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     // Town & Country; Oct2007, Vol. 161 Issue 5329, p120 

    The article features men and women's apparel designed by Thorn Browne including a cashmere scarf, khaki cotton trench coat, and cotton-oxford shirt.

     // Popular Mechanics; Jan2009, Vol. 186 Issue 1, p77 

    The article evaluates the Modern Masters Inc. Skimstone cementitious coating.

    Strickland, Bill // Bicycling; Jan/Feb2009, Vol. 50 Issue 1, p30 

    The article evaluates the nonrace bike jacket from Rapha Racing Ltd.

  • Buffable floor polish.
    Strickland, Bill // Concrete Construction; Nov2006, Vol. 51 Issue 11, p60 

    The article evaluates Triangle Coatings Inc.'s TrafficCoat buffable acrylic floor polish for concrete, masonry and tile surfaces.

    Strickland, Bill // Music Trades; Apr2008, Vol. 156 Issue 3, p182 

    The article evaluates powder coated lugs and counter hoops from Worldmax USA.

  • Cutting Tool Coatings from MariTool Improve Performance.
    Strickland, Bill // Production Machining; Jul2012, Vol. 12 Issue 7, p61 

    The article offers brief information on diamond like carbon (DLC) and zirconium nitride (ZrN) metal coatings from MariTool Inc.

  • Classic Sells.
    Strickland, Bill // New Zealand Apparel; Jun2009, Vol. 42 Issue 5, p6 

    The article evaluates the Shower Proof Jacket from Working style.

  • 3M introduces alternative to coating water pipelines.
    Strickland, Bill // Underground Construction; Sep2009, Vol. 64 Issue 9, p65 

    The article evaluates the 3M Scotchkote Spray In Place Pipe 269 Coating from 3M Co.

    KOPEC, MATT // American Iron Magazine; Mar2008, Issue 232, p176 

    The article evaluates the Daytona leather jacket.

    Schmitt, Genevieve // American Iron Magazine; Jul2008, Issue 236, p152 

    The article evaluates the Rogue jacket from Icon Motorsports.

    Schmitt, Genevieve // InStyle; Sep2010, Vol. 17 Issue 9, p239 

    The article features several anorak including products from Coach, Tory Burch, and Calvin Klein Jeans.

  • Sun Chemical Reactive Coatings.
    Schmitt, Genevieve // Printing World; Dec2006, Vol. 308, p35 

    The article evaluates the oil-based, over-print matt varnish and ultraviolet inline coatings from Sun Chemical Ltd.

  • Primer for Strong Adhesion.
    Schmitt, Genevieve // Paper, Film & Foil Converter; Oct2010, Vol. 84 Issue 10, p50 

    The article evaluates the Michem Flex P1883 water-based extrusion primer from Michelman Inc.

  • Protection for helical geared motors.
    Sculpher, Tony // Process & Control Engineering (PACE); Sep2011, Vol. 64 Issue 8, p14 

    The article evaluates the NORD Severe Duty and NORD Severe Duty Extreme enhanced corrosion protection coatings from NORD Drivesystems AU.

  • Océ releases offset quality digital paper.
    Sculpher, Tony // Printing World; Jun2006, Vol. 302 Issue 9, p37 

    The article evaluates the Océ Top Coated Pro Media machine coated paper for digital printing from Océ NV.

    Sculpher, Tony // Materials Management in Health Care; Apr2006, Vol. 15 Issue 4, p15 

    The article evaluates the Omega line of laboratory coats from Medline Industries Inc.

  • Anti-Insect Coating.
    Sculpher, Tony // Paperboard Packaging; Jul2006, Vol. 91 Issue 7, p31 

    The article evaluates the BugBanâ„¢9000 from Michelman Inc., which is a cost-effective water based repulpable coating for paper and paperboard substrate and offers information on it being able to effectively eliminate insects before they can penetrate the package.

  • New Coating System provides superior printing and processing of plastic media on HP Indigo presses.
    Sculpher, Tony // Paintindia; May2008, Vol. 47 Issue 5, p197 

    The article evaluates the Extreva CS3 printing surface designed to enhance the printing of polymer and plastic media on Hewlett-Packard (HP) Indigo presses by Michelman and Utopia Digital Technologies.

    Sculpher, Tony // Popular Science; Oct2008, Vol. 273 Issue 4, p18 

    The article reviews the Reversible Mercurial Jacket from North Face.

    Sculpher, Tony // Concrete Products; Jan2009, Vol. 112 Issue 1, p54 

    The article evaluates the Chemthane 2261 spray-applied coatings from Chemline Inc.

  • Coatings Resist Abrasion.
    Sculpher, Tony // Paper, Film & Foil Converter; Feb2009, Vol. 83 Issue 2, p36 

    The article evaluates the Nomar Series of abrasion-resistant coatings from Michelman Inc.

  • Cure Rapidly.
    Sculpher, Tony // Paper, Film & Foil Converter; Feb2009, Vol. 83 Issue 2, p37 

    The article evaluates the Dual-Cure 9481 conformal coating from Dymax Corp.

  • Chemistry Class.
    Sculpher, Tony // Industrial Maintenance & Plant Operation; Jun2007, Vol. 68 Issue 6, p33 

    The article evaluates the new FLOOR NU P.A. aliphatic poly aspartic coating from Chemline Inc.

  • Coating Systems.
    Sculpher, Tony // Rubber World; Spring 2007, Vol. 235 Issue 8, p11 

    The article evaluates the coating system from Lord Corp.

  • Liquid Coating.
    Sculpher, Tony // Rubber World; Sep2008, Vol. 238 Issue 8, p19 

    The article evaluates the AmesShield Coatings, which is a design solution for protection of aircraft components, offered by Ames Corp.

