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  • Canadian Cabinet minister outed.
    Wockner, Rex // Bay Windows; 2/11/2010, Vol. 28 Issue 9, p5 

    The article reports on the allegations that John Baird, minister of transport, infrastructure and communities, is a gay person in Canada.

  • technology's PAST.
    Karwatka, Dennis // Tech Directions; Nov2001, Vol. 61 Issue 4, p8 

    Profiles inventor John Logie Baird. Inventions of Baird; Career background; Personal and family background.

  • Canada Marks Conclusion of Constitutional Referendum in Egypt.
    Karwatka, Dennis // African Business News; 1/16/2014, p3 

    The article reports that Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird issued a statement about Constitutional referendum in Egypt.

  • Colombo, you have a problem says Canada.
    Karwatka, Dennis // South Asian Post; 5/8/2014, p14 

    The article discusses Sri Lanka's ban against 16 entities and 424 individuals of Canada for purported links to terrorist activities which could restrict progress on reconciliation, and mentions Canadian foreign affairs minister John Baird on the same.

  • Glass closet.
    Hays, Matthew // Xtra (Toronto); 10/4/2012, Issue 729, p11 

    The article discusses the case of alleged gay Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird which highlights the struggle faced by mainstream journalists in handling the public profiles of politicians and their private lives.

  • Stony silence.
    McCann, Marcus // Xtra West (Vancouver); 2/11/2010, Issue 430, p5 

    The article reports that John Baird was named as an openly gay conservative member of parliament (MP) by Pamela Taylor, a Progressive Conservative candidate in an Ontario by-election.

  • Canada Condemns Deadly Attack in Nigeria.
    McCann, Marcus // African Business News; 4/14/2014, p6 

    The article reports on the statement issued by Canadian Foreign Affairs Minster John Baird in response to the deadly bombing on the outskirts of Abuja, Nigeria which claimed the lives of more than 70 people and injured 100 people.

  • Global Climate Change.
    Baird, John // Vital Speeches of the Day; Apr2008, Vol. 74 Issue 4, p185 

    The speech "Creating Building Blocks for a Future Agreement" is presented, delivered by Environment Minister John Baird of Canada to the Economic Club of Toronto in Ontario on December 5, 2007, discussing global climate change and efforts in Canada and internationally to stop it.

  • 1 YEAR, 20 STORIES.
    Baird, John // Capital Xtra (Ottawa); 12/9/2010, Issue 226, p5 

    A list of the 20 most read news stories in the periodical in 2010 is presented, including "Criminalization of herpes signals a turn for the worse," "Open secret: John Baird outed," and "'Sex TV axed after decade-long shuffle between broadcasters."

  • Minister Baird to Visit Algeria.
    Baird, John // African Business News; 9/14/2013, p2 

    The article reports that John Baird, Canada Foreign Affairs Minister, with Abdelmalek Sellal, Algeria's Prime Minister, will visit Algeria on September 15, 2013, for bilateral meetings. Baird states that Canada and Algeria have been strong partners in the Global Counterterrorism Forum as...

  • 1 YEAR, 20 STORIES.
    Baird, John // Xtra (Toronto); 12/16/2010, Issue 682, p8 

    A list of the top 20 most-read news stories on in year 2010 is presented, including the criminalization of herpes, how World War II changed gay life and the revelation that Canadian cabinet minister John Baird is gay.

    Baird, John // Capital Xtra (Ottawa); 10/14/2010, Issue 224, p5 

    The article presents Rick Mercer's description of Canadian Conservative house leader John Baird during an interview on CBC's "The National," on September 17, 2010.

  • Canada Condemns String of Attacks in Kenya.
    Baird, John // African Business News; 5/4/2014, p1 

    The article reports on the statement of Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird concerning the 2014 attacks in Mombasa and Nairobi, Kenya, saying that Canada condemns it, he extends his sympathies to the families of the victims, and wishes the speedy recovery of those who are injured.

