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  • The effect of compressibility on barotropic and baroclinic instability.
    Gross, Brian D. // Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences; 1/1/97, Vol. 54 Issue 1, p24 

    Examines the effect of compressibility on two-dimensional barotropic growth rates by means of a linearized nonhydrostatic compressible model. Rates of linear growth; Barotropic and Baroclinic modes; Nonlinear simulations performed with a nonhydrostatic compression version of the ZETA model;...

  • Hydrostatic and Geostrophic Adjustment in a Compressible Atmosphere: Initial Response and Final Equilibrium to an Instantaneous Localized Heating.
    Chagnon, Jeffrey M.; Bannon, Peter R. // Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences; 12/1/2001, Vol. 58 Issue 23, p3776 

    The initial and steady-state response of a compressible atmosphere to an instantaneous, localized heat source is investigated analytically. Potential vorticity conservation removes geostrophic and hydrostatic degeneracy and provides a direct method for obtaining the steady-state solution. The...

  • The subgrid-scale modeling of compressible turbulence.
    Speziale, C. G.; Erlebacher, G.; Zang, T. A.; Hussaini, M. Y. // Physics of Fluids (00319171); Apr88, Vol. 31 Issue 4, p940 

    A subgrid-scale model recently derived by Yoshizawa [Phys. Fluids 29, 2152 (1986)] for use in the large-eddy simulation of compressible turbulent flows is examined from a fundamental theoretical and computational standpoint. It is demonstrated that this model, which is only applicable to...

  • Energy, Compressibility, and Covalence in the Group Carbon Family.
    Stishov, S. M. // JETP Letters; 1/10/2000, Vol. 71 Issue 1, p15 

    It is shown that a similarity relationship of the type (K[sub 0]V[sub 0]/E[sub 0])? const (where K[sub 0],V[sub 0], and E[sub 0] are the bulk modulus, the volume, and the total energy at P = 0) exists for the elements of the carbon family, including C, Si, Ge, Sn, and Pb. This fact rules out the...

  • The subgrid-scale estimation model applied to large eddy simulations of compressible turbulence.
    Dubois, Thierry; Domaradzki, J. A.; Honein, Albert // Physics of Fluids; May2002, Vol. 14 Issue 5, p1781 

    A subgrid-scale estimation procedure investigated previously for incompressible turbulence is extended to compressible flows. In the procedure the primary modeled quantities are the unfiltered velocity and temperature fields appearing in the expressions for the subgrid-scale stress tensor and...

  • Density variations in weakly compressible flows.
    Bayly, B. J.; Levermore, C. D.; Passot, T. // Physics of Fluids A; May92, Vol. 4 Issue 5, p945 

    Density variations in real fluids are related to both pressure and entropy variations, even in the incompressible limit. The behavior of density variations depends crucially on the relative sizes of the pressure, temperature, and entropy fluctuations. It is shown how this arises from a formal...

  • Elastic Properties of Substances in the Megabar Pressure Range: Inversion of Shear Rigidity.
    Brazhkin, V. V.; Lyapin, A. G. // JETP Letters; 2/25/2001, Vol. 73 Issue 4, p197 

    The behavior of elastic moduli of substances is analyzed in the megabar pressure range. A new effect�inversion of the shear moduli and mechanical properties upon compression�is predicted for various classes of substances. The melting-curve data for different materials confirm the...

  • Compressibility effects on the passive scalar flux within homogeneous turbulence.
    Blaisdell, G. A.; Mansour, N. N.; Reynolds, W. C. // Physics of Fluids; Oct94, Vol. 6 Issue 10, p3498 

    Compressibility effects on turbulent transport of a passive scalar are studied within homogeneous turbulence using a kinematic decomposition of the velocity field into solenoidal and dilatational parts. It is found that the dilatational velocity does not produce a passive scalar flux, and that...

