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  • Putting an end to skids.
    Tagg, Fritha // New Zealand Dairy Exporter; Aug2007, Vol. 83 Issue 1, p56 

    The article evaluates the SafetyCrete coating for concrete, steel or wood.

  • Non-Contact Powder Guage.
    Tagg, Fritha // Products Finishing; Sep2010, Vol. 74 Issue 12, p52 

    The article evaluates the non-contact powder gages PosiTector PC Powder Checker from DeFelsko Corp.

  • PVDF-based Cool Roof Coating.
    Tagg, Fritha // JCT CoatingsTech; Jan2010, Vol. 7 Issue 1, p53 

    The article evaluates the Kynar Aquatec® cool roof coating from Arkema Inc.

  • Acrylic silicone topcoat.
    Tagg, Fritha // Plant Engineering; May2015, Vol. 69 Issue 4, p64 

    The article evaluates the VpCI-386 HT Black, a heat resistant water-based acrylic silicone topcoat from vapor phase corrosion inhibitors manufacturer Cortec Corp.

  • Test Methods Used in Developing Technical Data Sheets.
    Fairley, Thomas R. // Paint & Coatings Industry; Mar2001, Vol. 17 Issue 3, p52 

    Discusses how to determine the fineness of grind and viscosity of a wet paint sample, and various aspects on appearance of dry paint. Drawing of liquid coating down on a grind gauge to measure degree of dispersion; Influence of consistency of paint on stability, ease of application, flow,...

  • Light-Colour Phenalkamine, Myth or Reality?
    Dallons, Jean-Luc // Paint & Coatings Industry; Jun2007, Vol. 23 Issue 6, p76 

    The article evaluates the LX 5307 light-color phenalkamine from Cardolite.

  • Floor coatings for industrial applications.
    Dallons, Jean-Luc // Manufacturers' Monthly; Feb2008, p29 

    The article evaluates the Eco-Advantage floor coatings from Tennant Co.

  • Henkel launches new quick drying, toluene-free conformal coating system.
    Dallons, Jean-Luc // Paintindia; Jan2008, Vol. 58 Issue 1, p196 

    The article evaluates the Hysol PC62 toluene-free conformal coating material from Henkel.

  • LuminOre Introduces 'White Bronze' Luxury Finish.
    Dallons, Jean-Luc // Paintindia; Jan2008, Vol. 58 Issue 1, p197 

    The article evaluates the White Bronze composite metal coating from LuminOre.

  • New Coating System provides superior printing and processing of plastic media on HP Indigo presses.
    Dallons, Jean-Luc // Paintindia; May2008, Vol. 47 Issue 5, p197 

    The article evaluates the Extreva CS3 printing surface designed to enhance the printing of polymer and plastic media on Hewlett-Packard (HP) Indigo presses by Michelman and Utopia Digital Technologies.

  • Stainless Powder Hoppers.
    Dallons, Jean-Luc // Products Finishing; Nov2007, Vol. 71 Issue 14, p78 

    The article evaluates the Stainless-steel NHR series powder hoppers from Nordson Corp.

  • Coating Systems.
    Dallons, Jean-Luc // Rubber World; Spring 2007, Vol. 235 Issue 8, p11 

    The article evaluates the coating system from Lord Corp.

  • New Water-Based Coatings.
    Dallons, Jean-Luc // China Chemical Reporter; 2/16/2007, Vol. 18 Issue 5/6, p18 

    The article evaluates the epoxy-acrylic acid resin compound solution from the Chemical Engineering School of Zhengzhou University in China.

  • EN System Reduces Nickel Concentration.
    Dallons, Jean-Luc // Products Finishing; May2014, Vol. 78 Issue 8, p38 

    The article offers brief information on the Enova RI electroless nickel system from Coventya Inc.

  • Fume Suppressants Reduce Chrome Misting.
    Dallons, Jean-Luc // Products Finishing; May2014, Vol. 78 Issue 8, p40 

    The article offers brief information on the fume suppressants from Dynamix Inc.

  • Base Coasting Improves Adhesion of Sprayed Materials.
    Dallons, Jean-Luc // Welding Journal; Aug2008, Vol. 87 Issue 8, p18 

    The article evaluates the Alodine EC2 ElectroCeramic Coating from Henkel Corp.