  • The box that brought colour into the home.
    Herbert, Ray // New Scientist; 8/6/94, Vol. 143 Issue 1937, p46 

    Discusses the history of color television from Scottish inventor John Baird's discovery of multiple cathode-ray beams. Demonstration of crude 30-line television pictures in color in 1928; Transmission of color pictures in 1938; High definition of color television receiver designed in 1940;...

  • Somethin' to talk about.
    Herbert, Ray // Xtra (Toronto); 10/7/2010, Issue 677, p8 

    This section presents a list of issues concerning LGBT people in Canada as of October 2010, including challenges of sex work, outing of Canadian politician John Baird and the initiation of Pride Toronto in Ontario.

  • Canada Condemns Tripoli Terror Attack.
    Herbert, Ray // African Business News; 6/11/2013, p3 

    The article reports on the statement issued by Canada Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird on the country's disapproval of terrorism in Tripoli, Libya.

  • Canada Seeks Accelerated HCFC Phaseout.
    Sissell, Kara // Chemical Week; 9/26/2007, Vol. 169 Issue 31, p45 

    The article reports on a statement from Canada's environment minister John Baird that nations that signed the Montreal Protocol treaty should agree to phase out hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFC) about 10 years earlier than planned. The treaty, which has already phased out chlorofluorocarbons (CFC)...

  • Hatch Appoints John Baird as Global Strategic Advisor.
    Sissell, Kara // World Mining News; 6/24/2015, p1 

    No abstract available.

  • The Index.
    Baird's, John // CCPA Monitor; May/Jun2015, Vol. 22 Issue 1, p7 

    Statistics are given regarding miscellaneous topics including salary of government minister of Canada as of April 2015; expected annual compensation from Canadian Pacific to Canadian politician John Baird and date of resigning of John Baird from cabinet.

  • Canada Concerned by Violence in Egypt.
    Baird's, John // African Business News; 7/ 1/2013, p3 

    The article offers statements from Canada Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird expressing the country's concern on the violence taking place in Egypt that already claimed a number of lives and injured people.

  • Message from the Minister of the Environment.
    Baird, John // Canadian Geographic; Jun2008, Vol. 128 Issue 3, p93 

    The article presents a speech by John Baird, Canada's Minister of Environment, in which he congratulated winners of the 2008 Canadian Environment Awards and said about the significance of Canadians' contribution in defining new environmental standards for Canadian government, for private...

    Baird, John // Advocate; 10/27/87, Issue 484, p27 

    Reports that Georgia man Tony McAfee was sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of John Baird, a Tennessee mental health counselor. McAfee's testimony that he killed Baird because he tried to force him to perform gay sexual acts against his will.

  • Conservative cabinet minister John Baird outed by Tory peer.
    McCann, Marcus // Capital Xtra (Ottawa); 2/18/2010, Issue 216, p6 

    The article features the outing of Conservative cabinet minister John Baird by Conservative Minister of Parliament (MP) Pamela Taylor during a live interview on Metro Morning, a Toronto, Ontario radio program.

  • Ugandan delegate decries 'promotion of homosexuality'.
    Ling, Justin // Xtra West (Vancouver); 11/1/2012, Issue 501, p12 

    The article reports on Ugandan parliament speaker Rebecca Kadaga, who opposed the speech made by Canada Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird regarding homosexuality promotion during the International Parliamentary Union conference in Quebec City on October 25, 2012.

  • Canada Condemns Murder of French Journalists in Mali.
    Ling, Justin // African Business News; 11/2/2013, p1 

    The article presents a statement from Canada Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird stating that Canada condemns the barbaric murder of 2 French journalists in Mali and encourages the Government of Mali to work with the United Nations to fight terrorism in the region.

  • Canada Funds Mission in Central African Republic to Restore Security and Protect Religious Freedom.
    Ling, Justin // African Business News; 12/15/2013, p1 

    The article reports that according to John Baird, Foreign Affairs Minister of Canada, Canada will provide financial support to the United Nations (UN) trust fund to help in its efforts to restore security and protect all communities in Africa. The UN is running an international mission with the...

