, Vol. 87 Issue 109, p8 

    Reports on the countertrade offered to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) by the US aircraftmaker McDonnell Douglas to clinch the sale of Apache helicopters. Insect trap system in the UAE capital Abu Dhabi to fight infestation of whitefly; Note on the prevalence of countertrade; Reasons for the...

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