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  • The Boycott Bites.
     // Middle East Monitor: The Gulf; Aug2002, Vol. 12 Issue 8, p2 

    Comments on the anti-U.S. consumer boycott in Saudi Arabia in protest of the unilateral support of the U.S. to Israel against the Palestinian Arabs. Impact on the U.S. dollar, military sales and exports; Focus of the boycott on fast-food chains and food and drink products; Retention of oil and...

  • Culture, self, and `uri': Anti-Americanism in contemporary South Korea.
    Hoffman, Diane M. // Journal of Northeast Asian Studies; Summer93, Vol. 12 Issue 2, p3 

    Presents and expounds the root of anti-Americanism in contemporary South Korea. Indigenous cultural psychology characterized by an emphasis on uri; Korean concern over the Western cultural invasion; Other focus of the uri emphasis.

  • If you're anti-war, are you anti-American?
    Carter, Richard // New York Amsterdam News; 9/27/2001, Vol. 92 Issue 39, p28 

    Reports on the lone dissenter against United States President George W. Bush's initiative for military action against terrorists. Why Democrat (Calf.) Barbara Lee voted against action; Why people familiar with Lee were not surprised by her action; Questions over whether being anti-war and...

  • Angrier crowds facing US troops in Kosovo.
    Mertens, Richard // Christian Science Monitor; 5/19/2000, Vol. 92 Issue 125, p1 

    Discusses Anti-American attacks on United States soldiers who are part of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) peacekeeping mission in Kosovo.

  • The dividing line.
    Buchanan, Patrick J. // Enterprise/Salt Lake City; 03/02/98, Vol. 27 Issue 36, p16 

    Focuses on the rise of anti-Americanism in Russia. Possibility of an open financial collapse of the country; Possible replacement of President Boris Yeltsin by an anti-Western nationalist; Failure of the United States foreign policy elite.

  • Hate-America Grandstanders In Rush to Defend Detainees.
    Holzer, Henry Mark; Holzer, Erika // Insight on the News; 2/18/2002, Vol. 18 Issue 6, p45 

    Deals with the support given by anti-Americans in the U.S. to detainees at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba. Demand issued by the anti-Americans for the prisoners; Constitutional principle that may prevent the attempt by the anti-Americans to use the courts to advance their political agenda; Recommendations.

  • Feeling my American-ness.
    DeGroot, Gerard J. // Christian Science Monitor; 12/4/2001, Vol. 94 Issue 8, p11 

    Presents the views of an American living in Great Britain on the politics of United States President George W. Bush, and how being a liberal in Britain is difficult due to the anti-Americanism of liberals there.

  • Arab Boysotts, Both Formal and Informal, Well Under Way.
    Curtiss, Richard H. // Washington Report on Middle East Affairs; Nov2002, Vol. 21 Issue 8, p62 

    Explores the anti-American and anti-Semitic protests among Arabs. Boycott at Starbucks Coffee; Prohibition of direct trade with Israel by the Arab League Council in the year 1945; Probability of a boycott to the U.S. defense industry.

  • Only 'Intellectuals' Believe All Hatred Has 'Justification'
    Sowell, Thomas // Human Events; 1/21/2002, Vol. 58 Issue 3, p9 

    Criticizes the tendency of intellectuals to find justifications for the hatred shown against the United States (U.S.). Influence of intellectuals in the mass media; Consequences of U.S. prosperity; Cause of the internal hostility to the values and traditions of U.S. society.

  • Diminishing Phobia.
    Sowell, Thomas // Time; 5/4/1962, Vol. 79 Issue 18, p35 

    The article discusses the waning of anti-Americanism, a British attitude, especially to the English younger people who enjoy American products and arts.

  • Anti-Americanisms.
    Naim, Moises // Foreign Policy; Jan/Feb2002, Issue 128, p104 

    Discusses the various types of anti-Americanisms. Politico-economic; Historical; Religious; Cultural; Psychological.

  • Broad Target.
    Naim, Moises // Time; 2/12/1951, Vol. 57 Issue 7, p30 

    The article reports on the growing anti-U.S. propaganda in the Soviet Union.

    McGuire, Stryker; Nadeau, Barbie; Vlahou, Toula; Conant, Eve; Daly, Emma; Theil, Stefan // Bulletin with Newsweek; 4/15/2003, Vol. 121 Issue 6368, p40 

    This article focuses on the impact of the U.S. war with Iraq on the common people living in Iraq as shown in media of different parts of the world. News channels all over the world showed wounded Iraqis and their sufferings due to the war. The tenor of the news feeds upon an already virulent...

  • Untitled.
    McGuire, Stryker; Nadeau, Barbie; Vlahou, Toula; Conant, Eve; Daly, Emma; Theil, Stefan // American Historical Review; Oct2006, Vol. 111 Issue 4, p1 

    A photograph depicting an anti-American demonstration is presented.