  • Buy, Keep, Store.
    Dallons, Jean-Luc // Harper's Bazaar; Feb2010, Issue 3579, p66 

    The article evaluates several fashion accessories which include coats from MaxMara Fashion Group, watches from IWC Schaffhausen, and shorts from Céline.

  • The NEWS.
    Dallons, Jean-Luc // Harper's Bazaar; Aug2012, Issue 3605, p99 

    The article evaluates a birthday suit from the company Bergdorf Goodman Inc.

  • Jean-Charles de Castelbajac's Teddy Bear Coat, 1974.
    Dallons, Jean-Luc // FADER; Feb/Mar2012, Issue 78, p132 

    The article offers brief information on the Teddy Bear Coat by designer Jean-Charles de Castelbajac.

  • Gelest launches two products.
    Sweeney, Chris // Rubber & Plastics News; 5/4/2015, Vol. 44 Issue 20, p0012 

    The article discusses the release of MCS-VX15 and MCS-VF14 hydrophilic surface modifiers for silicones, from Gelest Inc.

  • Preventing moisture contamination.
    Sweeney, Chris // British Dental Journal; 11/10/2007, Vol. 203 Issue 9, p547 

    The article evaluates a nano-filled coating for glass ionomer restorations called G-Coat Plus from GC.

  • Anti-slip polyurethane coating paints durable lines on athletic floors.
    Sweeney, Chris // Government Procurement; Oct2007, Vol. 15 Issue 5, p36 

    The article evaluates the Chemthane 3900, an anti-slip floor protection developed by Chemline Inc.

  • Replacement parts have superior coatings for better wear.
    Sweeney, Chris // Wire Journal International; May2007, Vol. 40 Issue 5, p63 

    The article evaluates Cemanco LC’s ceramic coatings for pulleys, sheaves, rollers and similar wear parts.

  • Rust Preventative Protects Steel Surfaces.
    Sweeney, Chris // Welding Journal; Aug2007, Vol. 86 Issue 8, p19 

    The article evaluates the new Bloxide aluminized rust-preventive weld-through primer from Tempil Inc. in the U.S. in 2007.

  • Rxtreme Mirror.
    Sweeney, Chris // 20/20; May2008, Vol. 35 Issue 6, p92 

    The article evaluates the Rx mirror coatings from Opticote.

    Sweeney, Chris // Crain's Cleveland Business; 6/30/2014, Vol. 35 Issue 26, p0019 

    The article previews the Dual Superbond Paint + Primer from spray paint manufacturer Krylon.

  • Permanent bladder coating.
    Sweeney, Chris // Rubber World; Sep2014, Vol. 250 Issue 6, p44 

    The article offers brief information on the Rhenowave permanent bladder coatings from RheinChemie.

  • Special coating designed to fight flange wear on aluminum wheels.
    Sweeney, Chris // Fleet Owner; Jul2014, Vol. 109 Issue 7, p46 

    The article features the Accu-Flange aluminum wheel coating launched by wheel manufacturer Accuride Corp.

    Sweeney, Chris // Harper's Bazaar; Nov2015, Issue 3638, p170 

    The article offers brief information on several fashion products for women including a red coat from Boss, a ring from Delfina Delettrez, and a coat from women's wear line Tome.

    Sheehan, Sam // Evo; Dec2015, Issue 215, p148 

    The article offers information on the Ceramic and Aluminum coating from Zircotec.

  • String Theory.
    Sheehan, Sam // Vogue; May2015, Vol. 205 Issue 5, p112 

    The multiple-product review of coats and frocks is presented in the article.

  • Valspar Introduces New Valspar Industrial Mix Coatings.
    Sheehan, Sam // Counterman; Dec2015, Vol. 33 Issue 12, p49 

    The article previews the Valsspar Industrial Mix (VIM) coatings by Valspar.

  • Ceramic coating slashes heat transfer from exhaust manifolds.
    Sheehan, Sam // Professional Engineering; 1/30/2008, Vol. 21 Issue 2, p49 

    The article evaluates the flamed-sprayed ceramic coating from Zircotec.

