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  • Protective Effect of Hypophae Rhamnoides Oil Against Ochratoxicosis in Chickens.
    Solcan, Carmen; Gogu, Mihaela; Solcan, Gheorghe // Bulletin of the University of Agricultural Sciences & Veterinary; 2011, Vol. 68 Issue 1, p350 

    The aim of this study was evaluate the prophylactic of oil Hypophae rhamnoides, when included in a diet containing ochratoxins and fed to broiler chicks. The criteria of the evaluation included body weight gain, haematological profile and biochemistry, in addition to associated lesions in...

  • Determination of Broiler Femur Parameters at Different Growth Phases.
    Barreiro, Fabiana Ribeiro; Baraldi-Artoni, Silvana Martinez; do Amaral, Luiz Augusto; Barbosa, José Carlos; Girardi, Annita Morais; Pacheco, Maria Rita; Amoroso, Lizandra // International Journal of Poultry Science; 2011, Vol. 10 Issue 11, p849 

    The objective of this experiment was to analyse macroscopically the femur and determine the biochemical values at 8, 22 and 42 days of age, producing basic results that can help to understand the pathogeny of the locomotor problems and the broiler physiologic growth. A total of 60 Cobb male...

  • Utilization of Hatchery by-products as Feed ingredients in Broiler Chicken Feed.
    Khadka, Dambar B.; Subba, Dilip // Journal of Solid Waste Technology & Management; Feb2010, Vol. 36 Issue 1, p1072 

    study was carried out to investigate the effect of utilization of hatchery by products (unhatched egg, infertile egg and empty eggshell) as feed ingredients in broiler chicken diet. Infertile egg and unhatched egg were pretreated at 600C for 7 mins to eliminate salmonella and separated into egg...

    Onwurah, F. B.; Ojewola, G. S.; Akomas, S. // Academic Research International; Nov2011, Vol. 1 Issue 3, p432 

    This study was conducted to determine the effect of basil (Ocimium basilicum L.) and the beneficial inclusion level in broiler chicks coccidial infection. The study was carried out with two hundred and forty chicks for three weeks. The experimental design was a split-plot laid out in Completely...

    Adeyemi, K. D.; Olorunsanya, A. O. // African Journal of Food, Agriculture, Nutrition & Development; Aug2012, Vol. 12 Issue 6, p6794 

    Antioxidant potency of graded levels of tomato powder in cooked and raw broiler meat under refrigerated storage was evaluated and compared with that of Butylated Hydroxyl Anisole (BHA), a synthetic antioxidant. To a separate 200g of minced broiler meat, 0% (control), 0.5%, 1% and 1.5% of tomato...

  • The Effect of the Ground Water of Three Different Locations on Some Morphometric Measurements of Broiler Chicken in Jeddah-Saudi Arabia.
    El-Ghazaly, N.; Dohaish, E. Bin; Alsolamy, S. // Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences; 2008, Vol. 11 Issue 4, p559 

    In this study, the ground water from three different regions in Saudi Arabia; Hada El-Sham (G0), Om Al-Jood (G1) and El-Wazeria (G2) were tested to evaluate their suitability of using. For this purpose, the ground water were analysed and the physico-chemical characteristics were determined. The...

  • The Comparison of Performance of Three Hybrid Combinations of Broiler Chicks at Different Dose of Probiotic.
    Weis, Ján; Pál, Gabriel; Hrnčár, Cyril; Barańska, Beata // Scientific Papers: Animal Science & Biotechnologies / Lucrari St; Dec2010, Vol. 43 Issue 2, p296 

    we want to find replacement to use of antibiotics, we must search more naturally alternative methods. Such method can be also used with probiotics in poultry nutrition. By the help of them we can achieve better health state and higher increase of live and slaughter weight. We tested the effect...

  • Study on the Comparative Efficacy of Natural Growth Promoter (AV/AGP/10) with Antibiotic Supplements on Overall Growth Performance and Intestinal Micrometry of Broiler Birds.
    Kanduri, A. B.; Munde, V. K.; Khan, M. A.; Thakur, P. N.; Saxena, M. J.; Ravikanth, K.; Thakur, A.; Maini, Shivi // British Microbiology Research Journal; Oct-Dec2013, Vol. 3 Issue 4, p623 

    Aims: The study was conducted to compare the efficacy of natural growth promoter AV/AGP/10 with antibiotic supplements on overall growth performance and intestinal micrometry of broiler birds. Study Design: Total of 150 healthy day old Vencob broiler chicks of nearly similar live body weight...