  • Stability of a planar flame front in a compressible flow.
    Travnikov, O. Yu.; Liberman, M.A. // Physics of Fluids; Dec97, Vol. 9 Issue 12, p3935 

    Investigates the effect of flow compressibility on the hydrodynamic stability of a planar flame front of finite thickness. Observation that a flame front becomes more unstable with the increase of the Mach number of the flame generated flow; Maximal growth rate of the flame instability.

  • Mixed hyperbolic-elliptic systems in self-similar flows.
    Canic, Suncica; Keyfitz, Barbara Lee // Boletim da Sociedade Brasileira de Matematica; Nov2001, Vol. 32 Issue 3, p377 

    Examines the mixed systems for the isentropic and adiabatic equations of compressible gas dynamics. Complication of the nonlinear dependence; Solution of the Riemann problems; Nature of the flow variables.

  • Asymptotics of homogeneous oscillations in a compressible viscous fluid.
    Serre, Dennis // Boletim da Sociedade Brasileira de Matematica; Nov2001, Vol. 32 Issue 3, p435 

    Examines the frequency oscillations of a compressible vicious fluid. Assessment of the integro-differential system; Types of fluid; Evaluation of the theorems.

  • Integrated manufacturing environment allows manufacturer to deliver cutting edge services faster...
    Serre, Dennis // Modern Machine Shop; Dec96, Vol. 69 Issue 7, p142 

    Features Compression Inc. Engineering services covering the entire product development process; Background information; Financial performance; Clientele.

  • How to manage compressed workweeks.
    Sunoo, Brenda Paik // Personnel Journal; Jan96, Vol. 75 Issue 1, p110 

    Looks at factors that should be considered by human resource managers before instituting compressed workweeks. Outlined factors. INSET: Stats..

  • A complete set of resistive compressive ballooning equations for two-dimensional flow equilibria.
    Grassie, K.; Krech, M. // Physics of Fluids B: Plasma Physics; Mar90, Vol. 2 Issue 3, p536 

    Based on the linearized compressible resistive magnetohydrodynamic equations a system of five equations describing the time-dependent behavior of ballooning modes in equilibria with sheared flow is derived. The subsequent ordering scheme is based on the method of slowly varying amplitudes, where...

  • Time-dependent quasi-one-dimensional flow models for linear magnetohydrodynamic generator channels.
    Massarini, A.; Borghi, C. A. // Physics of Fluids B: Plasma Physics; Sep92, Vol. 4 Issue 9, p2823 

    A time-dependent quasi-one-dimensional approximation of a magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) compressible flow in a linear channel has been considered. For the numerical solution of the problem three different algorithms have been utilized (MacCormack’s [AIAA Hypervelocity Impact Conference...

  • Time compressed speech: A resource alternative for nonvisual reading.
    Junor, Lloyd // APLIS; Mar92, Vol. 5 Issue 1, p23 

    Discusses the use of time compressed speech as a resource alternative for nonvisual reading. Waste of resources by the newspaper industry; Print Audiocassettes; Data communication; Ideas communication; Technical developments.

  • Rayleigh—Taylor instability for adiabatically stratified fluids.
    Lezzi, Adriano M.; Prosperetti, Andrea // Physics of Fluids A; Nov89, Vol. 1 Issue 11, p1784 

    A linear analysis of the effects of compressibility on the stability of two superposed isentropic fluids is presented. The results of the analysis, which differ from those available in the literature for other unperturbed stratifications, are illustrated with several numerical examples. It is...

  • Compressive strength of iceberg ice.
    Jones, Stephen J.; Gagnon, R.E.; Derradji, A.; Bugden, A. // Canadian Journal of Physics; Jan2003, Vol. 81 Issue 1/2, p191 

    The uniaxial compressive strength of iceberg ice was determined over a wide range of strain rates from 10[SUP-8] to 10[SUP+1] s[SUP-1]at -10°C. It was found that for strain rates less than 10[SUP-4] s[SUP-1], strength increased in a power-law manner with strain rate. Above 10[SUP-4] s[SUP-1],...