  • Sam I am.
    Fellman, Michael // Saturday Night; Oct96, Vol. 111 Issue 8, p43 

    Focuses on the lack of visibility of American Canadians in Canada. Proximity of the two countries' cultural values and social practices; Size of American migration to Canada; Tradition of anti-Americanism among Anglo-Canadian nationalist-intellectuals.

    Tang, Terry // Daily Variety; 11/6/2001, Vol. 273 Issue 59, p15 

    Highlights the 2001 Annual Diversity Awards in Los Angeles, California. Use as a benefit for the Multicultural Motion Picture Association's Educational and Development Scholarship Fund; Impact of anti-American sentiment overseas; Selection of 'Showtime' as the most diverse television network.

  • Whether Europeans use mirrors.
    Mellman, Mark S. // Hill; 7/9/2008, Vol. 15 Issue 79, p20 

    The article focuses on the alleged anti-Americanism of Europeans.

  • Reviews.
    Parker, Derek // IPA Review; 1993, Vol. 46 Issue 2, p58 

    Reviews the book `Anti-Americanism: Critiques at Home and Abroad,' by Paul Hollander.

  • Correction.
    Parker, Derek // Library Journal; 12/15/2007, Vol. 132 Issue 20, p156 

    The article presents a correction to the book review of "Anti-Americanism: History, Causes, and Themes" in the September 1, 2007 issue.

  • By silence betrayed.
    Barone, Michael // U.S. News & World Report; 10/22/2001, Vol. 131 Issue 17, p43 

    Reports on hateful propaganda against the United States in Muslim countries. Radical fundamentalist Islamic sentiments in countries that profess to be sympathetic to the U.S. such as Egypt and Saudi Arabia; Comparison to fanaticism used by Hitler; View that the U.S. must change the news media...

    Campbell, John C. // Foreign Affairs; Summer85, Vol. 63 Issue 5, p1112 

    Reviews the book 'Anti-Americanism in the Third World,' edited by Alvin Z. Rubinstein and Donald E. Smith.

  • America-bashing.
    Falcoff, M. // Commentary; Apr92, Vol. 93 Issue 4, p53 

    Reviews the book `Anti-Americanism: Critiques at Home and Abroad, 1965-1990,' by Paul Hollander.

  • A British View of America.
    Mitchison, Naomi // New Republic; 2/24/47, Vol. 116 Issue 8, p46 

    Presents a letter to the editor focusing on the anti-American feeling that exists in Great Britain.

  • The development of anti-American attitudes among Korean...
    Brown, R.A. // Journal of Northeast Asian Studies; Winter90, Vol. 9 Issue 4, p71 

    Emphasizes how South Korean college students become anti-American when they enter university and looks at a survey of students who are anti-American. Assessment of factors that have caused students to feel this way; Survey of 208 students attending four universities in Seoul; Findings of survey.

  • Brief reviews: The United States.
    Garfinkle, A. // Orbis; Spring92, Vol. 36 Issue 2, p301 

    Reviews the book `Anti-Americanism: Critiques at Home and Abroad, 1965-1990,` by Paul Hollander.

  • State downplays anti-American protests during Clinton Egypt visit.
    Pecquet, Julian // Hill; 7/17/2012, Vol. 19 Issue 90, p7 

    The article reports that U.S. President Barack Obama's administration has decided to downplay anti-American protests in Egypt after U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has faced anger from people during her visit to Egypt.

  • Left outside.
    Tonkin, B. // New Statesman & Society; 4/17/92, Vol. 5 Issue 198, p48 

    Considers the plight of the American Left as seen in the book `Anti-Americanism: critiques at home and abroad 1965-1990,' by Paul Hollander. Reaction to being out of power for 20 years out of the past 24 years; Lessons for the British intellectual Left.

  • Unreal Thing.
    Freund, Charles Paul // Reason; Mar2003, Vol. 34 Issue 10, p66 

    Presents information on the Mecca-Cola beverage from Europe. Estimated number of bottles ordered in December 2002; Competition between Coca-Cola and Mecca Cola; Anti-American niche market of the cola.

  • Anti-American mentality.
    Attarian, John // Modern Age; Spring93, Vol. 35 Issue 3, p235 

    Reviews the book `Anti-Americanism: Critiques at Home and Abroad, 1965-1990,' by Paul Hollander.

    Theil, Stefan; Meyer, Michael // Bulletin with Newsweek; 6/4/2002, Vol. 120 Issue 6327, p60 

    Focuses on the social movements in Europe criticizing the policies of U.S. President George W. Bush. Details on a survey depicting the growth of anti-Americanism movements; Participation of European countries in the war on terrorism; Highlights of the speech of President Bush for the German...

  • Forecasts: Nonfiction
    Stuttaford, G. // Publishers Weekly; 12/6/1991, Vol. 238 Issue 53, p63 

    Reviews the book `Anti-Americanism: Critiques at Home and Abroad, 1965-1990,` by Paul Hollander.

  • Anti-Americanisms.
    Katzenstein, Peter J.; Keohane, Robert O. // Policy Review; Sep/Oct2006, Issue 139, p25 

    The article discusses various aspects of anti-Americanism adapted from the book "Anti-Americanisms in World Politics," edited by Peter J. Katzenstein and Robert O. Keohane.