  • Effect of Phytase Supplementation on the Digestibility of Crude Protein, Amino Acids and Phosphorus of Cowpea (Vignia unguiculata) in Broilers.
    lyayi, Eustace A. // International Journal of Poultry Science; 2013, Vol. 12 Issue 1, p45 

    Cowpea contains phytate-P and other nutrients like amino acids which are poorly digested in broilers. Supplementation of such diets with microbial phytase helps to improve digestibility of these nutrients. In 2 experiments the effect of phytase supplementation on the digestibility of crude...

  • Response of Broiler Chickens to Different Levels of Nanozeolite During Experimental Aflatoxicosis.
    Shabani, A.; Dastar, B.; Khomeiri, M.; Shabanpour, B.; Hassani, S. // Journal of Biological Sciences; 2010, Vol. 10 Issue 4, p362 

    This experiment was conducted to evaluate the efficiency of nanozeolite against aflatoxicosis in broiler chickens. For this purpose, 336 male Ross 308 day old broiler chickens were allocated to 6 dietary treatments, including a control corn-soybean meal diet without Aflatoxin (AF) and...

  • Effect of Different Levels of Kaolin, Bentonite and Zeolite on Broilers Performance.
    Katouli, M. Safaei; Boldaji, F.; Dastar, B.; Hassani, S. // Journal of Biological Sciences; 2010, Vol. 10 Issue 1, p58 

    An experiment was conducted to study the effects of different levels of kaolin, bentonite and zeolite on broiler performance in 6 weeks. Four hundred and forty eight day-old broilers of male Ross 308 strain were allocated to 7 treatments with four replications and 16 broilers in each. The...

  • Blood Cell Characteristics, Hematological Values and Average Daily Gained Weight of Thai Indigenous, Thai Indigenous Crossbred and Broiler Chickens.
    Orawan, Chinrasri; Aengwanich, W. // Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences; 2007, Vol. 10 Issue 2, p302 

    This investigation was carried at the Experimental Laboratory Unit, Division of Animal Production Technology, Faculty of Technology, Mahasarakham University, Mahasarakham, Thailand in August to December 2004. Three different breeds of poultry were used, i.e., Thai indigenous, Thai indigenous...

  • Effects of Belaine Supplementation to Methionine Deficicnl Diet on Growth Performance and Carcass Characteristics of Broilers.
    Sun, H.; Yang, W.R.; Yang, Z.B.; Wang, Y.; Jiang, S.Z.; Zhang, G.G. // American Journal of Animal & Veterinary Sciences; 2008, Vol. 3 Issue 3, p78 

    The efficacy of Methionine (Met) sparing effect of Betaine (BET) has been shown to be associated with dietary compositions, animal physiological stage and living conditions. This study was to determine the extent to which dietary Met could be replaced by BET in broiler chickens under the feeding...

  • Phosphorus Utilization and Characterization of Ileal Digesta and Excreta from Broiler Chickens Fed Diets Varying in Cereal Grain, Phosphorus Level, and Phytase Addition.
    Leytem, A. B.; Widyaratne, G. P.; Thacker, P. A. // Poultry Science; Dec2008, Vol. 87 Issue 12, p2466 

    Both intrinsic and exogenous phytase in poultry feeds can alter phytate utilization and the solubility of P excreted. This experiment determined the effects of feeding diets varying in cereal grain, P concentration and phytase addition on phytate and P utilization and P characterization of ileal...

  • Nutrient Excretion, Phosphorus Characterization, and Phosphorus Solubility in Excreta from Broiler Chicks Fed Diets Containing Graded Levels of Wheat Distillers Grains with Solubles.
    Leytem, A. B.; Kwanyuen, P.; Thacker, P. // Poultry Science; Dec2008, Vol. 87 Issue 12, p2505 

    Increased interest in ethanol production in North America has led to increased production of distillers dried grains with solubles (DDGS), the majority of which are fed to livestock. To determine the impact of including wheat DDGS in broiler diets on nutrient excretion and P characterization and...

