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  • It Is What It Is.
     // Know Your World Extra; 2003-2003 Skills Extenders, p26 

    Presents a quiz for children about the use of apostrophes in the words its and it's.

  • Apostrophes They Don't Have to Cause Catastrophes.
    Kacel, Robin // Writing; Nov/Dec99, Vol. 22 Issue 3, p30 

    Offers tips on using apostrophes in writing. Confusion caused by wrong uses of apostrophe; Use of apostrophes in contractions; Possessive forms of nouns. INSET: Martin Mania.

  • THE APOSTROPHE: its uses and abuses.
    Jenkins, Diana R. // Writing; Jan2003, Vol. 25 Issue 4, p22 

    Focuses on the correct usage of apostrophe. Use of apostrophes in contractions; Test to ensure correct usage of apostrophe; Reference to an article showing misuse of apostrophes.

    Hopkins, Graham // Community Care; 4/18/2002, Issue 1418, p43 

    Presents tips on using apostrophes. Possessive apostrophe; Possessive pronouns; Contractions; Abbreviations.

  • Where's the Apostrophe?
    Hopkins, Graham // Scholastic News -- Edition 5/6; 9/9/2013, Vol. 82 Issue 2, p2 

    The article explains why the official names of places in the U.S., such as Jimmys Peak does not include apostrophes.

  • Dispatch from the ACES conference.
    Brenner, Erin // Copyediting; Aug/Sep2012, preceding p1 

    The article discusses various reports published within the issue which includes topics like pleonasm, review of the Dictionary of American Regional English and dangling modifiers and uses of apostrophe.

    Brenner, Erin // Accomodating Brocolli in the Cemetary; 2004, p46 

    A list of examples of erroneous use of the apostrophe in advertisements is presented.

  • Apostrophes.
    Brenner, Erin // Scholastic News -- Edition 2; Apr2014, Vol. 70 Issue 7, following p4 

    The article discusses the uses of an apostrophe.

  • Apostrophe to the Apostrophe.
    Nelson, Eric // Poetry; Jun2001, Vol. 178 Issue 3, p154 

    Presents the poem "Apostrophe to the Apostrophe," by Eric Nelson.

  • Apostrophe (In Memory of Donald Barthelme, 1931-1989) (Poem).
    Hirsch, Edward // New Republic; 2/17/92, Vol. 206 Issue 7, p34 

    Presents the poem "Apostrophe," by Edward Hirsch.

  • GRAMMAR UNDER THE 'SCOPE: Apostrophes.
    Hirsch, Edward // Scholastic Scope; 12/13/2002, Vol. 51 Issue 9, p11 

    Explains the use and scope of apostrophes in a sentence. Rules regarding the use of apostrophes; Examples to make the reader understand the concept of apostrophes.

    Hirsch, Edward // Scholastic Scope (Teacher's Edition); 12/13/2002, Vol. 51 Issue 9, pT6 

    No abstract available.

  • Patisserie operator plans expansion.
    Hirsch, Edward // Leisure & Hospitality Business; 4/18/2002, p4 

    Reports on the plan of Boulangerie operator Apostr ò phe to open a chain of London, England restaurant sites prior to a national expansion plan in 2002. Central London sites secured by the company; Services offered.

  • U and Non-U.
    Thorne, Rose // Books in Canada; May95, Vol. 24 Issue 4, p43 

    Discusses the importance of observing correct spelling, grammar and apostrophe usage in writing. Impact of correct spelling in communication; Use of the Oxford spelling by Globe and Mail; Degradation of the English language by the Americans; Inconvenience with apostrophe use among writers.

  • Mariah Carey: Where she belongs.
    Thorne, Rose // Scholastic Scope; 2/7/2000, Vol. 48 Issue 11, p16 

    Teaches teenagers about apostrophes using an article on United States singer Mariah Carey.

    Thorne, Rose // Scholastic Scope (Teacher's Edition); 3/26/2001, Vol. 49 Issue 14, pT-7 

    Present a classroom activity on the correct usage of apostrophe. Addition of apostrophe in the provided sentences; Rules for correct placement of apostrophe; Guidelines of the activity.