  • Statement by Baird and Yelich on the Two Canadians Detained in Egypt.
    Ling, Justin // African Business News; 9/10/2013, p46 

    The reports on a statement issued by Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird and the Honourable Lynne Yelich, Minister of State. According to the statement, Canada is concerned about the cases of Tarek Loubani and John Greyson, who were arrested in Egypt. The country continues to work at...

  • Come out of the closet protesters tell John Baird.
    Houston, Andrea // Capital Xtra (Ottawa); 8/15/2013, Issue 258, p18 

    The article reports on the call of Ontario New Democratic Party (NDP) Member of Provincial Parliament (MPP) Cheri DiNovo and others for Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird to publicly come out as a gay man with his strong condemnation of the anti-gay laws in Russia in 2013.

  • Reminder - Baird to Welcome Somali Foreign Minister to Ottawa.
    Houston, Andrea // African Business News; Oct2013, p52 

    The article reports on a meeting to be held between Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird with Fawzia Yusuf H. Adam, Somalia's Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation to discuss regional security and Canada-Somalia relations on October 1, 2013 in Canada.

    Houston, Andrea // Xtra (Toronto); 9/23/2010, Issue 676, p8 

    The article presents the opinion of Canadian comedian Rick Mercer on what an elite is and a description of Conservative House Leader John Baird.

  • Glass closet.
    Hays, Matthew // Capital Xtra (Ottawa); 10/11/2012, Issue 248, p10 

    The article focuses on John Baird, Canada's Foreign Affairs Minister who was outed by Conservative politician Pamela Taylor as an openly gay member of Tory party.

  • Canada Calls for Bilingual Tweeting.
    Hays, Matthew // Language Magazine; Sep2014, Vol. 14 Issue 1, p14 

    The article reports an investigation being conducted by language watchdog Graham Fraser on the Twitter account of Canadian foreign minister John Baird to determine if Baird's tweets preserve the spirit of the Official Languages Act of 1969 making French and English official languages.

  • Slow Train Coming.
    LAPPANO, JON-ERIK // Corporate Knights Magazine; Summer2010, Vol. 9 Issue 1, p15 

    The article discusses the absence of high-speed rail (HSR) transit in Canada. According to the article, it would have a significant impact on greenhouse gas emissions if more Canadians prefer travelling by rail. Countries such as Russia, U.S., and China announced plans to implement HSR lines....

  • Canada Welcomes Results of First Round of Presidential Elections in Mali.
    LAPPANO, JON-ERIK // African Business News; 8/ 5/2013, p6 

    The article focuses on the statements of Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird related to the successful completion of first round of presidential elections that took place in Mali on July 28, 2013.

  • Canada Welcomes Ceasefire Agreement in South Sudan.
    LAPPANO, JON-ERIK // African Business News; 1/24/2014, p5 

    The article informs that John Baird, Foreign Affairs Minister in Canada, has stated that the nation is pleased with the cessation of hostilities agreement signed between the Government of South Sudan and the Sudan People's Liberation Movement/Army in Opposition. He said that he is urging all...

  • Canadian Cabinet minister outed.
    LAPPANO, JON-ERIK // Gay & Lesbian Times; 2/11/2010, Issue 1155, p20 

    The article reports that the sexual identity of John Baird, a Canadian Cabinet Minister, was publicly announced by Pamela Taylor during the live radio program of a Canadian Broadcasting Corp. on February 2, 2010.

  • Ottawa to clamp down on air cargo security.
    LAPPANO, JON-ERIK // Canadian Transportation & Logistics; Jun2010, Vol. 113 Issue 6, p10 

    The article reports on the launch of a major new initiative Air Cargo Security Program headed by transport minister John Baird for the intensification of air cargo security in Ottawa, Ontario.

  • O-licence rejected for running trucks illegally.
    Brown, Roger // Commercial Motor; 10/31/2013, Vol. 220 Issue 5559, p7 

    The article reports on the written decision of Traffic Commissioner (TC) for Scotland Joan Aitken in which she rejected an O-licence application from John Baird, trading as Scotia Trucking Services, from being a transport manager indefinitely for running trucks illegally.

