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  • Essential fatty acids and cardiovascular disease: the Edinburgh Artery Study.
    Leng, G.C.; Taylor, G.S.; Lee, A.J.; Fowkes, G.R.F.; Horrobin, D. // Vascular Medicine; 1999, Vol. 4 Issue 4, p219 

    The aim of this study was to determine whether plasma and red cell fatty acid levels were associated with cardiovascular disease, and whether any association was independent of other major risk factors. Over 1100 subjects were examined in a random sample survey of the general population (the...

  • Art for the sake of life.
    J.W. // Alberta Report / Newsmagazine; 3/1/93, Vol. 20 Issue 11, p9 

    Contends that while historians claim that society's health lies in the vigor with which its people share in its spirit, in a modern liberal society, claims of truth, goodness and beauty seem to be replaced by personal rights, of each person to live according to a self-chosen style. An artist...

  • Computers in architecture.
    J.W. // Architectural Record; May1984, Vol. 172 Issue 6, p39 

    The inevitability of the computer take-over in small businesses has affected the architectural business also. The computer has taken away the drudgery and made work more fun.

  • ART.
    J.W. // Advocate; 1/6/87, Issue 463, p75 

    Reports on art events that are of importance to gay and lesbian organizations in San Francisco, California, as of January 6, 1987.

  • The art of the dealers.
    Sturgis, I. // Black Enterprise; Jul90, Vol. 20 Issue 12, p62 

    Examines the challenges faced by black art dealers and gallery owners. Growing market for African-American art; Escalating prices; Costs of opening a gallery; Low profit margins; Increasing competition; Future prospects for success.

  • Illustration as art: Shape.
    Elleman, Barbara // Book Links; Mar1996, Vol. 5 Issue 4, p52 

    Reports that shapes can be used in illustrative art as a method of teaching children how to understand the art form as well as the emotional aspect of an image. What this type of art can do for children; Examples.

  • Make a photo display.
    Asa, W. // Boys' Life; Jul89, Vol. 79 Issue 7, p54 

    Describes how to make a wooden photo collage. Materials needed; Step-by-step directions.

  • Juliana Hilton.
    Hilton, Juliana // Craft Arts International; 1997, Issue 39, p115 

    Presents personal views of the author on her art works. Evolution of art from her immediate environment; Interest in the ambiguity of arranged objects; Desire for working with a wide variety of media and techniques in printmaking.

  • Nicky Coady.
    Coady, Nicky // Craft Arts International; 1997, Issue 39, p116 

    Presents personal views of the author on her art works. Fascination for the natural world, intensified by her migration to Australia in 1966; Texture and uniqueness in concept.

  • Gaye Porter.
    Porter, Gaye // Craft Arts International; 1997, Issue 39, p117 

    Presents personal views of the author on her art works. Preference of working directly with clients over working in a gallery; Importance given on knowledge of materials; Excitement over the design and execution of the work.

  • June is to swoon over tunes, art, plays, festivals.
    Spiselman, Anne // Crain's Chicago Business; 5/27/96, Vol. 19 Issue 22, p61 

    Cites art events, museum exhibitions, theater openings, outdoor festivals and musical extravaganzas in June 1996 in Chicago, Illinois. Includes pre-opening activities of the Museum of Contemporary Art; Exhibit on Chinese relics at the Art Institute of Chicago; Sculpture Chicago's public art...

  • Solos and 1,001 nights in March.
    Spiselman, Anne // Crain's Chicago Business; 02/24/97, Vol. 20 Issue 8, p33 

    Presents the views of the author on arts events for March 1997, in the Chicago area, Illinois. Information on Christopher Plummer's March 4-9, schedule at the Shubert Theatre; Events scheduled for the Goodman Theatre; Other information.

  • Field of vision.
    McCoy, Paul A. // Ceramics Monthly; Nov97, Vol. 45 Issue 9, p63 

    Highlights the author's experience as an art student at Scattergood Friends School in Iowa. His association with Dan Edler, the resident artist; When the author began exploring a sculptural approach to image-making.

  • National Arts and Humanities Organizations.
    McCoy, Paul A. // Congressional Digest; Jan1991, Vol. 70 Issue 1, p7 

    Outlines the currently operating national arts and humanities organizations, including the National Council on the Arts, the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA), the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) and the Institute of Museum Services (IMS).