  • Evaluation the Effect of Dietary Calcium Percentage on Incidence of Gout syndrome in Broiler Chicks.
    Feizi, Adel; Dadian, Farhad; Nazeri, Mehrdad // Journal of Applied Sciences Research; Nov2011, Vol. 7 Issue 11, p1750 

    Gout syndrome is one of the common mortality causes accounted for poultry farms. Gout is diagnosed by deposition of urates in kidney, on heart serous surfaces, liver, mesenteric, air sac, and peritoneum, etc. There are two types of diseases: Visceral gout and Joint gout. Incidence of gout...

  • Integrated analysis of microRNA expression and mRNA transcriptome in lungs of avian influenza virus infected broilers.
    Wang, Ying; Brahmakshatriya, Vinayak; Lupiani, Blanca; Reddy, Sanjay M.; Soibam, Benjamin; Benham, Ashley L.; Gunaratne, Preethi; Liu, Hsiao-ching; Trakooljul, Nares; Ing, Nancy; Okimoto, Ron; Zhou, Huaijun // BMC Genomics; 2012, Vol. 13 Issue 1, p278 

    Background: Avian influenza virus (AIV) outbreaks are worldwide threats to both poultry and humans. Our previous study suggested microRNAs (miRNAs) play significant roles in the regulation of host response to AIV infection in layer chickens. The objective of this study was to test the hypothesis...

    Wang, Ying; Brahmakshatriya, Vinayak; Lupiani, Blanca; Reddy, Sanjay M.; Soibam, Benjamin; Benham, Ashley L.; Gunaratne, Preethi; Liu, Hsiao-ching; Trakooljul, Nares; Ing, Nancy; Okimoto, Ron; Zhou, Huaijun // In Business; Jan/Feb2005, Vol. 27 Issue 1, p15 

    No abstract available.

  • Sensory characteristics of meat and composition of carcass fat from sheep fed diets containing various levels of broiler litter.
    Mavimbela, D. T.; Webb, E. C.; Van Ryssen, J. B. J.; Bosmanc, M. J. C. // South African Journal of Animal Science; 2000, Vol. 30 Issue 1, p26 

    The effect of high levels of broiler litter in the diets of sheep on sensory characteristics and composition of fat in mutton was evaluated. Thirty-six South African Mutton Merino wethers weighing ca. 41 kg were randomly allocated to four treatment diets containing 0, 28, 56 or 85% broiler...

    Durocher, Joseph // Restaurant Business; 10/1/2004, Vol. 103 Issue 15, p58 

    The article focuses on broilers. Broilers come in numerous configurations, but they all have one thing in common, speedy, dryheat cooking that produces a tender product with no added fat. A key to good broiling is even heating. When gas is the heat supply, jets typically heat a material that...

  • Formula FOR GROWTH.
    Young, Barnara // National Provisioner; Dec2004 Supplement, Vol. 218, p10 

    The article focuses on the business of food manufacturing and presents the marketing strategies of Wayne Farms LLC, which began producing innovative chicken products in the 1960s. The processing plant where efficient production is pivotal to business success represents the heart of each...

  • Tyson's Historical Timeline.
    Young, Barnara // National Provisioner; Aug2007 Supplement2, Vol. 221, p30 

    No abstract available.

  • Top 2002 Ross breeder and broiler flocks.
    Young, Barnara // Poultry World; Jun2003, Vol. 157 Issue 6, p6 

    Provides information on the highlights of the 2002 Aviagen flock awards for breeder and broiler performance. Purpose of the awards; Means for the chicks to make access to the feed easy; Type of award received by poultry farmer Mark Corbyn.

  • First week of life.
    Rushby, Adrian // Poultry World; Jun2003, Vol. 157 Issue 6, p7 

    Discusses several issues for chicken producers on the early management of broiler chicks. Dry bulb temperatures required to achieve target equivalent temperatures at varying relative temperatures; Importance of house layout to the growth of chicks; Factors to be considered when planning to...

  • Broiler grower Alan Simpson takes the top award.
    Rushby, Adrian // Poultry World; Jun2003, Vol. 157 Issue 6, p14 

    Announces the award given to the SIM Chick Dispenser invented by Alan Simpson. Capacity of the dispenser; Applications of the machinery; Contribution of the invention to the broiler industry.

  • Welfare depends on the bloke on the ground.
    Rushby, Adrian // Poultry World; Jul2003, Vol. 157 Issue 7, p9 

    Comments on a conference about the welfare of broilers. Significance of management to broiler welfare; Influence of feed and nutrition on litter condition; Use of computer-aided technology for the automation of measuring welfare indicators.