    Scheib, Chris // Investigate; Jan2005, Vol. 5 Issue 49, p8 

    Presents a letter to the editor about the rise of Anti-American sentiment worldwide.

    Scheib, Chris // America; 5/11/1940, Vol. 63 Issue 5, p115 

    The article talks about the Double-Anti Contest in the U.S., wherein readers of this periodical are encouraged to send instances of anti-Americanism or anti-religion in schools and universities in the country.

    Carson-Parker, John // Atlantic (02769077); Feb83, Vol. 251 Issue 2, p26 

    Focuses on issues related to the international relation France and the U.S. as of 1983. Overview of the degree of anti-Americanism in France; Discussion of the French deficit with the U.S.; Significance of the French market to U.S.

  • America & the World.
    Schweitzer, Glenn E. // Commentary; Sep2006, Vol. 122 Issue 2, p6 

    A letter to the editor is presented in response to the article "America and the America-Haters," by Daniel Johnson in the June 2006 issue.

  • America & the World.
    Geraghty, Jim // Commentary; Sep2006, Vol. 122 Issue 2, p8 

    A letter to the editor is presented in response to the article "America and the America-Haters," by Daniel Johnson.

  • America & the World.
    Geraghty, Jim // Commentary; Sep2006, Vol. 122 Issue 2, p8 

    A response by Daniel Johnson to several letters to the editor about his article on anti-Americanism is presented.

  • Eisenhower?The Decisive Test.
    Geraghty, Jim // New Republic; 12/6/54, Vol. 131 Issue 23, p7 

    This article focuses on Dwight David Eisenhower as a presidential candidate in the U.S. Eisenhower has been considered as a world peacemaker by his supporters. He was uniquely qualified for this role and commanded the respect of all citizens. The U.S. president handed foreign policy to the...

  • Book reviews: Social sciences.
    Worcester, K. // Library Journal; 1/1/1992, Vol. 117 Issue 1, p160 

    Reviews the book `Anti-Americanism: Critiques at Home and Abroad, 1965-1990,` by Paul Hollander.

  • It's easy to boycott Israeli and American goods--but what about my football team?
    Booth, Lauren // New Statesman; 8/5/2002, Vol. 131 Issue 4599, p47 

    Discusses issues important to football players in Great Britain. Issue on antipathy for U.S. super-corporations and support for the Palestinian cause; Issue on clearing a bully with a track record of drunkenness, of beating an Asian student unconscious.

  • Yearning to be liked.
    Derbyshire, John // New Criterion; Nov2002, Vol. 21 Issue 3, p25 

    Focuses on an event at the State Department's New York City Office on the subject Perceptions of China in America's Right-owing Press; Features of the event; Psychological aspect of September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks in America.

  • Book reviews.
    Portes, Jacques // Journal of American History; Sep92, Vol. 79 Issue 2, p741 

    Reviews the book `Anti-Americanism: Critiques at Home and Abroad, 1965-1990,` by Paul Hollander.

    Ward, Ken // Prospect; Sep2008, Issue 150, p6 

    A letter to the editor is presented in response to an article by Edward Luttwak on the topic of the foreign policy of U.S. President George W. Bush, published in the August 2008 issue.

    Player, Adger Emerson // Ebony; Apr1964, Vol. 19 Issue 6, p164 

    A letter to the editor is presented in response to the articles related to Adger Emerson Player's action of raising the American flag in Ghana in previous issues.

  • The EU vs. the U.S.A.
    Boyles, Denis; Trejo, Helga Flores; Swegle, Robert // Wilson Quarterly; Winter2005, Vol. 29 Issue 1, p7 

    Presents a letter to the editor in response to the article "The Atlantic Widens," by T. R. Reid in the Autumn 2004 issue.

  • Calvin Klein beneath a veil.
    Hari, Johann // New Statesman; 11/4/2002, Vol. 131 Issue 4612, p15 

    Presents views on a poster that can be seen in Syria and in other Arab nations, as of November 4, 2002, aimed at protesting U.S. goods. Reason for buying U.S. products; Implications of the boycott.

  • Marketplace of possibilites.
    Deats, Richard // National Catholic Reporter; 8/01/2003, Vol. 39 Issue 35, p24 

    Comments on the articles about the historic Kirchentag conference. Significant aspect of the gathering; Absence of anti-Americanism in the gathering.

  • Introduction.
    Matynia, Elzbieta // Social Research; Winter2005, Vol. 72 Issue 4, p809 

    The article discusses various reports published within the issue concerning the emerging phenomenon of anti-Americanism in the world.

  • Anti-Americanism.
    Hunter, Howard O. // Commentary; Aug1983, Vol. 76 Issue 2, p21 

    Presents a letter to the editor in response to the article "Anti-Americanism & Other Clichés," by Joseph Epstein in the April 1983 issue of "Commentary."

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