  • The structure of the compressible reacting mixing layer: Insights from linear stability analysis.
    Day, M.J.; Reynolds, W.C. // Physics of Fluids; Apr98, Vol. 10 Issue 4, p993 

    Examines the structure of the compressible reacting mixing layer. Development of several instability modes; Domination of the outer modes over the mixing layers; Importance of the outer modes for supersonic combustion; Use of linear stability in analyzing the turbulent reacting mixing layer's...

  • Video compression--how it's done.
    Day, M.J.; Reynolds, W.C. // Electronic Design; 10/14/96, Vol. 44 Issue 21, p118 

    Focuses on video compression. Use of data from only one frame at a time; Encoding of key frames and estimating motion changes between key frames; Encoding searches; Picture formats; Discussion on motion compensation.

  • More myths about compression.
    Watkinson, John // TVB Europe; Sep97, Vol. 6 Issue 7, p14 

    Opinion. Clarifies various misconceptions about video compression. Key benefits of compression; MPEG standards' attribute; Problems associated with the video compression; Approaches to compression in production; Other recording formats.

  • Gibbs adsorption and the compressibility equation.
    Aranovich, Grigoriy L.; Donohue, Marc D. // Journal of Chemical Physics; 8/8/1995, Vol. 103 Issue 6, p2216 

    A new approach for deriving the equation of state is developed. It is shown that the integral in the compressibility equation is identical to the isotherm for Gibbs adsorption in radial coordinates. The Henry, Langmuir, and Frumkin adsorption isotherms are converted into equations of state. It...

  • Calculation of the compressibilities of hard-sphere fluids from the radial free space distribution function and its application to sound velocity.
    Yoon, Byoung Jip; Byoung Jip Yoon; Ohr, Young Gie; Young Gie Ohr // Journal of Chemical Physics; 11/8/2000, Vol. 113 Issue 18 

    The relation between the compressibility and the radial free space distribution function (RFSDF) has been derived. This method for calculating the compressibility employing RFSDF is useful because the compressibility of any system is obtainable in a single Monte Carlo simulation without...

  • Inertial range structures in decaying compressible turbulent flows.
    Porter, David H.; Woodward, Paul R. // Physics of Fluids; Jan1998, Vol. 10 Issue 1, p237 

    Investigates the vorticity structures in the inertial range of decaying compressible turbulent flows. Simulation of decaying compressible turbulence using piecewise parabolic method algorithm; Comparison of vorticity structures in the dissipation range and inertial range; Action of vortex...

  • Turbulent diffusion in a compressible medium.
    Silant’ev, N. A. // Journal of Experimental & Theoretical Physics; Sep98, Vol. 87 Issue 3, p505 

    This paper examines the diffusion of impurity particles in a compressible turbulent medium and compares it to diffusion in an incompressible medium. The turbulent diffusion coefficients are calculated using exact formulas expressed in terms of the Green's function describing impurity transport...

  • Erratum: “A tentative model for estimating the compressibility of multiphased mixed crystals” [J. Appl. Phys. 103, 083552 (2008)].
    Katsika-Tsigourakou, Vassiliki; Vassilikou-Dova, Aglaia // Journal of Applied Physics; Dec2008, Vol. 104 Issue 12, p129901 

    A correction to the article "A tentative model for estimating the compressibility of multiphased mixed crystals" is provided.

  • Meeting your compressed air treatment needs.
    Katsika-Tsigourakou, Vassiliki; Vassilikou-Dova, Aglaia // Plant Engineering; May96, Vol. 50 Issue 5, p51 

    Explains the importance and levels of compressed air treatment. Treatment components of compressed air; Effects of contaminants; Keys to efficient air system; Compressed air treatment needs. INSETS: The six levels of compressed air quality.;At the outset..;Refrigerated air dryer operation.;Cold...

  • C-Cube nearing MCT buy.
    Katsika-Tsigourakou, Vassiliki; Vassilikou-Dova, Aglaia // Electronic News; 11/27/95, Vol. 41 Issue 2093, p46 

    Reports that C-Cube Microsystems appears to be on the verge of finalizing acquisition of Media Computer Technologies (MCT). Digital video compression; Hopes of enhancing C-Cube's ability to offer original equipment manufacturers (OEM) complete multimedia solutions; Integrated circuits and...