  • Nanotechnology keeps enclosures clean.
    Sculpher, Tony // Machine Design; 5/24/2007, Vol. 79 Issue 10, p24 

    The article provides information on the RiNano, a nanocoating from Rittal Corp.

  • Setting the fashion at new store.
    Sculpher, Tony // Fire Safety Engineering; Sep2006, Vol. 13 Issue 7, p49 

    The article evaluates Nullifire Ltd.'s S707-120 intumescent coating for fire prevention.

  • Sound System.
    Sculpher, Tony // DNR: Daily News Record; 4/23/2007, Vol. 37 Issue 17, p32 

    The article evaluates the Zegna Sport's '07/08 BT iJacket, which is a jacket that is wired for an iPod, but also has a Bluetooth technology interface and an integrated microphone on the collar.

  • Nanotechnology surface treatment.
    Sculpher, Tony // DEMM: Engineering & Manufacturing; Apr2007, p11 

    The article evaluates the nanoceramic pre-treatment coating from Rittal.

    Sculpher, Tony // Food Engineering; Apr2009, Vol. 81 Issue 4, p28 

    The article evaluates the Green Concrete Primer from Stonhard.

  • General purpose putty.
    Sculpher, Tony // Concrete Producer; Jan2007, Vol. 25 Issue 1, p106 

    The article evaluates the Wall-Nu Trowelable Mastic epoxy from Chemline Inc.

  • Auto Refinish Additives.
    Sculpher, Tony // Products Finishing; Aug2008, Vol. 72 Issue 11, p105 

    The article evaluates the Hydrobase Slow (HB004) and Hydromix Slow (HB040) additives from BASF Corp.

  • Trivalent Chromium Process, Booth 123.
    Sculpher, Tony // Products Finishing; Jun2009, Vol. 73 Issue 9, p36 

    The article evaluates the Trivalent Chromium Process from Coventya.

  • Non-Contact Powder Guage.
    Sculpher, Tony // Products Finishing; Sep2010, Vol. 74 Issue 12, p52 

    The article evaluates the non-contact powder gages PosiTector PC Powder Checker from DeFelsko Corp.

  • Self-leveling epoxy coating.
    Sculpher, Tony // Public Works; Jul2009, Vol. 140 Issue 8, p36 

    The article evaluates Uroflex, a urethane-modified -epoxy (UME) hybrid lining system from Epoxytec.

  • Product Update.
    Sculpher, Tony // Official Board Markets; 8/19/2006, Vol. 82 Issue 33, p7 

    The article evaluates the line of coating products manufactured by Michelman Inc.

  • Product Update.
    Sculpher, Tony // Official Board Markets; 2/17/2007, Vol. 83 Issue 7, p12 

    The article introduces several barrier coating products offered by Michelman Inc.

  • Epoxy Corner Underfill.
    Sculpher, Tony // SMT: Surface Mount Technology; Jun2008, Vol. 22 Issue 6, p22 

    The article evaluates the Loctite 3508 one-component epoxy from Henkel Corp.

  • The NEWS.
    Sculpher, Tony // Harper's Bazaar; Aug2012, Issue 3605, p99 

    The article evaluates a birthday suit from the company Bergdorf Goodman Inc.

  • Vivid colour range for plasti dip.
    Sculpher, Tony // DEMM: Engineering & Manufacturing; Jun2013, p34 

    The article features the Plasti Dip Blaze multi-purpose air-dry, synthetic rubber coating from Performix.

  • PVDF-based Cool Roof Coating.
    Sculpher, Tony // JCT CoatingsTech; Jan2010, Vol. 7 Issue 1, p53 

    The article evaluates the Kynar Aquatec® cool roof coating from Arkema Inc.

  • Henkel launches new quick drying, toluene-free conformal coating system.
    Sculpher, Tony // Paintindia; Jan2008, Vol. 58 Issue 1, p196 

    The article evaluates the Hysol PC62 toluene-free conformal coating material from Henkel.

  • LuminOre Introduces 'White Bronze' Luxury Finish.
    Sculpher, Tony // Paintindia; Jan2008, Vol. 58 Issue 1, p197 

    The article evaluates the White Bronze composite metal coating from LuminOre.

    Sculpher, Tony // Concrete Products; Sep2007, Vol. 110 Issue 9, pPC28 

    The article evaluates the Epo-Lux aliphatic polyurethane coating from Chemline.

  • Save time with wet-on-wet primers.
    Sculpher, Tony // Irish Motor Management; May/Jun2007, p28 

    This article reports on the launch of two compliant wet-on-wet primers by MaxMeyer.

  • New powder coating system from Frei.
    Sculpher, Tony // CanTech International; Nov2011, Vol. 19 Issue 3, p40 

    The article evaluates the 360° powder coating system from Frei AG.

  • New Water-Based Coatings.
    Sculpher, Tony // China Chemical Reporter; 2/16/2007, Vol. 18 Issue 5/6, p18 

    The article evaluates the epoxy-acrylic acid resin compound solution from the Chemical Engineering School of Zhengzhou University in China.

    Sculpher, Tony // Concrete International; Aug2007, Vol. 29 Issue 8, p81 

    The article evaluates the Stardek III overlay from Stardek.

  • MAPEI.
    Sculpher, Tony // Concrete International; May2008, Vol. 30 Issue 5, p61 

    The article evaluates the Mapefer 1K corrosion-inhibiting coatings from Mapei.

    Rubenstein, Hal; Cleary, Cindy Weber // InStyle; Oct2009, Vol. 16 Issue 11, p308 

    The article recommends several fashionable clothes and accessories for women, which include a double-faced wool coat by Max Mara, the Cape Cod Tonneau wristwatch by Hermès and a rabbit fur coat by 3.1 Phillip Lim.

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