  • Candy-eaters, beware!
    McCoy, Paul A. // Current Health 1; Oct96 1 of 2, Vol. 20 Issue 2, p2 

    Challenges low-fat chocolate bar manufacturers' claim that their products have 50 percent less fat than the average leading chocolate candy brands. Results of a study by Tufts University researchers.

  • Works of wonder.
    Gage, Marjorie E. // Country Living; Mar1993, Vol. 16 Issue 3, p116 

    Presents a photo essay with text of collecting original works of art created especially for children. Illustrations bring storybooks to life; Collectors include the knowledgeable, the aesthetic, the gift buyers and decorators; Molly Benatar's dust jacket of `There's Magic In It'; Frank Adams'...

  • Buying art reproductions.
    Grant, D. // Consumers' Research Magazine; Oct90, Vol. 73 Issue 10, p30 

    Discusses how collectors who cannot afford a major artist's work sometimes choose to purchase a reproduction painted brushstroke for brushstroke from the original by a contemporary artist. Growth of reproduction market; Various companies and artists who specialize in reproductions; Reproductions...

  • Etcetera.
    Grant, D. // Christian Science Monitor; 1/31/95, Vol. 87 Issue 45, p2 

    Presents news briefs on the happenings as of January 31, 1995. Discovery of plaques throwing light on the burial of Alexander the Great; Closure of Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah; More.

  • To quell doubts, France exhibits Nazi-looted art.
    Chaddock, Gail Russell // Christian Science Monitor; 4/8/97, Vol. 89 Issue 92, p12 

    Looks at the exhibition of artwork looted by the Nazis during World War II in Paris, France. Details on the artwork; Information on the suspected owners of the various artwork; Comments from Culture Minister Philippe Douste-Blazy.

  • What is art?
    Goodale, Gloria // Christian Science Monitor; 12/29/2000, Vol. 93 Issue 25, p13 

    Discusses the definition of art, in light of several nontraditional art exhibitions and performances.

  • Life and death and the arts.
    Coppola, A. // Design for Arts in Education; Sep/Oct89, Vol. 91 Issue 1, p43 

    Discusses society's need for the arts as a medium of vision, renewal, and dialogue. Western society as dead; Hypocritical process.

  • American values and dance education.
    Vasquez, S.L. // Design for Arts in Education; Mar1992, Vol. 93 Issue 4, p30 

    Questions what the purpose of art is in an age when the media not only reflects, but defines what is valued, what is real, and what is relevant. The arts and being human; Parental concerns; Young children's perceptions; A cultural mirror; The new

  • Holy Toledo!
    Vasquez, S.L. // Harper's Bazaar; Dec92, Issue 3372, p154 

    Presents a photo essay with text of Frank Gehry's new Center for the Visual Arts at the University of Toledo. Portrait of the city of Toledo; Ziggurat-shape of the four-story arts building; Architecturl message; Overview of Gehry's work.

  • Short subjects.
    Thomas, John // Indianapolis Business Journal; 8/30/93, Vol. 14 Issue 22, p11A 

    Updates on developments in the art scene in Indiana. Availability of tickets for the annual Start with Art Luncheon; Speakers; Venue and date; Contact information; Historic Landmarks Foundation's statewide search for buildings and places significant to blacks in Indiana.

  • From grade school classes to the Nevada Symphony, L.V. can better support the arts.
    Tenner, Lisa // Las Vegas Business Press; 05/12/97, Vol. 14 Issue 19, p4 

    Opinion. Calls for increased support for art in Las Vegas, Nevada through incorporating music subjects in grade school classes. Benefits of music; Importance of knowledge in music for a better musical appreciation; Schedule of musical and art events in the area.

  • Arts and entertainment.
    Cruz, Sherri // Las Vegas Business Press; 07/21/97, Vol. 14 Issue 29, p24 

    Presents news concerning the arts and entertainment industry in Las Vegas, Nevada as of July 21, 1997. Nevada Institute for Contemporary Arts' (NICA) plan for Las Vegas' arts industry; Fundraising campaigns of NICA; Opening of the Artful Potter business; Prizes in Gameworks' skateboard...

  • Local photograph captures essence of hospice care.
    Kindsvater, Lisa // Las Vegas Business Press; 09/07/98, Vol. 15 Issue 36, p14 

    Presents arts-related news in Las Vegas, Nevada as of September 9, 1998. Holding of the exhibit Whispered Silences: Japanese American Detention Camps, Fifty Years Later at the Saint George Art Museum through October 10; `Hospice Magazine' periodical's selection of the photograph titled Gift of...