  • Anomalous compressibility and magnetovolume effects in Ce3(FeTi)29.
    Kamarád, J.; Arnold, Z.; Morellon, L.; Algarabel, P. A.; Ibarra, M. R.; Fuerst, C. D. // Journal of Applied Physics; 4/15/1996, Vol. 79 Issue 8, p4656 

    Discusses a study which detailed the anomalous compressibility and magnetovolume effects in Ce[sub3](FeTi)[sub29]. Anomalies observed in the vicinity of T[subc]; Area in which the R[sub3](FeTi)[sub29] compounds crystallize; Benefits from the existence of a large magnetovolume.

  • How to meet the Compressed Air Challenge.
    Zalud, Todd; Franson, David C. // Machine Design; 02/24/2000, Vol. 72 Issue 4, p145 

    Provides information on Compressed Air Challenge (CAC), a voluntary collaboration of a variety of participants in the machinery industry, which focuses on helping users improve the performance of compressed-air systems. Goal of CAC; Ways to reduce compressed-air costs; How machinery original...

  • Gas generators.
    Zalud, Todd; Franson, David C. // LC-GC North America; Jun2002, Vol. 20 Issue 6, p512 

    Reports that an increasing number of scientists are opting for on-line gas generators. Estimated value of North American market for gas generators.

  • Compression.
    Boston, Jim // Broadcast Engineering; Jun2002, Vol. 44 Issue 6, p99 

    Describes the video compression products featured at the 2002 National Association of Broadcasters convention. Integration of compression systems into asset management; Sample of compression solutions at NAB.

    IKPONMWOSA, E. E.; FAPOHUNDA, C. A.; OSANYINLOKUN, O. E. // Annals of the Faculty of Engineering Hunedoara - International J; Aug2015, Vol. 13 Issue 3, p191 

    This paper presents the results of an investigation conducted to determine some structural properties of concrete made with recycled coarse aggregates but containing (PKSA) as partial replacement of cement by weight. Cement was replaced with palm kernel shell ash (PKSA) up to 50% by weight at...

  • Simplified Block Matching Algorithm for Fast Motion Estimation in Video Compression.
    Ezhilarasan, M.; Thambidurai, P. // Journal of Computer Science; 2008, Vol. 4 Issue 4, p282 

    Block matching motion estimation was one of the most important modules in the design of any video encoder. It consumed more than 85% of video encoding time due to searching of a candidate block in the search window of the reference frame. To minimize the search time on block matching, a...

    MCGLASHAN, LARA // Muscle & Performance; Oct2014, Vol. 6 Issue 10, p28 

    The article offers tips from Shawn Finnegan, owner of Core Energy Fitness gym, on rotational moves for abdominal workout in a gym. Topics discussed include various rotational moves including pivoting, twisting and spinning, the importance of training in rotation for any sports activity, and the...

  • The post-thrombotic syndrome and compression therapy.
    van der Velden, SK; Neumann, HAM // Phlebology; May2014 Supplement, Vol. 29, p83 

    Compression therapy is still the cornerstone in the treatment of PTS. The therapy is primarily focused on the decrease of the AVP, enhancement of the microcirculation and reduction of the edema. In our practice, most patients are initially treated with short stretch bandage to reduce the edema....

  • Compression concepts: How video signals are assembled.
    Robin, Michael // World Broadcast News; Dec99, Vol. 23 Issue 1, p40 

    Discusses how video signals are assembled. Benefits of spectrum standardization; Developments in visual and aural information storage; Analog compression; Adoption of interlaced scanning to reduce transmitted bandwidth; Transmission of color information; Video signal redundancies.

  • CNG faces rocky road.
    Robin, Michael // National Petroleum News; Jan94, Vol. 86 Issue 1, p9 

    Focuses on the questioning of the development of compressed natural gas (CNG) as alternative car fuel at the 1993 Illinois Energy Conference. Problems in cost and lack of fueling sites.