    Thorne, Rose // Scholastic Action (Teacher's Edition); 9/27/2002, Vol. 26 Issue 2, pT4 

    Presents an educational activity for students on the use of apostrophes in contractions as well as in possessive forms of words.

    Thorne, Rose // Scholastic Action (Teacher's Edition); 9/27/2002, Vol. 26 Issue 2, pT7 

    Presents an educational activity for students on using apostrophes in contractions or possessive forms of word.

  • Apostrophe in Life and in Romantic Art: Everyday Discourse, Overhearing, and Poetic Address.
    Richardson, Alan // Style; Fall2002, Vol. 36 Issue 3, p363 

    Explores the nature of apostrophe in figurative language and poetry. Classical accounts of apostrophe; Principles that poets can use to heighten the unnaturalness of the animal apostrophe.

  • Forecasts: Fiction.
    Richardson, Alan // Publishers Weekly; 11/9/1998, Vol. 245 Issue 45, p61 

    Reviews the book `Apostrophes and Apocalypses,' by John Barnes.

  • Fishing on the prairie.
    Munton, Ann // Essays on Canadian Writing; Spring90, Issue 40, p129 

    Reviews the book `Apostrophes to Myself,' by E.F. Dyck.

  • A Girl Like I ...
    Thorne, Rose // Books in Canada; Sep95, Vol. 24 Issue 6, p51 

    Focuses on several grammatical considerations. Rules the appropriate use of apostrophe; Error in the use of feminine noun forms; Evolution of some words.

  • Improvisations and rehearsals.
    Kertzer, Jon // Canadian Literature; Spring98, Issue 156, p114 

    Reviews the book `Apostrophes: Woman at a Piano,' by E.D. Blodgett.

  • Apostrophe.
    Soniat, Katherine // Hotel Amerika; Spring2013, Vol. 11 Issue 2, p13 

    The poem "Apostrophe," by Katherine Soniat is presented. First Line: i. he; Last Line: and any thoughts of what comes after.

  • To Apostrophe.
    West, Robert // Carolina Quarterly; Summer2005, Vol. 57 Issue 2, p38 

    Presents the poem "To Apostrophe," by Robert West. First Line: Not you, O punctuation mark; Last Line: your oddity fascinates us almost beyond words.

  • Grammar Cop.
    West, Robert // Storyworks; Oct2013, Vol. 21 Issue 2, p26 

    A game based on use of apostrophes is presented.

  • Adult Books: Fiction.
    Johnson, Roberta // Booklist; 12/15/98, Vol. 95 Issue 8, p730 

    Reviews the book `Apostrophes and Apocalypses,' by John Barnes.

    Johnson, Roberta // Runner's World; Jul2008, Vol. 43 Issue 7, p28 

    The article presents questions related to apostrophe in the logo of the journal "Runner's World," answered by a running expert.

  • Apostrophe.
    Ruby, Michele // Atlanta Review; Fall/Winter2006, Vol. 13 Issue 1, p7 

    Presents the poem "Apostrophe," by Michele Ruby. First Line: Oh, apostrophe, Last Line: the heart.

  • MINI-LESSON: Contractions.
    Ruby, Michele // Scholastic News -- Edition 3; 10/27/2014, Vol. 71 Issue 7, p3 

    A definition of the term "contraction" is presented.

  • Class conscious.
    Martin, Andrew // New Statesman; 12/18/2000, Vol. 129 Issue 4517, p12 

    Discusses the improper grammatical use of apostrophe in several sectors in Great Britain. Social implications of the misuse of apostrophe; Uses of apostrophe.

    Dempsey, Bobbi // Office Professional; Sep2012, Vol. 32 Issue 9, p4 

    The article discusses the guidelines regarding the correct usage of apostrophe in English grammar.

  • Forecasts: Mysteries.
    Brainard, Dulcy // Publishers Weekly; 5/17/1993, Vol. 240 Issue 20, p69 

    Reviews the book `The Apostrophe Thief,' by Barbara Paul.

  • Apostrophe.
    Brainard, Dulcy // Legal Studies Forum; 2005, Vol. 29 Issue 1, p501 

    Presents the poem "Apostrophe." First Line: O Goddess of Opportunity! Last Line: without a door, but alas!