  • Overprint Varnish Is HP Approved.
    Sheehan, Sam // Paper, Film & Foil Converter; Dec2009, Vol. 83 Issue 12, p40 

    The article evaluates the DigiGuard ultraviolet (UV)-curable overprint varnish (OPV) from Michelman.

    Sheehan, Sam // Popular Science; Oct2008, Vol. 273 Issue 4, p18 

    The article reviews the Reversible Mercurial Jacket from North Face.

    Sheehan, Sam // Concrete Products; Dec2007, Vol. 110 Issue 12, p45 

    The article evaluates the D.O.T. Line rapid repair concrete from Ceratech Inc.

  • Coating Line Colors Concrete Protection.
    Sheehan, Sam // Paintindia; Apr2015, Vol. 65 Issue 4, p115 

    The article features a line of elastomeric coatings for concrete and masonry from mortar and concrete admixture giant MAPEI.

  • Michelman's Water-based Michem® Flex HS268 Heat Seal Coating Offers High Performance Benefits at Low Heat Seal Temperature.
    Sheehan, Sam // Food Protection Trends; Sep/Oct2015, Vol. 35 Issue 5, p418 

    The article evaluates the Michem Flex HS268 heat seal coating from Michelman.

  • Solar Reflective Coating.
    Sheehan, Sam // Products Finishing; Oct2008, Vol. 73 Issue 1, p63 

    The article evaluates the Flurospar SR coatings from Valspar Corp.

  • Sound System.
    Sheehan, Sam // DNR: Daily News Record; 4/23/2007, Vol. 37 Issue 17, p32 

    The article evaluates the Zegna Sport's '07/08 BT iJacket, which is a jacket that is wired for an iPod, but also has a Bluetooth technology interface and an integrated microphone on the collar.

  • Nonstick Coating.
    Sheehan, Sam // JCT CoatingsTech; Mar2009, Vol. 6 Issue 3, p62 

    The article evaluates the Eternaâ„¢ nonstick coating system from Whitford Corp.

  • Hip, Not Hippie.
    Sheehan, Sam // New Orleans Homes & Lifestyles; Feb2008, Vol. 10 Issue 2, p14 

    The article evaluates the 100-percent boiled wool peacoat from Greenloop.

  • The Ivory Coats.
    Sheehan, Sam // Good Housekeeping; Apr2008, Vol. 246 Issue 4, p59 

    The article features a white trench coat edged-in-black from Tommy Hilfiger.

  • Cortec introduces EcoShield 386 first WB coating with salt spray resistance of over 1,000 hours in ASTM B117 Test!
    Sheehan, Sam // Paintindia; Jul2016, Vol. 66 Issue 7, p100 

    The article evaluates the EcoShield 386 Water Based Coating from Cortec.

  • Coatings Are Suited for Food.
    Sheehan, Sam // Paper, Film & Foil Converter; Mar2010, Vol. 84 Issue 3, p149 

    The article evaluates the Plate Kote paper plate and tray coatings from Michelman Inc.

  • COATINGS: Michelman launches eco-primer for HP kit.
    Sheehan, Sam // Printing World; Mar2009, p23 

    The article evaluates the DigiPrime from Michelman Inc.

  • Rainproof Your Quail.
    Young, Gayne C. // Outdoor Life; Jun/Jul2008, Vol. 215 Issue 6, p19 

    The article features the Flight-Gard System, a chemical coating from Ralph Brendle and Ken Foster.

  • Mold release systems.
    Young, Gayne C. // Rubber World; Apr2014, Vol. 250 Issue 1, p60 

    The article offers brief information on the TraSys water-based release coatings from Stoner Inc.

  • LiquiGlide offers a sleek packaging opportunity.
    Young, Gayne C. // Popular Plastics & Packaging; Aug2015, Vol. 60 Issue 8, p58 

    The article offers a preview of the slippery coating technology developed by custom-designed liquid-impregnated coating manufacturer LiquiGlide Inc., and to be used in the food packaging business of Norwegian conglomerate company Orkla ASA.

  • Kathmandu Caliper Jersey.
    Young, Gayne C. // Bicycling Australia; Jul/Aug2010, Issue 164, p38 

    The article evaluates the Caliper cycle jacket for women from Kathmandu Holdings Ltd.

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