  • Laurie Taylor.
    Taylor, Laurie // New Statesman; 11/28/97, Vol. 126 Issue 4362, p59 

    Talks about Laurie Taylor's mini-lectures about art. Taylor's fondness for `drifting towards abstraction'; Visit to the National Gallery of Ireland; `Dawn of humanism' lecture in rooms stuffed with 16th- and 17th-century paintings.

  • A picture of wealth.
    Cook, R. // New Statesman & Society; 5/31/91, Vol. 4 Issue 153, p25 

    Looks at the art produced by flattery, by anger, and by friendship and questions whether portraits are still possible in a culture that distrusts the rich and powerful. The Society of Portrait Painters; The Centenary Exhibition of the Royal Society of Portrait Painters, showing at the Mall...

  • Hue and eye.
    Buckley, L. // New Statesman & Society; 10/18/91, Vol. 4 Issue 173, p29 

    Studies the historical relationship between artists and color. What different colors have traditionally symbolized; How cash, commerce, and status all have played a part in an artist's choice of colors; Examples of how famous painters are associated with different colors and why.

  • Cut and trussed.
    Hall, James // New Statesman & Society; 8/7/92, Vol. 5 Issue 214, p32 

    Explores the artistic value of the art form of photomontage. Historical overview of photomontage, since the work of Georg Lukacs in 1938; Analysis of a photomontage by Graham Rawle on the recent cover of Britain's `Weekend Guardian'; Political implications of photomontage.

  • Magic.
    Hall, James // New Yorker; 2/3/92, Vol. 67 Issue 50, p24 

    Discusses the history and `magic' the American airbrush is capable of producing when it is placed in the right artist's hands. Dim light of Neptune's dawn and the robot girl with Jane Mansfield's features can be rendered with it; Four major figures in American airbrush: Cliff Stieglitz, Jerry...

  • Dancers at the bar.
    Hall, James // New Yorker; 4/6/92, Vol. 68 Issue 7, p26 

    Discusses the authors' experience of tracking down a painting of the New York City dance world's best performers who were pictured in a painting that hung in the former O'Neal's Balloon bar across from the Lincoln Center before it was closed. Featured 33 figures; Early seventies was ballet's...

  • Crossing the line.
    Hall, James // Sciences; Jul/Aug92, Vol. 32 Issue 4, p6 

    Examines the Nazca lines, markings forming geometric figures and giant animals carved into the earth near the coast of southern Peru. Maria Reiche, the 89-year-old protector of the lines; Reiche's devotion to preservation of lines; Scientists' conflicts with Reiche; More.

  • Casting a glasnost glow on once-obscured artists.
    Hall, James // Smithsonian; Dec89, Vol. 20 Issue 9, p130 

    Analyzes the changes in unofficial art in the Soviet Union under glasnost and perestroika. Discusses the works of ten USSR and ten United States painters traveling together in a show entitled `10 + 10: Contemporary Soviet and American Painters,'which opens at the Milwaukee Art Museum in February.

  • Criseyde's Inner Debate: The Dialectic of Enamorment in the Filostrato and the Troilus.
    Haahr, Joan G. // Studies in Philology; Summer92, Vol. 89 Issue 3, p257 

    Compares an episode in `Troilus and Criseyde,' by Chaucer, with Boccaccio's `Filostrato,' and observes Chaucer's manipulation of rhetorical and Ovidian `topoi', in which he accomplished characterization in the fullest psychological sense. Similarities in structure and syntax of two works; Based...

  • `Who made this song?': The Engendering of Lyric Counterplots in Troilus and Criseyde.
    Kinney, Clare Regan // Studies in Philology; Summer92, Vol. 89 Issue 3, p272 

    Discusses the dialogue between the lyric `makings' allotted to male and female voices in the poetic narrative of Chaucer's `Troilus and Criseyde.' Pandarus's amorous expertise offered to Troilus; Chaucer's frequent interruptions of narrative line with lyrical explorations of or comments on the...

  • Brand name.
    Sharpe, P. // Texas Monthly; Dec91, Vol. 19 Issue 12, p150 

    Reports on the renewed demand for the ranch motifs of Western artist Till Goodan on such items as neckties, children's dinnerware and, wallpaper. Popularity of realistic images; Goodan's career; Soaring prices for Goodan pieces.