  • Baird Meets with Burundian Counterpart.
    Brown, Roger // African Business News; 3/27/2014, p7 

    The article discusses the highlights of the meeting that took place between Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird and Burundian Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Laurent Kavakure during the latter's visit in Ottawa, Ontario.

  • Canada Applauds Malian People on Conclusion of Presidential Elections.
    Brown, Roger // African Business News; 8/13/2013, p12 

    The article reports on a statement by Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird on the conclusion of the presidential elections in Mali, applauding the peaceful way in which elections were conducted. Baird said peaceful elections in Mali show that the people of the country are committed to...

  • Canadian cabinet minister outed.
    Brown, Roger // Bay Area Reporter; 2/11/2010, Vol. 40 Issue 6, p2 

    The article reports that Progressive Conservative candidate for the Ontario Legislative Assembly Pamela Taylor has revealed in a live radio program that Canadian transport, infrastructure, and communities minister John Baird is an openly gay politician in the Conservative party.

  • Baird battles Uganda politician over gay rights.
    LING, JUSTIN // Xtra (Toronto); 11/1/2012, Issue 731, p17 

    This article reports on a dispute between Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird and Rebecca Kadaga, the speaker of the Ugandan parliament, over the issue of gay rights.

  • New Carry-On Bag Restrictions for Canadians.
    LING, JUSTIN // International Musician; Mar2010, Vol. 108 Issue 3, p5 

    The article reports on the carry-on bag restrictions announced by the Canada Transport Minister John Baird for Canadian airline travelers entering the U.S. which only allows travelers to carry one carry-on bag however equipments such as musical instruments, cranes, and medical instruments are...

  • Canada : Baird Promotes Economic and Security Cooperation with Japan.
    LING, JUSTIN // TendersInfo News; 7/30/2014, p1 

    The article reports on the successful state visit of Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird in Tokyo, Japan on July 2014, wherein he promoted an increase on the bilateral and regional economic, peace and security cooperation between the governments of Canada and Japan.

  • John Logie Baird.
    Aldred, John // Image Technology; Jan2008, Vol. 90 Issue 1, p20 

    A biography of John Logie Baird, an inventor and engineer, is presented. Baird was born in 1888 at the coastal town Helensburgh in Scotland. In 1906, he graduated from the Glasgow and West of Scotland Technical College with a degree in Electrical Engineering. Due to his Televisor invention, he...

  • Details on Stimulus-Related Infrastructure Investment Unveiled.
    Aldred, John // Canadian Consulting Engineer; May2009, Vol. 50 Issue 3, p15 

    The article presents updates on the stimulus-related infrastructure investments in Canada. Minister of Transport, Infrastructure and Communities, John Baird and the president of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, Shrebrooke Mayor Jean Perrault issued a joint letter to municipal councils...

  • Federal cash for wildlands.
    Helsdon, Jeff // Ontario Out of Doors; May2007, Vol. 39 Issue 4, p14 

    The article reports that Canada's Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Environment Minister John Baird have announced a $225 million initiative to purchase ecologically-sensitive land across the country. Under this National Land Conservation Campaign, purchases would be completed with matching...

  • $7B coming from federal government for infrastructure.
    Helsdon, Jeff // Canadian Transportation & Logistics; Feb2009, Vol. 112 Issue 2, p6 

    The article announces that the Canadian government allocated $7 billion in funds for infrastructure projects throughout the country. John Baird, transport minister emphasizes that the said funds will be used for roads, bridges and water/sewage treatment plant constructions. Other related...

  • Canada to Support Election-Assessment Mission in Mali.
    Helsdon, Jeff // African Business News; 7/12/2013, p10 

    The article reports that Canada is supporting election-assessment mission in Mali. John Baird, Canadian foreign affairs minister, issued a statement which mentions that Canada's support shows its commitment to the values of freedom, the rule of law and human rights. It highlights that Canada...

  • [SPAM] Baird Meets with Somali Counterpart.
    Helsdon, Jeff // African Business News; Oct2013, p1 

    The article focuses on a meeting between African Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird with Somalia's Deputy Prime Minister Fawzia Yusuf H. Adam to discuss the progress made by the Somali government in its counterterrorism effort to improve the situation in Somalia.

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