  • Hubbard re-focuses on poultry meat genetics.
    Cruickshank, Graham // Poultry World; Sep2003, Vol. 157 Issue 9, p4 

    Reveals the changes and future plans for Hubbard broiler stock in Great Britain and Europe. Commitment of the Hubbard operation; Three distinct regions of its marketing operations; Responsibility of Hubbard Europe; Four distinct categories of bird the Hubbard broiler package incorporates.

  • Broiler conference speakers.
    Cruickshank, Graham // Poultry World; Sep2003, Vol. 157 Issue 9, p5 

    Reports on the finalization of the programme for the annual National Farmers Union Broiler and Breeder Conference to be held in October 8-9, 2003 in the Peterborough Suite at the East of England showground in association with "Poultry World" magazine. Theme of the conference; Highlights of the...

  • Vaccination in broiler flocks--the case for immunity.
    Harrington, David // Poultry World; Jul2004, Vol. 158 Issue 7, p9 

    Discusses the importance of vaccination for broiler flocks. Definition of coccidiosis; Common species that affect broiler production; Use of live vaccine in immunity.

  • Hubbard 'Flex': a new reference point for conventional broilers.
    Harrington, David // Poultry World; Jul2004, Vol. 158 Issue 7, p16 

    Provides information on Hubbard, a broiler breeder company in Great Britain. Development of the Flex breed; Information on the research and development department of the company; Alignment of Hubbard's control program with the processing policies of the European Union.

  • Ross--feed for profit not cost.
    Kenny, Marcus; Kemp, Carolyne; Fisher, Colin // Poultry World; Jul2004, Vol. 158 Issue 7, p19 

    Discusses the results of a study on the growth of Ross broilers conducted by pedigree supplier Aviagen. Effects of balanced protein on the growth of Ross broilers; Factors that affect the weight of broilers; Use of the broiler balanced protein calculator in the study.

  • Raw deal as margins squeezed.
    Allison, Richard // Poultry World; Sep2004, Vol. 158 Issue 9, p1 

    Presents the results of a survey of broiler units in England, conducted by Andrew Sheppard, which examined data from recorder broiler chickens produced in 2002. Average cost of production for each bird; Decline of net margins from 2002 to 2004; Consumer spending on chicken-based products;...

  • Feeding for profit--not cost.
    Kenny, Marcus; Kemp, Carolyne // Poultry World; Sep2004, Vol. 158 Issue 9, p7 

    Reports on the fluctuation of broiler compound feed prices in Great Britain as of September 2004. Identification of the optimal protein level in the diet; Effect of amino acid levels increase on breast meat yield in male broilers; Factors affecting optimal amino acid density.

  • Making every egg count.
    Kenny, Marcus; Kemp, Carolyne // Poultry World; Apr2005, Vol. 159 Issue 4, p7 

    Presents tips on maximising hatching egg production from the flock. Guide for installing perches during the rearing period of hens; Intensity of light required for the laying period; Advantage of controlling the layers' bodyweight to egg production; Factors to consider in changing the...

    Stephens, Paul; Walshaw, Graham; Houghton-Wallace, Janice; Skilton, David; Thompson, John // Poultry World; May2005, Vol. 159 Issue 5, p10 

    Presents letters to the editor referencing articles and topics discussed in the previous issues of the periodical "Poultry World." Need for campylobacter in broiler farms to be reduced by 2010 according to the Food Standards Agency in Great Britain; Changes being made in the Royal Show; Need...

    Stephens, Paul; Walshaw, Graham; Houghton-Wallace, Janice; Skilton, David; Thompson, John // Poultry World; Mar2006, Vol. 160 Issue 3, p3 

    The article offers news briefs related to the agricultural industry in European Union (EU). A research is being conducted in Northern Ireland which aims to develop new methods of accurately predicting the nutritive value of wheat for broilers. The EU has agreed to defer the Nitrates Directive...

  • Calculating the true costs.
    Randall, Ken // Poultry World; Mar2006, Vol. 160 Issue 3, p20 

    The article looks at the implications of the proposed Directive on Broiler Welfare for broiler growers and producers in Europe. One research shows that not only the economic impact of the directive could be significant across the industry, but also that few growers have thought much about the...