  • Getting to Know ALEXIS BLEDEL.
    Waugh, Rachel // Scholastic Scope; 5/9/2005, Vol. 53 Issue 18, p10 

    Explains the use of apostrophes to students while giving information given on the film "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants."

  • The Case of the Disastrous Wedding.
    Waugh, Rachel // Storyworks; Jan2011, Vol. 18 Issue 4, p24 

    The article presents a game wherein one should correct the grammar of the letter by adding apostrophes to the possessive words.

  • Manners Around the World.
    Waugh, Rachel // Storyworks; Jan2016, Vol. 23 Issue 4, p28 

    A quiz concerning placement of apostrophe that helps in learning facts related to table manners is presented.

  • Super Hoops' (apos)trophe hunt.
    Incenzo, Tony // Four Four Two; Jul2012, p30 

    The article explores the story behind the disappearance of the apostrophe in the name of the Queens Park Rangers football team, which was originally known as the Queen's Park Rangers.

  • Apostrophe Catastrophe?
    Incenzo, Tony // Scholastic Scope; 12/14/2009, Vol. 58 Issue 8, p5 

    The article focuses on the prohibition of using apostrophes from street signs in several towns in England for the sake of simplicity.

  • Apostrophe.
    Estes, Angie // Antioch Review; Winter2005, Vol. 63 Issue 1, p139 

    Presents the poem "Apostrophe," by Angie Estes.

  • Apostrophes: They don't have to cause catastrophes.
    Estes, Angie // Writing; Nov/Dec99 Teacher's Edition, Vol. 22 Issue 3, p4 

    Presents a brief story of the life and career of singer Ricky Martin which illustrates proper use of apostrophe. When and when not to use an apostrophe.

  • Unfinishing the Unnameable.
    Glick, Robert // American Book Review; Jul/Aug2008, Vol. 29 Issue 5, p8 

    Reviews the book "Apostrophe/Parenthesis," by Frederick Mark Kramer.

  • Where's the Apostrophe?
    Glick, Robert // Scholastic News -- Edition 4; 9/9/2013, Vol. 76 Issue 2, p2 

    The article reports on the decision of residents of Thurman, New York, to keep using Jimmy's Peak as the name of a local mountain even though its official name does not include an apostrophe.

  • Apostrophe to an Earthworm.
    Giosa, Nicholas // Connecticut River Review; 2013, p92 

    The poem "Apostrophe to an Earthworm" by Nicholas Giosa is presented. First Line: "It may be doubted whether there are; Last Line: this matter of being.

  • Apostrophe struggles to source patisserie in UK.
    Giosa, Nicholas // British Baker; 1/29/2010, Vol. 2 Issue 2, p6 

    The article focuses on the plan of Apostrophe, a chain of bakery café in London, England, to source more products from British suppliers in which high prices of top-quality patisserie affect the said plan.

  • When Killer Mice Attack.
    MCCARRY, SARAH // Storyworks; Apr/May2014, Vol. 21 Issue 6, p28 

    No abstract available.

  • Apostrophe to the Dead.
    Gallaher, John // Field (00150657); Spring2007, Issue 76, p10 

    Presents the poem "Apostrophe to the Dead," by John Gallaher. First Line: Hello, dear wasting-your-heart-there, dear; Last Line: in the falling apart body.

  • Apostrophobia.
    Davidson, Keith // English Drama Media; Mar2010, Issue 16, p57 

    The article discusses misuse of apostrophes in public venues such as signs, menus and advertisements. It notes a trend in signage towards leaving out all punctuation, and some private citizen efforts at painting apostrophes on signs. It notes what is sees as unnecessary or misplaced apostrophes...

  • The apostrophe: A neglected and misunderstood reading aid.
    Bunčić, Daniel // Written Language & Literacy; 2004, Vol. 7 Issue 2, p185 

    The paper provides a new analysis of the apostrophe in various languages which is less redundant and complies better with linguistic intuition than traditional definitions. The apostrophe does not mark the omission of letters, as traditionally assumed (English it’s, German...

    Bunčić, Daniel // Quill; Mar/Apr2011, Vol. 99 Issue 2, p15 

    The article comments on the confusion about the proper use of the apostrophe to indicate possession for nouns that end in the letter S, particularly on whether one adds the apostrophe and the letter S or just the apostrophe to the main word.

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