  • Compression, Computers and Networks.
    Gilmer, Brad // Broadcast Engineering; Jan2002, Vol. 44 Issue 1, p32 

    Discusses the application of compression technologies to the processing of video in computers. Importance of compression of video; Problems with moving uncompressed files in networks; Details of the compression/decompression schemes called codecs; Factors to consider when reducing bit-rate files.

  • Efficient Differential Pixel Value Coding in CABAC for H.264/AVC Lossless Video Compression.
    Heo, Jin; Ho, Yo-Sung // Circuits, Systems & Signal Processing; Apr2012, Vol. 31 Issue 2, p813 

    Since context-based adaptive binary arithmetic coding (CABAC) as the entropy coding method in H.264/AVC was originally designed for lossy video compression, it is inappropriate for lossless video compression. Based on the fact that there are statistical differences of residual data between lossy...

  • Compressed air laser cutting.
    Heo, Jin; Ho, Yo-Sung // Industrial Laser Solutions; May/Jun2011, Vol. 26 Issue 3, p4 

    The article explores the functions of compressed air laser cutting during laser cutting procedure.

  • China's compression choice.
    Mu, John // EDN Europe; Jul2005, Vol. 50 Issue 7, p100 

    Focuses on the development of the Advanced Audio Video Coding Standard in Information Technology (AVS) codec in China. Technologies included in the alternative audio⁄video compression standard; Features of AVS; Contention on the compatibility of the proposed standard.

  • Solvents get the big squeeze.
    Bradley, David // New Scientist; 8/6/94, Vol. 143 Issue 1937, p32 

    Explains the ability of supercritical fluids (SCF) to purify mixtures of chemicals by dissolving unwanted components. Use of SCFs by food industries; Conditions when water becomes supercritical; Potential applications of supercritical carbon dioxide; Techniques in synthesizing organometallic...

  • Thigh-highs offer clot prevention.
    Bradley, David // Clinical Advisor; Nov2010, Vol. 13 Issue 11, p18 

    The article reports on the research findings regarding the use of compression stockings for immobile patients to prevent proximal deep venous thrombosis (DVT) conducted by the CLOTS Trial Collaboration for the Annals of Internal Medicine.

    Bradley, David // Plant & Works Engineering; Jul2015, Issue 397, p20 

    The article provides answer to a question of the reasons that caused compressed air system leaking.

  • PAL's compression artefacts.
    Radlo, Nick // TVB Europe; Jun97, Vol. 6 Issue 5, p6 

    Opinion. Focuses on several problems faced by British television broadcasters using video compression technology. Concerns about concatenation; ITV Network's compression functions; Need for improvements on encoding techniques for MPEG-2 equipment.

  • A question of compatibility.
    Ceano, Roman // TVB Europe; Jul2002, Vol. 11 Issue 7, p36 

    Discusses several concepts involved in the issue of video compression standards. File compatibility; Compatible compression; Standard wrappers.

  • Getting out of Greybar Land.
    Levy, Michel // Telecommunications - International Edition; Feb98, Vol. 32 Issue 2, p45 

    Focuses on the approach in lessening bandwidth congestion in telecommunications in the United States. Major on-line service problem; Method of transferring telephone calls; Design of circuit switches for voice traffic only.

  • Cylinder Connections On Portable Liquid Cryogenic Cylinders.
    Levy, Michel // Gases & Welding Distributor; Jan/Feb2002, Vol. 46 Issue 1, p44 

    Discusses guidelines issued by the Compressed Gas Association concerning cylinder connections on portable liquid cryogenic cylinders. Standards for industrial compressed gas cylinders; Standards for medical gas cylinders.

  • Challenge and Change.
    Johnson, Carl // Gases & Welding Distributor; May/Jun2002, Vol. 46 Issue 3, p60 

    Highlights the challenge and change for the Compressed Gas Association (CGA) in the U.S. Government relations and regulatory responses; Draft guidance on medical gas; Brazed fittings on liquid oxygen cylinders in medical gas service; Special distribution requirements of CGA members.

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