  • Freedom Food bird numbers doubled.
    Randall, Ken // Poultry World; May2006, Vol. 160 Issue 5, p16 

    The article reports on an increase in the number of broilers that are reared under the Freedom Food welfare-focused labelling scheme of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Great Britain as of May 2006. Freedom Food is now included in the types of chicken being offered...

    Randall, Ken // Poultry World; Jun2006, Vol. 160 Issue 6, p12 

    This article reports on the performance of the poultry industry in Great Britain. Wholesale egg prices have taken a tumble due to a shortage of eggs. Despite increasingly tough trading conditions, broiler chick placings had remained firm in the first four months of the year 2005.

  • Winning with wet litter.
    Hermans, Patrick // Poultry World; Jun2006, Vol. 160 Issue 6, p26 

    This article provides information on the problems posed by wet litter in the poultry industry. This problem has important implications for broiler health and welfare. It has been linked with footpad, breast and hock lesions, however, there is little information on its occurrence and risk...

    Hermans, Patrick // Poultry World; Jul2006, Vol. 160 Issue 7, p5 

    The article presents an update on issues related to the poultry industry in Great Britain. Egg companies Deans Foods and Stonegate will be merging under the common ownership of Noble Foods. The Fulletby hatchery of Joice and Hill is planning to switch from hatching layers to broilers under an...

  • Local authority says no to broiler site proposals.
    Hermans, Patrick // Poultry World; Jul2006, Vol. 160 Issue 7, p8 

    The article reports on the refusal of the Huntingdon District Council to plans of establishing a bird broiler site at Lodge Farm in England. The application is said to give inadequate consideration to impact on several issues, including water, odor and nature conservation. The Campaign Against...

  • Broiler lameness still a live welfare issue.
    Lymbery, Philip // Poultry World; Sep2006, Vol. 160 Issue 9, p23 

    The article discusses welfare issue on broiler lameness. With the high level of interest in how food is produced, the author is sure that consumers will want to know of the scale of suffering faced by broiler chickens reared intensively for meat. A key factor in the high level of lameness is...

  • Avoid plan battles.
    Allison, Richard // Poultry World; Sep2006 Buildings Special, Vol. 160, p6 

    The article discusses several factors to consider in getting planning permission for new layer and broiler sheds. The first factor to consider is the distance from housing. Core issues such as odour, noise, traffic, ecology, ammonia emission, waste, water disposal and landscape must be assessed....

  • Intestinal integrity 'Holy Grail' for broiler growers.
    Fleming, Barrie // Poultry World; May2008, Vol. 162 Issue 5, p28 

    The article offers tips for improving gut health, which is considered significant for broiler growers. Bacteria are not all bad and can play an important role helping broilers digest feed. However, any imbalance may result in a digestive upset and a loss of intestinal integrity. There are four...

  • Dispelling the myths surrounding the welfare of UK broilers.
    Fleming, Barrie // Poultry World; Oct2008, Vol. 162 Issue 10, p8 

    The article reports on the belief of south-west broiler grower Robert Lanning that an open door approach is the way for the poultry sector to dispel the myths surrounding welfare of conventionally-reared broilers in Great Britain. At the 2008 poultry conference in Britain, Lanning outlined his...

  • Waste litter used carefully brings income benefits.
    Hunt, Jeremy // Poultry World; Oct2008, Vol. 162 Issue 10, p21 

    The article focuses on the business created by waste litter for poultry producers in Great Britain. According to the article, broiler producers are now charging up to �15/ton of litter, and it looks like that figure could rise even further. Nutrient consultants, however, describe poultry...

  • Broiler survey to establish sector's sustainability.
    Hunt, Jeremy // Poultry World; Jun2009, Vol. 163 Issue 6, p13 

    The article reports on the survey being conducted by the National Farmers' Union (NFU) among broiler producers in Great Britain. The survey is intended to establish the level of investment in broiler growing in recent years. Producers will help raise the issue of broiler industry sustainability...

  • Retailers must play their part if sector is to overcome costs.
    Randall, Ken // Poultry World; Oct2009, Vol. 160 Issue 10, p8 

    No abstract available.

  • Fury after expansion refusal.
    Abel, Charles // Poultry World; Mar2010, Vol. 164 Issue 3, p16 

    The article reports that the Mid Suffolk District Council in England rejected the application of Mid Suffolk Poultry to expand its 80,000 bird Ebdens Farm broiler unit at Pixey's Green near Stradbroke.

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