  • An `element of inspiration and calm' at UN headquarters.
    Endrst, E.B. // United Nations Chronicle; Dec90, Vol. 27 Issue 4, p73 

    Discusses the United Nations' support of art and the place of art in world culture. Artist Henry Moore's `Reclining Figure'; Other famous art works on display at the compound.

  • Broken continuities: `Night' and `white crucifixion.'
    Plank, K.A. // Christian Century; 11/4/87, Vol. 104 Issue 31, p963 

    Discusses crucifixion imagery and reviews the Marc Chagall painting `White Crucifixion.' Jewish appropriation of the cross in the context of Holocaust art and literature.

  • Context and continuity: Philistines, Pharisees and art in English culture.
    Chartrand, Harry Hillman // Journal of Arts Management & Law; Summer91, Vol. 21 Issue 2, p141 

    Opinion. Focuses on the debate surrounding the role of publicly funded arts councils and their relationship to the state. Information on the Arts Council of Great Britain; Position of the Philistine on the role of the arts council; Discussion on the development of the relationship between art...

  • First Amendment constraints on grant restrictions.
    Olson, Theodore B. // Journal of Arts Management & Law; Winter92, Vol. 21 Issue 4, p308 

    Focuses on art, with reference to grant restrictions because of First Amendment constraints. Unconstitutional restrictions on speech; Constitutionally permissible restrictions on grants; Judgments of artistic value and the doctrine of unconstitutional conditions.

  • The appraiser as an artist.
    Martin, Michael M. // Appraisal Journal; Jul93, Vol. 61 Issue 3, p316 

    Examines the role of art in the appraisal profession. Philosophical concepts; Appraiser definitions; The desire factor; Mathematics as an avenue to certain proof; Desirable market values; Market analysis as the center of traditional appraisal technology; Conclusion.

  • Caribbean art.
    Cousins, Linda // Black Enterprise; Aug92, Vol. 23 Issue 1, p103 

    Focuses on the components of Caribbean art. Wood carvings from Haiti, Jamaica and Barbados; The Straw Market in the Bahamas; Nassau Art Gallery; The Jamaica National Gallery; Batiks of St. Lucia, St. Kitts and Nevis; More.

  • From squalor to splendor, arts district rises in big easy.
    Strickland, Carol // Christian Science Monitor; 8/15/96, Vol. 88 Issue 183, p10 

    Reports on the emergence of the Warehouse Arts District in New Orleans, Louisiana as a major cultural center. Reputation as `SoHo of the South'; Proliferation of art galleries; Exhibition of contemporary art and crafts.

  • The Soviet arts.
    Strickland, Carol // Newsweek; 3/25/1985, Vol. 105 Issue 12, p44 

    Faint glimmerings of a new, and decidedly unsocialist, realism are making their way into Soviet arts. A handful of theaters, movies and books now feature rueful comedies about the tedium of life in the worker state, irreverent satires about official corruption and even guarded allusions to the...

  • Art Nouveau: an international aesthetic.
    Gillette, A. // UNESCO Courier; Aug90, Vol. 43 Issue 8, p10 

    Discusses how the rise of Art Nouveau was a vision that sprang from the heart. Rejection of the grey uniformization of the environment; Expression of nostalgia for nature and the past; Contradiction of present prospects.

  • The eternal bloom of Art Nouveau.
    Speidel, M. // UNESCO Courier; Aug90, Vol. 43 Issue 8, p12 

    Presents a discussion about Art Nouveau artists and architects. The influence of the Far East; Graphic explosion; International movement; Natural variants; Art magazines; Triumph of asymmetry.

  • The house as a total work of art.
    Duliere, C. // UNESCO Courier; Aug90, Vol. 43 Issue 8, p22 

    Describes the first private residence to be constructed in the Art Nouveau form, the Hotel Tassel. Built by Belgian architect Victor Horta in 1893; How other commissions followed; Arts and crafts; Description of techniques.

  • Northern lights.
    Nashtshokina, M.; Kirikov, B. // UNESCO Courier; Aug90, Vol. 43 Issue 8, p32 

    Explains Art Nouveau's influence on Russian architecture. Two major trends; Russian and Finnish union; St. Petersburg.

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